Gran Turismo 5 Release Update

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We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the game’s release will be coming this holiday season.

We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

We’ll have more information for you in the near future.

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  • i don’t want this game !!! but it’s still not right !! sony u suck!!!!!!

  • Right!
    Poor the fans! Some might just hate GT for the rest of their lives.

  • Ok well this is how you make people angry.

  • My dreams.. shattered.

  • Grand Turismo 5 is becoming video games’s version of Dr.Dre’s “Detox” CD…#endless_delays

  • Très grosse déception, une fois de plus. je n’ai pas de mots pour dire combien je suis déçu.

  • FAIL. This is the last straw.

    I BOUGHT my PS3 for GT5. And since then, my PS3 died. I replaced it, but since waiting I’ve also bought a 360 AFTER a previous GT5 release date was agan delayed..

    Then the “real” release date finally came, Nov. 2. I scheduled my entire business around taking that week off. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I’ve waited too long.

    And now THIS? RELEASE THE GAME, THEN PATCH IT! It’s not like you’re not going to patch the game after release anyway. Polyphony might as well be in politics. UNACCEPTABLE. I bought a 360 when Reach launched because I was sick of waiting.

  • whats first gran turismo or ps4?

  • I have a question, I won a copy of GT5 from the Subway Firery Footlong Frenzy giveaway, will I still receive a copy of GT5 or will I get shafted like those that were suppose to receive a copy of LBP2?

  • Sony you “sincerely apologize”? After LYING about the release date of your biggest title? You guys just proved that your E3 release date trailer was a bunch of BS. Tell you what, I am going to go cancel my collector’s edition pre-order at Gamestop TODAY and spend it on a game that is actually going to come out. Furthermore, if you guys keep pushing back the game then CLEARLY it has some major issues. I thought Turn 10 was stupid when they pissed off all their fans by telling them they’d have to get the Ultimate Edition for 10 cars, but YOU guys apparently are even more brain dead than they are. You guys must be TRYING to make this game fail.

    I will NOT be buying this game at launch, you’ll be LUCKY if I buy it at all.

    Shame on you.

  • And now, I just DON’T CARE about GT5 anymore. It’s not worth it. I’ve been SCREWED too many times by this game.

    I bought a PSP for “Gran Turismo Mobile.” Well, that never came out, and by the time “GT:PSP” came out, it wouldn’t fit on my PSP. UNACCEPTABLE.

    Look. We’ve been watching Sony’s Director of PR try to play the game, and we’ve played it on show floors—–the game looks FINE.

    But instead, today I remove my pre-order for 4 copies of GT5. I have been a fool far too long. It’s not worth it. My friends and I will play Reach and Rock Band 3 instead. Because “winter 2010” might as well be 2020. FAIL. I can’t believe how bad this game fails. It’s impossible for it to be good enough to make me forget at this point. Burned too many times.


  • I can’t really complain, because I’m not selling a $70 million game, but you had more than enough time to check the game, so why wait until 3 weeks the date it was due to come out?

  • sooooo outside of move.. i’ve got nothing but third party games from sony this fall? everything has been pushed back and please understand if i dont hold my breath for a 2010 holiday release..

  • BASTARDS!!!!!!
    I’ve been loyal to Playstation and waiting for this game for years and you delay it for a few extra weeks to raise more money!!!! Im selling my PS3 and getting an Xbox 360 and Kinect.

  • Time to commit public sudoku.

  • OMG! It’s not funny. I can’t wait any more. :(

  • You know what, why don’t we all just massbuy FORZA 3?


  • I think I’m going back to Forza…

  • FORZA 3

  • Give Gran Turismo 5 to GearBox, they are making Duke Nukem Forever real, they can work out a deal for GT5.

    Also, fire Yamauchi, the man is driving everyone nuts setting the expectations so high. It just won’t be met.

  • Well, i can only say that surely all of the GT fan will be disappointed and personally i started to think that GT5 will not worth to have us waited like this (over than 1 year ?) …maybe the PG team still not confident enough to publish this game since it doesn’t have any new or special features but only the same like GT 5 prologue with more cars in it….or maybe they haven’t finish the game yet ? or maybe this is only their selling strategy to postpone it ? dunno for sure….

    Polyphony Digital team, i really disappointed with your performance in making GT5 and i already loose my interest on buying GT5 game…i hope you understand this situation and will not disappointed the other GT fan anymore or else you will loose them…..

  • Seriously? 19 days before the US release? The game should have been gold and on its way to the disk makers

  • Yeah
    In a 1 month they will create ´ the perfect racing experience´ . Something they didnt in 5 five years

    Poor holyday season= change gran turismo date

  • and of course I’ve pre-ordered the game. They’re already making money on a title that’s not even released, and they can’t get it out for the day they were so happy to announce? We’re 3 weeks away and they decide “we’re delaying, and we’ll have more information for you soon”. If I wanted to wait for the Holiday Season, I’d have waited for the holiday season.

    How about, “We’ll have more information NOW”? Perhaps, I should just cancel my pre-order…

  • that´s it. I´m not interested in GT anymore. I´m buying hot pursuit. It´s a completely different game, but at least they are on time.

  • While I’m relaxed as long as it comes this year, but come on Sony/PD whatever, give us a new releasedate and please tell us WHY it got delayed. You owe us at least this much.

  • What’s the reason for this delay?

  • @120 Because I already have it, we should all mass buy Need for Speed instead. At least Criterion release their games, even if it is an arcadey chase race game thing.

  • Well. I’m out. I’ll wait till it’s 19.99 used or something.

  • Well that’s it for me, I waited a year to buy a PS3 as this ‘launch’ game wan’t ready, I’ve waited too long and said a month ago that if this was delayed again. I would put the PS3 in the bin.
    I can’t sell this to someone else, as ultimately that person would end up putting more money into Sony’s pockets and I can’t support that in any way. My PS3 gets the hammer this afternoon and I loose £300+.
    Will go out to sooth my pain by buying an Xbox, played with the official Xbox wheel at the weekend and it was superb.
    Goodbye Sony, and to all I wish you well, but my time with the playstation is done

  • Disappointment doesn’t begin to describe how I feel right now. Don’t tell me you’re gonna do something unless you will do it. I would rather have an abstract release window than an actual date if you aren’t 100% sure. At the end of the day the only thing a man has is his word. If your word holds little value, then you hold little value. You dig?

  • Oh darn it. Well at least this will give them time to fix car damage, which I personally think needs some work. I just wish they didn’t put a solid release date on it; really made it seem like it -would- becoming out on the second of next month.

    No longer getting my hopes up for the “holiday season” release though. I’m marking GT5’s release as May of next year; that way I’ll no longer be disappointed.

  • This is embarrassing. Listen, seriously, just release the game on Nov 2nd anyway, and anything that still needs to be added to the game can be done post release. It’s called a P-A-T-C-H!

    Seriously, if Yamauchi is interested in contuning to make this game perfect fine, but reign him in and release the game! He can do all he wants to it after the fact.

    This was the last straw for a lot of people, and I’m being completely honest, I really think there is going to be some serious backlash because of this. Get your game together and release it on Nov 2nd anyway.

  • autosnap if u waiting till its 19.99 u gona be siting here for a while lmao

  • This is a terrible loss today for Sony. They will lose many customers to that company that I won’t name who’s console colors are green, black, & white. I’m indifferent to all 3 consoles, but I admit this is a huge loss today. In the name of Marcus for PSP, Polyphony Digital – “STEP YOUR GAME UP!”

  • More like Gran Turismo 5 “Prolong” amirite :P

  • WOW, just listen to you guys/girls/its whinney little babies..Go outside and blow the stank off yourselfs..When else was it delayed in NA…thats RIGHT IT WASNT till now..This is why all game Devs should never give release dates cause stuff like this happens..I cant wait to play… GO PD GO

  • I am so utterly unimpressed by this I can’t even express it.

    I buy a *lot* of games (well, 2-3 new games a month). Not once ever for any other game (on PC, PS3 or 360) have I been so disgusted at their complete inability to just FINISH THE %$&* THING.

    Sod it I’m just going to cancel my preorder (from May 2009). There’s enough other great games to play. Out of principle I don’t want them to have my money any more…

  • Acc no, I changed my mind. I’m selling my ps3 and buying an xBox, i know theyre bad but at least they keep their word.

  • Thanks for letting us know 3 weeks in advance. Get your mess together.

  • Ruined Thanksgiving, thanks alot.. (-_-)

  • Way to screw up your flagship title Sony. Just one screw up after another.

  • I feel like I wasted my money reserving this now. Now to figure out if I wanna keep my reserve or switch it to one of the other not delayed racing games.

  • Sony this is unacceptable, it shouldn’t take a game five years to be developed. At least tell us why the game is delayed!

  • Well, at least we can play the stellar “Tv Superstars”, while we wait…aaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to freaking throw my PS3 out the damn window, I’m so pissed!!!!

    Not only can they not tell us when GT5 will be released, they can’t even tell us when they’ll have more details!!!!!


  • @mwinnard: You are full of it. The official Xbox wheel is garbage. I know people that designed it, and they hate it. It doesn’t do 900 degrees, the force feedback is weak and unresponsive, and the pedals are weak. If you really wanna destroy your PS3 over a delay please put it on youtube so the world can laugh at you.

  • GT5 the game that never was!!!! do some more updates, design some more new tracks…? Sony, then you can CALL IT GT6!!!. You might as well, as you’ve taken way to long with GT5 (the game that never was)

    Oh well back to me Xbox360 and Forza 3 at least that shipped on time.

    I was truely looking forward to this game and I do feel very sorry for you guys that have waited so long. GT and Sony owe you guys….

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