ModNation Monday: Free Mod, “Family Guy” Spotlight Next Week!

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ModNation Racers for PS3: ModNation Mondays

Hello everybody. Jason Coker here, proud citizen of ModNation. There’s a lot going on at the moment, so let’s get right to it:

Guess Who’s Coming to the Nation…

We’ve got a special guest coming to ModNation Racers next Tuesday courtesy of the good folks at Progressive Insurance. Every Racer in ModNation has at least a couple of Karts that they’ve grown to know and love, and who better to watch your back than Progressive Insurance’s lovely spokesMod, Flo?

ModNation Racers for PS3: Progressive Flo

In addition to handling all your Kart insurance needs, the Flo Mod comes with:

  • Flo’s Blouse
  • Flo’s Hair with Headband
  • Flo’s Apron
  • Flo’s Button and Nametag

Absolutely for free!

Oh, and that’s not all that Progressive Insurance has in store for ModNation — stay tuned for more goodies to come.

Next Week: Family Guy meets ModNation!

ModNation Racers for PS3: Family Guy

Giggity giggity goo! If Kazunori wasn’t enough for you, we got a special treat next week. The next MNR Artist Spotlight takes us behind the scenes of one of the funniest shows on television today, Family Guy!

We meet some of the creative minds that bring Family Guy to your sets including Joe Vaux (Assistant Director), Raul Guerra (Storyboard Artist), and Dominic Polcino (Director) and see how they get their Mod on.

Best of all, these guys will be online to answer any fan questions on how the show is made and how they got their sweet gigs.

Tune in next week for an EPIC ModNation Monday!

ModNation Creations of the Week
Please keep your creation submissions coming, folks. You can submit your Mods, Karts, and Tracks on the official ModNation community website and your work may be highlighted as one of our weekly picks. Let’s take a look at this week’s selections.

Creator : nofriendo1
Mod: “Baboon

ModNation Racers PS3: BaboonModNation Racers PS3: Baboon

I apologize now for the terrible pun, but this Mod is bananas. It’s truly a special feeling to blast somebody in front of you with a straight shot and then breeze by them with a trash talking ape. Imagine how much better driving would be in the real world if you could have a baboon in your car… Well, this is probably about as close as you’re ever going to get, so enjoy!

Creator: Icandy55
Kart: “Pink Frost

ModNation Racers PS3: Pink FrostModNation Racers PS3: Pink Frost

OK, I admit it – I like bling. You can’t hate on the attention to detail here. This may not be everyone’s favorite color, but the airbrushed look and the shine can’t be ignored. This is impressive work.

Track Name: “Central Park Drive-Thru
PSN ID: atheistsw

ModNation Racers PS3: Central Park Drive-Thru

ModNation Racers PS3: Central Park Drive-ThruModNation Racers PS3: Central Park Drive-Thru

Yes, yes, YES!!! Giant track in a park that’s surrnounded by a city? Check! Ridiculous amount of forks, shortcuts, and even a hidden route? Check! A freaking HEDGE MAZE? Check! This track has all the elements of great design. It’s perfect for Action racing, Pure racing….whatever. This is extremely well done.

Track Name: “Biffonium Empire
PSN ID: pikminenco

ModNation Racers PS3: Biffonium Empire

ModNation Racers PS3: Biffonium EmpireModNation Racers PS3: Biffonium Empire

I hate the fact that I love this track so much. There are tons of ways to excel on this track, and there are tons of ways to screw up royally as well. It’s got that great mix of skill and luck factors that make it hard to perfect. Several races in, I still don’t have it down, and that’s what makes it so awesome.

Name of the Track: Jungle Survivor
PSN ID: NyghtHawk

ModNation Racers PS3: Jungle Survivor

ModNation Racers PS3: Jungle SurvivorModNation Racers PS3: Jungle Survivor

No doubt, this is the hotness. And I mean that literally. Placing Flame Vents just before Boost Pads really makes me think more about strategy on this track. Depending on where I am in the pack, I may have to consider the trade off between shielding my way through them or taking a little more time and weaving through. There are also some killer drift opportunities in this one, and a word of warning – some Item Pods just are NOT worth getting! Love it!

Hot Lap Roster for this week
As many of you probably know, there were some issues in getting the Hot Lap Tracks updated early last week, so we’re bringing back the ones that didn’t get put up on time. For you speed demons, here’s a look at this week’s killer tracks:

Monday: BOSS Gardens, by CIV_BOSS
Tuesday: The Megaplex, by OakBiscuits
Wednesday: da ghetto masta (v4), by daaa57150
Thursday: Central Park Drive-Thru, by athiestsw
Friday: Biffonium Empire, by pikminenco
Saturday: Jungle Survivor, by NyghtHawk
Sunday: Alpine Sprint Series, by TBomber

Believe it or not, we’ve still got TONS of stuff coming for ModNation Racers, so keep checking in here and on for the latest info on the best race, create, share experience in the (Mod) Nation!

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  • @13 OMG they are giving you 100 XP per download, 25 XP for using the creation in a race ( this includes you and the other people who use it), and 20 XP per view! and you want it easier?? Start creating cool stuff and you’ll get it in no time. I have almost 7,000,000 create XP you sure can get it just make people notice your creations and done. They gotta be good though. Or just do D4D like all the lazy without imagination people that can’t sit down a moment and start creating something worth downloading.

  • Awww too bad I didn’t made it for mod of the week.. Oh well gotta keep trying i guess ^-^

  • @30

    Why are you asking that here? This comment thread is for Modnation Mondays.

    On that note – it’s really good to see the continued efforts to support this game.

    And the Family Guy news – that is freakin’ sweet !!!

  • @51 XxT_I_K_IxX_PR

    ey man, I understand you and I’m totally agree with you, but you have to consider as well that not all of the gamers has skills in creating and sometimes even if you have a very cool original creation, you just don’t get notice… I suffer to reach the 250,000 create XP amount, and I thing I have really cool detailed stuff, but never get the hundreds of downloads like you… sometimes you need luck

  • @51 XxT_I_K_IxX_PR

    The reason you’ve got so much create xp was b/c you race boosted your mods/karts to the top mods and karts. (nothing to be proud about btw) There were way more people in the game downloading everything in sight when you had your stuff up. Currently searching by text yeilds results 1 out of 5 searches and no longer searches the details. It’s difficult to get noticed when searching is so cumbersome. That coupled with a steady decline in players downloading creations week by week makes it harder for new players to get these xp based trophies. You can’t deny this downward trend as even your creations get fewer downloads every week. The gaming environment has changed since you were forcing your way up to the top and new players are facing new obstacles. So get off your high and mighty “I have almost 7 mil xp” box. There is no way anyone starting the game today will get close to that in same span of time or way that you got it.

  • @ XxT_I_K_IxX_PR and well whomever

    Keep creating those original mods and I’m sure you’ll one day get featured but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a tonne of downloads.
    Since getting mod of the week this week I’ve got 8 downloads.

    Not sure how people are getting such high download counts. The top mod and top karts displayed in the modspot seem to be constantly changing.

  • Ok, in the blog is posted “next Tuesday” which means today, I checked the store and there’s nothing new in there, no Flo for download…

    what’s up with that?, again problem with the ends in US store like gopher?

  • where’s flo she wasn’t in the store today.

  • I have noticed that the soundtrack is missing some songs from the game please can you put them in the offical soundtrack

  • @57&58 The blog was posted on Monday, and Jason said that Flo is coming NEXT Tuesday along with the Family Guy spotlight. Check the current Playstation Store Update blog.

  • @Elnath10 Hey I understand but they can always try, and talk to people send them messages like I did, people didn’t noticed my stuff only just a few, so I started talking to people around the modspot would tell them to chek my creations, and sometimes they did and would tell me wow! your creations are cool! why they don’t have so much downloads? Well I told the people let’s take you as an example if i wouldn’t have talked to you, you would have never check them. And they said is true! lol that’s how i basically got to the top @Dr_Bosconovitch (don’t talk when you don’t know a single thing ;-) you could even ask people I know from MNR and they know I didn’t cheat like you said) That’s the problem in MNR if you don’t tell people to check they will never see your things! I hate D4D I admit it at first yea with a couple of my friends but I got tired of that and started talking to everyone.

  • @Elnath10 One time I was having a discussion with another guy in MNR ( his PSN is: precisionhf06 ) and we were basically fighting over that I was saying only “Original crations” should be at top mods and he was saying that all mods should be in top mods but with creativity, etc ( and in the end we both agreed in some terms we both said) we ended as friends we even gave opinions to each other of how this would be cooler, etc (his stuff is awesome by the way! he got Marvel stuff you should chek them out!) In conclusion you gotta talk to people so they can notice your stuff =) hope that helps! happy gaming!

  • @nofriendo1 I’m not really looking for downloads, I just want my stuff noticed ^^ since I don’t play the game much anymore ( I still love it though, my friends aren’t playing it anymore that’s the problem) so yea I don’t really want downloads I just want them noticed ^^ It feels good when someone aproaches to me and says dude your creations are incredible, bad ass!, etc. Like i Said in the other comment talk with people in the modspot send them messages and your stuff will get noticed! that’s how i got into Top Mods and karts 6 times! 3 mods and 3 karts @Dr_Bosconovitch

  • Wheres the gopher dlc that we were promised? you’re letting us down ufg.

  • I Love that lady! She’s so cheery, it’s creepy! I’m just getting back into MNR, and am glad to be welcomed back with free content =D Just wish there was a data install option to help with the load times.

  • @Vicious: that wouldnt help load times. load times are as long as they are because the game has to load all the stickers of all the other players. also, i dont think 20 seconds is very bad.


    Also, the servers go down when you try to unpublish creations also. I’ve had a FEW creations I tried to unpublish and then edit, and the server went down right in the middle of it. So now when I go to edit the mod and kart, it won’t let me, it sats that I don’t have permission to edit!! Sure I can use the mods and kart, but it’s in limbo ad I cant edit my own creations!

  • so…is flo for next week? is all of today’s blog a prelude to tomorrow, cause I can’t find flo.

  • @61 & @62 XxT_I_K_IxX_PR

    Ey don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say that you cheated, it was another guy who posted it, I just said that not everyone has lots of downloads even when we made a cool detailed mod. And yeah talking to people in modspot was my way for reaching the magic amount of 250k, I remember that I always put “ey guys check it out my stuff, I have cool original stuff :)” everytime I entered the modspot, lol, and some guys actually replied to me and we started checking out each other stuff and so on. Also in lobbies before a race. So I do actually talk to people, but some times you just need better luck, you never know when you will be response or not :P or if your stuff is gonna like the other guy so much for download it to you

  • No misunderstanding. I was reading too fast and skipped over “next”. Now it’s a waiting game. :P

  • “Jason Coker | October 7th, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Gopher’s coming the week after Flo (but don’t tell anybody…)”

    Alright!!! now that’s a pretty good news :D


  • When I search for something after 15 seconds it says “no creations found 2-5 times” even though I was looking through creations. FIX IT. It worked better before the patch I swear!

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