Meet The First Cast Member of The Tester, Season 2

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After four intense rounds of voting among more than 28,000 registered participants, we’d like to congratulate the winner of our first-ever online casting contest for The Tester: Mickey Paradis (aka 8bitmickey) from Denton, Texas.

After receiving a majority of the 350,000+ community votes, he will join the rest of the cast this Fall for the launch of the newest season of The Tester.

If you’ve been following our ten-week long Summer casting contest, you’re probably familiar with 8bitmickey’s hilarious and well-admired video submissions. Well, he’s got one more for all of his loyal supporters to say “thanks.”

Check back with us on the PlayStation.Blog, follow us on Facebook and, as always on for more updates on the show. And, look for the complete cast announcement coming next month.

Thank you to the over 28,000 participants who made this possible, and congrats again to Mickey Paradis for his Epic Win.

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  • Mickey’s been #1 ever since day 1. This competition was no fun at all. I’m not saying that it was rigged, but he obviously came to the competition with his own fanbase already. Other applicants such as myself should never have expected to have stood a chance. He’s probably not a bad guy, but when I see him, all I see is someone who started with an unfair advantage. I’ll be very surprised if he makes it to episode 2 though.

  • Congrats Mickey.

    I guess they aren’t laughing now at Best Buy.

  • MMMM Kay….. I guess we are really justy shooting to entertain with whomever we can find. Then get your “contestants” to tell a long tale of their unending love and dedication to the platform etc.etc.

    So now pick up a guy whom is already well known for his awkward and uncomfortable camera shy apperances and his lack of anything playstation. I used to work with a site that I am sure Mickey is familiar with. No doubt mickey is a gamer, but Sony is NOT his first choice. You can find old vids and podcasts that cover that if you know where to find them.

    Great screening process Sony!

  • Congrats Mickey. I hailed from Garland Texas until I left for Austin for college.

    Great props, tie, and humor… even the ackward licking girl. Way not to gloat. LOL.

  • Congratulations Mickey (ignore the haters) Guys and gals I and many others… competed with this guy for this spot and he won plain and simple. I talked to the guy a few times myself I wasn’t a supporter, and I wasn’t a hater but hes a cool guy and gets way to much hate from people. Now as far as 28,000 people are concerned…..where is that being pulled from? I was there from the beginning and at last count of the actual contestants we were somewhere around 2,000? so I guess you are counting the voters too. Either way it was a cool thing to be a part of and I may or may not try again next year if there is a next year. At the very least its going to be interesting to see how many of the contestants were picked from the site. Best of luck Mickey all I ask is you give an awesome performance and give it your all man :)

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