Coming to PSN Tuesday: Sports Champions “Haunted” DLC

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Let me bring you back in time to E3 2009, where we debuted a little tech demo for a brand new motion control platform, later to become what we now all know and love as the PlayStation Move. In the tech demo you could sword fight with a skeleton (anyone remember tickling the skeleton’s chin with the sword blade?), use dual handed throwing stars, and shoot arrows at an endless parade of skeletons. Most of the mechanics in the demo were the basis of a title that was, at the time, only a work in progress, but would become Sports Champions.


Sports Champions Haunted Pack for PlayStation MoveSports Champions Haunted Pack for PlayStation Move

Well, our skeletons have finally been let out of the closet again with a brand new Sports Champions DLC pack called the Haunted Pack, available for sale through the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, October 5 for $4.99. The new content includes three new frightful characters that are playable in all six events, as well as new spooky equipment for each of the sports.

New Characters:


Sports Champions Haunted Pack: Specter


Sports Champions Haunted Pack: Deadmund


Sports Champions Haunted Pack: Numbskull

New Equipment:

Disc Golf – Phantom Disc Set
Bocce – Skull Bocce Set
Table Tennis – Phantom Paddle
Gladiator Duel – Skeleton Sword and Shield
Archery – Skull Bow
Beach Volleyball – Skull Ball

Sports Champions Haunted Pack for PlayStation Move

I dare you to play a round of Disc Golf with Specter and not laugh. Also, for those wanting the easy way out, there will be an Unlock All DLC added the same day as the Haunted Pack. Please be sure to watch for more Sports Champions DLC in the months to come. Enjoy!

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  • did anyone mention that this game needs online multiplayer? i had not noticed ;-)

  • As much as I want more fantastic skins and new arenas, $5 for 3 new skins is pretty damn steep. Great game, but I’ll be passing on this.

  • This DLC is cool, but I’d love online play, too! Please count me as part of the vote!

  • Yea online multiplayer would be a huge plus for this game.
    I dont buy DLC like this that doesnt really add any extra functionality. The only DLC id consider buying for this game would be extra sports.

  • @ KidCommando

    Those aren’t DLC- you unlock the characters by beating the different Gold Cups.

  • Does the DLC add new trophies?

  • online
    More sports (Tennis, Baseball, Basket Ball, Hockey, Swimming etc)
    Then maybe character skins

    get the order straight and then you’ll get some more money from me. $5 for that crap….no thanks. That should be free or a few cents. Not $5.

    Free online patch
    Add Sports Free or PDLC and I’ll pay.

  • this game need horse shoes and badminton. Id buy that for a dolla.

  • @56 C’mon, you know they have to roll this out for Halloween.

    4.99 though, nope, not buyin’ that, sorry.

  • @47, lol man wtf?

    the 7 question marks are all unlockable in the game, you get one as a secret boss for each event after beating gold cup, and one for playing through all tutorials. play the damn game before complaining.

  • 5 bucks LOL

  • also, I’d bet most of you didn’t even know that characters play differently and each have their own goods and bads.

  • Dear SONY, what kind of crap is this? why would I pay for skins for a game that doesn’t even have online multiplayer to show off these skins???
    This is how you thank early move supporters???

    release an Online multiplayer patch first, and then, only then we can consider to buy this crap add-on that doesn’t really add anything.

  • I don’t own Sports Champion, but this just angers me. The game came out last week. And already there is overpriced DLC prepared? Not justifiable at all I’m sorry.

  • I don’t see why this game doesn’t have a create-a-character mode. then again its a fun game so i’m probably gonna get this DLC.

  • jeremy – i would pay 10€ for an online mode… plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. best sportsgame ever – but we neeeeeeeed an onlinemode,… cauz i want to invite friends to play with me disc-golf or whatever… plz

  • I’m going to add my comment, but it’s more just to further add support to everyone else’s sentiments.

    No one wants to pay $5 for costumes, no matter how cool they are, so don’t try and price gouge us, after Move has only been on the market a few weeks.

    Online multiplayer? Seems like a must.

  • Are you serious? I have nothing against paid DLC, but packing a bunch of skins – some of which you already made for a tech demo in 2009 – and try to sell them for 5 bucks?

    That’s an offense.

    Well, I’m not buying.

  • Seems lots of people want Online patched in :S

  • Is online Multi-player support for this ‘PSmove’ title even viable?

    I mean, I would think that some of the precision would be lost in the constant up streaming. In fact, I’m fairly certain it would be.

  • wow what alot of sniveling about 5$ – if its to much for you – dont buy it. it really is that simple. ill be picking this up tuesday – good work guys

  • Great to see some DLC coming, guys. I actually left a post on the PS Forums before I read this called “Where’s the Move DLC love?”

    I’ve got a quick wishlist though for patches and DLC…

    – Online multiplayer and tournaments
    For a multiplayer game, offline only is so last generation

    – PS Home avatar integration
    Many friends want to use custom characters. It’d be great if we could import our faces from Home

    – Record replays of matches for upload to YouTube/Facebook
    After you play a match, upload your gameplay to the Internet, or save to HDD. Instead of just recording gameplay directly, it could show the game from different camera angles (like in the demo that plays when you leave SC idle). You could choose from in-game audio, sound recorded during gameplay thru PS Eye microphone, or recording a new voice-over after the match.

    – Movie-related DLC
    Play as characters from movies like Lord of the Rings in swordplay and archery challenges, with different arenas based on the films.

  • @Bibbly53 I’m sure they could do it if they tried. You don’t actually need to stream all the tracking data, just the position, movement, and orientation of objects such as balls, swords, arrows. If they can do MAG then they can do this.

    In a game like table tennis, for example, the important data is the ball coming across the table, it’s direction, speed, spin. It’s not that much data, and the opponent’s avatar movements don’t need to be represented on your screen with 100% accuracy. It’s all about the ball. Turn-based games like disc golf and bocce should be even easier.

    I really hope they patch in online play soon though.

  • I can’t wait to see the xmas DLC. jolly ol’ St. Nick swinging his candy cane sword at Numbskull…how much would that be worth~ $5 BUSTER!!!

  • sounds awesome..

    any chance of an actual game rpg style that plays like the gladiator duel? the E3 2009 stage demo where they had the skeletons coming at you and you would use either the sword to melee or the bow and arrows could make for a great co op or online rpg game..

    keep up the great work.

  • please add online to sports champions, I would pay for an online feature

  • To tell the truth, I wasn’t really interested in buying Sports Champions before it came out. Some of the reviews had been lukewarm, and I had played the latest sports game on the other console to death…

    That is why, when I finally got the game, I was so shocked by how good it was. It is seriously underrated on some sites. The physics is spot on, and you really feel like you are completely in control. Basically, in Sports Champions, when you mess up you know it’s your own fault. The teenager in my house loves it too, and we’ve been playing bocce, disc golf, archery and table tennis multiplayer every day this weekend. For single player, I’m playing Gladiator lots.

    Great game, dev dudes. Just hope you can add some of the DLC and patches suggested above.

  • Ugh, what a disappointment! Was hoping for new courses, trophies, etc, but $4.99 for what are simple skins is pretty bad.
    I may have buckled for $1.99, but even then, this should REALLy be a free DL for all the early buyers.
    = (

  • I love Sports Champions.

    BUT, I must agree with people here, this DLC looks cool, but is not worth more than $1.99 and to be honest it should actually be FREE, you only have 300k user base currently and I am not sure who priced this but, this is not Uncharted 2, and they do not charge that much for their skins.

    Also, I hope Sony asked you guys to put in Online Multilayer option, it would just make Sports Champions AWESOME and if you could add 3D option that would put it over the EDGE.

    Keep up good work and please price your product accordingly, sure you may get few people to buy this but you will alienate others.

    Besides what is better selling 10 DLCs for $4.99 or selling 100 for $1.99, think about it. Also if those 3 characters were Drake, Kratos and Cole, with voices and all then it would be worth $2.99 at most.

  • What a crock! Sports Champions just came out and you are telling me i have to spend $5 more to get something that was being made WHILE they made the game. This should have come with the game.

    In fact any new content in the first month of a game’s release should be free because the developer was already making it AS they were making the game – not after.

    I am more than happy to pay for a new experience because it is something over and above what is included in the game. This is just a character model swap. It is like buying Mortal Kombat II and having to pay extra to play as Scorpion or Sub-Zero. Extra stuff developers made USED to be accessible with a cheat code or button press combination, not more money. That is just greedy.

    What is next? Selling God of War with just the chain blades as your only weapon. The day 1 DLC for $4.99 will provide the other 3 weapons and another $4.99 will buy the sub-weapons?

  • Looking good, but I’d be much more willing to buy skins and equipment if I could show them off during online play

    Sports Champions is really good, by the way. I wouldn’t mind trading in beach volleyball for another sport though. I probably won’t play that sport much until you release the Dead or Alive skin pack :D

    The other games are right on the money though. My muscles are actually aching because of this game, in a good way.

  • 4.99 for some models that were obviously already done and could have been included on the disc for free and that have no impact on the actual gameplay is WAY too much. I would not even think about paying more than 2.99 for that, and only then if the games had online play so someone other than ME would actually see them!!

  • BTW, $4.99 is too expensive when there’s no-one to show it to online.

    For offline game skins I’d pay $2.50 tops, because me, my other half, the kid and the cat are the only ones who are gonna see it… and two of those wouldn’t even notice the skins.

    Please get this game online, keep the DLC prices reasonable (maybe with some Plus discounts), and get some cool skins like Nathan Drake or Kratos. Replay recording and uploading to YouTube sounds good too :D

  • this dlc is just epic! =D

  • @ S-E-G no one is forcing you to buy it, so if you don’t want it then DON’T buy it simple. Now I do wish they would add Multiplayer that would make it really cool.

  • $1.99 would have been fair (maybe); this is just an insult. I bought 4 move controllers to be able to play this with friends, along with a navigation controller to play RE5, Heavy Rain, LBP 2 and other Move compatible games by myself. $230 spent day one on controllers alone, plus $40 for Sports Champions. $270 total on day one, and you want another $5 for Halloween skins within the first month of release? I really feel insulted. As others said, this is not rewarding early adopters. It’s nice to see DLC for this title, especially early on but at this price you are slapping us in the face.
    I don’t usually complain on forums, especially this one but boy this is a rotten thing to do.

  • Dear Admins

    Ideas: Tennis
    Penalty Shoot out

    This is all

  • It’s kind of a decent deal with all the new equipment but it’s unfortunate it doesn’t add a new mode. It would be cool if the skeleton warriors in the archery bonus round weren’t cardboard looking, but more like these guys animated to run at you.

  • I agree for the early adopters this DLC should be free as a thank-you for picking up the game and controllers.

    I will pass.

  • $5 does seem a little high for just some new characters. I was hoping for more events myself. Might get if Plus members get a discount.

  • What are the characters’ specialties? That’d be good to know.

  • Count me in, SOLD!!! 8)

  • ain’t gonna spend a penny on costume. need online play or new sport.

  • I know it’s apples and oranges, but the price of this DLC is 1/3rd of the cost of the Lara Croft game…

    Value proposition seems unbalanced like overpowered fighting game characters.

  • Is the spectre supposed to look like a Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings?

  • Online mode PLEASE!

  • YAY I LOVE PLAYSTATION 3 I BUY EVERYTHING PS3 CUZ IT ACTUALLY WORKS THE WAY IT SAYS IT’s SUPPOSE TO. hurray for p3 and hurray for sony booo on microsoft and nintendo :0

  • Are there more variations on the taunts and character animations than the on-disc ones? The games are already very repetitive, but the lack of taunts and animations makes it even more tedious.

    Are there any improvements to the environmental graphics? During the disc golf and the gladiator duel, there are several moments where the camera is close enough to low-resolution textures that it looks like a Wii/PS2 game.

    Once those two issues with the core content are fixed, I’ll gladly buy some add-on DLC.


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