Mafia II’s PS3-Exclusive DLC: The Betrayal of Jimmy

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Last month, the name “Jimmy’s Vendetta” leaked out, along with a list of PlayStation 3 Trophies that appeared to be from the previously-confirmed PS3-exclusive Mafia II downloadable content.

Mafia II The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC

As it turns out, that DLC will be coming down the line. Before Jimmy can get going on that vendetta – he’s got to be double-crossed. That, as it turns out, is the source material for The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC, available at free at launch, exclusively for the PS3 version of Mafia II.

The Betrayal of Jimmy is almost an arcade-style take on the Mafia II experience. The team took the most fun elements from the game: shooting, driving, stealing, etc in a open world, and made it a point-based romp, complete with leaderboards. It’s all about fast cars, blowing stuff up, hitting top speeds, and really taking advantage of the open city. If Mafia II is an expansive story, then The Betrayal of Jimmy is instant gratification.

Unlike in the main Mafia II storyline, you’ll rack up points for drifting, high speed driving, headshots, kill combos and more. Points pop up right on the screen, arcade style and giant, flashy icons like arrows point at targets – something you’d never see in the more authentically 1940s and 50s setting from the primary game mode.

Mafia II The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC Mafia II The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC

That’s not to say it’s all run and gun – there’s some story to give the mode substance to bring it together. 2K included new cut-scenes and voice acting to keep production quality consistent from the main game.

About that story… Jimmy’s a lot different than Vito, the protagonist in the main game’s plot. While Vito is more of a Henry Hill-esque character – a good guy that gets drawn into becoming a goodfella, Jimmy’s been getting his hands dirty for a long time. With a shaved head, all-black attire, and dark shades, Jimmy’s the kind of guy who you’d cross the street to avoid.

When Jimmy gets screwed over and doesn’t know what’s going on, he starts taking on missions from different crime families to try to uncover the truth. You’ll see some new families here, but some of the characters cross over the storylines, including the main character – the city of Empire Bay.

Mafia II The Betrayal of Jimmy DLC

While you can download The Betrayal of Jimmy on August 24th, the day Mafia II hits shelves, you’ll definitely wanna play through the main storyline first. There’s not a lot of exposition in this content pack; you’re immediately dropped into a gunfight where you’re outgunned and outflanked. Unlike Vito’s slow introduction to the world of organized crime in the main game, Jimmy’s already “leveled up” and spawns initially with multiple weapons. The whole city is open to you right at the start.

Now I tried to anticipate a few questions you Blog readers would come up with when we visited 2K this week to see the game in action:

  • The Betrayal of Jimmy is not included on the disc – new copies of the game will contain a voucher to download it. If you pick the game up used, you’ll be able to purchase the DLC for $9.99.
  • While you can unlock Trophies during The Betrayal of Jimmy (we saw one earned during our playthrough for getting significant airtime in a car), there aren’t any mission-specific Trophies for this DLC.
  • The Jimmy’s Vendetta DLC will become available post-launch. No word on price.

With over 25 different missions, The Betrayal of Jimmy promises a meaty additional gameplay experience, and a nice bonus for PlayStation 3 owners looking to pick up Mafia II later this month.

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  • Wow 25 missions! I’m liking the “extreme” take on this, reminds me of Free Ride Extreme from the first one.

    Are there 2 separate DLC packs for this? Betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy’s Vendetta? Or are they combined into 1 DLC code?

    • Two seperate DLCs – You get Betrayal of Jimmy with the game Jimmy’s Vendetta is down the line.

  • Is there gonna be any type of anti-aliasing in this game?

    if so.. how much??

    DLC looks great.

  • Looking forward to this game.

  • Woo, organized crime game.

  • 25 missions? Amazing. Mafia was great, just played through it all the way, despite niggles like getting caught for speeding (which makes it real). Pre-ordered the special edition, cannot wait!

  • Contemplating this or LA Noire. So many titles of the same genre are released around the same time.

    I’ll probably leave it up to the reviews.

  • sweeeeeeeeet, already pre-ordered!

  • Cool! I just hope SONY didn’t shell out too much money for this. D:

  • Awesome, I can’t wait to try out the demo. I love how the driving looks in the game.

  • Jimmy looks bad***, but the free DLC wont have trophies right?

  • sorry, my question is answered.

  • Kewl…
    Another reason to buy mafia II

  • Sorry for double post but Are bothe the DLC’s Free

  • You just sold me on the game Jeff, SOLD!!! 8)

  • Sounds like an awesome bit of exclusive content. The fact that it’s so different from the rest of the game really separates itself from your average DLC and makes the PS3 version so much more attractive.
    The PS3 is my platform of choice by miles, but I’m interested to know: why did they choose PS3 for the exclusive content?

  • yay dlc, hope it isn’t on the same disk like the one in bioshock 2

  • awesome work… I like the idea, consider it pre-ordered :P

  • @G-unit-P: “Sorry for double post but Are bothe the DLC’s Free”

    If you read the article he says the first DLC is free only if you buy the game new. If you buy it used you have to pay $9.99. He also said that no word has been said on the price of the next DLC.

    @MadMeat001: “yay dlc, hope it isn’t on the same disk like the one in bioshock 2”

    You have to use a voucher in the case to download the DLC from PSN.

  • 1 more question though, will the game require installation? If so, any idea how big?

  • I can’t wait for this game, I’ve been starved for a good single player game since summer began.

  • Nice one Sony! :D


  • Nice one Sony! :D

  • Can’t wait to play the game and the dlc any word on how long the main story is gonna be as it is an open world game.I’m sure it’s pretty long.

  • Thanks for posting all this great info. I can’t wait to try out the demo :D

  • I’m glad I decided to pre-order this on the PS3 instead of the 360 now, the 24th can’t get here fast enough

  • @:That-acmilan-guy:”1 more question though, will the game require installation? If so, any idea how big?”

    Since you have to get it from PSN it will most likely require installation.
    The question is on whether or not it’ll be a small KB file, meaning the content is on disk, and the file will just unlock it.

    Or if it’s around 200mb, which means the content will be off the disk. I doubt the file will be bigger than 500mb.

  • The most excited I’ve been about a game in almost five years! Can not wait for the DLC, the demo, the game!

  • @Spike: No man i meant the game.

  • Thinking of getting this or waiting til Christmas. Good Job theres a demo coming :D

  • for everyone that lives on the east coast and is going to purchase the game there is a release party in the Bronx that’s being thrown by 2K Games. i heard about it on a podcast i was listening to, if u want the address hit me up the ps. my psn id is the same as u c here.

  • this game looks good !!! probably it will be my first game that i will play made by 2K Games…but i’m sure that i will be please, good quality, keep up the good work !!!

  • i like how yall are having a demo come out before the game, alot of people dont do that, and thats why the games dont sell

  • @that-acmilan-guy: Ah, My mistake. Although that is a good question. I am going to ask the official 2k forums, and see what the answer is.

  • Damn! I need to play that demo, so excited:O

  • Will There Be Online For This Game????

    will Scott Pilgrims vs. the world will ever be on PSP?
    i hope so, it would do pretty well to me


  • Mafia 2 is looking simply phenomenal. And by simply I mean complex. It all looks wonderfully deep and engaging. Unfortunately, even after being a serious PC gamer when it hit, I missed the first Mafia. I know it was on consoles but let’s be frank, when the first came out the PC was the platform to buy things on. The business model has changed to more console-centric development but it’s still a win-win for the consumer. Besides ever-rising prices.

  • Just finished playing ‘Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune’, I really enjoyed Trophy Support being added to this game. I would love to see Trophy Support for ‘Heavenly Sword’. Plus it would give me another reason to play this game again.

  • What I want to know is whether this game is as good on PS3 as 360. So many multi-platform games have been inferior on PS3 and I’m getting tired of it.

  • @40 Then you’re going to be exhausted by the end of the generation. With the exception of Burnout and FF13, all of them are better on the 360.

    A better question is how big the difference will be.

    1. Burnout: almost identical
    2. Dead Space/Mirror’s Edge: practically the same
    3. Bayowrecka

  • Pre Ordered this dog the first day i was able.Now im just chomping at the bit for release day.Hoping this holds me over until Nov.2 for my Gt5 fix.

  • looks like its going 2 b good

  • Hey, just played the demo and I want to ask if this is the final code?

    I’m definitely going to get the PC version now if no confirmations is made weather or not this is the final PS3 code shown in the demo (Picture Quality was so bad I’ve got a headache).


    Well the PS3 is obviously inferior. It will sell less then the PC and XBOX…why? Just read all those pages.

    Propz to u Elizabeth for the truth and not those lazy devs who lied

  • We all know we got this dlc since the PS3 version is garbage

    What is worse tho is how terrible the dlc is.It’s like wtf is wrong with 2k they do realize people are buying the game for the gritty realism not some bs arcade style crap.

  • I bought Mafia II and I like it but it keeps freezig up and I must say I did not think the game would do that with it being new. But other than that I like the game.

  • I am pretty ticked off right now. I am at the part where I have to find Joe and save him but the game won’t let me enter the restaurant. The circle is lit up on the map like it is supposed to be but when I try to get in the door, it won’t do anything. It tells me to push square to open the door and I keep pushing the darn button but it won’t do anything. Is anyone else having this trouble??? I don’t want to have to start the whole game over again!! I am pretty pissed off right now!!!!

  • exclusive dlc for the ps3 version is also on xbox 360. I love how the devs lie.

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