God of War: Collection on the PlayStation Store 11/2

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In 2009, our Spartan Army asked for the God of War and God of War II experience to be brought forth on a single Blu-ray disc for the PlayStation 3. Almost two years later, we are bringing the same great Epic Adventures of Conquest, Destiny and Revenge directly to you through the PlayStation Store.

For those that need a refresher, God of War: Collection was the first to introduce the God of War and God of War II experience in true 720p HD form. Both titles were remastered with anti-aliased graphics, running at 60 frames per second for a smooth gameplay experience, only on the PlayStation 3 system. Additionally, it also introduced PSN Trophy support to the franchise for the very first time.

Be sure to keep your eyes glued to the PlayStation Store update on 11/2 as both the God of War: Collection and God of War: Ghost of Sparta experience will be available through the PlayStation Store for the first very time.

*God of War: Collection, God of War HD and God of War II HD PSN versions will not contain bonus material and extras from the Blu-ray. Game only.

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  • Hopefully this will open up to include all HD remixed PS2 games, and maybe even smaller titles that wouldn´t get a bluray release.


  • How many gigs? I know this will take awhile to download.

  • Probably need to go buy the game to save memory.

  • Is there any similarity between dlc and store purchased?

  • Best game ever played, hands down. God of War III Rocks

  • Bet it will be the same price as a retail disc. When will people learn that less = less. So for the less stuff you get, you should pay less $.

    But then again, this is USA and there’s millions of idiots here.

  • You can get God of war 1/2 new for 30$ so this should only be 20$

  • Sly Collection straight on release date “gets on four legs” Please

  • sound like a 19.99$ to me

  • I’m starting to get tired of digital distribution. It ISN’T the future until EVERYONE with a PS3 has high-speed internet without bandwidth limits. Mine is uber fast here at college, but with a 5GB a day limit. If you have DSL, you’d have to wait forever to download a game, and some ISPs have 5GB a MONTH bandwidth. Imagine only being able to buy 1 game a month, and certain games would force you to wait several months just to finish downloading. Doesn’t sound too feasible.

  • @3 “Interesting. What PS3 owner really hasn’t played these games yet? Really?”: Me. :P I only just got a PS3 in June and a few weeks ago I won God of War Collection from ebay. I finished one and now I’m on two.

  • More PS2 titles on PSN store would be awesome… especially with trophy support.

  • I bought this already, have them on DVD and Blu-Ray. Great games though. November 2nd? hmmmmm.

    This is no GT5 guys.

  • Sweet! Now we’ll have a “PS2 HD” Section on the PSN, or something along those lines.

    I hope to see this happen with the rest of the PS2 HD games for PS3. Not to mention you can sell each one separately for a larger price each, and the bundle for a lower combined price.

    That gives the users more choice. Allowing them to get the games they want. For example, say I ONLY wanted God of War 2, I could buy just God of War 2 HD for 14.99 – 19.99. Then if someone else wanted both, they can buy the Collection bundle for 24.99 – 29.99 off the PSN.

    I think it’s a pretty amazing idea. :)

    Can’t wait to see this happen more often.

  • somebody there from houston?
    god of war rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The 1st ever PS2 games on the PSN. Maybe this is a sign of things to come? Also, I wonder if they’ll have a special deal for PSN+ members? I don’t have PSN+, but I do know that they always do special deals for those who do have it……

  • Playstation it will be easier if you make a section on psn where ps3 games that was designed for bluray retail can be digitally downloadable. For exemple, God Of War Collection, Tomb Raider Underworld, InFamous to be on that section, understand? thanks

  • What will be the size of each Game?

  • Wait, what extras does the retail version have that the digital doesn’t? Looking at the details of retail it just includes the demo for God of War 3 that everyone can get already. Please explain the difference. Oh and how much will each game cost?

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