Dungeon Defenders: Coming to PSN with Move & 3D Support

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“Welcome brave heroes to the dungeons of Etheria!”

Or so says the “Spirit of Champions”, your tour guide in Dungeon Defenders, the new swords-and-sorcery action game coming to PSN this winter! Let me introduce you to the basics of what DunDef (as we affectionately call it) is all about. Inspired by the cooperative antics of Castle Crashers, along with the careful interplay of strategy and tactics in Defense of the Ancients, DunDef is a definitive genre hybrid: cooperative tower defense and online role-playing action bonanza!

Whether you’re playing locally (in one-to-four player split-screen) or online (which also supports split-screen), DunDef puts you in control of one of four unique Hero classes, tasked with defending your ‘Eternia Crystals’ against increasing waves of ‘toon-fantasy baddies.’ To achieve this you’ll upgrade your Hero’s statistics, develop unique new abilities, and collect & upgrade an arsenal of weapons & equipment, and even raise your own pets.

Dungeon Defenders - Gameplay

At any point you choose to, you can decimate the tide of creatures spewing forth from the ‘Creep Spawners” when building your defenses across the map. Unlike most tower defense games, however, you won’t just sit back and watch your defenses annihilate your foes. In DunDef, you jump directly into the action, and hack up tons of enemies with your beefed-up hero alongside your allies. Among the variety of enemy types (with their various attacks & behaviors), are huge mini and full on boss monsters arriving to support their cannon-fodder minions.

Dungeon Defenders - Gameplay Dungeon Defenders - Gameplay

There’s lots more we’d love to tell you about, including the intricacies of each Hero class, the powerful upgrading system & the Mana Bank, and the various game modes including a campaign, survival and challenge missions. All in good time… for now, we should also mention that the game fully supports Sony’s awesome 3D TV (stereoscopic) technology, and the PlayStation Move for an immersive experience!

Dungeon Defenders - Gameplay

Meanwhile, we encourage everyone to check out the “Features” section at dungeondefenders.com to learn more, along with more preview coverage soon. We hope to see you all online in the realm of Etheria this winter on PSN.

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  • That looks amazing, looking forward to it

  • This game is looking awesome! I don’t do many day one buys, but for this I might make an exception.

  • Wow, this looks really interesting, gonna put it on the list to watch for closely. I am saving up for a Move in anticipation of great games like this.

    Two gold star cookies for you: 1 for the video that shows actual gameplay and 1 for announcing a demo…sweet.

    You guys just showed how much smarter you are than many other developers.

  • Aw, snap! This looks pretty awesome- and it’s a PSN title? That’s pretty impressive; I half-expected a middle-late 201 release date. My thanks to the devs for this little ray of sunshine.

  • Um… Sorry, that was supposed to be “2011”… >.>

    It’d be odd if you released it 1810 years ago…

  • Here’s a question:

    Split screen and 3D at the same time? Is that possible? Does it look like multiple tunnels going into your TV screen?

    • We’ve currently got splitscreen in 3D mode; as you imagine, it appears like multiple tunnels into your tv. We’re thinking of leaving it in, and just leaving it up to the player if they want to go for that.

  • OMG i want this game it reminds me alot of Torchlight u have another Day 1 purchasers Here:) cant wait.

  • Is great you are implementing Move Support! Just please make it work perfectly! Take all the time to polish the controls as much as it is possible to make the experience better. I don’t want to try the game and think: ” Why did they add Move support if it doesn’t even work right?!”

    I really hope you really consider this. I will definitely try the game when a demo releases.

  • Wow. I am super exited for this. Can’t wait to try this out!

  • Wow, online and local drop in and out co-op? Move and 3D support!? Sooo awesome, I like what you said about how move would work with the game, these are the kinds of games I was hoping would come out with Move being released. I don’t know if you answered this but does the game come with voice chat? Also do you guys have a twitter or facebook so I can follow you guys? I’m really excited to play this, see you guys this winter!!!

    • The game has voice chat, very useful for coordinating strategies with your team (it has some in-game features for this as well, such as a call-out feature to denote a waypoint on the minimap to your friends, and you can see what your team mates are doing when they’re deciding where to place a tower, etc)

      You can DunDef’s Facebook group at http://bit.ly/bivllT , and follow the Trendy team on Twitter at http://twitter.com/trendyent


  • This game looks like it will be loads for fun, if it is priced fairly i may pick it up.

  • I realise you said the Move control scheme is self explanatory, but would you mind walking through it for those of us who are a bit thick? :P

  • You guys should do the demo and unlock key where it locks out parts of the game and let us play maybe the first couple of stages and call that a demo? that way you don’t have to resubmit things to sony again.

  • @Jeremy

    Thanks for the response (and for leaving the feature in). It might be disorienting at first but my fiance and I love our 3D TV, and this would be a way for us to experience it at the same time with a game.

    Sure we might run into wall after playing it, but what a ride.

  • This is that UDK project correct?
    if so, congrats guys!

  • How long will the average game take? And will my stats and levels carry on in some form when a game ends, or will I start back from level 1 each time?

    Looks really great! Fantastic concept and LOVING the split-screen option for online play, I MUCH prefer playing with a buddy who’s in the room with me in online modes, and not enough games include that feature.

  • And I’ll be getting this on PSN, but will it be coming to Mac via Steam?

  • This looks amazing! I noticed this game will also be distributed through Steam & some other places on PC, which got me thinking about mods/custom levels & stuff… will the PS3 version have any kind of level creator or anything, or at least the ability to play on custom maps created on PC? I want to get the PS3 version, but I don’t want to miss out on custom maps & stuff the PC version might get =/

    Keep up the good work though! This game is looking absolutely brilliant! =D

  • This actually looks… AMAZING. Me and my buddies always loved playing Gauntlet and FF: Crystal Chronicles together. This looks tons better and way more fun. Can’t wait!

  • I’m so Over ridiculously huge swords.

  • I remember downloading the early version of this as a UDK showcase, nice to see it come so far!

  • lol @ Mr. Stieglitz accidentally calling the Move a mouse. Will there be a demo? I can’t wait to try this out.

  • Wow! That looks really good. I love co-op games!


  • Excellent idea! Four-player coop is always great, and you’ve combined two of my favourite genres. Should be epic and probably a Day 1 purchase. However, one well-meant critique is, visually, it’s a mess! If you could refine the artwork before release to have less of “100% saturation for every pixel, every hue present in every screen,” it’d tick that final box for a perfect score. :)

  • WOW!! that looks awesome!!!! definitely looking forward to this. im going to have to tell my friends to pick it up.

    i LOVE that it supports split-screen online as well. that way i can play with my friends while there at their homes, but not leave out my gf. she likes to play these kind of games with me as well.

    Thanks for great features (in a great looking game) :)

  • Looks very promising. Can’t wait to see more and try out the demo!

  • You had me up until the splitscreen aspect. Everything else sound wonderful, and you definitely seem to have put a lot of thought into making local and online co-op a smooth experience. Will it be possible to play, say 2 local players, without splitscreen?

    When not running in 3D mode, will the game render in 1080p natively?

  • You mentioned in a comment earlier that asked about subscription, and you said “There are some online persistence aspects, but no subscription fee :)”, are you saying that there is going to be something like a cash shop?

  • Didn’t know the Unreal Engine could do colors *rimshot*

    Game looks great and sounds very fully-featured, hope it’s not too expensive.

    There will be a platinum trophy? This could be another nice push.

  • After seeing this, I’m wondering one thing: It says that the game has four-player split-screen, and online, but does that mean only four people can play online, (As in, other people, excluding those playing split-screen)To put it simply, can the game have more than 4 people online?

  • I hope the class abilities listed on the website aren’t the only ones we’ll have access to. They seem kind of limited.

    Kind of bummed to see only one female character; although that’s a really, really minor complaint. Maybe there will be more playable classes in the form of DLC someday?

    I could see this becoming a pretty popular game if supported with added trophies, abilities, content, being fed to us via DLC.

    I saw the PC pre-orders are sitting at like ten bucks on your website. If that remains true to us I’d be more than happy to give this a shot.

  • Looks cool I like the purty colors

    DunDef..initely gonna pick this one up! man I kill me!

  • Will it have custom soundtracks?

  • This looks very interesting. Putting Move support and 3D support is a nice add.

  • This game looks amazing. Is there any decent single player or is it all about the multiplayer gameplay? I’m on satellite internet so I can download it, but I can’t play it online. :(

  • Hell yes! Day one for me too :)

    Thank you so much for including local multiplayer!!!!

  • The style and name reminds me of dungeon defense, a showcase game of the UDK.

  • Oh yeah, it’s made by the same people, so I suppose that explains it.

  • Looks very interesting to me, I look forward to the demo. I have a backlog over 100 games though so I can’t say I’ll buy it day one, but who knows with my impulsivness…

  • Looks great, but this is just another Gauntlet 3D

  • Definitely getting that. Been looking out for a game like this…

  • This looks pretty sweet! Especially the move support! Cant wait to find out more!

  • looks great!

  • I’ve been waiting for a DoTa-like game in consoles. Does this game support competitive multiplayer?

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