PlayStation Move Launches at Stores Across North America

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It’s been years in the making, and this weekend we’re ushering in a new era in gaming with the launch of PlayStation Move. We thank you guys for all the support you’ve shown Move since we announced it back at E3 2009 and now, we’re thrilled to bring you the most immersive and precise high definition gaming experience ever designed, exclusive to the PS3 system.

PlayStation Move motion controller (front) for PS3

As we’ve mentioned before, you’ll be able to pick up PlayStation Move in a variety of ways:

  • For those who don’t own a PS3, the PlayStation 3 Sports Champion Move Bundle: Available for $399.99 (MSRP), it includes a 320GB HDD model PS3 system, one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera, a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray disc, and a PlayStation Move game bonus demo disc
  • For those who own a PS3, the PlayStation Move Bundle: Available for $99.99 (MSRP), it includes one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a copy of Sports Champions on Blu-ray disc.
  • PlayStation Move motion controller: Available as a stand-alone product for $49.99 (MSRP)
  • PlayStation Move navigation controller: Also available as a stand-alone product for $29.99 (MSRP)

Move Bundle PlayStation 3 - 320GB Move Bundle

Whether you’re an experienced or casual gamer, or somewhere in between, there’s an incredibly diverse range of PlayStation Move game content available, including sports, shooters, puzzles, party and family-friendly titles, all in high definition. We’ve specifically designed Move to cater to everyone in the family, so no matter which genre you’re into, you can have hours of fun, while experiencing realistic and accurate motion controlled gameplay unlike anything on the market. Think you’re a pro golfer? Try Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (Electronic Arts Inc). Want to become a street brawler (The Fight), take on combatants on a battlefield (MAG), or become a beach volleyball star (Sports Champions)? You can become any character you wish with PlayStation Move – which literally places YOU in the game. With close to 30 titles announced to date offering PlayStation Move functionality, including EyePet, The Fight: Lights Out, Heavy Rain, Killzone 3, Kung Fu Rider, MAG, Start the Party!, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (Capcom), Sports Champions, The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment), Time Crisis: Razing Storm (NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.), and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11, PlayStation Move has high definition games for all demographics and types of gamers.

Eyepet Start The Party!

Kung Fu Rider Sports Champions

For the past 15 years, PlayStation has helped revolutionize the video game industry, by introducing you to in-depth, high-resolution and real time 3D computer graphics and technical innovations such as Blu-ray and stereoscopic 3D entertainment for the home. With the introduction of PlayStation Move, we’re once again changing home entertainment by delivering more immersive and challenging gaming experiences that cater to everyone in the family.

Thanks again for all your support. We hope you jump off the couch and enjoy PlayStation Move every bit as much as we have while working towards this launch the past few years. As always, let us know your thoughts!

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  • trading in my Wii and my 60GB that had to be repaired twice already for the new bundle…can’t wait to get it

  • I got it last night at midnight and since then i must say i am blown away at how well it works. You know, watching videos and reading about it, doesn’t even come close until you’ve actually tried it. The controls in Sports Champions work very well and find myself still awed at how well Move works STILL. I’m going to be trying a bunch of Move demos to see how other games are, but so far, im impressed and with games like Gran Turismo, Killzone 3, Sorcery, The Fight and etc coming out still, Playstation Move looks like it has the utmost potential to become the standard for motion controlled gaming.

    Well back to Sports Champions (Im so going to make this game my second platnium, no matter how long it takes!)

  • UPDATE: I just checked the tracking from and it says “Out for delivery” getting closer :(very excited)

  • Just have to wait another 30 minutes for GameStop to open. This is so what I will be doing all day today. Thank all that is good for paid vacations.

  • The think I really like about the Move is the dev teams can go back and patch their software. Also, these new games are less expensive.

  • This launch feels great!!! New excitement like the launch of a new console. I can’t wait to try these new games and as someone said here you got to try it and you will be blown away.

    I am at work but can’t work, MUST GET my PSMOVE!!!!

    Great job guys, another great reason to have a PS3!!!!

    Over the years of having a console (and many) owning the Playstation’s througout the years have been the best gaming years of my life.

  • Getting mine today :)

  • Will be getting the bundle (second pseye will be for the basement ps3), PS Move controller, PS Nav and Start the party.

    For anyone in GTA, Best Buy has got demos with Sony reps from 11am to 4pm today.

    Will be going after work, save me some!!!

  • yeah… I’ll wait for the inevitable price drop or better bundles. Your BEST launch game got an 8.0, that’s pretty sad. Roughly 50 people here saying they got it at midnight also sounds pretty bad as well. I expect failures from both Kinect and Move within the next year or two…

  • I have been “Moving” since the 9th! Thanks Best Buy! Oh by the way for you older people like me, take it easy, I am very sore :( But it is so much fun!

  • I’m sorry if this has been asked/answered before but does the bundle come with a usb cable in order to charge the controller or will we have to buy the charging station on top of the bundle? Thanks

  • @atoms11 – thanks for the tip lol

  • Nothing against the Move, I’m just glad it’s finally out and I can stop seeing blog posts about a controller! UGH! Finally we can go back to talking about VIDEOGAMES! Bring on LBP2 & GT5!!!!

  • @Willow ,u use ur dual shock controller usb cord 2 charge it

  • Can I just say that I’ve been waiting for EyePet for years now, since Europe has had it basically, and it wasn’t “Move Required” over there. I’m just disappointed. Granted I’m still going to end up buying Move probably but it is one more thing keeping me away from my own EyePet :(

  • Congrats guys on your latest move (pun intended). I wish you all the success with this entry into the motion controller era (although we secretly know that you had this tech for quite some time lol). I will be picking up my PS Move very soon! Way to go Sony! A good majority of are rooting for you.

  • getting mine today, in just about a few hours. So amped for this

  • @Grayfox663 – thanks for the newsflash – I already know I can buy the game and controller without the eye for less than the bundle, but if everyone else is getting a deal, then why not those that already own the PSeye.

    That was my point, thanks for missing it entirely.

    @mcbuttz78 – thanks for the tip – I’ll check into those…

  • Picking mine up today!

  • The article forgot to mention all those games listed above (and many more available for MOVE) have $39.99 price tag. I’m not officially sure, but I guess all games that display the “PS Move Required” sticker on the cover are priced $39.99.

    This price tag is very flexible and opens up a lot of possibilities for bundles and special offers made by major retailers. In a matter of months, hopefully, you could see many of those games sell for less than $25, and I guess once these PS Move-required titles enter the Greatest Hits library they’ll sport a $20 price tag.

    Nice MOVE by Sony.

  • As soon as you start releasing RPGs (Real RPGs, not other genre’s that include ‘RPG Like Elements’) you can count on me getting one. Until then though, I’ll pass.

  • I just picked mine up, and I am really hype about it but, I am a lil disappointed by sony not including a strap with the navagation remote. Really Sony, would it really have cost that much more to add a strap with the navagation remote. But any way I bought sport champions and start the party. I cant wait for the fight and socery.

  • @MarinoBrea

    Only first party titles (ones developed/published by Sony) are at the 39.99 price point.

    Games by other developers/publishers have the standard 59.99 price.

  • I’ll wait for price drop before buying move controller. I already got the camera so bundle are useless for me and I think this move controller + nunchuck is way too pricey.

  • Was in the making for years yet only just came out when Wii became successful.

    Odd that…

  • Still no Move, Sports Champions and nav bundle wtf sony.

  • talk about a lackluster line-up. You are launching a new product, you think you might have include at least one killer ap with it.

  • i got mine at midnight…so far im impressed with it
    playing RE5GE with it awesome…instant headshots everywhere :)

  • UPDATE #2 UPS Delivery truck just got here, PlayStation Move is in my hands as i speak.


  • @BlooodyCow

    I agree the lineup is far from ideal for the launch, but if you take into consideration games like MAG, Resident Evil Gold Edition, Heavy Rain and some PSN games (Hustle Kings, HV Bowling) are getting Move support then I don’t think it is lackluster at all. Tiger Woods PGA Tour is better than any other shovel-ware golf title the Wii ever had, and it seems to be precise. Take a look at RUSE, a strategy game that is gathering good favor among the critics. Time Crisis looks mad. Move has a good variety of games from the start.

    There’s no doubt the Move launch is lacking novelty in its software but, hopefully, the precision of the new technology which, in addition to HD detailed graphics bring far more immersion than other experiences in the market, will prove to be a strong selling point for PS3 owners and newcomers alike.

  • Sony still doesn’t know the difference between revolution and evolution… I’m wait for lbp2’s move dlc and Ape Escape ps3 to release before i get the move. for shooters i prefer keyboard and mouse (why i’m getting a penguin eagle eye), and for everything else such as platformers, rts, rpgs, etc i usually prefer either keyboard and mouse or a dualshock. the exceptions are again lbp2 and ape escape ps3 since they’re going to be designed around using the move.

  • @marinobrea – Well said!!!

    When people say the launch for PSmove games are bad I also disagree. It may not have a killer app but the variety is amazing.

    The games alone that are getting patched with it like Heavy Rain, RE5, HV Bowling, Planet Mini Golf got me excited!!! The theres the PSN games and BR games, like start the party etc.

  • I GOT MY MOVE AND NAVI CONTROLLER XD YAY ^_^ (didnt know the controllers were going to be a bit big but i love them)

  • I was going to wait on getting a Move controller because I didn’t want to fork over some extra dough on the games just to try them out.b But then I realized that there are tons of Move demos available on the US and UK store. So I might as well pick up a controller today since it’s only 50 bucks (already have the camera) and probably buy the Tumble PSN game too.

  • Just bought a Move and a Navi controller with Sports Champions and RE5 Gold, I hope it’s fun :D

  • Will be getting mine soon

  • im loving the move and navagator, very very smooth, love the xmb control too, smoth aswell… Hold T button to scroll xmb!

  • I just got mine with an extra control I really liked Sports Champion especially table tennis and I’m enjoying th demos offered

  • I already have a Wii. Any real reason why I should make my PS3 a Wii as well?

  • Delivery Status : Out for Delivery. My Move Bundle could arrive any minute…so excited!

  • John, with all due respect, there should have been a limited run bundle for existing Eye owners that includes a wand, navigation controller and sports champions.

  • Got mine this morning and played it…its awesome! I had some issues with some of the demos (tiger woods and the shoot werent working properly) but Sports Champions is waaaay more fun that I thought it would be!

  • @Venom65437 if your happy with the wii then stick with it but the ps move is nothing like it, it only looks similiar to the wii, its actually 10x better than the wii, i was going to get the wii a few months back and noticed how laggy/off it was and now im happy i waited on the ps move

  • EyePet is gettin 3D-Compatibility XD
    im sooo happy =P

  • John,

    Good luck with the launch; it looks like a great peace of hardware. I thought the same about the psp go (which I bought), which is why I have reservations about picking up the Move. Make sure Sony’s products get the support they (and their costumers) deserve. Thanks for reading.

  • I just got back from picking up the Sports Champion’s bundle, an extra Move, and a Nav controller!!! 8)

  • Got mine PS Move in my hand just have charge it :) Got mine preorder from Gamestop good thing I went in early around 1pm pick it up before get busy when people get off from work and school and college :).

  • PS Move Bundle – $99

    Your wifes favorite lamp – $349

    Seeing the look on her face as you get a trophy unlocked message the same instant you slam into the lamp sending it crashing to the ground while doing a 360 backspin and rail grind backwards for 100 meters on Kung Fu Rider – Priceless.

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