Castle Crashers Coming to PSN August 31st

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Hello to the glorious PlayStation.Blog! I’m here today to present you with the gift of a release date. After many months of certification, we’ve finally secured an actual day for the USA, Canada, and Mexico release of Castle Crashers on the PlayStation Network. This gift is Tuesday, August 31st!

Castle Crashers for PS3

We’ve been working on Castle Crashers for the PSN for about a year and a half. In that time I’ve had the fortune of meeting everyone at tradeshows and lots of people will ask me, “C’mon, what is taking so long?” I have to say that we’ve felt the same way — our whole team’s goal is to make you all happy so we want to share it right now!! We’re super antsy. But like all of our games, we can never rush anything as it’s necessary to make sure that every little piece is airtight. And fun!

Castle Crashers for PS3

We’ve teamed up with some other sites to give you a full list of contests for a chance to win free stuff. Be on the lookout for these dates as we inch closer to the release. Perhaps something wonderful will be obtained?

Also, we’re going to be at PAX from September 3rd to the 5th (booth #3102) so come on by and check out both Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater. We are building a four-player Castle Crashers arcade cabinet which you can use at the show! Look out X-Men/Alien vs. Predator/Simpsons — we’re coming after your distant memories!



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  • @Kirkpad

    So not going to be gaming anymore? I’ve always bought my games and the systems will always be hacked, buy games and they will make games. Don’t buy there will be nothing to play.

  • One of the best games i have played on the 360, will buy this first day on PSN. Might of missed this, but will the DLC that was on the 360 be on the PSN version or will it be something to wait for? Also any news on other new downloads for this version or is that something to just wait around for? i am also looking forward to the new items in the insane mode really looking forward to that! =)

    • This was addressed, no worries though – I had said;

      “Wouldn’t want to make you wait for what’s already implemented, would we? All previously playable characters will be available in the PSN version.”

  • Thanks for the port. But I have it on the 360. So I’ll wait out a sale for PS+ or PSN.


    I believe he said the DLC was included in the PSN version, plus the volleyball mode.

  • @TwinDad

    Thanks, I must of missed it in the Blog.

  • Nice Nice!!
    Even more to look forward for!!
    Thanks for re-updating.

  • Would have preferred to see it at $9.99 so long after the 360 release since I’ve already got that. But I never did finish playing it there and all of my cool friends are on PS3 so I’ll probably have to double dip. Damn you, Dan Paladin and your awesome games!

    • haha I’m not quite sure whether or not I should apologize or say thanks! If I knew a word for it, I’d say the word that combines both of those things.

  • Release some C.C. PSN avatars next


  • YES FINALLY, any release date for ae (UAE)??

    • Not just yet, but it shouldn’t be long. There are many versions of the game that must be submitted all at once. Some of the other territories are a bit more complex than others with different and/or more/less rule sets. Thanks for being patient with us!

  • Awesome; loved Alien Hominid and played and loved the Castle Crashers demo even more just before I swore off 360 due to having to buy a third console… I’ll definitely be picking this one up! Keep up the great work, guys!

  • Awesome that you’ve got a release date for it. Been playing your stuff on NG for many many years now.


  • It really is too bad I beat this on 360 almost 2 years ago. I’m sure there’s extra features and people that haven’t played it but when you put this much of a distance between platforms you lead to irrelevance. Personally, I’m looking forward to Shank a lot more. To each their own.


  • when is the demo coming out?

  • bout time cant wait to play this game :D

  • about time, I have this on my 360 & its a blast

  • This is epic news! And only a few days after my birthday, as well as a couple days after I’m back at school. My friends are going to love this game, I can tell. I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground on the release for this on PSN ever since I heard it was going to be released, so pumped it’s here so soon after I heard!

    Thanks Behemoth!

  • Hey Dan

    Say thanks to tom aswell!

    Newgrounds <3

  • I’ve been waiting forever so exicited i got a card today my birthdays sept 2 so castle crashers will be my little early birthday preasent

  • so its finally here and you guys are not gonna delay it for any reason

  • What awesome bugs can we expect on day 1 a la the XBLA version? Connectivity issues? Random data erasing?

  • Well i must try the demo first, because for a 2 year old game been priced 14.99 is kinda a ripoff. Even if they add new stuff.

    • It’s unfortunate you feel this way – the quality of the game does not diminish with the age of the title. We appreciate you coming on here making positive comments and contributing to the conversation. Thanks for looking forward to the demo!

  • 1.5 years to port? damn. well i’ll be buying this, but is there any new features besides volleyball mode?

    • Yes. Team arena mode for online or offline (2v2, 3v1, 1v1v1v1, 1v2v1, etc), Insane Store with Insane Items, Jump-in anytime at the map locally.

  • I just sincerely want to thank you Mr. Paladin and the rest of the crew at Behemoth for not only bringing Castle Crashers over to the PSN, but also taking care with the project and even adding new content.

    Alien Hominid is one of my favorite XBLA titles and Castle Crashers was always on my radar for XBLA, but I just never got around to purchasing it. This is definitely a day 1 purchase. I can’t wait to jump in August 31st!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Bowdz, and for checking our work out for so long! Appreciate the support and I’m glad we can give you something you enjoy :) It’s been so surreal and awesome for us to do this for the past 8 years!

  • I’ve been looking forward to Castle Crashers for a while now. I’ve never tried the Xbox 360 version, but I always thought it looked very cool, and I’m grateful that you’ve finally brought it to PS3.

    I’m also happy that you’re releasing a demo the same day as the game. More developers ought to do this.

  • awesome! played this at a friends house about a year ago and it was fun. Been waiting for a long time for this to come out, I will definitely be buying this!

  • will ther be a new story with new moves?

  • Castle Crashers for PSP. C’mon, make it happen!

  • Whoa. Dan Paladin. THE Dan Paladin? …can i touch you? D:

  • THANK YOU! Finally a release date. I’ve been waiting for months for this awesome game. Yes, I have it for 360, but I would love to play it with my virtual friends online as to I don’t have steady friend online on 360 to play again. This game is so good that, I have to get it again. And I will!

    Thank you!!

    • Oh! Glad you’ll be able to play with more people, that’s really where this game does its best. Yeah, show your buddies who’s boss! :)

  • Sounds great but any PS Plus discounts? I agree the pricing isn’t quite exciting so I hope there’s Plus discount. 25% off sounds nice, if no plans that gives you over a week to get that started lol Otherwise going to pass :(

  • Any plans to release avatars and dynamic themes?

  • Hey Dan Paladin, it seems you guy make great games like these posters have been saying, will be see more games that was on the other system make it’s way onto the best system (PS3)?

  • @SpyDudeFX

    I think that will be awesome!

  • Greetings from Europe.

    What are the details on this on the EU PSN? Price and release date please.

    • Hello! The only details I have would be that the price should be very similarly priced in all regions. We do not currently have a confirmed release date, but it should not be long!

  • If i buy a 50 PSN card.

    What should i buy?

    Castle Crashers? Yes!

    Lara Croft (when it comes out)? Yes!

    Shank? Yes!

    What do i do with 5 dollars?

  • I have a hard time getting excited about expired timed exclusives that are already years old by the time they come to this platform. If you wanted my money, it was yours to collect a couple of years ago. Not now.

    Sorry. Companies don’t get to have Microsoft’s anti-competitive payoff money and my money, too.

  • Looks cool, but I don’t know about the price. I mean, the game came out in 2008. Even with all the DLC, I don’t believe the $15 price tag to be justified.

  • Although I’m definetly looking forward to playing again (I played the original to have a lvl 99 character beat insane mode!) my greatest concern is will it be hacked like the 360 version. Seeing all those level 256 people who are seemling allowed to cheat just ruined the 360 version, will you guys be working to prevent that on the PS3 or do nothing if it happens here?

    Since I kept wishing the 360 version would be patched and it never was, makes me worried about spending the 15 dollar which I know will be worth it… if it’s cheat free.

    • The way data is interpreted as well as profile information works (amongst other things) varies from each downloadable market to another. We have put a large amount of our energy into making sure the game stays as secure as possible. Seeing an exploit of that nature seems highly unlikely, thank goodness!

  • This looks like it will be a fine addition to the PSN library, and the drop-in multiplayer looks fun.

    I’m not familiar with how the online portion of this game works. When I join someone’s game, do I enter as my character I’ve built up in my games or do all players online start from scratch?

    • Great question! Each one of your own characters have their own global statistics, which can carry over to your future games that are singleplayer, multiplayer, online or offline.

      If at any point you wish to restart a character, you can reset their stats individually.

  • WOW …… Never thought I’ll see this game coming out in 2010. It took long enough. Was really excited when they announce it for the PS3 but after the long wait ….wait….wait….wait and now the price of $15.00 for a old game. I’ll pass on this one till price drop. Theres other PS3 & PSN games that will keep me busy till then.

  • garr, why must it release 2 weeks later and on the same day as valkyria chronicles 2!
    must… resist… spending 15$… on shank… epic games… overloading… harddrive!!!

    how big is the game? we talking gigs? MB? 300, 400, 800?

  • Cannot wait! I’m officially taking off from work the 31st and Sept 1st just so i can play this without any interruptions!

  • Since this game is 2D, there’s no reason for it to be not 1080p native, right? Day 1 purchase for me…Also look into making a dynamic theme please…

  • I’m double-dipping because great games should be supported.

  • Kinda bummed, been waiting for this for so long… but I’m leaving my PS3 behind for college. Its a shame all my friends will be done with this game by the time I get it. Still, maybe I’ll come back when some update or DLC is coming out.

  • wow, that’s a lot of replies :o, any word on custom soundtracks for this game???

  • Can you make more wallpapers/drawings that have the PSN sign or Playstation Network in the picture??? I’m tired of going on your website and seeing the 360 logo when I’m getting the game for the Ps3. I’m not a 360 hater but I’m just saying. =)

    Thanks Dan!!!



  • Yay!! about freaken time you jk ;)

  • Oh I thought this was only for the xbox. Its cool the psn version will have a little more content. Maybe some PSHome rewards? : )

  • Awesomeness. I have a question though. Will the picture packs that were available on xbl be released on PSN? That would be awesome! There just aren’t enough Avatars on PSN (besides the AWESOME support from Capcom).

    Thanks for the Great addition to PSN. Well worth the wait!

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