Surround Sound System for PS3 Available Next Week

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Hi all! Back at E3, we had announced that we will be releasing an all-in-one Surround Sound System for the PS3 system with built-in subwoofer. A device made for the ultimate gamer, the Surround Sound System will be available next week in the U.S. and Canada. It’s perfect for use with games and Blu-ray movies and more importantly, is easy to use. You’ll be able to enjoy immersive audio by simply placing the Surround Sound System in front of the television and connecting it to the PS3 system with the optical digital cable. The sleek design of the Sound Bar compliments the design of your PS3.

Surround Sound System for PS3

Surround Sound System for PS3 Surround Sound System for PS3

So, why pick up the Surround Sound System? The Surround Sound System utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including Sony’s S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound that creates the equivalent of a home theater system, bringing to life in-game sounds not normally audible with conventional acoustic systems. Bringing in SCE’s expertise in both entertainment and technology acquired from developing games, four sound fields and two sound modes have been designed with the help of our expert game sound designers. Check out this video that has excerpts from our conversations with the game sound design team:

To learn more about the features and specifications of this Sound Bar, visit our web site. Many retailers across the country have it on display as well. Visit one of the online retailers listed on our website for more info. Enjoy!

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  • Optical is equal to HDMI in sound quality. If there even is a difference it’s negligible. Anyway I think the reason for the system to only have optical is because the PS3 only has 1 HDMI out. How do you suppose you would plug an HDMI into your TV and into this sound system at the same time? You couldn’t.

    Anyway the Ultimate gamer already has a surround sound theater system… This system creates the “equivalent” of a home theater system. That’s hilarious that you would even write that.

    One thing I’ll give it is simplicity. Most people don’t want to deal with figuring out cords and adjusting the surround sound properly. This would be a simple way to set up surround especially if it’s just plug and play with the optical cord. Buut I’m guessing the system doesn’t come with an optical cord does it? Kinda like the PS3 being packed with Composite cables. HA!

  • It would be nice if we knew the price, for someone with a relatively small room and no surround sound system, this is a good solution.

  • Optical? if it doesn’t support HDMI, I’m not interested. ANd why hook it up straight to the ps3? This thing is not compatible with a receiver? I can’t bypass my Pioneer HDDMI THX certified receiver. i didn’t buy it so I let it collect dust. I was thinking of replacing my speakers as I don’t like their sound at all, but not looking for something to hook up directly via optical, I’d rather have a device that uses HDMI through a receiver :) A response would be appreciated whether this is supported or not.

  • I almost think that it would be better to NOT have this released as an official PS3 accessory. Sound is my personal favorite thing about the PS3. I have an Onkyo 605 with 10 speakers (7.1, 2 L/R towers, 2 center speakers, 4 surf speakers [2 are towers], and 2 back speakers [two are towers].

    Obviously this is a lot more expensive than this 179.99 sound bar, but, really, this thing is just stereo sound. Not even uncompressed stereo sound. You may as well just buy… any speakers.
    I think people will buy this thinking they’re getting the best thing ever, when really they could just go get a good HD audio/video recover for slightly more money and buy some cheap used speakers over time.

  • errr 12 speakers*. lol mah bad.

  • I think for everyone wanting to criticize this product and want to keep their 5.1 or 7.1 sound systems………LET EM!!!! If you read the ad Sony posted with this product they state the sound bar is specifically designed FOR GAMES ON THE PS3!!!!!! If you feel a product should do more than what its intended to do don’t waste everyone’s time crying about it…..GO INVENT ONE!!!! The bottom line is Sony didn’t develop this audio bar to compete with the true surround systems or to try and swindle their gaming consumers to buy it by making it out to be something it’s not. They developed it for one purpose….PS3!!! So stop HATING!!!!….or go kiss Bill Gates ass and buy an XBOX 360!!!!

  • Obviously, this is not meant for people that already have surround sound setups so I don’t get all the people coming on here saying, “No thanks, I’ll just stick to my 5.1, 7.1 etc…” This isn’t for you!

    This are for all the PS3 owners that simply have an HDTV and are playing their PS3 using the HDTV speakers. TV speakers are garbage and this is a cheap alternative than buying a receiver, sub, and speaker setup. It is even cheaper than other sound bars because you have a separate sub and sound bar. This takes up very little room and includes the sub in it.

    I have no intentions to getting this either because I also have better setup, but I can see how attractive this is to the normal gamer that doesn’t have money.

    There are still tons of people that are still playing PS3s on normal SDTVs so I know there has to be a bunch of people that are playing with just the HDTV speakers.

  • Sony should charge under a $100 within the average customer’s affordability range because we should all be able to afford & enjoy this product.

  • Thank You CajunShooter!!!!

  • @Vu_Prime (101), actually optical cannot carry certain lossless codecs that HDMI can, even with HDMI carrying video data as well. Also, at least on the PS3 you can only do 7.1 audio via HDMI, and 5.1 on optical.

  • Too bad Sony delayed GT5.

  • A true HD solution would definitely be better…if you have the money and space for it. I honestly don’t think Sony is offering this as some sort of replacement for those folks, but more likely a solution for those of us who might live in smaller setups and really don’t have, again, the space and money for a nice setup.

    Man, there’s a lot of negativity here. Why can’t we just recognize that it’s a solution for some…but not for everyone.


  • guaranteed sold if you can turn it on and off with your ps3 controller. i don’t wanna have to manually turn on one more device just to play video games.

  • I really want to get this. Been wanting to get a surround sound system for some time, but wasn’t sure where to get something reliable at a decent price. Seeing as this is optimized for the PS3, I might go with this. Here’s my worry: I know I can use and optical cable, but I see stereo inputs (red/yellow), so is it stereo sound or surround sound?

  • Any idea where I can get it in Canada? FutureShop doesn’t seem to have them listed, at least yet…

  • How is it a surround sound if you only just have a single sound bar?
    Don’e we need rear speakers?

  • Nice ,i have been waiting for the release since they announced this at E3.I don’t want to deal with all that stuff you need to do with speakers and cables,this is perfect for me. As long as it’s better than what my hdtv speaker puts out i am fine with it.

  • Ah, found it. They listed it under PS3 accessories rather than Audio Soundbars.

  • @ people questioning the remote if you watch the video closely it has a close up of the screen and buttons plus an ir logo so…

  • $179.99?

    Ahaha ahahahahahahahaha ha hahahahahaa hahahahahahaha

    ::deep breath::

    Aahhhha hahahaha ha hahaha ha hahahahhah ahahaha ha haha

  • This is another waste product being marketed for the PS3 specifically. If your going to brand the product use Bluetooth pairing and maybe a download for visual settings and graphic equalizers. Your constantly doing this kind of rubbish instead creating what we really want. We can already add almost any surround sound system to the PS3 and Bose, Sony, B&O, as well as many other brands have traditional surround sound covered.

  • Looks nice thanks again Sony for delivering yet again, I bought one of the LED tvs last fall but sicne then i’ve been in need of some kind of good speakers but this sounds like the deal because i use my ps3 to watch my movies anyway.

  • Move+navigation controller $119.97
    3D TV +$2099.99
    Surround Sound System $179.99
    Component AV Cable $24.99
    PS3 $299.99
    Total +$2724.93
    im broke chill 4 a while sony :D
    just get those awesome games out exclusively on the PS3

  • HAY!!! that’s not how i posted it >:(


  • gamestop said 180.00 dollars 4 sound bar is that a error?? i hope not!!!!

  • I’ll definitely get one… I’m bugging my parents to buy it for me… My living room will be so pretty with it and my 3D TV :D

  • I say, why deicide?
    Sure i have a sony 5.1 setup, but this will look nice as a centre speaker replacement. I’d get it just to dually use it with my current surround sound. Some adjusting here and there and BAM! best audio ever! Imagine music! you’ll get the Bass form you 5.1/7.1 (or even 2.1) and then you’ll have clarity for the other tones on this thing.
    As a stand alone of course its great for if you have a TV in your bedroom or something, its size is convenient and its perfect to setup within an office or bedroom with a TV/Projector.

  • Yes you can do dual. It has dual option.

    For others: it can do Pro Log II and it supports D5.1 TrueHD and many modern modes.

    You can use HDMI and optical for sound out at the same time. Just enable multi out.

    Thin wall? Turn on night mode. ;)

    Man I tried Linger in Shadow (demoscene) and it used DTS and it blew my socks off!

  • What is the price tag?

  • Still looking desperately for a way to use my current setup with my ps3, anyone know if there is a way to use HDMI for video and analog audio? My current amp is old, but i just cant find anything that sounds better so im not replacing anytime soon. Being stuck using crap tv speakers when there is an amazing stereo system right there just sucks. If i cant use HDMI video and analog audio at the same time this looks like a viable option.

  • oh F@CK! i just realized, my MacBook has optical audio w/ 5.1 xD im SO using these for computer speakers in my room :D

  • This is NOT surround sound. A single speaker will NEVER “surround” you with sound in the same way that multiple speakers would. EPIC FAIL!

  • I might buy it, Im gettin a new Sanyo 32″ for christmas and this would look alot cooler than some computer sspeakers, but the price is kinda steep.

  • I want to get the best experience possible. And this will be my first purchase for a sound related system. So which sound field should I use for this? Should I use Dynamic or Vivid?

  • @T3mpr1x (110), hey thanks for the info. Now riddle me this… why even bother having the optical out then? Why not just have 2 hdmi out? I guess it would limit connectivity for those people with old surround systems possibly?

  • hmm it looks so tempting….especially since its an exclusive sound system for the PS3 but already have a THX certified Logitech 5.1 which does an amazing job for me and im quite sure its not worth switching to..but still seems amazing!

  • @ 13 BinaryJay
    Thank you

  • No need for it. I’d rather cough up extra $$$ and buy me a serious sound system. I got a Denon TrueHD receiver and Definitive Technology 5.1 speaker system. It cost me a fortune (~$1800) but the sound is amazing. It happened so many times that my friends were looking out the window for the ambulance car thinking it was coming from the outside, while it was on TV!
    Playing Bioshock with that sound -Priceless! :)

  • What’s the game where he lifts up the car and throws it? :O

  • Hi Anand, I just want to know if this surround sound system will be compatible with ALL PS3 models, cause I checked out the website and it shows the PS3 80gb CECHE01 model, but no the CECHK01 that I have. Thanks.

  • @Vu_Prime (138), yeah, that’s pretty much the reason. The PS3 has a bunch of different outputs so you can use it with everything from old, black-and-white tvs (the PS1 RF cable should still work I think, never tried it) to 3D projectors and 7.1 surround sound setups. Heck, I remember the first publicly-disclosed design in 2005 originally had two HDMI ports (and three Ethernet ports, what???).

  • Seems pretty cool, I’d like to try it out before plunking down the money first though. I already have a 5.1 system, but can’t use it in the living room because my bunnies will chew the wires.

    “and LOL at the Surround Sound Defense Force in this blog post.”

    Seriously. What, are these people afraid that others will get good sound for cheaper than they paid for their expensive 500.1 systems? Way too much negativity here. Like I said before, I have pets that will chew surround sound wires and a daughter due in January. Hardly the right environment for a thundering system.

    Hell, when I had my 5.1 hooked up in my game room (now a nursery), I rarely turned it up very loud.

  • I’m gonna pick this up, because i’m living in a dorm, so i really dont have the space for a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system, or the budget. and this will go perfect. and hopefully give me some great sound while watching blu rays and gaming. sold

  • When is the release date?

  • @101 Vu_Prime. How HDMI sound from the PS3 works is like this. HDMI cable #1 from PS3 to Audio receiver (HDMI-in jack), then HDMI cable #2, from receiver to TV. You are right it does nt make a difference for low to mid range speakers, but once you go to high-end jbl, polkaudio, etc.. yes you can hear the difference. What msot ppl do not realize is that HDMI has uncompressed sound, whereas coaxial and optical are still great but there is conversion happening indeed. I was in Audio/Video 2001 store and the owner was switching a movie (while it was playing) from optical to HDMI to quench the curiosity of his customers, and I was convinced that HDMI sound is THE way to go. The advantage though will not be audible until you invest in really good speakers. At $179 however, it’s irrelevant to talk about the advantage of HDMI over optical, as this product will fail to make the difference. But I just wanted to correct you, cause you made it sound like it’s impossible to get HDMI sound off of the PS3 just because it has only 1 HDMI port and that is simply NOT true!

  • oh…and Mr. thread creator, thanks for answering my question. You probably don’t even know what I was talking about when I asked my question, which is pretty sad if you ask me, but oh well.

  • its funny reading all the comments of people name dropping what brand of surround sound they have and all the fancy stuff….who cares? some people dont want that much equipment or dont have the space or money or just might not want to have to setup all that and this will be enough for them and thats fine. let people make their own choices, if youre happy with your quasi-concert setup then good for you

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