Coming to PlayStation Plus: God of War I and II and a Free Download of BreakQuest

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Hi everyone,

PlayStation Plus

Next month marks one of the biggest handheld releases of the year. We learn, for the first time, of the events that took place between two heavy hitting games in the PlayStation family. God of War: Ghost of Sparta shows what events took place between Kratos’s adventures in God of War and God of War II. Do you need a little refresher in the series? Well, we’ve got you covered.

God of War Collection 1 God of War Collection 2

Just like Blu-ray disc fans, newcomers to the series can experience the epic journey of God of War and God of War II remastered in 720p. Both games are running at a smooth 60 frames per second, giving PS3 gamers a smooth gameplay experience. Also, an important fact for any trophy hunters, each game has a full set of trophies! PlayStation Plus subscribers looking to get a taste of his vengeance can download a full-game trial of each game. To highlight the release, Plus members can snag a free Dominus Skin for God of War III and will also receive a GOW III skin with the purchase of each title. Along with the availability of God of War I and II, PlayStation Plus subscribers can pick up a free download of BreakQuest (an updated classic minis from Beatshaper) and a free Dead Nation dynamic theme. Also, be sure to check out the new episode of Qore, including the newly released Qore arqade.

Any fans of the Wild West out there? Be sure to check back next week when all the DLC for Rockstar’s critically acclaimed western Red Dead Redemption, will be 20% off, including the upcoming Undead Nightmare DLC.

Also, another quick friendly reminder to check out the free downloads of Bubble Trubble and discounts on Alien Breed: Impact (an updated classic) and Tomb Raider (one of the original PSone Classics), which will be pulled off of the PlayStation Plus section on November 2.

Our limited time introductory offer is still available. Get three additional bonus months free when you buy a 1-year package for $49.99. You can find all the details here.

Special PlayStation Plus 10/26 Publish

Automatic Download
The Tester Season 2 – Episode 1 (10/29)

Discounted Add-ons
Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare Pack (20% off)
Red Dead Redemption – Legends and Killers Pack (20% off)
Red Dead Redemption – Liars and Cheats Pack (20% off)

PlayStation Plus Highlights for 11/2:

Full Game Trial
God of War I
God of War II

Downloadable Games
God of War I & Phantom of Chaos Skin Bundle (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
God of War II & Forgotten Warrior Skin Bundle (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Free Games
BreakQuest – minis (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Discounted Games
Tomb Raider 2 (PSone Classic) (50% off)

Early Access/Exclusive Demo
Vanquish Demo – Challenge Mode

Free Add-ons & Themes
God of War III – Dominus Skin (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, original price $0.99)
Dead Nation Dynamic Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, original price $2.99)
Shadowy Graves Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, original price $1.49)

Free Videos
Qore Episode 30 – November 2010

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on November 2:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Qore Episode 29 – October 2010
Bubble Trubble – minis
Heavy Rain Oragami Dog Avatar
Wired Skulls Theme
High Velocity Bowling – PlayStation Move Compatibility Add-on (coming down October 26)

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Alien Breed: Impact (25% off)
Tomb Raider (50% off)

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  • Yeah this is ridiculous regarding Europe getting all the Fallout 3 DLC for free. They also got Sam and Max season 3 for free while we get Burn Zombie Burn. Can we please get some recent content that hasn’t already been on sale several times please?

  • BTW, your “Limited Time” introductory offer has been around since the end of June. Europe gets LBP for free and we get a “Limited Time” offer that’s been around for over 4 months now and running. I feel stupid for being an early adapter.

  • For people complaining about the auto download, if you get something you dont want, just delete it!! It takes 10 seconds and its gone. Stop whining.

  • 7months later GOW3 gets costume adds yet 2 of them require you to get GOW 1&2…*grunts* and what if we own GOWcollection?

  • oh nice. lots of goodies to make my heart contempt. :)

  • if the ps3 can’t emulate the ps2, than work with developers to modify ps2 games to run on it like your doing with these games.

  • Dead nation dynamic theme! Nice!

  • Looks interesting, my PS3 is out for repairs soon though. So hopefully the game trials will still be there when it gets back.

  • PSN Minus is nothing more than a desparate cash grab on the brown nosing troll fanboys.

  • I gotta be hones there… not that impressive guys. I dont know what i was expecting from PS+ but this certainly isnt it…

    I know its a long haul thing and thats where all the value is seen but honestly i would love something comparable to what the EU gets… just something close even. They get free AAA games and DLC we get PS1 games and minis…

    That being said the DLC deal on RDR is fantastic so its not all bad news.

  • Super stoked on the Red Dead Redemption discounts!!! Signed up for 3 months of plus service and so far I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit! These are the only DLC packs I’ve been really aching to buy, but on the fence about spending the money on. Looks like I might be picking them all up soon! Also upgraded my HDD from an 80gb to a 350gb, (less than $50!!!) so my PS3 is getting lots of love.

    Also, when 11/2 rolls around I can get both PSone Classics Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2 for half off?

    • Hi EggySong85,

      When the store publishes on 11/2 (usually sometime in the afternoon) the Tomb Raider 2 (50% off) offer will replace the Tomb Raider offer, so grab the original before the store publishes on 11/2.


  • I thought you guys were doing the 2 week update thing, you just updated it this week too. No complaints though, I’m psyched about the Red Dead DLC being 20% off :D

  • While the discount on RDR DLC is nice, European PS+ subscribers got all five Fallout 3 add-ons absolutely free. Why is it that SCEA can’t get that same deal for us?

  • nice the new rdr dlc will already be discounted

  • and free dead nation dynamic theme

  • Sounds great and i want the GOW DLC and more of it in the future. I was also hoping on getting the fallout 3 DLC or the sam & max games for free too but i’m not complaining, plus has been totally worth it and every serious ps gamer should get it. I’ll be too busy with Fallout: New Vegas to worry about the Fallout 3 DLC. I never played Tomb Raider 2 except for a demo but i have the other ones already so i might just get this. Also i would love it if i could download the GOW skin bundles seperately, thanx GRACE!

  • I must be the only one excited for The Tester Season 2 – Episode 1. Glad its automatic also. Dead Nation theme will be great to but release the game already. The beta rocked!

  • Any other way of getting the Forgotten Warrior Skin? I already own the GOW Collection

  • Please allow us to choose what we want to have Auto Downloaded… for instance, I could choose to have it download the latest demo when the store publishes its update

  • I have enjoyed most of the PS+ updates. In particular the minis that so many complain about. Enjoy playing them on my PSP for a quick game on my way to work. Disappointed that the skin will only be available if you buy GOW 1/2 since I bought the collection as soon as it came out.

  • Well, I bought into it. So far I’m glad I did it. I’m looking forward to more Plus goodies!

    Gracie, you need to forgive the Unknowning!

  • I like it. I wonder how much GOW will be though.

  • how about you keep god of war 1 & 2(who doesn’t have both ) and Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare Pack (20% off) Red Dead Redemption – Legends and Killers Pack (20% off)Red Dead Redemption – Liars and Cheats Pack (20% off)and Vanquish Demo – Challenge Mode and give us DEAD NATION with 25%-50% off instead

  • Any way I can get the god of war skins without buying a full game? I want the forgotten warrior and phantom of chaos skins, but I have the God of War Collection. I’d be willing to pay for them!

  • So, the GoW3 skins are finally coming to PSN? That’s great, can’t wait! They will be available separately, right? I’m a Plus member but already have the God of War Collection.

  • When I first saw the article I thought they were giving away GOW 1+2 for free to plus subscribers. I thought, wow, they are giving us something good for a change…

    Then I finished reading it. :|

  • the discounts on RDR DLC are great!! can´t wait to download the new one!

  • Dead Nation Dynamic Theme!!! Awesome, more themes like this would be great.

  • This is an okay update. Would like to get at least God Of War I free or something. PSN Games aren’t that fun for me.

    Keep up the work though. :)

  • European PS+ members got ALL of the Fallout 3 DLC for free.

    Seems like we’re getting screwed over here.

  • If I like a game that I got on PS+, why is there not an option to buy it so I can keep it forever?

  • Hmmm…so, in the Free Add-ons section, the GoW3 Dominus Skin is listed as having an original price of $0.99 – does this mean you guys are FINALLY making the skins available for purchase, for us regular users? (PLEASE let this be the case – I’ve been waiting for 7 months, refusing to play the game until I have all the costumes!!) If so, how long will we have to wait until all of those pre-order costumes can be purchased?

  • GoW3 skins? I’d rather just buy the skins separately and buy the bluray collection. I have no space for them on my harddrive.

  • I’m confused…where is the free DLC that we are suppose to get. Neither of these updates mention anything and yesterdays didn’t have anything either.

  • no offense ( I love ps plus) but this update is horrid why didnt you just give us gow 1 and 2 for free instead lol also please send me a lbp 2 beta code ( not mad here I just want to play this beta instead of dead space 2 lol)

  • RDR DLC discount = awesome!

  • What will the God of War 1 & 2 prices be? Will there be a Plus discount?

  • Why is it nobody really gets any replies to our questions? Grace you need to start answering some questions. It is very annoying and disrespectful to all us Sony fans that can’t seem to get any replies to our questions. Kristi answers one question about Tomb Raider but can’t answer anything else. This might explain why you get so many pissed of people on here. Come on and help us out more.

  • i already beat gow and gow2! No point in buying! But to anyone that has not beat these two games..try them u will love it!

    We need more ps2 re-makes on psn! Keep up the good work sony!!

  • I know god of war is a good game …but I can,t wait until I get naruto storm 2 ….I already order it

  • Another Plus update, and still NO reason for me to get it. Unbelievable. You keep offering the lowest priced free items that no one ever wants, and when you do offer something interesting, it’s something that has been around forever that everyone and their mother already bought.

    I can tell you how to make Playstation Plus awesome and desirable, if you’d only listen.

  • Bravo!!!! we’ll be the envy of the EU guys with a 20% on RDR DLC packs, that by the way will soon appear on a separate Blue Ray for 30$, we’ll save 6 bucks people!!!!!! who needs 50$ of free content of Fallout 3 when we have this??’ AND ANOTHER LOW RATED MINI!!!!!… and Burn Zombie Burn!!!!…

    Now seriously people, does SCEA not care a little bit about us to get us decent content? It’s good and all the RDR thing but, 2 bucks? really? and what about a Free Trial for a new game? or at least a MINI game that someone actually want (the only good one so far was Age of Zombies and since it was the first one we kinda hoped for the same quality standard

    I can’t help to imagine the EU Plus members reading these articles without cracking from laughter

  • I know people are complaining about PS+, but I am really pleased with my Hong Kong PS+ membership, even though it’s slightly different from what you have in the US. It has more than paid for itself, and right now everything that I get feels like a bonus, especially when I paid my annual fee so long ago.

    I have two suggestions that might make everyone happy though. Feel free to pick one…

    1: A small discount off all purchases. I mean, even 5% would be nice. It’d be a great way to show people the value of the service, and people prefer getting what they want rather than being told what they want. Seriously, the discount doesn’t need to be much to make people happy.

    2: …or give people incremental “discounts”. I like this one. Spend up to $10, again on any item, and get 5% credited back to your wallet. Spend up to $50 and get 10% credit. Spend more to get big discounts.

  • ^^ I mean spend $10 in a month :D

  • wait wait wait WAIT: GoW 1 & 2 available for FREE download? In the “discount” section is Tomb Raider 2, then?
    Could you please clarify?

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Can someone please explain why US and UK subscribers to PS+ cannot get the same deals each month? This would actually make sense…

  • Just watched a gameplay video for BreakQuest – looks like a really great arkanoid type game. But I’d really love to also get Shatter for free sometime, that would be a delighter.

  • And when can the US Plus account holders expect the Fallout 3 Add-ons that the EU Plus account holders got this month?

  • It looks like ps+ is getting better and better and i think this update is superb.I think there is some problems still but like i am saying it is getting better and better.

    thanx for the update.

  • I wasn’t going to buy the dlc for RDR but I will now. :D

    btw any info on the prices for GoW I and II?

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