God of War: Ghost of Sparta Box Art Revealed

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Spartan Army! Yes, November 2nd is right around the corner, and if you haven’t already pre-ordered, be sure to do it soon as the ultimate DLC bundle (announced earlier this month) is only available for a limited time. We’ll be providing more detailed information for each of the pre-order elements starting next week.

And if you’re in the Los Angeles area, be sure to come out and join us over at the El Portal Theater this Wednesday, 9/1 from 4pm to 7pm as the entire cast of God of War Game Directors will take part in a roundtable discussion, filmed in front of a live studio audience. Seating is limited, so be sure to show up early and mark our Facebook Fanpage.

God of War GoS

For now, I’ve included detailed information for on the full game and the Limited Edition God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP Bundle below.

For the ultimate God of War PSP experience, be sure to visit any of our participating retailers and pre-order the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack, which includes the same great six-item pre-order bonuses, as well as the contents below.

  • Black and Red Two-Toned PSP-3000
  • God of War: Ghost of Sparta UMD Game– After God of War concludes, Ghost of Sparta begins with the story of Kratos’ ascension to power as the God of War.
  • God of War: Chains of Olympus PlayStation Network Downloadable Game Voucher – Before the events of God of War, experience Kratos’ journey during the 10-years of servitude to the Gods of Olympus in one of the most highly acclaimed action titles of all time!
  • Kick Ass – UMD Movie
  • 2 GB Memory Stick Pro Duo

PSP3000 God of War GoS

PSP3000 God of War GoS PSP3000 God of War GoS

For more details on today’s announcement, visit godofwar.com or spartansstandtall.com.

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  • @King89x Obviously they are going to make every attempt to ensure HBL will not work on the new PSP, and that GoW will require a firmware above 6.31

    lol, but if they don’t… HBL for all I suppose.

  • will psp go owners also be getting “chains of olympus” free with the purchase of ghost of sparta from the psn store?

    • Not for chains of olympus. PSP Go owners who purchase Ghost of Sparta during the first week of launch will get the same 6-item pre-order bundle

  • I don’t like it. Looks like all the other GOW box arts. I’ll still play it and love it though :3

  • Love that box art! [Sarcasm starts] And it’s M?? Noooo! I would think EC!! [Sarcasm ends]. So the themes in 2 weeks? Can’t wait! I heard that Sparta includes a spear and shield. Do those change quick-time events to use spear/shield?

  • Very niiice system design!! I own the first 2 God Of War games (my personal favorites) on my PS2, have never played CoO, or GoW3 yet. I bought the PSP3000 Assassin’s Creed bundle(only because the Crisis Core bundles were all sold out, so I said oh well let’s try this out) for $200 months ago…unfortunately for me. In the bundle was the PSP3000 system, Assassin’s Creed game, 2gig memory stick, voucher for Angels & Demons movie via PSN, & a Sony music pass card for 10 free song downloads. The game was alright + it has a connection (for weapons through collected coins) to the Assassin’s creed game for the PS3. The memory stick served me well, considering I bought some PS1 classics for it….I really really miss those old PS1 games that are not on the PSN currently…not gonna name them for we all know what they are!! I never watched Angels & Demons anywhere, theater home or through the Sony download…

  • …I still have the voucher, if anyone wants the code for it:) never used the Sony music pass card yet either. I think that Sony should offer game vouchers for each PSP3000/Go bundle(including the featured game/large memory stick/& great movie) either 1 for PSP greatest hits or 2 or 3 vouchers for PS1 classics/minis or any other PSN related downloads. It would be a niiice thing to consider for future bundles. lastly…KH~BBS PSPGO!! support your consumers SONY peace.

  • So much want, even with any downsides or “olde”ness. “Scanlines” problem? Just hook it up to our TV!

    When’s November, again?

  • Oh. Too bad it’s not a PSP Go, else I would buy it day one.

  • I like that box art MUCH more than the previous one. Five stars to the artists who designed that.

    Looking forward to that dynamic theme.

  • I need a new PSP, I want this game, and I have not bought nor played Chains Of Olympus. Would this be a good choice?

    • Most definitely. Ghost of Sparta has already won over 9 “Best of” E3 awards, and 3 nominations. You will not be disappointed!

  • @gameboy36~the bundle is a great value! my answer is YES, I am certain you Will Not be Disappointed!!

  • Uhh…what happened to the other artwork you showed off? Considering the game is called “Ghost of Sparta,” the extra white added to the actual title of the game.

    /Slightly/ different pose, darker background and fireballs. Way to muck up an already excellent artwork again*.

    Can we get a high-res, back-and-front downloadable insert of the original artwork?

    *And by ‘again’, I’m referring to the Heavy Rain debacle.

  • this looks so amazing, god of war is the best.

  • I don’t have Chain of Olympus and I could use a new PSP. But I also want the pre-order exclusives. Is there anyway I can get both or do I have to choose?

    • Pre-order the Entertainment Pack at any of our participating retailers, and you’ll get Chains of Olympus and the pre-order exclusives!

  • Will there be a psn deal where you can buy both PSP God OF War Games for 39.99?

  • Did you know Kratos is Greek for rule or authority?

  • This looks great!
    I was wondering when the rest of the world can expect a release date.. or is it the same as the US??
    Also, can we expect a demo sometime soon to tide us over until release? Some clarification on the is would be awesome..


  • My vengeance… ends now.

  • That PSP is kind of… tacky.

  • i’m a die hard GOW fan my 1st exposure to the ultimate gaming experience was with Chains of Olympus and it compelled me to play the other titles with mouthwatering passion.as a true fan is there any chance of us hungry for the slightest taste of Ghost of Sparta to have try of the demo?

  • I don’t mind the bundle but as for the PSP itself – it looks horrible. Definately something I wouldn’t buy.

  • I estimate a demo for GoW~GoS 2~4 weeks before its actual release date. Why…to get more gamers aware of the pre~order exclusives at the last few days of its availability. Cha~Ching$$$

  • Great!, i’m sold day one. Now, how about bringing Kingdom Hearts BBS to the PS Store?

  • This bundle looks Great! Looking to buy it but not sure if there is going to be a new PSP in the future. Good variety in the Pre-order also:)

  • Nice PSP, I MUST HAVE!

  • There are no pictures of the back side of the PSP. Unnofficial sources show a red back. Is the back red?

  • is this going to available on the PSN?
    we GO Owners already got hurt by KH Birth by sleep, if GOW isn’t going to be on PSN too…

    Shame on you Sony…. creating a device that can only play PSN games but only give the owners a nail bitting experience.

    Sony Board meeting: PSN games can be used on all PSP, but UMD cannot be played on PSP GO. So should we release it on UMD exclusive or PSN exclusive?
    I know lets make the GO owners [DELETED] their pants by making this UMD exclusive. I want to see the GO owners face when they know that most of the good games are UMD exclusive, LOL.

    What I hate the most is PES 2010, demo release but not the game, [DELETED] sony !!!!!!!

  • I really enjoyed all 4 gow games so far, especially gow3 for PS3, but the disgusting personality of Kratos is really starting to wear thin. This anti-hero B.S. does NOT work. I can’t wait to control a good-hearted person like Gabriel in the next Castlevania game actually. When Kratos killed the princess to open the door in gow3, (yeah like there weren’t enough rectangle prism shaped hammers from enemies to block the freaking door mechanism to begin with), I thought to myself, geez that’s really juvenile and stupid. For a game that takes itself so seriously, it’s awful. I could understand if it was done in a game where satire and sarcastic comedy were used as means to get a message across to the gaming masses, but NOT in a drama action adventure. I will definitely pass on this and any gow game in the future.

  • I’ve had enough of the bald-headed ignorant Kratos. Let him die in peace and be remembered as an idiot who offered some great gaming moments before his character turns into something completely laughable. Or you could join the Media Molecule bandwagon and turn to utter blood-sucking vampires who exploit people’s stupidity so much that they are turning into millionaires just from a bunch of new skins. Yeah turn this franchise also intoa cash-cow. I can definitely see ignorant gamers purchasing a DLC that it’s advertised towards the lines of something like “now Kratos can kill 3 naked women to open 3 doors at once”. Build a new I.P. and let gow die with gow3.

  • Very nice PSP

  • It looks great!

    …How about some Special Edition PS3s? Please? ^^

  • Nice to see you guys are including UMD’s again in these entertainment packs.

  • Anyone know if this bundle will contain the “ACTUAL” PSP case with box art (like is shown in the picture)? Or is it like other bundles that just get a UMD in a cardboard sleeve?



  • I guess I will be purchasing my first PSP ever

  • Thx Ken, can’t wait to see it.

  • is there a chance for the same pre-order in europe?

  • camoflauge psp beats the black and red toned psp and that box art should’ve been the box arrt for god of war 3 oh well im looking foward for this game:-)

  • I have my pre-order for the bundle already paid for.

    On Nov 2, I will have my first 3000 to go along with my 1k, God of War 2k, and my white Go!

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