The Drop: Week of September 13th, 2010 New Releases

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The PlayStation headquarters is neck high in cupcakes and balloons as we celebrate our big 15 Year Anniversary. Super Rub ‘a’ Dub and Suikoden are in the lead with discounts on the PlayStation Store and have kicked off this week’s The Drop a bit early.


The PlayStation pipe is packed with an assortment of titles, branching across all of our PlayStation platforms, believe you me — you’ll have plenty of gaming to do this week as we lead up to the launch of the PlayStation Move.

PS3: The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest

PlayStation 3

The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest — The first Lord of the Rings video game created specifically for kids and their families with accessible gameplay set in a friendly, colorful rendition of Middle-Earth. Players assume the role of Strider and embark on his greatest quests from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The PlayStation 3 version of The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest supports the Playstation Move Controller.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole — Players take on the role of Shard, a promising young Guardian, setting out on a secret mission to reveal the truth and uncover the sinister plans of the Pure Ones. Traveling through the owl kingdoms, fans will have a chance to experience the unique history and lands of Ga’Hoole in the heat of battle.

Cabela’s North American Adventures — Introducing a custom gun builder that allows players the ability to create thousands of gun options with a variety of receivers, stocks, barrels, and scopes. The game also capitalizes on the popularity of hunting shows and online videos by adding a cameraman into gameplay to get compelling footage, hunters need to be at their best! Up to four friends can hunt together online at once.

Racquet Sports — A multisport game that includes tennis, ping pong, badminton, squash and beach tennis. The game engages players in 40 rich graphical environments in worldwide locations including an underwater reef, a Moroccan palace, a New York loft, and a fan-filled stadium.

Truth or Lies — Up to eight players can join in on this party game, as they offer up answers to more than 3,000 questions. Additionally, the Hot Seat mode will allow players to put other players on the spot and ask them any question that comes to mind.

PSN: Worms 2: Armageddon

PlayStation Network

Worms 2: Armageddon — Featuring an in-depth single-player Campaign Mode, Tutorials and Firing Ranges along with multi-player online and offline game modes, it is now even easier to jump in and get involved with the world of Worms, with full trophy support and customization options.

My Aquarium — Owners can choose the fish that will live in their aquarium and what decorations they’ll get to enjoy. You can choose the glass color, lighting, background design, style of gravel, rocks, or plant life for the world their fish will inhabit and can mix and match different fish in up to 6 individual aquariums.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene — Space Invaders is back with a new twist! Unlock new stages, new power ups, and new features. Challenge Mode pits you against 99 randomly-created stages. And Music Mode generates custom stages based on music stored on your console.

Classic: Soviet Strike

PlayStation Classics

Soviet Strike — The Soviet Union has crumbled into tiny pieces. With security measures being taken for granted, terrorists seize upon the opportunity to steal nuclear warheads and it’s up to you to stop them. Strap yourself behind the controls of a Super Apache attack helicopter and fly into five different Eastern European regions.

PSP: Phantasy Star Portable 2

PlayStation Portable

Phantasy Star Portable 2 — Taking place three years after the exciting Phantasy Star Universe saga. With the great menace of the Seed now defeated, the people of the Gurhal System are confronted with dwindling resources. Returning the game to its online roots, Phantasy Star Portable 2 connects players online via Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure mode allowing gamers and fans to play with their friends anywhere via the internet for up to 4 players.

Gladiator Begins — Your Gladiator will face many trials in his/her fight for freedom. Master the art of combat with dual weapons, sword & shield, hand-to-hand, and polearms. Learn new skills to entertain the crowd like Smash, Cyclone, Drop Kick and Wild Dance! Free DLC available on PlayStation Network!

Cabela’s North American Adventures — Introducing fresh touches to the popular hunting franchise, including a custom gun builder that allows players the ability to create thousands of gun options with a variety of receivers, stocks, barrels, and scopes.

PlayStation minis

Caterpillar — Is a fast-paced, arcade / puzzle game that pits you against relentless caterpillars. Your only weapons are your quick reflexes and creativity. With four exciting game modes matched with three different skill levels, you’ll enjoy virtually unlimited gameplay.

Panda Craze — Your goal is to help Tik-Ling make it home to her Bamboo Forest. But watch out, as Evil Zoo Keepers keep popping up all over the place trying to capture her. Enjoy seventy-five levels of puzzle / platform action which will challenge both your reflexes and your creativity as you use quick moves and tools to slip away from those dastardly Zoo Keepers!

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  • Rey,

    Any chance of Crisis Core or one of the other squaresoft psp games being released anytime soon. Since they neglected to release Kingdom Hearts on the psn store, they should at least throw us a bone and release one of their other mysteriously missing titles.

  • Also Rey,

    Do u know what format the games for psp2 will be available in? I highly doubt it will be umd; please correct me if I’m wrong. I own both the go and slim psp models, but prefer the games in digital format b/c I really believe the umd is going the way of the VCR. Thanks for reading.

  • Wow noobs are still into Gaylo?

  • oh and isn’t the move coming out this week it should be…at least gamestop say so :)

  • You know what would be great? Birth by Sleep on the PSN.


  • I would love to see a DJ Max Portable 3 demo. That would make my month!! :-D

  • Still nothing about Alien Breed Impact ?

  • Wow, theres an advertisement on the word: This week. it even popped up in a new window called mega search sony

    i though PSblog never had advertisements, what the heck!

  • is Phantasy Star Portable 2 going to be download-able in PSN Store ?

    coz my older ver. psp broke & i bought PSP-Go….but i think i made a mistake of buying it :/ ,i can’t pre-order god of war : ghost of sparta & to have all the “limited edition” features & kingdom heart won’t be release in PSP-Go .

    this is stupid ,how Sony will support PSP-Go if no one want to release something in it :/ .Sony if u want to release something u must make sure you & others will support it,otherwise don’t .

  • To all of those asking, it was confirmed already that Phantasy Star Portable 2 will the be released via UMD and PSN, so PSPGO owners, stop worrying.

  • nothing at all that i’d ever buy here…


    maybe next week?

  • Soviet Strike? Oh man, I had so much fun with that game on my Saturn, back in the day.

  • Wow, I had no idea Worms 2 was coming to the PSN. I will most definitely be buying that, but I probably won’t be getting to it for a bit. It is a busy time, with Halo and Move also coming out this week!

  • Soviet Strike! Now lets get all the 16-bit Strike game on PSN somehow.

  • I do not understand why UFC Undisputed (PSP) is not available for download. It’s on the store in Asia.

  • yes yes yes nice comments chow……. Halo reach needs to make up the lost sales for Alan Wake, nuff said.

  • Very nice to know Phantasy Star Portable 2’s coming to the PSN.

    It’s easily my most anticipated game of the year.

    …but what about Aragorn’s Quest PSP? Will that come to the PSN tomorrow?

  • Will be buying the 320gig PS3 and selling all the “Move” stuff on Ebay. (Warmed-over Wii device.) Just want the bigger hard drive!

  • According to gamestop LOTR releases on the 28th and the otherplatforms, including PSP, release tomorroe the 14th. What up???

  • Don’t buy Move. Sony will not support it. Just like they don’t support the PSPGo and they don’t support PSN+. Later they will call it an experiment. And they will never, ever answer a single question about it.

    Still wondering why we didn’t get Kingdom Hearts, but Sony is too busy providing NO customer service to give an explanation.

  • Borderlands new Claptrap DLC was supposed to drop for All Platforms on the 7th of Sept… now not until the 28th. Maybe the same schedulers are delivering LOTR tomorrow? Will just have to hurry up and wait to see what happens, I guess. With all the money they rake in from us, why should they care? They know we will wait….and wait I will! :)

  • I refuse to purchase Move or any other Sony product until they put cross game voice chat on the PS3. I can’t believe Sony refuses to incorporate this after so many requests. I thought the PS3 was supposed to do everything? Yet, 4 years after its release it lacks what the 360 had at launch. Sad, very sad.

  • Please add more games to the store. On xbl you can download full xbox and 360 games.if u were to do that with the ps2 games(best sellers) I would buy them all. U r waisting your time with ps1 games

  • Except a lot of people -want- PS1 games. So your point is as moot as it is poorly spelled.

    Nothing for me to buy this week seems to be a trend lately. I’m disappointed, but it makes my wallet a happier place.

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2! ! ! My only question for Playstation: When will you be updating the PSN store with these new releases? Especially MST. I hope its not late at night…

  • What is the advantage of cross-game chat? Why would you talk to people you’re not playing with? I see it’s important t a few people but I have no idea what it’s all about? Sorry, but I’m an old-fart gamer I guess. Not being a jerk to anyone, but could somebody explain it to me? Thanks.

  • @44

    I guess you and I are the only ones who care about Sonic Adventure. It’s coming to XBLA this week; why not PSN tomorrow? Maybe it’s a SURPRISE!!!!

    …probably not.

  • Halo has sucked for years now. And I played the Reach beta and it’s garbage.

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 for me as well :)

    Hopefully this confirms that it is on PSN so I can download it.

  • So Move comes out on Friday but Sports Champions comes out on Sunday? These seem like bizarre release days. Tuesday or Weds is what they usually are. Sucks cause I’m gonna have Move all weekend with no games for it.

  • I am primarily waiting for Castlevania: LoS to be released. Was really hoping that additional advertising/marketing this game would come out on the PSN. Kind of sad that no trailers have been released yet on the PSN for a game that comes out soon and is, arguably, an A title.

    But I am curious if there are any plans to “actually” bring out some Neo-Geo or PC Engine games. Any news on that matter at all?

    PS – Is there an actual release date for the PacMan: CE for the PSP? I know it was announced when the Minis were formally announced – last year – and rumors are that it’s going to be released this fall hence, curious if we actually know when yet.


  • playstation1 games since it’s birth=about 8,000…PS1 classics currently available for download=108!! should there be a lot more games for anxious fans to choose from…YES!! Five and a half years later, about 285 sounds about right, at least ONE PS1 classic a week would be nice, instead of 1 or 2 a month. ~my 2 cents for the day!

  • Hmmm seems like its gonna be an ok release

  • Hmmmm 15 Year Anniversary. You got PS3 games on PSN, PSOne Classic on PSN, PSP games on PSN, PSN downloadable games, now what missing Hmmmmm ………….

    OH Yeah !!!!!! how can you have 15 Year Anniversary without any PS2 games on PSN.

  • @ Snake eyes

    You can pick up 4 Move games right now @ gamestop…eyepet, sports champions, kung fu rider, and start the party. The bundle comes out on Friday as well as controllers by themselves, in case u care. I knowbecause I have games and no controller. Cheers.

  • As a PSP Go owner, I was very upset that Kingdom Hearts BBS was not released last week and was hoping that maybe this week it would be. However, I see that Cabela’s North American Adventures is coming out, woo hoo! Who needs Kingdom Hearts when we have this deer hunting game instead!?!? Yay Sony, way to listen to what your customers want!

  • @OMGitb

    It was not Sony who didn’t want Kingdom Hearts on PSN. Of course they want it on PSN, it makes them money.

    The problem started with Disney, because they know that the security system built in to the UMD is sufficient to keep those pirates away.

  • WHERE IS SONIC ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please add Sonic Adventure

  • Still no “Real” ps1 classic.

  • One thing I really don’t understand about the “Move”… I know the camera and “wand” with the light make the thing work. But, WHY would I want to try to watch a game I am playing on my big screen while simultaniously waving a lightbulb before my eyes? That part of it makes no sense to me. Sounds very distracting.

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