Coming Tuesday to PSN: Press Your Luck for PS3

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Get ready for an invasion of Whammies in Press Your Luck, coming tomorrow to the PS3. Just like on TV, the loveable but mischievous caped cartoon character pops up everywhere in the game, which is based on the classic Press Your Luck television game show.

Play as one of three contestants competing to win by correctly answering trivia questions to earn spins on the Big Board. The player who ends the game with the highest earnings emerges victorious — all the while trying to avoid the dreaded Whammy or risk losing all his winnings.

Press Your Luck for PS3

Press Your Luck for PS3 Press Your Luck for PS3

Press Your Luck is Ludia’s second multiplayer PS3 title, and includes two multiplayer modes: local multiplayer on one PS3, or PSN multiplayer that enables you to challenge up to two friends online. Press Your Luck also supports solo play, with over 2500 trivia questions to keep things fresh.

You can download Press Your Luck from the PlayStation Store on PSN tomorrow. Please be sure to let us know what you think of the game, and thanks for your support!

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  • Will this game have the infamous strategy that one contestant was able to exploit and win for two days at least. It was where he figured out the timing of the squares and memorized it so he could win big bucks and a free spin every single time.

  • Bought this on Wii at…er, I mean Santa got this at Christmas for $30. Very fun for an old fart like me who grew up with the original daily at 11am on “network” tv. The $9.99 price point is great. Will there be more content or any additional than the Wii version? If yes, I will buy. BIG BUCKS, BIG BUCKS…NO WHAMMIES AND STOP!!!!! Oh crap.

  • If there’s whammy trophies I’ll buy it 3 times. Ohh how I yearn for a whammy trophy to add to the collection.

  • Why would you charge $9.99 for this game? I could see a $1.99 price tag as being a fair price. You might want to re-think your pricing on some of these download games.

  • how much is press ur luck going to be they didnt say

  • How bizarre, I was just thinking about old game shows and the first thing that came to mind was “big bucks no whammies.”

  • Just started downloading, if it’s anything like family feud it will be fun. funny though my girlfriend has never heard of this game.

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