Coming to PlayStation Plus: Zen Pinball, Early Access to Swords & Soldiers, and Red Faction Battlegrounds Beta Access

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PlayStation Plus

Hi everyone,

As we said in our last preview post, there will now be a two week heads up for the exciting content coming to PlayStation Plus subscribers. With that said, let’s get into our packed update for September 21.

PlayStation Plus - Swords & Soldiers

PlayStation Japanese Imports

Our next update is one of our biggest since the launch of PlayStation Plus back in June. Starting off with free games, we have Zen Pinball, Echoes – minis, and Syphon Filter 3. There is also a 50% off sale for Cuboid. After picking up the game, be sure to check out the TikGames-Creat Studios page to grab the DLC for free. Also, we have early access to Sword & Soldiers, an award-winning 2D RTS by Ronimo Games. Finally, a select number of PlayStation Plus subscribers will be returning to Mars for some vehicular combat in the Red Faction Battlegrounds beta. Select users will be notified via an XMB message and email.

Also, a quick friendly reminder to check out some previous content, such as Mushroom Wars, VEMPIRES – minis, and the discount for the Soldner-X: Himmelstrummer and Soldner-X2: Final Prototype Bundle, before it is taken down on September 21.

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Our limited time introductory offer is still available. Get three additional bonus months free when you buy a 1-year package for $49.99. You can find all the details here.

PlayStation Plus Highlight for 9/21:

Free Games
Zen Pinball
Echoes – minis
Syphon Filter 3 – PS One

Early Access Game and Demo
Sword & Soldiers

Free Game Add-on
High Velocity Bowling – Move Compatibility Add-On

Free Themes
Shades of Autumn Theme

Cuboid (50%)
Savage Moon (50%)
LittleBigPlanet: Monster Costume Pack (50%)

Discounted PS One Games
PS One Imports
Cho Aniki

Free Avatars
LittleBigPlanet Avatar – Hugo
LittleBigPlanet Avatar – Marvin

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can – Coming down on September 21:

Free Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers
Mushroom Wars
VEMPIRES – minis

Discount Offers to PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Soldner-X2: Final Prototype – 30% Off (PlayStation Plus price $9.09, regular price $12.99)
Soldner-X: Himmelstrummer & Soldner-X2: Final Prototype Bundle (PlayStation Plus price $10.79, regular price $17.99)

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4 Author Replies

  • I don’t subscribe to PS+ but would just like to say: Grace Chen is a cutie ^_^

  • hmmm…. this seems much better compared to august’s content!

    grace my birthday is the 24th do i get something for years of loyalty :)??

  • I don’t have plus or Qore because you lost my trust with the second year of Qore but you need to do something about the whole “Plus subscribesr are single episode purchasers” thing.

    With the latest episode of Qore(which never got a blog post for some strange reason) Subscribers to Qore get Warhawk PSone for free.

    Plus members don’t get that game. You’re not going to get anyone to subscribe to both for the odd benefit here and there that doesn’t overlap and expecting that is dumb.

    If that wasn’t the intent and the left hand just doesn’t know what the right hand is doing well that’s equally dumb.

    The PS3 has been out for almost 4 years and you still have corporate silos and are unable to work together to achieve a common goal?

    You need to either make Plus subscribers Qore subscribers or throw Warhawk psone up on there pronto. If I were a Plus subscriber I would be pissed.

  • That PSone “import” dealy sounds mighty promising. We love ya Grace! (And Ro, to a lesser extent!)

  • Sigh…I hope the “select number” are people who have supported PS3 since launch. Not gonna make my day if I (a big supporter since launch) is not picked? Sigh….

  • Where is Pro Evolution Soccer 2011?

  • [DELETED] IMPORTS!!!! I was starting to lose faith in you guys but this takes back what i’ve thought!

    Cho Aniki looks wierd but i’m still getting it because of some Japanese games being so obscure. As for Gaia Seed, i’m all over that also!

    It would be AWESOME if you guys would continue bringing in the PSX imports, preferably Ore-No-Ryouri (My Cooking):

    The week of PS Move is going to plow my wallet! :D

  • High Velocity Bowling Better not be Plus only. If so that’s a pretty crappy deal for all of those that bought the game in the past and spent the money on it, it better be released for all the patrons too.

  • you guys are killing me, I haven’t seen anything that has warranted the 50.00 I have paid. I don’t own a psp and I don’t want to play minis on my 40″ screen. even some more functionality would make it worth the money, some interesting utilities maybe mkv support, something.

  • If a company only needs 5,000 beta testers, how can Sony force them to take say for example a million plus subscribers? Then you would be pissed at the company because the server is always full and you can’t connect, then you don’t buy their game, and you’re more pissed off at the world than usual. Grow up children, please have your parents beat you to give you something to cry about.

  • Wait, what do you mean “select PS Plus subscribers”? Sony, we paid this service so we be guaranteed early access to betas as one of the incentives. Now it’s reserved for some of the elite PS Plus members?

  • I don’t care to play this beta but Sony don’t advertise
    “Priority Beta Invitations: You’ll be the first to receive invitations on select Betas.”

    then leave off “Limited or Selective Invitations”

  • Sony, could please fix the store and allow PS Plus subscribers to actually buy the items that are listed for free instead of getting them for free. A lot of us are disillusioned by this service, myself included, and will not renew next year. With this mind we would like to be able to “own” our DLC and digital games instead of having a strings attached approach as long as we subscribe. Qore Annuals do not have to deal with this, why should PS Plus members? In the rare instance I’m glad I also have a paid annual Qore since I was able to get Warhawk.

  • Already bought Zen Pinball, and Echoes BEFORE they made it the first .99 cent mini. Bought Cuboid when it was on sale I believe, and got the DLC free already too. Cuboid was already on sale, this is a repeat. Syphon Filter is a plus though.

    Also, I bought Red Faction DLC so I better get into this BETA.

  • More imports, please! Best idea ever.

  • K, maybe plus is getting worth it. I have yet to get it, but if I can get into a LBP2 beta for it, Id do it.

  • Bought Zen Pinball like 2 years ago

    If I had bought a PS3 this year and hadn’t bought any content before, I’d think this is a sufficient offering. I guess I’m feeling the pain of being an early adopter, but you guys could have explained who you were trying to appeal to better.

  • I don’t understand how if were playstation plus members were supposed to be granted access to certain betas yet i failed to read where it said in the advertisement that only SELECT playstation plus members get invited.

  • I’m just wondering why Sony isn’t letting PS+ users into their own betas they already have running or that are coming. Why no DC Universe Online or LBP2 love?

    I mean, if anyone has better control over their own betas it should be the one offering PS+ in the first place that also made exclusive betas a bullet point feature for signing up.

  • wow a lot of complaints on the beta. i dont know if you will see this grace and i dont even know who picks those who get the beta…but i dont want it. no offense or anything i like playing beta’s and stuff but i really didnt like red faction and i dont want to try this beta so if your in charge of it dont select me. please give it to some of the other whiners. oh and on a side note…im not mad about the whole select people thing. it doesnt really bother me so im not upset. i got to school anyway (in hopes of having a job as a game designer..!!!!!…) and i dont have too much time to play. but thanks for the good stuff so far. like i said im in college and im poor and everything you put out of ps+ is stuff i never had a chance to buy so plus helps me SOOOOOOO much. thanks grace. you dont get enough credit for the hard work you and your team do. thanks

  • Bravo Grace Chen for making at least somewhat of an effort to communicate with the community, 4 replies? i think that might be a new record! but in all seriousness this is all we ask for, a little communication.

  • whats the beta going to be?

  • I’m also disappointed with Zen pinball vs. Europe getting Sam and Max Season 3. Zen Pinball has been on sale several times and I’ve had it forever. Give us some new content please instead of these games that nearly everybody already owns.

  • aww yeah free syphon filter 3

  • I already have zen pinball…lol and the tables still that is an awesome game.

  • members. Um..if you are going to divide to conquer how about not trying to fight at all? If every person who bought Plus doesnt get access then noone should. Pick another beta to offer that WILL allow EVERY Plus subscriber to participate. Personally idc about this one, only FFXIV and LBP2 betas. Just feel that is a slap in the face to anyone who does. Bring your community together..dont alienate some of them..again, WOW.

  • Grace, do you not feel ashamed for your lack of caring for the consumers who purchased Plus? We are the ones who will keep subscribing…if you don’t feel the need to respond to us, then you have ON YOUR OWN destroyed the Playstation Plus program. Congratulations.

    If anyone from SCEA reads these comments, PLEASE FIRE GRACE! She is a disgrace to the Playstation brand. This has now reached the point of absurdity.

  • My comment wasn’t approved yet :(

    “IMPORTS!!!! I was starting to lose faith in you guys but this takes back what i’ve thought!

    Cho Aniki looks wierd but i’m still getting it because of some Japanese games being so obscure. As for Gaia Seed, i’m all over that also!

    It would be AWESOME if you guys would continue bringing in the PSX imports, preferably Ore-No-Ryouri (My Cooking or I’m the Chef) <- YouTube it

    The week of PS Move is going to plow my wallet! :D

  • DisGrace! LOL its got her name in it! brilliant!

  • Unfortunately, Sony has put themselves in a position, where no matter what free or discounted content they provide to Plus members, many of us will not be happy. What this provides to Sony is an opportunity to fine tune the service. The best thing they could do at this point is allow us to influence what content is selected to be free or discounted. Another option would be for Sony to provide two options for free PSN games, minis, and classics. Once one is chosen the other option goes away. This could increase the number of satisfied consumers.

    So far my only complaint is that Europe received Sam & Max Season 3 for free, and the U.S. did not. The content that we receive should not vary to this extent. Other than that I am patiently waiting and I will form my opinion of Plus around the time my 1 year 3 month term expires.

  • Bad news about the beta being limited access, may has well of just notified random people like what you did with dead rising 2. Don’t care, just get me into the KZ3 beta.

    That is all.

  • zenpinball awesome

  • My 154 cents…

    I’m going to monetize the value of each update to me personally. Some notes about me:
    1) I’m a sucker for sales so I own most games with past 50% discounts.
    2) I own a PSP.
    3) I like Qore, but obviously didn’t renew. This is my first non-sub month so I missed out on Warhawk PSOne :(

    Zen Pinball 0.00 Owned
    Echoes 0.99
    Syphon Filter 3 2.99 Own disc (unplayed) but pleased to have on PSP so giving it 1/2 price.

    Sword & Soldiers ??? Usually don’t care for betas but game looks intriguing.

    High Velocity Bowling – Move Add-On ??? Not free for everyone?

    Shades of Autumn Theme 0.00 Like themes but unlikely to use this.

    Cuboid (50%), Savage Moon (50%) 0.00 Owned.
    LittleBigPlanet: Monster Costume Pack (50%) 0.00 Won’t buy.

    Discounted PS One Imports ??? Cool that they’re offered. Leaning towards getting these shmups (which look to have English displays anyway).

    Free LBP Avatars 0.00 Pleased and may use, but wouldn’t have paid for them.

    Summary: My 154 cents gets me a $3.98 (258%) return excluding theme, HVB add-on, avatars, possible beta and probably import discounts. Pleased.

  • You keep offering free games I already bought! So there is still little reason for me to get Plus. How about free Tekken 5? Also, are you telling me the High Velocity Bowling – Move Update will NOT be free to non-Plus members?

  • I am so glad that the ps one imports thing isn’t our free game, because i would be pissed if i got a free game that i can’t even play because i can’t understand a word they are saying.

    But seriously, what is the point of releasing something here without translating it first? Don’t even bother putting it up on the store unless you translate it.

    But anywho, i have been debating on whether or not to get Zen Pinball for a while now, i am glad i didn’t get it yet.

  • cool nice to see everyone with PS+ with get a great game zen pinball.
    I cant wait for the next dlc table.

  • Once again SONY dropping the ball with Plus. Limited number of betas access is an absolute crock. We paid to has access to betas as promised. but now only a “SELECT FEW” I am disgusted with being duped to purchasing it now……

  • PSOne imports?! YES! Bring over some of the fighters!

  • We want this stuff in EUROPE too!

  • what is the discounted price for PS One Games:
    Cho Aniki

  • If PS+ is intended to be for ‘Core’ gamers, as I understood it was, when will we begin to see fresh content offered instead of recycled content that most ‘Core’ gamers picked up when it was released if they were interested?

    If PS+ is intended for new PS3 owners, perhaps that should be made more clear.

    aside from the Avatars and Themes (not game related) I dont really see a reason that a ‘Core’ gamer should want to sign up for this Service with its current offerings.

    Perhaps I am missing something..

  • ODIN’S BEARD! Some people will always find something to complain about.

    I give this update 5 out of 5 pinballs!

    And one very curiously raised eyebrow to this new PSOne import thingy. I totally LOL’d when I googled Cho Aniki.

  • Great update, thanks!

  • WAIT a minute!!! PSOne imports??? OH Grace PLEASE PLEASE see if you can get Ore no Ryouri available to download!!!!!

  • I have been critical of Plus the last few updates, but this one shows that you are listening to users and making a real effort.

    THANK YOU Sony! Keep it up!

    Plus is just now starting to pick up steam and I now feel a lot more confident in the great value of my 12+3 month subscription investment. Cant’ wait to see what comes down the pipe, 13 more months of Plus goodies for me, fantastic, I will no longer b and moan about the weaker updates midstream. If this remains consistent, I will resubscribe no problem.

    Zen Pinball is exactly the level of game you should be giving out to Plus folks. I really hope Shatter is on the free game schedule as well.

  • Im not a PS+ member YET…Im waiting for the heads up on the LBP2 BETA and some other good games.Honestly if the PS+ had cross game chat and buy games you can KEEP after canceling subscription ..then it would definitely be worth it.. but to pay 50 play old discounted games for a YEAR…NO THANK YOU.I PITTY THE FOOL that fell for

  • OK Great update. got an assortment of stuff in there for us. The opportunity to be first on the list of invites to the beta is great. Yeah I know not everyone can get in but nothing said everyone had a guaranteed invite.

    Anyway not everyone would be interested in Red Faction.

    Maybe at some point we can add the Qore issues to auto download with the auto updates that way it will be there ready for me when I am.

  • @103
    I renewed my QORE before PS+ was around (which I too got). I’m glad they are still giving exclusive extras to those who paid the extra $25 for the content.

  • Hi grace, I have previously bought some of the content (full games) that now is free (you can check ;), but it doesn’t matter, I believe this service is awesome and it exceeds the initial payment one person does in a few months. Don’t worry, I know it’s not much but at least you have the full support of a very satisfied customer.
    Kind Regards,

  • IMPORTS! Thank you thank you thank you! I don’t care if they’re not localized; that’s part of what makes them so cool. It’s great that you guys are willing to bring more games over here for us.

    Looking forward to the updated version of Swords & Soldiers, too. It was good on the Wii, but trophies and online play will be the kicker for sure.

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