PlayStation Move in Washington DC Next Week

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Next Tuesday, we’ll be bringing PlayStation Move out to the nation’s capital to show to some local and national media outlets. But why should they have all the fun?


We cordially invite you, the PlayStation community in the Washington DC area, to go hands-on with PlayStation Move a month before it starts showing up in stores. We’re going to outfit Current Sushi & Lounge in Dupont Circle with final or near-final versions of Sports Champions, Kung Fu Rider, echochrome ii, Start the Party!, Tumble, and some brand new tech demos showing what the future of motion gaming may look like.

Attendance is, of course, free, and we’ll pick up the tab on hors d’oeuvres and drinks (for those 21 and up). And all attendees will score the much-in-demand PlayStation Move tee.

Here’s what you need to know; be sure to read and then RSVP:

Our previous Move Meet-ups have been a great time – but they’ve taught us that showing up early is a good idea.

Now, does anyone have a connection to get the President to show up?

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  • Wait a second Move is coming to MAG?

  • I’m there. I’ve been waiting for a DC thing forever. Awesome

  • any thing coming to cali ???

  • oh I would be on vacation next Tuesday, Darn it. I wanted to try the Playstation Move myself.

  • Killer! I work just about 100 feet from Current Sushi, and get out of work at 5:30! Let’s here some more details on “pick[ing] up the tab” for the drinks, though — folks in the District love the sauce, you know.

  • Someone who is working this thing probably won’t be reading this post now but…my friend and I live in the area and we didn’t receive any press on it. Will there be no press activity here?

  • Will SingStar Dance be there?

  • Jeff – can you help me please? Writing a dissertation on Playstation blog and it’d be amazing if I could ask you a couple of questions. Just started following you on Twitter
    @tomcooledge. Sorry, wasn’t sure how else to ask! Thanks very much Tom.

  • i was just there and those games were amazing. I had to leave so i can get some sleep for work and just as i leave i find out jeff is standing right in front of me but a couple were talking to him already. Lame!

  • It was a great time. I saw Jeff but he looked busy. And slightly intoxicated.

  • Thanks for coming to DC, even if I had to travel 50 miles to come to the event, I still had loads of fun!

    Love my Move Tee. Wish I had some Move stuff for PS Home. Is that what us logging in our PSNs was for? o.O

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