August 17th: New UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer Skins and Dynamic Theme

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While this may not come as a surprise for some of you – as part of Naughty Dog’s continuing support of our multiplayer community, we’re glad to say we’ve got some new UNCHARTED 2 DLC on the way real soon!

Like, next week soon.

UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer Skins: Chloe

On Tuesday, August 17, the UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Sidekick Skins pack will be available for purchase with the PlayStation Store. After the last two sets of multiplayer skins we released, we heard that you wanted more Sully, more Chloe and more Elena (among many, many other things) – and that’s exactly what we put into the pack. Not to neglect the villains team, we also threw in two enemy characters from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune – Dillon and Mac – who complete the set we started with Blain and Dutch.

UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer Skins: Sullivan UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer Skins: Dillion

UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer Skins: Mac UNCHARTED 2 Multiplayer Skins: Elena

The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Sidekick Skins Pack includes the following multiplayer characters:

  • Heist Chloe
  • Borneo Chloe
  • Borneo Sullivan
  • UDF Sullivan
  • Winter Sullivan
  • Wetsuit Elena
  • Dillon
  • Mac

On the same day, we’re also releasing an UNCHARTED 2 Dynamic Theme for your PS3. As you can see from the screenshots and the embedded video, the Dynamic Theme features a scene from Chapter 15 – Train Wrecked, when a critically injured Nathan Drake is high up in the mountains, stumbling through the snow away from the train wreck he survived to recover the Phurba Dagger.

The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Sidekick Skin Pack will be released on the PlayStation Store on August 17 for only $2.99 for the 8 skins. The UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Dynamic Theme will be released on the same day $2.99 as well.

PSN: UNCHARTED 2 Dynamic Theme PSN: UNCHARTED 2 Dynamic Theme

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  • Do you know if the prices would be different for Playstation Plus members or are they going to be the same?

  • Too bad the theme doesn’t reflect time of day. Still, pretty sweet looking. Might even get me to actually buy a dynamic theme, though I’d be even more likely to pick it up if I could get the skins and theme together for a discount.

  • I’m not in love with the Theme. I liked the scene, but think a better location might have been chosen. Still might get it, need to update from rockin the Afrika theme.

  • Make a weather theme! when connected to PSN it is able to check local weather, and the theme changes accordingly. Snow, sun, rain etc. With a weather widget on the side displaying temperature and weather forecast for the next day.

  • Ooh! I knew I’d kept about 3 bucks on hand! WOO!! Skins, here I come!!

  • @52: I agree. The LittleBigPlanet one does! I’d like a cool new inFAMOUS power too! Those gigawatt blades are awesome!!

  • very cool theme. it would neat if he made it all the way across the screen, as soon as Nate as he appears to the right of the screen again, he has some random quip about it going on forever

  • Great theme!!! animation so good!!!! But the icons look wannabe….very poor icons…

  • Theme should have came out alongside the game’s release.

  • @54….I’d buy that

  • I’d love to see an Uncharted Dynamic Theme that maybe isn’t so depressing. Injured Drake doesn’t really psyche me up for a hardcore gaming session.

  • This game is awesome but do people still play it online? Everyone I know plays MW2 and BC2 now…

    I tried to play online the other day and it just sat there Syncing for 5 minutes until said “f this” and took the disk out and put BC2 back in. It made me really mad as I was trying to show a friend the game.

    • We’ve had a bunch of LiveData updates that will require some time for you to sync up if you haven’t jumped in a while. But our online multiplayer is still quite healthy and you can definitely find a game easily!

  • Honestly I don’t thing that dynamic theme does the graphics any justice in this game. It should be more like the title screen when the disk is in.

  • Sold play this every day! Still! PS3D

  • Thank you for adding more DLC content. My question is will you be adding anymore co-op levels? I enjoyed playing co-op but 3 levels gets boring quickly. And will you be adding anymore levels for deathmatch?

  • ill buy
    im level 57 about to be 58

  • Is there any chance the original Uncharted will be patched to have some of the rendering improvements in the sequel? I love all the support for Uncharted 2, but at this point I’d like to see more love thrown into the first game.

  • About damn time we got a dynamic theme for Uncharted 2.

  • Cool! I would have liked to see an action sequence instead of the snow, but it is still well done. Definitely buying the skin pack!

  • Keep up the great community support Naughty Dog.


  • SOLD!!! 8)

  • It’s about time ND made new Sully, Chloe and Elena skins. Especially Sully. Are we going to get new maps anytime soon?

  • There should be an option to buy each skin separately all I want is my Hellghaust uniform… no offesnse ND keep up the support.

  • poor Drake. he might not make it. he walks and walks and hes still stuck in the snow, all wounded and stuff.

    i wish Premium Themes (in general) well interactive. nothing fancy. like with this one it would be neat to shake the controller and it would snow like a snowglobe and maybe Drake would go flying like a ragdoll.

  • This dynamic theme is another reason why I like the XMB. It is simple and easy to use very direct but leaves room for the theme to really shine.

    I am requesting a Chloe and Elena pillow fight Dynamic Theme.

  • Maps packs. Co op zombie mode from Uncharted 1, WW2 guns the pistol and Mp40 put in the zombie mode and on MP.
    Kratos Skin
    Solid Snake Skin
    More Killzone 2 ISA and Helgas
    MAG skins
    More Resistance 2.
    Demon’s Souls skins
    Assassin Creed skins
    Prince of Persia Skins


  • hey can we get a picture of Heist Chole because you didn’t have the photo at flickr

  • Its great that you’re still supporting this game!

    Now it’d be nice if you showed any support for God of War 3

  • Awesome stuff guys! I love the support being put behind this game even almost a full year after launch. I’ll be buying all of this as well next week, lol.

  • We PLUS members should atleast get that theme free

  • I really like that, might be the first dynamic theme i buy. Wish it was free for PS+, cant have everything though.

  • I’m still unable to find a match with my DLC set on
    Do I really need both DLC levels, to even find a match with DLC levels?

  • Great work Naughty Dog. This will be my first dynamic theme purchase. I can always count on you guys to hit a home run.

    Also great work with the Labs. They have been really fun, especially the pistols only plunder, and I look forward to more!

  • I agree that the theme looks uninteresting.

    I’ve been involved with animation enough to agree that it’s technically a really beautiful, high-quality piece. The snow and lighting is gorgeous, really.

    It’s just painfully bland. Nathan stumbling through the snow says what exactly? It doesn’t inspire a sense of wonder or heroism or anything else that would make me proud of that being my theme. It doesn’t say “Man. I should play Uncharted.”

  • Fantastic idea. Creative, ambitious, and I’ll definitely be buying.

    Can we expect any new maps in the next few months?
    Thank you so much for such thrilling and engaging experiences from both Uncharted games.

  • Damn… I thought that was 50 Cent. >.>

    I really need to get this game- I’m seriously missing out.

  • Hey Arne how much as Uc 2 sold? Could we have up to date sales data?

    • That’s up to SCE to release publicly, if they so choose. That being said, we’re pretty happy about life to date sales.

  • I don’t know about everyone else, but I actually like the theme very cool and I’ve been waiting for one since I bought Uncharted 2… any chance this gets into the PS Plus deals? :)

  • Give me a Dynamic Theme with Chloe in it and I’ll give you the $2.99 price tag.

  • a Chloe dynamic theme would be awesome…….

  • I was hoping that there would be new maps, but guess not. These skins are pretty cool though, I’m so buying them.
    Also, are there going to be any promotions for PS+ members?

  • I like the theme, it might replace my LBP dynamic one. I might get the skins & play online again if only it didn’t take forever to sync

  • I love all that ND has done with the uncharted series. I have gotten all the DLCs for it thus far. The entertainment that packs Uncharted 2, along with its DLC content thus far, are all very much worth their cash value.

    With that I would like to leave some hope, as Kratos did, so that maybe one day we are graced with a new Co-Op map.

    And keep that dog all naughty like; the results are good. lol

  • Love you guys and gals, your games are awesome. Please can you add more multiplayer maps and maybe a Dynamic theme of Drake running down that alley with the truck chasing him as he shoots backwards.

  • Isn’t Max Dillon Electro in Spiderman? Hm. Could’a picked more original names than that! Can we get wetsuit skins for Chloe, Sully, and Flynn? Keep up tradition! I’d also like skins for Jak, Ratchet, Sackboy, Shadow the Hedgehog, Desmond Miles/Ezio, and Alex Mercer!

  • The dynamic theme looks really good, but can you please change the icons from that hideous brown color to the amazing uncharted gold color.


  • Swwweeeeeeeeeeeet!! Looks awesome!!!

    I wish i could buy it though….


  • i hope the next dlc is all about new maps for the co-op and gettin tired of the skins doesnt really change the just makes it look sliiightly better :/ althugh i would lke to see a god of war skins..with Kratos and Zues ..or a metal gear solid skin with Snake and Liquid! Now thats definitely worth purchasing ;) Anywho..keep up the good work ND’s!

  • Jak started as a Naughty Dog character!! They should use him as a skin!! Shadow the Hedgehog would be nice too.

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