Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection hits PS3 Spring 2011 with 3D

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It’s official! At the Tokyo Game Show, Team Ico just announced that their PS2 classics Shadow of the Colossus and Ico are officially heading to the PS3 on one Blu-ray disc. Ico and Shadow of the Colossus: The Collection for the PS3 will sport full HD compatibility as well as support for 3D and Trophies. Watch the reveal video, straight from the Sony Computer Entertainment keynote at Tokyo Game Show, below.

And check out first screenshots of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection below.

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Ico and Shadow of the Colossus CollectionIco and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Ico for PS3

Ico for PS3Ico for PS3

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  • Anyone who doesn’t rate this 5/5 should have their PSN account banned.

    THIS is a huge victory for fans, and one of the few things Sony actually does FOR US, because they know its a guaranteed success for everyone involved.

  • I own both ICO and SotC for PS2, but I’m still going to pick this up day 1. Thank you Sony and Team ICO for listening to our requests for these 2 outstanding games on PS3!!!

    Now Sony, contact Namco and get them to remaster Ace Combat 4, 5, and Zero and I can officially retire my PS2.

  • These games really deserve this treatment, they’re masterpieces. The 3d is a nice surprise! I can’t wait!

    I hope they have separate trophy sets so I can platinum them both like the GOW collection :)

  • Sweet keeps adding more ps2 classic collections!

  • This is cute and all, but how about you stop wasting people’s time making the same game in HD and make a NEW Shadow of the Colossus. That was one of the best games to ever exist on the PS2 and instead of making a new one, you make the same one in better quality? I am not happy.

  • This is the news I’ve been waiting for! Ico and SOTC are two of my very favorite games of all time. I still play them both every once in a while because they’re too good to forget. The thing that I really appreciate about these games, especially SOTC, is the fact that there is no other medium other than the video games themselves that can truly tell the story while giving the sense of awe, wonder, discovery and the emotional impact that they do. They just wouldn’t work as a book, tv show or movie(yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled to hear about a film adaption for SOTC).

    Oh, and by the way, Agro gets my vote for best horse ever in a video game!

  • Heard so many good things about these 2 games. Glad I have a chance now to play them. I miss them during the PS2 days. Can’t wait to give these 2 games a spin.

  • ico is the greatest game ever made. If you’ve never played it, you’re missing one of the key games that have elevated the medium to an artforum.

  • I was thinking of buying Shadow of Colossus two years ago but never bought. Now this is a definitely buy the collection. It seems like a game I would enjoy. Adventure/platfomer games are always fun especially with good story. Also will get Sly Cooper Collection. Now I’m sure they will be a Jak and Daxter collection. Just needs to be announced…

  • I encourage everybody to read the kotaku live blog recap. It covers a few of the common questions asked.

    “The European Ico, which features a different ending, will be the universal release.”

    “the U.S. and European market will get a two-in-one release. One disc. ”

    It is unclear if they will add more content. But I’m sure with the Spring 2011 release more information will come out.

  • @truththesenuts

    That doesn’t make sense at all, how can you be mad at a better quality classic that you know is already good, and it’s two games bundled into one. And they’re working on the Last Guardian at the moment so who knows what they have coming along after that…but this and TLG should hold you off until then.

  • Truththesenuts I see where you’re coming from. I’m mean I didn’t buy the God of War Collection when it was released since I already owned the game on PS2. The hd quality and trophy support was not enough to convince me to buy it. I still have both PS2 games and haven’t yet completed them on Harder difficulties. Maybe the remake of classic video games can be compared to the remakes of old classic movies or TV shows. Some people think that new versions to a franchise will over shadow the original product. That can be may or may be true but I will buy the collection since I ever plays the original.

  • Forget some of the best games for the PS2, These are IMO, 2 of the best games of ALL TIME! Cannot wait for this. EPIC comes this Spring!

  • I bought my 60 gig 2 months after launch and haven’t looked back since. I now own a 120 gig slim and it’s clear that Sony is constantly proving that those purchases are smart decisions. I never got a chance to play any of the Sly Cooper games or ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus but now I get the chance to play them in HD and 3D. Sony is answering that age old question of backward compatability with these games and providing additional features like 3D and trophies. I got both platinums in the God Of War collection and I’ll be aiming for plat in these too!!! Sony is unstoppable!!!

  • This collection will be mine!

  • thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you :)

  • @ Crotin

    It makes plenty of sense. Instead of spending their time making a new Shadow of the Colossus, they decided to use that time and effort to remake the original in better quality with trophies. I would be happy that all these people who have never played it get to finally play, except for the fact that they can just play it on PS2. Adding better graphics and trophies is just not doing it for me. I personally believe this is a waste of money and I am extremely dissapointed.

    It’s almost kind of sad… it’s just like the movie industry re-making all the old movies in better quality because they have no more original ideas. I thought you were better than that Sony.

  • AND AGAIN YOU CAME AND MAKE ME HAPPY!!!!!!! I HASNT BEEN THIS HYPED SINCE GoW 3!!! Rest Asure that this is more than Enough Reason to buy my second PS3 since my first one died :D!!!! I LOVE YOU SONY!!! THANKS FOR MAKE THIS WISH COME TRUE FOR ALL OF US!!!

  • I’m so excited for this!!
    I hope the third parties will jump in on these remastered versions as well.

    We should start a wish list for developers and Publishers:
    For Sony:
    Dark Cloud Collection

    For Konami:
    Metal Gear 2 and 3 on Bluray.
    Suikoden 3,4,5 and maybe tactics on Bluray.

    For SquareEnix:
    Kingdom Hearts 1, 2,RCOM
    Final Fantasy X-X2 and 12

    Please make it happen!

  • Best news all year! I have logged on daily for months now, waiting for the day when this would finally be announced. As so many others have said, THANKS! You don’t even know how appreciated this move is.

    And those who never played ’em…you won’t be sorry if you buy this.

  • For sure I will purchase this package! These games are great

  • With this, I finally get another chance to experience what everyone is saying are the best games of all time ever in the history of everything. Of all time. Looking forward to it.

  • HD… 3D… 30fps…? :D

    This looks amazing… I didn’t even thing that they would go 3D with it. I hope it works well because there’s a lot of soft lighting in Ico.

    I’ll hold you on that “Cover Art Subject to Change” notice, because a beautiful game like this needs a beautiful cover.

    Anyway, I will get it on day one, regardless of the final cover art. I loved Ico, but never played Shadow of the Colossus.

    @Sid All you need to do now is to arrange for Ōkami to be released on PS3 for Move with HD, 3D and 30fps :D and I will never say a bad word about PS3 again… that would be enough to satisfy me for the rest of this console generation

  • think^^

    BTW – Does anyone else think that Ico is one of the best games of any generation?

  • Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but do they support 5.1/7.1 sound?

    Cheers, can’t wait for this!

  • I Cried…


  • Colossus with stable framerates… i’m in tears.

  • hmmm, any plans for a collector’s edition? i would happily give you more money for a soundtrack+artbook(+maybe a toy?) along with those masterpiece games.

  • lol just asked this on the Last Guardian post…

    Anyway cant wait will be a day 1 buy from me i never got to play Ico, and watch my cousin play SoC (and played a little of it) so i cant wait!

  • Freaking awesome! Day 1 purchase for sure! I need a change of pants…….

  • @snake447 Yes.

  • Bought, but please do something about the box art. These two games deserve something special, not a GoW Collection-type collage.

  • Next we the Metal Gear series, and the Kingdom Hearts series! Thanks you! :)

  • i never got to play these last generation, but i DID buy them for my 60gb ps3. unfortunately that system (and 3 more after it, a total of FOUR 60-gig models) died and they’re impossible to find affordably now.

    THANK YOU to everyone who thought this was a good enough idea to make happen, and then followed through!

    i don’t know that next spring is technically “coming soon”, and would prefer efforts be put into making the games the best they can be in HD than supporting gimmicky 3d tv technology. hopefully the 3d bit doesn’t mean reducing to 720p for regular, non-3d tvs. i’d prefer (and frankly expect) 1080p and 60fps out of an HD remake, especially for classics like these.

    so excited! i will finally get to play these games!!

  • Yay!!!
    Thank You SONY! You guys rock. Spring time can’t come soon enough. Shadow of the Collosus is an AMAZING game, but it truly needed the extra power of the PS3 to “complete” the vision (I sound like a graphics nut- I AM). Never played ICO, so I can’t wait to check that out too!

  • Team ico are for the fans. 250 thousand fans requested ico reamake over the last year. We made montages on youtube to show love, and they came back with love of remake, ty team ico.. This will get goty hands down .. Once agian psn and sony fans we win when we speak in a positive manner.. We got gow remake, ico reamake.. let just hope, dream and keep on asking..

    I cannot wait 4 LG to drop , first day buy 4 me.. my last request is for these millions of fans to ask team ico and sony to make ico related avators for psn purchase..

    ty sid for showing and everybody who follow’d the movement of remaking the ico series for ps3… Were no done yet.. let get more classic game remade to prove wthat ps3 is gaming machine to wrecken with.. Lets go playstaion legionaires..


  • @MadmanV10

    Lol, so true.

  • I played only a bit of Shadow of the colossus on ps2, but I guess I’ll get this and try out Ico as well!
    A bit off topic but:
    Do you know if there is such thing that there will be a Prince of Persia Collection coming next year? Because if so, that owuld be killer as well!

  • Second “level” is better for the “I have to do what?” Sid:p

  • I’m really happy to see the games showing in 1080p. 30fps is just fine for non-“twitch” games like these, where the extra resolution and draw depth are more important. From the screenshots, there are still quite a bit of noticeable aliasing artifacts (jaggies). is game natively rendering in 1080p, or just upscaled from 720p? is it is upscaled and not 1080p native, is the MSAA pass applied before or after the upscaling?

    That being said, I agree with other comments here and elsewhere that the dynamic range looks very compressed, as if the gamma is way too pumped up. I understand that this was the norm on PS2 due to palettized textures and other limitations, but they should really be using as much of the original, uncompressed assets as possible. I hope that gets resolved before the game ships.

    I’m also very excited to hear the score in HD quality! yay for bluray!

  • I love the Japanese voices in the trailer.
    Will the Western HD release have Japanese soundtrack?

  • I need move support to buy this again.

  • lol…

    simply amazing!!! It´s a dream coming true.

  • question!
    is there any connection between ico and sotc?
    i never played either so i hav no idea

  • I’ll probably pick this up when I can find it for about $30.

  • Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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