PlayStation Moving Into Your Home Soon

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Hello PlayStation Nation,

This is a particularly special week for the PlayStation brand. Today, we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of PlayStation in North America. As someone who was here at SCEA on 9/9/95, I can honestly say that the same enthusiasm and commitment to delivering great entertainment still drives the brand forward. Which brings me to why this next week will also be special – the launch of one of the most exciting new products of the year: PlayStation Move. We’ve been gearing up for the big launch of PlayStation Move in stores across North America next week and over the course of the next few months you’ll be hearing quite a bit about PlayStation Move on your TVs, online, at your favorite PlayStation retailer, at your local mall and on some of your favorite products.

Beginning next week “PlayStation Move Headquarters” stores will come to San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago and a larger scale mall tour will debut in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, DC and Chicago. We’ll have our team of Move experts at these locations throughout the fall, happy to provide in-depth demonstrations for those looking to gain a better grasp on Move’s full functionality or try out the latest games. If you’re not in one of these markets, we’ve been updating our PlayStation 3 interactive kiosks at retailers across the US and Canada to deliver PlayStation Move functionality. And maybe before you get a chance to try PlayStation Move firsthand, you’ll want to check out our new PS Move website. It’s got a lot of great info and some fun surprises too. And if we don’t get through to you with any of the above, from now through December you’ll be able to win some great PlayStation Move prizes through promotions with two of our key brand partners, SUBWAY Restaurants and Coca Cola.

As if that wasn’t enough, the hardest working man in the Marketing Department has returned to help get the word out about why PlayStation Move is perfect for every family. As some of you may have seen last week, Kevin Butler sent us a tweet to give us a glimpse into the future. Well, the future is just about here. Tonight, when the NFL kicks off its new season on NBC with a marquee matchup between the Vikings and the Saints, we’ll kick-off our new marketing campaign for the PlayStation Move. The new campaign features Kevin moving in with the Maguire family to prove that the PlayStation Move is the right entertainment solution for every family. The ad running tonight is a 60-second kick-off to the campaign. You’ll continue to see several other spots on some premiere programming this fall as KB observes how the Maguires adapt to having a PS3 and PS Move in their home. For those who may have missed it, be sure to check out the “Epic Move-tage” featuring our VP of Epic Gaming for All.

Your enthusiasm, excitement and loyalty have helped build PlayStation into a worldwide iconic brand. Here’s to the next 15 years!



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  • Happy b-day Playstation!!

    Keep working until economy is strong!

  • “Sorry dad, I already tweeted it” rofl

  • You guys are the best!

  • Happy 15 years PlayStation! keep making awesome product, and i’ll keep buying em’!

    KB FTW~

  • That new spot was great. Happy 15, Playstation!

  • I was wondering when you guys were going to start playing some Move commercials on TV! It’s about time! And I got to say, best choice. KB is the best marketing idea that you guys have come up with in a long time.

    I’m pretty excited for the Move as I have said on numerous blog posts and other areas. Cant wait to see how the Move turns out for SCE. I cant wait for my bundle next week. I support you guys 100%!

    Keep the good stuff rolling guys :)

  • So does this mean the Coke promotion has started?

  • Lol really awesome. PsMove im getting it

  • My god these just keep getting better and better. I’m sure a blackhole of awesome is forming somewhere.

  • Peter, this line of advertisements has to be the greatest in all of PlayStation’s history. kudos sir, kudos.

    Now how ’bout that Gran Turismo Kevin Butler ad spot you promised us!

  • Great Ads once again, and Happy 15th Playstation!

  • I would like to report that I broke my shiatzu massage component for my PS3. I need a replacement. Thanks Sony.

    Heres to another 100 years! :) Cuz 15 is aiming low.

    They should make a KB Anniversary commercial…the cake should of said Happy 15th or a little easter egg haha. Or a commercial with KB watching old stock footage from 15 years of commercials and awesomeness at Playstation crying tears of joy while watching.

  • Happy 15th PlayStation!

  • I gotta say, Sony’s PS3 ads completely trump any from the competition. Love you KB!

  • happy bday playstation!! does this also mean PSN CHAT (cross game chat) WILL move into our ps3s soon also?

  • You Guys do it up love that i have been around to see the change in gaming SONY IS the BEST 15YEARS HELL YEAH KB YUO ARE THE BEST TO

  • Playstation has the best commercials !!!! (:

  • He did actually tweet that a few hours ago hehe.

  • playstation 3 the console of all epicness cant wait for move next week )

  • Gonna get Move on launch. So glad I never pulled the trigger on a Wii. I still like the Wii, but I don’t have unlimited funds.

  • “The PlayStation VP-ehicle” XD

    Happy 15th Birthday PlayStation!

  • lmao im definately gettin ps move kevin cracks me up every single time

  • Why buy Move? Sony probably will sell it and then not support it. Kind of like what they did with the PSPGo. Thanks for not giving us Kingdom Hearts!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed those commercials. Happy Birthday Sony Playstation Keep It Sexified!!

  • Awesome job Sony, Glad to see Kevin butler all over the place!!

  • Sony you rule.

  • Happy 15th.

    Though honestly I can’t wait until Move is released so we can start hearing about something else instead of listening to continual Move coverage being jammed down our collective throats.

    Having used the device, I still see no strong reason for its existence.

  • I love the ads!!

  • I rather enjoy the consistent quality of these commercials. And, to the topic of PlayStation’s happy 15th, here’s to another 15 more. Love the little PSOne ornament within PS Home. Looks cute upon the dualshock coffee table.

  • Happy Birthday PlayStation!!!
    I still have my original PlayStation console and she’s still alive and kicking like new!
    Unfortunately my PlayStation 3 has died on the 1st of September…Goodbye PlayStation Move, how I would have loved to play you…

  • KB strikes again!

  • Glad the PS brand is still around. I’ve been on board pretty much since the PS1 launched.

    Regarding the Move, I have my bundle pre-ordered. Please don’t let me down the same way you did with my Go. As in, please don’t stop actively supporting it before it’s even been out for a year. I don’t think I could stand being made a fool of by you guys twice…

  • Yeah, my first generation PS1 is still doing great. PS2 died. And I’m just waiting for the PS3 to follow suit.

    I hope the next generation of consoles is better crafted than this one and the one before it.

  • gotta be KB

  • Wheres my coffin for my dead ps3 Sony? figured a 150 dollar charge would be overnight. Doesnt want move either, just give me an MMO already so i can sit zombiefied for a few more years. Any chance you guys could port EQOA on to the psn store?


  • Woop Woop….. Happy Birthday PlayStation, been gaming with the PS the whole time.
    Lost a lot of girlfriends and failed a lot of high school and collage testes because of you, but if i could go back in time i would not change a damn thing.

    PlayStation is like the ultimate power, bring on the next 15 years Peter.

    Also, where is Jack Tretton? have not heard from him is ages, I’m starting to miss the big fella.

  • Happy Birthday Playstation. It’s been a great 15 years.

    And great commericials once again. I was thinking Kevin B antics would eventually get stale, but I guess not. Love the folding desk, the Twitter mention and then the reaction to the burning tree in the second commercial. Pure awesomeness.

  • why are so many PS3’s dying on you all?

  • 2 Words BAD ASS

  • Nice commercial! Happy 15th birthday PlayStation!

  • I want a Kevin Butler sitcom!

    It would be the next Seinfeld!

  • Yeah, happy 15th Anniversary!

  • another awesome ad! :)

  • Fantastic to see some real advertisement for PS3 MOVE! Great partnerships and funny ad. I hope your experts know everything about MOVE so people really know the difference between MOVE and Wii and Kinect.

    congratz Playstation and SONY!

    Fantastic ad whit Kevin! Very funny. You maby should have also talked about 50 games coming in this year for MOVE. That would make people “whoa, great!”!

  • Big love to PlayStation and the PS Nation!

    Happy Birthday!

  • Congrats playstation 3 on 15 Years of changing gaming forever… And FINALLY you guys are advertising on television to let the masses see how great your products are. Just hope you guys do the same for Uncharted 3 and Killzone 3….

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