Resistance 3 from Insomniac Games Coming Exclusively to PS3

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Marcus Smith here. I was the Project Manager of Resistance 1 and 2 at Insomniac Games, as well as a co-host of Insomniac’s “Full Moon Show” podcast during our Season 2 “leading up to Resistance 2 launch” episodes. I’m excited to make my PlayStation.Blog debut, thrilled to know that by reading these words, I’m wasting the time of hundreds if not thousands of people.

Wearing my new hat as the Creative Director on Resistance 3, I wanted to stop by and finally announce the game that has dubbed, “the worst-kept secret in gaming.” We were very excited to finally OFFICIALLY announce Resistance 3 at the PlayStation press conference at gamescom in Cologne, Germany. While we aren’t revealing too much at this time, we did want to share this live-action teaser that should set the mood for what’s to come.

We won’t be gone for too long — the team has been hard at work over the last two years developing Resistance 3, and we’re excited to have extra time to ensure that this game lives up to the expectations we’ve all got for it. To make sure you hear all of the latest news, follow us on Twitter @InsomniacGames or hit our website at and sign up for the community and newsletter.

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  • Will we have offline co-op this time? Nonetheless, im looking forward to your 2 new games :)

  • You guys got us pretty good there, I almost thought Resistance 3 wouldn’t be announced. I can’t wait for this, it will be day one for me.

  • Finally! I can’t wait to see more!

  • Great stuff.

  • This looks somewhat more like R:FoM and less like R2… I’ll hold off on giving up hope just yet, but the live action trailer does seem darker and grimier like R:FoM.

  • Will there be mind-numbingly excruciating trophies like Resistance 2’s “Killing Machine”? It’s probably one of the most hated trophies on PS3. XD

    Or so I hear.

  • whoa why anounce it so long after the billboard was put up still whoa

  • @Marcus: Thank you for this great news! A few questions that I hope you will answer about resistance 3:

    1) Will we be able to carry more than 2 weapons at a time (just like in RFOM)?
    2) Will there be any vehicles to drive/pilot in the single-player campaign or multiplayer modes?
    3) Will the online co-op have more than 3 classes and 30 levels for each class?
    4) What improvements have beenmade to the competitive multiplayer?

  • Finally…
    Now show an actual in-game trailer

  • @yatzer

    You clearly never saw warhawks trophies, they may seem innocent, but just try and get them all. You’ll beg for death before you earn them :P

  • YAY, Day 1 for me.

  • Even though I bought the first two Resistance games, I thought there were OK – nothing more. The only thing that made me buy it was that they included co-op gameplay (a disappointment that in R2 it was left out of the main campaign).

    Include local co-op in the main campaign please!

  • I have the first two games and love them. cant wait for this to come out. hope to hear more news next month!

  • Will Nathan Hale be returning?

  • Great trailer but please please please have CO-OP in the Main Campaign!! We need more CO-OP friendly games on the ps3!! Go for xbox’s jugular!!

  • My favorite shooter returns! hopefully it will be more like fall of man.

  • R3, R&C! Whoa, let me take a breath Insomniac! I have all the R&Cs, but sadly none of the Resistances. Thats set to change!

  • Looks kinda like a Left 4 Dead Type of scenario, Should be Epic!

  • Do Want!

  • Incredible

  • Can’t wait for R3. I hope it is a dark and sinister looking as the trailer (or at least like R:FoM)!

  • @ #12: Only if his head regenerates.

  • i want to play it now!!!!!

  • Seizure much? lol

  • I’m with WillAllon on the offline co-op…. although I still will be getting R3

    @SGTquig: lulz!!!

  • @8 Yes I know about them, and indeed Resistance 2 looks far more forgiving in comparison. XD I’m all for challenging trophies, but not grindy ones like 10,000 kills (unless you consider patience and unemployment to be ‘skills’) =)

    Anyhow, I’m still playing Resistance: Fall of Man and that’s still going strong., I’ll keep an eye on this one though I need to see more first.

  • Resistance 3 from Insomniac Games Coming Exclusively to PS3.
    Insomniac Games WOW made my day:)

  • This will be a day one purchase if 4 player co-op of campaign is available (teaser eluded to it). Also it must have a 2 player VERTICAL split screen co-op campaign just like the original.

    I know… beggars can’t be choosers. ;)

    Thank you Insomniac!!!

  • That looks awesome. i love R1 and R2. I find the world fascinating, and I hope more books come out. The first book was really well written and I enjoyed it a lot. I’m more of an Insomniac fanboy than a Sony fanboy, so i know you guys won’t do me wrong.

    if you need a beta tester..look no further. i beta’d R2, although i didn’t get to play it as much as I wanted.

  • Cool video, bro.

  • “beggars can’t be choosers. ;)”

    But your consumers can! lol

  • Day 1 purchase for me…now, what 1 day with that be? (Release date/time frame, please?)

  • “in case you missed it” of course we missed it. Add a Live Stream Next time!!!!!!

  • that teaser was great cant wait to buy this game!

  • Looks like its going the be kind of Like Left 4 Dead with the survivors and those will be the main characters and probably also continue the story of SRPA and be a multi character thing like Call of Duty. Looks Great!

  • How are y’all asking and demanding for stuff on a teaser trailer.

  • Please bring back a Narrator

  • This!
    This trailer has the vibe and atmosphere from fall of man that I long for. Thanks Insomniac games. you guys rock and thanks for stopping by. Much appreciated.

  • AH yes co-op hopefully in the campaign. please insomniac please have a good campaign for R3 cause i thought R2 campaign was not as good as it should’ve been. but anyway looking forward to both your games:)

  • Bulletstorm gameplay I seen today at the EA event looked more like what Insominaic have tired to aim for with Resistance. The poor judgement in creating worthless, over in minutes “epic Boss battles” were you would fire off a single laark missile one of the R2’s biggest mistakes. Waste of development time and awful gameplay decision.

    The colour palete, far too bright. Radioactive vivid In your face comapred to the well chosen washed out scheme of Fall of Man. No weapon click wheel, here’s a shogun, ok I can guess which enemies around this next corner.

    Online, horrendous. The it,s got 60 players boast was quickly muted by fans when they discovered the complete mess and terrible accomaning multiplayer maps. Co Op was beyond stupid, hold your finger down on the trigger, no skill whatsoever. Empting thousands of bullets into monsters that barely react to the damage.

    How Resitance 2 got favourable reviews makes no sense. Everyone hated it including all my clan mates from the first gam.

  • I second all suggestions to add back in co-op (lets all chant: coop, coop, coop!!!), me and my son finished the first one together, but on second one we had to take turns which sucked! So put us BOTH down for 2 votes to get coop in R3 plz :D


  • This announcement made my day, I can’t wait for the game!


  • Hey, can we do a Q/A with Insomniac about their new announcements? I have a ton of questions for them especially regarding R3.

  • Let’s just hope that it will be better than Resistance 2. That had to be one of the worst story lines ever. Not to mention the multi-player was horrible. If I shoot someone in the head with an explosive bullet I expect them to die. Not walk it off. Plus it was easy for people to use mods to cheat in the game. Truly a bad game. Hopefully, they will go back to the original and make a good game this time around.

  • that was an absolutely amazing trailer!

    looks like the franchise is heading in a new direction, looks more left4dead-ish. which is prabobly a good idea, theres so many military shooters out there, this could be rly refreshing for the series.

    either way im rly excited for this title. and r&c coop was a brilliant idea, looking forward to that aswell.

  • As long as you guys keep the Online Co-Op, you will remain in my good graces. R2’s Co-Op was a highly creative take on a Monster Hunter style gameplay in a western Shooter, just brilliant.

    I still play R2 Co-Op to this day.

  • I thought R1 was cool, for a launch title. I don’t understand the preference for it over R2, but I wouldn’t mind either way for R3 as long as I get my R2 Co-Op.

  • oh my god. wow. that was sooooooo awesome!!!! man i loved resistance 1 n 2 n i will for sure get this. was that a teaser trailer or the opening cinematic for the game?

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