Sideway coming exclusively to PS3 in 2011, first concept art

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Greetings PlayStation.Blog! I’m the studio director of Playbrains, and I’m here today to announce the awesomesauce that is Sideway, a unique adventure platformer set in and around the oh-so-gritty streets of New York City. The characters and story have been birthed from a fantastic world created by the quasi-evil geniuses at Fuel Industries and W!ldbrain.

Sideway for PS3 Poster

To that point, we are inviting folks to come to New York Comic Con on October 8th (at 2:15 in Room 1A21) where we will officially announce the title as a Sony Online Entertainment exclusive to the PlayStation Network. Yes, that means that I am announcing the announcement here, which I guess makes this a “pre-announcement” to you PlayStation.Blog readers!

Sideway for PS3

We are in sooper-deep development at the moment (please send pizza and beer), which means that the belts are coming off and we’re settling into our coding chairs for winter in order to get things all sparkly for a 2011 launch. We’re not ready to spill the beans on some of the really cool features and unique gameplay elements in the game just yet, so until then, take a gander at some early concept pieces and composites from the game that should give you an idea of the world you will be tooling around in as an underground street artist in NYC. It will be an awesome game and we’re excited to be making it.

Sideway for PS3

Come on over and follow us at if you want up-to-the minute news on concept art, development updates, and to learn what Canadian celebrities we are standing behind in grocery store lines.

Sideway for PS3

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  • I commenting again just present more of a challenge :P

    What are we looking at in terms of pricing? Something in the $10-$15 range?

    • Why, you litttle…

      *returns from bar, puts in mouthguard

      The fine folks at SOE will be the ones who decide on pricing. I’m sure it will be priced appropriately for a downloadable title of similar awesomeness.

      (which is to say, they probably won’t go for my $187.50 suggestion…)

  • I am*

    /sigh no edit option here at the grand ol’ ps blog…

    • You are* indeed.

      * – note: may or may not be.

      But hey, at least there’s now a Page 2.


  • @Einhander138 (8), Mr. Simpson’s reply to you pretty much sums up my reasons FOR supporting downloadable games. There is far less cost in creating titles like these, and it would be hard to justify a higher price than this is likely to be slated to go for ($14.99 or less). Your comment comes off kind of snooty as well, as if you not buying games unless they are on disc is somehow more sophisticated. You’re missing out on so much gaming goodness it’s not even funny. Tell me, do you also not go to the movies and ONLY buy them on DVD or Blu-Ray, because “if it’s not on a disc, it’s not worth buying?” I doubt it. You likely pay for the memories of that evening. It’s the same with these smaller, budget titles that you buy online.

    //Rant END

    • Woo! Testify!

      We really love the downloadable title. Lots of room for innovation and the tools are getting better and better so that the lines are starting to blur between quality of downloadable and retail games.

      It’s a great space to be creating games in.

  • @44
    I Googled him. He was an interesting guy. Funny what you can learn in 5 minutes.
    Wait! was that a shot at me? Grrrrrr! = D

  • Ah, well I’m sold on this game already, even though I barely know anything about it yet :) I have loads of respect for devs that are this dedicated :P

    Random question Scott, what phone are you using? Just curious.

    Also, I just started following you guys on twitter. I’m @djratchet if you wanna know who I am lol

    • Sweet. That’s another $x to put into development!

      And I double-fist it. iPhone in one hand, BlackBerry in the other (makes it tough to type. but whatever)..

      I would rock an Android as well, but I only have so many spaces on my utility belt.

  • Uhh, you missed #50’s comment. Please don’t forget because you might hurt his feeling if he is the only one you don’t reply to.

    It was more of a statement but I know but…..

  • @50 Aw, why put yourself down? ahaha.

    I rock the android myself :)

  • im diggin’ this art style!

    looks like it will be a very interesting game…
    the pictures kind of remind me of that one graffiti-based game.
    “Marc Ecko’s: getting Up”

  • …Doesn’t that mean you are zombie? I guess it makes sense with the brain avatar… hmmm…

    • Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains. Brains.

  • Random: You should make the bunny throwing up bunnies a playable character :P

    • You, sir/madam…are a troublemaker.

      As much as we’re trying to be flexible on features right now, I will go on record as saying, NO PLAYABLE VOMITING BUNNY FOR YOU.

  • really?? NICE!!
    now you got my attention….
    And its a PSN Exclusive, which makes this game sound even better!
    hopefully we get to see some game-play soon.

  • It definitely has a new-aged Jet Grind Radio vibe to it. I am intrigued, very intrigued.

    • Fun fact: “Intrigued” is my middle name*.

      * – note: Not true. It’s his dog’s name**.

      ** – note to note: Not true, either.

  • Very interesting, this is why I game on Playstation it’s these kind of games that prove the variety on PS3.

  • concept art looks awesome! …and holy crap so many replies! good show Scott! respect and will definitely follow this one! :)

    • Thanks!

      Fun fact: “Replies” are my middle name.*

      * – note: not true**.

      ** – note to note: even I am tired of this joke.

      And yet, here we are.

  • I will have you know, I am a sir. xD

    (insert darth vader NOOOOOOOOOOO!)

    *grumble*I GUESS I’ll still buy it*grumble*

    • At first, I thought you were “NOOOOOOO”-ing your dudeness.

      Then I realized you were upset about not being able to play the bunny.

      I am not sure which is more upsetting, but that could just be the “Reply Fatigue”, which totally sounds like a real thing).

  • i think the guy broke the record of most replies in a blog post o_o

    • Possibly. But what’s more awesome?

      I can do this…

      *puts hand on hip


      *snaps left with other hand


      *snaps right


      *snaps left again

      * – note: may not be true. Battery power will be my undoing, I know it. I am already on phone 2.


  • I don’t think everyone is tired of your joke yet Scott. Just need to spice it up a bit maybe hehe.

    • Depends on the joke, I guess.

      But with this crowd? If it starts to wane, It would seem that I just have to yell “PINK VOMITING BUNNY RABBIT” and everybody’s eyes gloss over like an army of robot slaves.

      I have you now, loyal minions…Mwahahahahaha!!!

      In reality, what’s cool about the PS Blog is that we can put this entry out there and be a little surprised at what seems to strike a chord with folks (like the bunny). He was always cool and all, don’t get me wrong, but maybe he’s got more star quality than we thought…

      Also getting feedback on desired features (online MP, Home, HDD toons) is valuable as early on as we are, though as I said earlier, we already know we won’t be able to get everything in there (dagnabit!).

  • I will break you Scott @_@ You think you are fatigued now? MWAHAHAHAHAA!Just wait. Or go offline >_> Whatever floats your boat.

    but yes, to clarify, I was being upset about the lack of a playable bunny (preferably one that would continuously barf the entire time you are playing as it, because that would be incredibly awesome in a crazy way)

  • OK wow, so since you’re replying so much I have 2 questions:

    -How did SOE become your publisher and not SCEA? I thought SOE usually managed MMOs.

    -Is this a timed exclusive? Meaning you’re considering other platforms in the future?

    • We pitched the game around to a few pubs earlier this year, and for whatever reason, we really clicked with SOE. They don’t just do MMOs, of course, though the ones they do do are awesome.

      Note: I did not say that SOE’s MMOs were “doo doo”. It just sounds like it if you read that last sentence fast.

      Anyway, they are a little more “out there” than SCEA in a lot of ways, and since we have a rather unique title, it was a perfect fit. They’ve been awesome development partners so far. We really couldn’t be happier with them.

      /end unintentional shill

      As for platforms, we’re really just concentrating on creating an awesome PSN title. There is always potential for other platforms (we have had a great relationship with the Steam guys with the Babo:Invasion game, for instance), but right now, consider it a PSN exclusive. Because they’re awesometational.

  • Oh wow i love the art style, alhough I haven’t gotten into platformers yet, this one might just be the one

    • Well, you know what they say– once you go Platformer/Action, you never go Back For The Traction.

      Wait a minute, that’s not a saying…

  • I smell you selling me yet another game xD

    I don’t know exactly what that would smell like though… hmm….

  • I guess so, it makes sense in my brain :)

    So how long have you guys been working on this?

    • It’s been about a year for us, and much longer for the Fuel and Wildbrain guys who are creating a full “transmedia” experience out of the characters and story.

      That being said, we didn’t start “serious” development until this summer. The stuff done before then was getting the prototype and stuff done and ready to be pitched. What really sold the game though was the art, story and characters from Fuel (and as cool as it was, it’s really been evolving since then).

      It’s gonna be an awesome title, I swear.

  • any reason in particular my comment (#43) didn’t get a reply? :(

  • Ah, verrrrry interesting :D

    And I can tell it is gonna be awesome already from the art you are showing off!

    • True dat…true dat.

      Now I want watermelon gum, despite the fact that I think it tastes disgusting.

      Fun fact: watermelon makes for the worst fake-flavour ever. It’s a fact.

  • Yet the real deal is incredibly tasty.

    Also, I think I have been looking at your avatar too much… I’m starting to see a taco instead of a brain when glancing at it…. Brain taco?

    • Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos. Tacos.

      For the record, it’s a brain inside an egg. That’s deep, dude.

  • Ah, I totally see it. I thought those lines were just for effect. Brain eggs are mad deep, man. O_0

    • Well, it’s the company logo. We paid some dude like, a million dollars to create it*.

      * – note: absolutely not true, but if we say that, people will respect the logo more and think it’s classy..

      We also have many leather-bound books in our library, and it smells of rich mahogany

  • I love the art style, beautiful looking game Scott, thank you for bringing it to the system!!! 8)

  • Mmmahogany.Very classy indeed. Is said library located under the sea, or flying in the sky?

  • A+++ on replying to every comment

    • Thanks! That’s, like, the second-best grade I ever gotted.

      (as you can probably guess, I once got an “A++++” for my grammar…)

  • Ah, I should have known! That’s where all mad geniuses hang out!

    Y’know back on the topic of the game (haha)

    In the HYPOTHETICAL situation you guys HYPOTHETICALLY squeeze in a HYPOTHETICAL online mode, you should HYPOTHETICALLY have developer/player nights. Because that would HYPOTHETICALLY be awesome. ;D

    • Absolutely, they are always fun. We did them with our last game, mostly with the awesome folks at They rawk over there.

  • I have no clue what this is even after reading all of that. Hopefully a video of it will be shown off soon. I like the artwork and the first thing I noticed is someone spray painting a bunny who seems to be barfing jelly. o_0

  • Cool cool. Is this your team’s first game for ps3? How is it compared to 360/pc?

    • Yup, first as a team on the PS3, which is precisely why we need to make the game as incredible as possible. This does not mean we would make a POS for PC, but you know what I mean…

      There are lots of similarities on the platforms, of course, but we’re doing our best to take advantage of the PS3 as much as we can.

  • This looks Incredible!
    Love the art style

    willing to help an any way so if you need alpha/beta testers keep me in mind

    have experience with LPB KZ DeadNation ETC.
    always leave constructive feedback

  • You know what Scott, consider the game SOLD, just on your efforts alone, Now stop hogging all of my limelight!!! >8( 8P 8)

    • Sweet! Now just tell 5,000 of your *closest* friends to buy it too and we justi mght start something here…

      /limelight rescinded

  • Yeah, I know what you mean. Gotta leave a great first impression on us Sony folk (which you already doing!)

    Maybe later on, I can snag an interview for my semi-serious website? We just started up, so we don’t have much, but we want to do something with it, and hopefully get a better name, haha.

  • Ah, my last comment is awaiting moderation because I put in a url D:

    Here it is minus the url

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Gotta leave a great first impression on us Sony folk (which you are already doing!) Maybe later on, I can snag an interview for my semi-serious website? We just started so we don’t have much, but we want to do something with it, and hopefully get a better name haha, right now it is called pretty pony gaming blog. XD

    Also, keep me in mind for testing too! The crazy guy that won’t stop talking to you on ps blog :p

  • Pink pony gaming blog* gotta get it right lol

  • I guess I win! Not a moment too soon, I am beat. Gnight, Scott! Nice talking to you, and good luck on getting the game out there!


    Conceptual art looks insanely attractive though, very excited to see you guys announce this title. Until then I will proceed to act as if it doesn’t exist; for it has not been announced.

    So what’re your choice toppings for pizza then? I’m partial to get down on some meat-lovers. But pepperoni and parmesan from Dominos has a surprisingly fresh taste.

    • Well then, since your comment does not officially exist, I will not officially tell you that all meat and cheese is clearly the way to go with pie.

      But you already know this.

      For a change, go cheeseburger: ground beef, cheddar, mushroom, onion and bacon.

      Mmmmmm…Now…now I am hungry.

  • The hilarity and amount if replies have got me so intrigued about the creativity you guts have put into this game. It is a must buy on my list.

    * throws wallet across room

    • *snags wallet…takes out a random amount of cash and Jeter-esquely flips it back.

      *runs out before you start wondering what I am doing in your room


    Scot should agree, he eats pink souce bean tacos for a living. I’m sure the vomit from the bunny could give you something (maybe a copy of Braid?)

    as apart of the Kitty Kitty Cat Skinny Kitty Cat club, I approve

  • Funny Bunny Kill!!!!!!! those Freaking Bunnies

    On a serious note if their is no bunny in the game then make an avatar FTW!

  • nnnnnoooo I spelled Scott wrong! Don’t rain down your bacon on me! (wait that sounds good)

  • I lied, I’m back :) must. Defend. Title.

    @jetup fancy seeing you here sir! I’M NOT ON DRUGS!

  • And @scott sweet, I will get back to you on that! :D we will make asses of ourselves together!

  • @dj I own psn. Soooo expect me here.
    @scott I own you kinda. Don’t know hows it’s a kinda. But like a kinda kinda. You know those kindas don’t you!? Hmm like a kinda taco. Or a kinda Red Faction kinda. Kinda?

    *hank hill laugh*

  • @jetup I know this, yet you still hurt my head xD

    @scott you should DEFINITELY look into getting some of this art made into psn avatars, like miguel said

  • Looking over the last few replies, I’m starting to think video games DO rot your brain.
    I’m just jacked up on Monster Energy.
    …hey, where’s my wallet?

    P.S., Droid’s Slide-It txt thing us ticking me off.

    • Rotten brains. Rotten brains. Rotten brains. Rotten brains. Rotten brains. Rotten brains. Rotten brains. Rotten brains.

  • Damn straight it is on!


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