Costume Quest for PSN: Tim Schafer and Tasha Harris Bring the Treats

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Homemade Halloween costumes, candy corn, and giant robots — these are a few of Tim Schafer and Tasha Harris’s favorite things. The gruesome twosome from Double Fine Productions visited the PlayStation.Blog office with a final build of Costume Quest, their upcoming Halloween RPG that’s heading to PSN tomorrow.

Tim and Tasha brushed everything off my office desk and sat us down for an in-depth video tour of Costume Quest’s adorable characters, plus a look at the turn-based RPG combat and adventuring.

But wait there’s more. The Double Fine team has passed over their brand-new Costume Quest launch trailer for PlayStation.Blog eyes only. Peep it below!

Costume Quest is Double Fine Production’s first PSN title — let’s make sure we give them a warm welcome tomorrow! If you’re a big on robots, unicorns, Halloween and all things awesome-sauce, I highly recommend you download this candy-treat.

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  • can you rob kids for for the candy bags?? and how many hours of gameplay is this

  • @Rey, not lazy, just a wide stereo mix. :)

    Anyhow, I spent some time on the game’s website and the Creepy Treats are really hilarious, and a lot of the Battle Stamps nicely fit the trick part of trick-or-treat. I’m looking forward to playing the game!

  • I love you tim =)

  • what are the chances of a co-op patch in the future? oh, 100% you say? great! i look forwards to it!

  • Why does the 360 have more achievements than the PS3 has trophies?

  • <3 Double Fine :)

  • Looks good but Fallout: New Vegas comes out tomorrow. If the price is right I will buy it though. I hope it is because it looks like a funny game.

  • looks fun might get it this weekend =]

  • Oh, wow! That looks very nice. I’m curious about the length of said title tho… is it going to entertain me for a few hours? (more?) is there much replayablity? From what I see it looks VERY unique and something I would love to play… but some download games I seem to bump into never seem to last too long :(

  • I have been waiting for this since it was announced. It looks to be the quirkiest RPG since Okage. I can’t wait until Costume Quest 2 and the first hasn’t come out yet!

  • Rey,

    Is that a white bean bag chair in the corner of your office? Why would anyone sit in a chair when there’s a bean bag chair in the room?

    You also need some more PlayStation Stuff around your desk area… Maybe one of those Move controller lamp post would work. Ill gladly take the other one :)

  • Wow I love DF games you guys are awesome, def day 1 buy for me.

  • I can’t imagine many jokes working better in text as opposed to voice acting, but I’m just nitpicking. Between this game and Fallout: New Vegas (I still have no idea why Bethesda would make their DLC a timed-exclusive), it’s gonna be RPG-mania for me during the next couple of weeks. :)

  • Tasha…Um hi. I’m 30something, a Leo, enjoy long co-op plays.

  • Such a cute little game. Gonna enjoy playing this especially on Halloween night.

  • Perfect timing!! I go in for a surgery tomorrow and was looking for a wonderful RPG to play during my recovery time and this looks like it will be absolutely perfect!!

  • Over Priced!

  • I was looking forward to something coming out after Castle Quest. glad to see something roll out right before Halloween, Yay!

  • This game looks like a lot of fun…awesome! Can’t wait, but I’m a bit put-off by the price. What makes it worth $14.99? Just a little..bit high priced…$9.99 would have been more like it, unless your PSN HOME avi gets to keep the costumes!? Doubt that…

    Hey, do you get to ride the Unicorn? Is that a costume…tee hee?? Haven’t seen it on PSN yet…it’s the 19th..this was posted on the 18th..doesn’t that meant that the “tomorrow,” is today? Hmmm…still waiting!

  • Thanks for being awesome, Double Fine.

  • Tasha says: “Something awesome \m/ \m/ \m/ is happening.”

    Well said!

  • It’s up now using the search feature…..

  • THANKS SO MUCH LEEDOGG!! I’m downloading now! I was gonna wait til midnight MUAHAHAHAHA!

  • I can’t believe today is the first time ive heard about this game.

  • I have a Costume Quest boner.

  • Bought it last night and beat it. Completed all quests and side quests, and got all of the trophies. Looooved it! My only question is: Can we get more games like this on the PSN?

  • Purchase it on day one and am love every minutes of it….it really hope DLC is considered?

  • This game is absolutely amazing and even better than I had originally expected! I am such an avid fan of Halloween and as I grow older, it gets less fun for me, so thanks for bringing back some great memories & experiences! :D

    P.S. (Please Answer) – Is there any DLC or Updates planned for the game or is it at least a possibility? Love the game, only complaint is that it is too short and has no real replay value :(

  • I doubt Tasha or Tim will see this but this game is addictive, cute and fun. Good job on this title.

  • Tasha is super cute :>

    Good work guys on the demo, my old school 32 inch crt didn’t show some of the txt as easily to read as I would like.

    Some things that might help with future demos is give us an idea of how much time it takes to play the game and please let us try out the entire battle system. Thanks! Make more RPG/strats! Multiplayer shining force/disgaea stuff ;>

  • I downloaded the demo today at around 1pm and played through it, bought it and kept playing it nonstop until I finished it 9pm with 100% trophy completion. Needless to say I loved this game.

    I’ve always wanted a Halloween themed game and you guys delivered. Thanks for making the game. I’m hoping for some Costume Quest PSN Avatars and themes before Halloween hits. DLC would be nice but I’d rather you guys spent that time on a new title

    PS I’d also love to see a similar Christmas style game too.


    I knew I’d love this game when it was announced. Finished it this morning, and I was right. By the way, excellent use of surround sound; trick-or-treating around the neighborhood sounded like I was trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. Lots of games these days can make your jaw drop in awe, but it’s been a long time since a game has actually made me smile. The gaming world needs more of whatever was used to infuse into this game, something involved with pizza-sundaes and fried popcorn I’m sure.

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