New PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Available Now

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Hi everyone! We have some exciting news for those of you looking to expand your PS3 game library. Back in April we announced new PS3 Greatest Hits titles, and today we are adding seven more PS3 titles to the ever-growing “Greatest Hits” library. These latest titles will be available at retailers in U.S. and Canada for only $29.99 (MSRP). With our ongoing expansion of the “Greatest Hits” library, now including more than 40 titles, we’re continuing to give PS3 owners more to enjoy while spending less.

MAG Greatest Hits for PS3 (PlayStation Move support) Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Greatest Hits for PS3

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Greatest Hits for PS3 Demon's Souls Greatest Hits for PS3

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Greatest Hits for PS3 Call of Duty: World at War Greatest Hits for PS3

TEKKEN 6 Greatest Hits for PS3

The newest additions to the “Greatest Hits” library include:

With this month’s launch of PlayStation Move and the recent addition of 3D Blu-ray movie support, the PS3 is the only system continues to do everything – and with more and more titles available at the low “Greatest Hits” price, there’s something for everyone looking to expand their PS3 library. In fact, the MAG PlayStation Move software update, which enables PlayStation Move compatibility, is coming soon. Enjoy!

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  • Demons Souls always looked interesting me, but pulling the trigger at $60 for something I may not enjoy was difficult. It’s a greatest hits now, and heard good things about it so I’ll be picking that up shortly!

  • 4 of those games are shooters… :/ Remember when PS consoles were full of variety?

    Any idea if/when the numerous Ratchet pre-order dlc things are coming to PSN?

  • Will the Greatest Hits have all DLC? That would be nice.

  • I’ll probably get me CoD4

  • whens the MAG 2.0 updates & DLC coming out?

  • yeah! i was waiting for the MAG decrease! to play with MOVE!

  • By the way, any word on more PSP essentials or greatest hits? And how about launching a greatest hits line for PSN? It’s a little lame seeing almost every game on there still at their launch price for years now.

  • MAG all the way! With Demon’s Souls on the side. :P

  • i been playing MAG sence november in public beta last year!!!

  • Heard borderlands was also added, will be getting that one.

  • I LOVE YOU SONY… MAG…seriously can’t wait.

  • Ugh now you tell me … I JUST bought Ratchet & Clank last night! Hope I can get my $10 back, I’ll use it to buy Demon Souls while I’m there!

  • Does this mean stores have to sell MAG for $29.99?

    Can I quote this so I can get MAg for $29.99, when the site lists it for $59.99?

  • COD went Greatest Hits this late because of Activision’s way of milking the COD drones.

  • I been playing Demon’s Souls for the last month and I got to buy it NOW! It in my top five of the Greatest Playstation game of this generation!

  • You guys should release PS3 greatest hits games on psn!

  • @41… I’m with him. Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds please. Add Move Support too.

  • Dude! I have to wait until next month for MAG to be updated with Move support? People are going to buy it thinking its Move enabled right out of the box. Then they will find out its not, and they won’t be happy. I was thinking I would actually buy MAG since I want a Move shooter… But that will have to wait a while. With Medal of Honor coming out in a couple weeks, I don’t know if I’ll have the time to play both.

  • ps3 party ova here yeah boy!!

  • Great for Demon’s Souls. It is Game of the Year and more people need to play it.

    R&C and motorstorm were fun. But seriously where is Mod Nation, GOW3, Heavy Rain and a few other titles that need to have their prices lowered.

  • Mod Nation, GOW3, Heavy Rain were like.. just released. Plus they are hugely hyped games. They dont NEED their prices lowered…


  • So why is MAG a greatest hits title? It hasn’t been out for 10 months yet! Isn’t that part of the criteria to be a greatest hits title???

  • Demon’s Souls, The greatest game ever created… period.
    Everyone should take a clue from the excellent gameplay offerings and unique multiplayer workings throughout Demon’s Souls, and make more games like this.

    It’s theme is so heavily represented, and enforced… You feel alone and struggling to survive at first, until…

    Bottom line is the longer you play it(albeit with an ounce of forgiveness for it’s extreme moments), the more you appreciate it, and the more you learn, as it shows you new and intriguing things about itself.

    There is even an elite underground multiplayer cult following of people that return daily to get their fix of the unique PVP and co-op features… It draws you in that much if you welcome it.

  • I would love to see all the PS3 greatest hits on PSN. I might have to pick up A CRACK in TIME.

  • i agree everyone should go pick up demon’s souls now it’s so good unless you don’t have patience. then it may make you very mad but i along with a lot of other people.

  • Demon’s Souls is still one hard game! I am having a hard time beating getting past a new level lol

  • So what happens when Sony pulls an “Eye of Judgment” and shuts down the MAG servers?

    Just sayin’

  • still waiting on PS store updates MAG stuff?

  • MAG is a great game and was initially very underrated.

    It is absolutely priced to own as a Greatest Hits title. If you like FPS games, this is your red flag to break out your wallet and grab it up.

  • i dont think so about MAG its the best & PS3 knows it so deal with the fact i play it alot im Vet 5x, level 60 in Valor & 106 grim reapers on PSN Hitman-Merc!!!

  • H friends me!!

  • Demon’s Souls is a must buy for me. Definitely will buy it, hopefully around November


    :: moves away ::

    I hate Greatest Hits covers. I like the original covers much better.

  • Why can’t you guys just lower the price of the game and not change the cover?


    It makes it harder for me to hunt down older games on and whatnot.

  • @3: How about the fact it is an FPS? I think that is reason enough to avoid it, for me atleast.

  • Demon’s Souls is the best addition to the family!

  • its a great day seeing Demon’s Souls, an Atlus game, go greatest hits. that game is beyond brilliant. BRING ON THE DYNAMIC THEME. please, im serious, people are doing crazy things trying to get a hold of a japanese PSN card just so they can buy one freakin’ theme…albeit an awesome one.

  • Demons Souls a definite
    My question is this I want MAG
    but I also need a new headset or a MOVE controller or both!

    Can we get an update soon on MAG with MOVE functionality here on the blog please?
    I seen a video of a beta tester playing mag with move and the bounding box was so big that it took FOREVER for him to turn thus making him a poor shot and at a BIG disadvantage.
    I thought the MOVE was supposed to make things easier and more PRECISE!?!?!

  • Yes, please add Heavenly Sword to the great hits!!!!

  • Dang, I would normally go out to buy these games hearing this just now, except that I already own almost all of them. It’s great to see some of these excellent PS3 titles make the Greatest Hits list.

  • YES! MAG is an awesome game that deserves to be there. Its very underrated. Ive been wanting to give Demon Souls a try but i wont be able to beat the game with its difficulty.

  • Time to update the library

  • Nice. Now bring those things to Europe.

  • hurry MAG 2.0 & DLC anytime now!!

  • only one im interested in is Ratchet and Clank, I might just pick it up, motorstorm MAYBE. The rest that im interested in I already have :P (MAG, Demon’s Souls, COD4). I cant believe COD4 took so long to finally get a decent price drop, thats a 2007 game for god’s sake, I know its awesome and popular, but it should have been dropped after a year and a half at most. Really wish Heavy Rain was there though :( i’ve been meaning to get it since it came out, but 60$ is a bit steep for me atm.

  • Uncharted 2 isnt a Greatest hit because……? I realize they are trying to cash in on a GOTY edition but alot of people could care less about the online and the DLC for it.

  • How the hell did MAG get greatest hits status so quickly? Fishy, seems like a ploy to get more people interested so the community doesn’t die early (probably a good thing). I love the game but I’m still pissed that it originally sold for $60, it’s just not worth $60. I should have waited and saved $30, oh well.

  • great now give us demons souls 2 soon

  • The Demon’s Souls Greatest Hits crowning is well deserved, but I read somewhere that Atlus will be done with the online portion in about a year so that kind of defeats the whole purpose of buying it in my opinion since it’s appeal was the online gameplay. Still, greatly deserved though!

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