Ys Seven Comes to PSP in August

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Greetings from well beyond the “dangerous sea area” west of Canaan! I’m XSEED’s resident Falcom nut and one of their localization specialists. I’ve been bugging Ken at XSEED via email for years now to localize games from Falcom’s extensive catalogue of awesomeness, and was always really pleased with the detailed responses he’d send back. Our emails bloomed into entire conversation threads, and eventually, once XSEED and Falcom established their partnership, Ken offered me a job — which I gladly accepted! Now all your Falcom scripts are belong to me. Mwa ha ha!


Ys Seven will be the first game released as part of the XSEED/Falcom partnership (aka the GREATEST TEAM-UP EVER), and is currently scheduled to ship on August 17th, 2010. In North America, three versions of the game will be available: the UMD version ($29.99), the PSN download version (also $29.99), and of course, the faaaaabulous limited edition box-set version ($49.99), which will include the game on UMD, a ludicrously gorgeous cloth map of Europe (the Ys series Europe, which is pronounced “eh-ROH-pay”), a one-disc “Ys Seven Musical Selections” CD, and a 60+ page art book containing various works from Ys Seven, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, and Ys I & II (as well as a brief cameo by some Ys VI characters).

Ys Seven for PSPYs Seven for PSP

Ys Seven will also be available in Europe, but only as a PSN download, and I’m afraid the price is yet to be determined. Sorry, European fans! (Europan fans?)

Now, the all-important question: Why should you buy the game?

Well, how about because it’s AWESOME?!?! Seriously, if you’ve never played a Falcom game before, you’re about to be blown away by this one. Falcom games, and especially Ys games, are generally characterized by three things:

  • Insanely fast-paced, action-packed gameplay. Turn-based? HA! Ys eats turn-based RPGs for breakfast, then regurgitates them and launches them at beings of ancient evil just because it can.
  • 80s power rock- and metal-inspired soundtracks. These are often performed in the studio by Falcom’s in-house band. I dare anyone to hear the riff at the beginning of Ys Seven’s main boss theme “Vacant Interference” and NOT get totally pumped for the battle ahead!
  • “Less is more” storylines. This means a greater focus on fun gameplay and interesting, well-developed settings than on plot twists and epic ironies (Going along with the music, think of Ys as the rock opera to every other RPG series’ novella!)

Ys Seven for PSPYs Seven for PSP

With nine playable characters (in parties of three at a time), 98 unique skills (84 of which have unique variations apiece — and these skills aren’t just for show), a robust crafting system (that will keep you searching every nook and cranny of every dungeon), and a story that will last you anywhere from 30 to 90 hours (my final playtime was 72 hours, but I’ve been playing a lot since then to level up my skills and craft the best armor for everyone, putting me well over the 80-hour mark, with tons more yet to do), Ys Seven is easily the best portable game on the market… or will be, once it ships in North America on August 17th.

Get yourself ready to finally play an Ys game straight from Falcom’s own studio rather than a third-party interpretation of an Ys game, which is all we’ve ever gotten in English until now). And put in your orders for the LE box ASAP, since they may sell out once everyone in the world realizes this game is awesomeness incarnate and rushes out to buy it.

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  • Been a huge Ys fan since Ys III on the SNES. Already got the Ys VII LE preordered and will be buying Oath and Chronicles when they come out. Keep it up XSEED!

  • I want to say thank you XSeed for bringing over the Ys & Legend of Heroes series. I so can’t wait to pick up Ys. If these Ys games you bring out do well do you think you can bring over more YS games. Plus any chance of other Falcom games like Zwei!!, Vantage Master Portable & Brandish.

    I can’t wait to play Ys Seven. I have always liked Falcom games but they very rarely come out & if they do some times you get a bad translation. So I am happy from what I have seen & read that the team at XSeed is doing a very great job on making the Falcom games you bring out to be Awesome. Plus I really enjoy that the team at XSeed is big fans of Falcom games. So I know the games will be great. So thank you.

  • Amazon knows me well… I loaded up the front page and there under “new for you” was Ys Seven lol. August 17th can’t come soon enough. Props for getting people hyped for a game so close to release instead of months/years ahead of time!

  • +1 LE pre-order!

  • Can’t wait, looks awesome !

  • Where is Naruto Shippuden:Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 Plz Come Out With it It Was Released May 11th I Have A PSP Go Where is It?

  • Would have picked this up at day one, but considering I only have a PSP-Go and would have wanted the limited edition I’ll wait until it is really cheap like I did with Lunar.

  • @Tom answer on #47

    Yeah, I have been dying to play this game in English so go pester your coworkers and make our dream a reality:)

  • Like all Falcom games, I ordered this one, Limited Edition version. Hell, right now, I am playing Ys vs Sora no Kiseki, which utilizes Ys SEVEN’s battle engine. I am enjoying this.

    I cannot wait to see Sora no Kiseki come to NA.

  • Read the post. Watched the trailer. Pre-ordered.

    Well played Tom Lipschultz. Well played.

  • Question – is it controlled via the d-pad, or by the analog nub?

    If it’s the nub, count me out.

    Also, when are we US gamers getting the PC-Engine/TG-16 support, since the new PSP update has a folder listed for the PC Engine under the sort games function?

    • You can use either the D-pad OR the analog nub, though I personally find the nub a better choice due to its 360-degree directional support.

      If you don’t like the nub, though, there’s certainly nothing stopping you from playing the game without it.

      As for PC-Engine support, there’s not much I can really say. We’re certainly open to the possibility, but it might be tricky getting publishing rights for some of those old games. Falcom’s PC-Engine releases seem like logical options to go after, for example, but remember, Falcom didn’t actually PUBLISH their games on PC-Engine — back then, they tended to develop for computers, and third-party companies would license their properties for publication on the PC-Engine. As such, we’d need to negotiate with the license-holders in order to release those games in English.

      Let us know what titles you’re interested in, though, and we’ll certainly look into them. We look into pretty much every game fans beg us to release. Whether or not it pans out is a whole other story… but we do look, always!

  • okay, i played back in the day y’s ark of natisphitim on the psp and the game sucked big time.it sucked so bad that i swore that i would never buy an y’s game again!

    but know i’m willing to break that promise if you can tell me how different this game is compared with the later?

    • VERY.

      Ark of Napishtim on PSP was a third-party port of a really good game. As a port, though, it didn’t really measure up to the original (the PS2 version was much better in that regard).

      Ys SEVEN, on the other hand, is an original Ys title developed SPECIFICALLY for the PSP, in-house, by Falcom themselves. It has virtually no load times, the gameplay is fast and furious, the game is long and involved, and just in general, it’s a wholly different experience from Ark of Napishtim in almost every way. It’s similar ENOUGH that you can tell it’s related… but gameplay-wise, it’s a whole different ball game.

      Give the videos on the website a look. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Very specific question for you: does Ys Seven tell me where to go for my quest objective? I like exploring and stuff… but I really don’t like when games kind of drop you into something and then say hey, you’re on your own buddy!

    • Not only does it tell you where to go, it even marks it on your overworld map with a big red flag!

  • Awesome. I’ve been in love with this series since Y’s III. I’m even playing Y’s f right now on my PC. I have no idea what they’re saying but according to the translation guide I found it’s basically a retelling of the game that go me hooked in the first place. So you can imagine my excitement with Y’s Seven.

    Also nine playable characters? I don’t seem to remember the Y’s series having any other playable character’s than Adol. But wait does this mean I finally get to play as Dogi or maybe even Chester?

    Oh…This is going to be sick. I can’t wait to see who I get to use in this game.

    • No Chester, but yes, Dogi is playable, as is Geis from Ys: The Ark of Napishtim. The others, however, are all new! And yeah, aside from the PC-exclusive “Ys Origin” (which took place 700 years before Adol was born!), no other Ys game has featured playable characters other than Adol, much less a WHOLE PLAYABLE PARTY. It’s awesome stuff!

  • Hmm. I’ve not heard of this series.
    The soundtrack is a 80’s rock and metal theme? Intriguing.
    I may just get the LE for the soundtrack itself.

  • where is the love for the EU :(

    • Hey, we’re releasing it in Europe! That’s more than you can say about most American publishers, no?

      Consider this the dipping of our toes in international waters, and seeing if the coast guard tries to stop us or not. We’ve never done anything like this before, but we wanted to make sure Falcom’s European fans weren’t left out of the party, so we figured we’d give this whole international release thing a shot. If it goes well, maybe we’ll get more daring with future European releases!

  • Tom. Thank you for answering my question. Very respectfull, no complaints here. Great job my man.

  • Just wanted to let all y’all know that I’ll be away from the internet all day tomorrow (amazing, no?), and I’ll probably be pretty busy on Friday, so this will likely be the end of any responses from me for a while. I’ll probably check for any further questions over the weekend, though, so please don’t hesitate to ask away — it just might take a while for me to get back to you.

  • @Reply to comment 8
    no the one on Sega Master System (japanese version) , and i am glad that you are bringing Chronicles to US , now i finally can play the game while understanding what is happening in it xD , i don’t understand japanese but when i was a kid i never cared for storyline.

  • Personally, I think Sony should get a dumptruck full of money and drop it by Xseed’s HQ. You guys are almost single-handedly making the PSP relevant for the next couple of years.

  • wow unfortunatly i have never heard of ys. sucks cus i saw a preview of this on youtube and man….it looks freaking awesome!!! ok justa quick question….so the voice overs are not in english…but what about the actual game. attack commads and such. menus etc. just asking. man i JUST picked up lunar for my psp (im a poor college student and i have to wait for things to go on sale) and its awesome. so after seeing that video…im going to get this game. looks very cool.

    • Hmmm? Nono, in the American version, EVERYTHING will be in English – voiceovers, text, the whole shebang! What led you to believe otherwise?

  • Living in Europe, I prefer physical media, so I have my collector’s edition ordered. I am a fan of Ys (and Falcom) since the first game on my (Sony) MSX2 computer. It’s a great job you’re doing, with the other Ys and Legend of Heroes games coming. The PSP is having a great year so far!

  • Is this fun? if so, I’ll buy it once it’s out cuz I’m lacking games to play for my psp.

  • As a turn-based fan I will be passing on this game, I like to put thought into my combat and not see how fast I can press an attack or block button. I can’t believe some publishers (like Square-Enix) really believe NA hates turn-based games… not a day goes by that people don’t ask for them here.

    Good to see more RPGs coming though, the more the better.

    I found your post odd in the part where you’re bassicaly saying this game dosen’t have much of a story… since a story is the most important part of an RPG. Combat is only the most important part of action/adventure games.

    • Play Ys Seven, and you might think differently!

      In a way, Ys Seven is more like an action/adventure game with heavy RPG elements. And to say you won’t be putting thought into your combat is quite fallacious — in fact, Ys Seven’s combat requires MORE strategy than most turn-based games. Button mashing will just get you killed: you really need to learn your enemies’ patterns, figure out what weapon types and skills work best against them, and do it all in a SPLIT SECOND. It’s intense, man!

      The story of Ys Seven isn’t bad, either, by any means. It’s just not the focus of the game. It’s an action game first and foremost, and an RPG second. And since the point of games is to have fun, isn’t that ultimately for the best?

  • Is it a good idea to start with this one, I mean story-wise ? never played this series of game so I’m not sure about getting in with the 7th episode…

    • Don’t worry, the series is very episodic. Each tale is its own self-contained entry. Think of it like a TV show: in every episode, Adol washes ashore in some new land, finds out he’s the chosen hero, saves the day, has women flocking to his side, but decides all he really wants is more adventure, so he sails off once more — to be continued next episode!

  • Yes Ys Seven

    Thx XSEED and Sony

  • Just have to say Tom, that after watching your demonstrations of Ys 7 at E3 (I think?), I was sold on the game. I am excited to play a jrpg that doesn’t seem so burdened by traditional jrpg mechanics, and it seems you are just one of many who sing the praises of this series.

    Not that it took a lot to sell me on the game… damn XSeed and your cloth maps!

    I have a question: will you guys offer the option for release-date delivery on Amazon? Or is that something that Amazon decides to do on its own?

  • what gm is this anyway?

  • hey, I just came across this because of:


    (long link sorry)

    and I would also like to add in my hopes that you would consider releasing Namcos Tales of Vesperia PS3 and Tales of Graces F. Namco have been refusing to publish the games here or ask other companies (when I say here, I mean both NA and EU).

    Some links to show how much support the Tales of series have:



    I just want you to see how much support the Tales series have in hopes that you guys decide to try your best (your very best) to get the rights to to publish the Tales of games outside of japan.

    on another note: I have only recently heard about XSEED, I might look into what games you guys have done :)

    thanks for reading this… bit of a long comment

    • Until and unless we establish a deal for a title, we can’t really discuss it in much detail. But we are well aware of the fans’ desires. Trust me, if we CAN make all your dreams come true on this, we certainly will — we’d be foolish not to! But that’s a big if, for a variety of reasons, so please, don’t get your hopes up too high. Just know that we’re well aware how much fans want to see these games released — your pleas HAVE been heard.

  • I agree with @65. It’s awesome that you’ve responding so much to everyone’s questions.

    I have never played a Ys game before, but you definitely sparked my interest!

  • Preordered an import right away as I too prefere physical media over download. Thanks a lot for doing this and Lunar as well, it´s highly apreciated.

  • Awsome, Xseed its my favorite publisher on the psp, i still remember my Brave Story, what a game guys, if anyone its a rpg fan here and still havent played please go get it!!!! Then later came Lunar and now YS, just wow, talking about lunar do you know if are any plans to give it the same psp remake theatmen than the first one?

    • That’s up to Game Arts, the developers of Lunar. If they release a Lunar 2 remake, you can bet we’ll be chomping at the bit to get our hands on it — they’re a great company, and we’d love to work with them again.

  • ill make sure to find it as digital download

  • I’m very stoked to start playing the Ys series on PSP – RPGs are the main reason I keep playing my PSP and XSEED keeps delivering top notch efforts – dang I wanna leave work and play some Lunar now…

  • So far so good ! I’m really happy to see you guys giving us those really good JRPG…

    But hey ! A great Japanese license is missing here no ?

    Wait for it … Tales of obviously :D

  • Man, I’m incredibly happy XSeed is bring the Ys game over. You guys have excellent taste is choosing games. It feels like 1998 when Working Designs was pumping out great games.
    Ys Seven looks awesome, I may buy it twice. XD

  • No retail release for Europe? I’m really not the type that buys digital releases, I prefer paying for a physical object.

    I’d really want to have physical copies of the all the new PSP YS games to add to the collection.
    I hope somebody brings it over somehow…even though it’s not entierly necessary with your efforts, having put it on PSN.

    I should still be thankful for you at least doing SOMETHING, Xseed. So thanks a lot.

  • I will most likely not buy the game because of this.

    Sorry, I can’t support decisions like these. It’s just going to keep other publishers making the same decision.

    Still thanskful that you got it over to the european market for other people to try it out though.

    • But… but poor European sales will actually have the OPPOSITE effect, if you think about it! It’ll just make us think you guys don’t like us, and make us less likely to try something more daring for future European releases. :(

  • I just wanted to drop another comment and say thanks Tom (and all of XSEED) :)

    and to support Half Minute 2, I bought another new copy!!!

    Take that number crunchers!!!! (btw, that’s my 3rd copy xD)

  • yay great news ^^

  • Love the write ups on the official site, makes the characters seem really cool, even though I’ve known Adol and Dogi for years it still got me hyped up to bust some walls with the big guy. Day 1. :D

    Looking forward to Sora too, just hope it doesnt end up in a Shining Force 3 situation.

  • Hey Tom, could you pressure the guys at Konami to release Ys VI Ark of Napishtim to the ps store?

    • I could, but I don’t think I’d have any more clout than anyone else — that’s Konami’s decision entirely. If you really want to see the game on PSN, you should let them know personally!

  • Ys is such an awesome series! I remember playing Ys III: Wanderers from Ys on the Super Nintendo, which was pretty cool.

    Anyways, I pre-ordered the Premium Edition of Ys SEVEN, and I’m really looking forward to it on August 17th. Ys SEVEN (in my opinion) is the best third-party PSP game of 2010!

  • way to go XSEED!^^, i will really look forward for tales of series under your hands ;D

  • @91

    I have been asking but it wouln’t hurt if another company ask;) Oh and check out some Half-Miute Hero 2 info:


    Hope you guys bring this one over.

  • Thanks a lot Tom, it’s very nice for you to respond to me just to tell us that you have heard us and will do what you can. That’s more than Namco have done for us recently. All Tales of fans really appreciate it

  • Tom, thank you for responding to Stuart’s comment! I’m glad SOMEONE is looking out for us (because Namco seems to be ignoring us)!

    So, you want to bring Tales games, but obviously this requires Namco’s permission/license/something or other.

    My questions: Are you able to open talks with Namco about the subject? Or do you have to wait for them to come to you?

    And in 2011, when Namco Bandai Games America and Namco Networks America merge, Kenji Hisatsune will be the new CEO/president of Namco Bandai Games. Would a change in office that high up be of help towards Tales localizations? Or is the obstacle elsewhere (like Namco Bandai Japan?)?

    And lastly. XSeed published Fragile Dreams in the US, right? And Fragile was published by NB in Japan … Do you think this previous working relationship will help you get a hold of Tales titles?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, and it would be great if you could respond.

    • I can’t really comment on any of that. Honestly, I’ve probably already said way more than I should. I’m afraid I’ve gotten everyone’s hopes up, which I didn’t mean to do. There are a lot of reasons why we would WANT to release the games, but just as many reasons why we might not be ABLE to; and unfortunately, the latter may ultimately outweigh the former. All I can say is that we’ll do what we can. And unfortunately, specific information on our relationships with other companies is something we can’t really discuss.

      I hate to give such an “official”-sounding answer, but subjects like these are tricky to address without people reading all kinds of subtext into them. And I honestly didn’t mean any subtext whatsoever here: I literally just meant that we know how much fans want to see Tales games released stateside, we’d love to release them, and we’ll look into that possibility, but we can’t guarantee anything at all.

  • While I do want Tales games in the US, I don’t think it is right to keep spamming XSEED’s page (while they’re promoting their own game) about other company’s games. =)

    Anyway, I loved Ys VI… Looking forward to Ys VII.

  • I remember playing 1&2 on the DS and I own Oath of Felghana and Ark of Naphtism (sp?). I cannot wait to play this one. I am amazed at the effort your PR department has gone to keep in touch with the fans. Pre-ordered for sure. Keep up the good work and let us know when new info hits. This is the kind of advertising and marketing these game series needs. I am happy to see all the comments this has received so far. In the future you guys should continue to advertise to the fans directly and maybe even ask for their support in promoting the game for you.

    I know it sounds really bad to keep bringing this up as you have addressed other people, but this has got to keep be reiterated. The Tales series. You have GOT to find a way to get Namco-Bandai to ease up on their licenses. We are desperate for this series to hit our shores, especially the PS3 version of Vesperia and the future Tales of Graces and other future Tales titles. The same target market that buys Ys and games such as these are mostly Tales fans. As I stated above, if you need the communities help, ASK! That is what we are here for. We will definitly scratch your backs if you scratch ours. Heck, I’ll even come out there and give ya a massage =)

    • I don’t know if that’s a kind offer, or a creepy one. ;) But either way, thanks for your support! Like I said, we’ll do what we can. But honestly, from Bandai Namco’s point of view, campaigning to get *us* to release their games is probably not encouraging in the slightest! If you guys want to see more Tales games released stateside, you should let Bandai Namco know you’d like to see THEM release the titles. Let them know you’re interested! Might send the wrong message to them if you tell them you’d like to see other companies release their games, y’know? That’d be like saying to George Lucas, “Dude, I love Star Wars! Won’t you please let Tim Burton have the license to it?” George Lucas would just be like, whaaaa…? ;)

      But yeah, we’ve got some Tales fans over here too, and whether they release the games or we release the games or Atlus releases the games or NIS releases the games or WHOEVER releases the games… we’d be really happy to play them in English ourselves! ;)

  • I love Ys series (but not as much as my love to Tales series). I just want to say thank you for localizing all Ys games for the PSP, I still remember the day when you announced that you’ll going to localize them. It was a very happy day for me.
    I’ll happily look forward for Ys seven, and I’ll wait patiently for the other two Ys games.

    Thanks Tom and to all XSEED staff for bringing Ys games to us. ^_^

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