Mos Eisley Cantina Comes to PlayStation Home + Exclusive Star Wars Events & Items!

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most critically acclaimed installments of one of the most popular films of all time — Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. And this Thursday, August 5th, we kick off the celebration with the release of a slew of exclusive Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back content, available only in PlayStation Home.

Plucked straight from the iconic planet of Tatooine, the Cantina — situated in the spaceport town of Mos Eisley — is a rough-and-tumble intergalactic watering hole that welcomes only the toughest and bravest of souls (no Droids allowed!) From the Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes house band to Wuher, the resident bartender, the Mos Eisley Cantina is an immersive environment that faithfully recreates one of the most memorable scenes from The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Releasing alongside a score of items — including Chewbacca, C-3PO, and Leia Organa costumes — the Mos Eisley Cantina is available this Thursday via the PlayStation Home navigator.


While you are expanding your Star Wars experience by visiting the Mos Eisley Cantina in PlayStation Home and picking up the special Star Wars items (available from the LucasArts store in the PlayStation Home Mall), be sure to keep an eye on the posters throughout PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza during the next few weeks for portions of a secret voucher code. The first 10,000 users that assemble and redeem this voucher will receive a highly limited The Empire Strikes Back furniture item for their personal space. This item will only be available to those of you that participate in this ongoing scavenger hunt and will never be made for sale. So be sure to get in-world this Thursday to collect the first portion of this secret code and stay glued to this blog as well as the official PlayStation Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details surrounding future Empire Strikes Back events and content!

We wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the winners of the ModNation Racers “Snap a Trick” contest, which we announced on this blog a few months back. We were inundated with entries, but have finally whittled it down to the top contestants. So, without further adieu, I ask that you join us in congratulating the following racers: ADRSKYLINE14, DTC_2010, FerrariThugs, kidd94, Mangus_Lorcan, ManiK, QCVic, silentkillerrei, and tbt924. Visit the ModNation Racers space in PlayStation Home this Thursday and check out pics of these guys and gals’ awesome kart tricks (here’s two of our favorite shots, just to whet your appetites)!


Finally, we wanted to draw your attention to a site ran by one of our hardcore PlayStation Home community members, Bandit731, who hosts a truly gorgeous gallery of photos taken in-world at the following site: Give the link a click when you get a moment and check it out for yourself — this user is very talented.

See you in Home!

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  • Coool, But im pretty shure thursday is the 4th

  • When are we getting the MAG VALOR personal space?

  • Does the Cantina have the music?

  • The guy talking to the stormtrooper has wierd porportions.

  • Awesome that we are finally getting this space for us Star Wars fanatics. However, I’m also a fan of Star Trek. Where’s the Trekkie love?

  • In the picture above, the bar tender is in front of two tall tanks that seem to be IG-88’s head. Is this true or am I just mistaken?

  • Hey locus. Sounds kinda like lucos. Like george lucos. But I’m not really a star wars fan. So your mistake didn’t bother me. Just be sure to correct it if u can to set things straight :3

  • Stop messin around and drop the Killzone, gran turismo, twisted metal, Demon’s Souls, God of War, Heavenly Sword, Sly Cooper public spaces. do not speak to me until u at least bring out one of these spaces!!!!!!!!!!

    im going on hunger strike till then.


  • More Bioshock items please!!!!!

  • i am a huge fan of star wars. so i`ll be there. use the force – use the force

  • This update looks pretty cool, I hope there are Jawa costumes, I love those little guys! And I hope Amidala ones are there too, I liked her more than Leia. Is the voucher code really for a Tauntaun? That`s cool, my dog sounds like a Tauntaun xD I suck at voucher code events though, either I`m too late to do it or I can`t find it :(

  • Cool! And this will be nice birthday present for me since my birthday is tomorrow. =P

  • dats a good job royte dere addin some mor star wars. I jus be wonderin how dats gonna work cuz u kno, chewbacca not speak no english so wat am I suppose to type lyke when I be wearin da outfit? i guess be I be typing gwahhhhh!! all day u kno. and den, u kno all dem redeem codes is lyke someone gets it den sends it to all dere friends and den its gone in like 24 hours so no one gets it cuz it be gone so fast u should lyke make different codes for everyone or jus give us da stuff I mean cmon. whens ma avatar gonna be able to hug ma friends i mean we is lyke real close to each otha atleast give us a high five option or sumtin

  • oh and whars da long awaited will smith costumes we been promised. I jus wonderin cuz he so cool or maybe some other cool celeb outfits lyke paully shore guy you know he does da weasel in dat movie wif da encino man i wanna do da weasel so u should add dat as an emote. da weasel. u saw it here first yo dats ma idea fo da week thanks homie star we luv ya

  • IT BETTER be free….probably not ,us gamers are rich!!!!!!

  • Thank you so much for the mention, Locust! I really appreciate it. :D

  • this is a sweet update. Im glad I picked up a card yesterday and didnt put in in my account yet(cause I would of spent it).lol

  • creative HOME expansion! THANKS SONY!

  • Wish they would add the hair and gloves to purchase separately for the Juno Eclipse costume. They did in EU but not here. Those of us who bought the costume the first time around have no way of getting those items except buying the newer bundle which costs even more.

  • Adventure, excitement… a Jedi craves not these things.

  • killzone and gran turismo public spaces needed! not this.


  • weres the MAG open space its been 6 freaking months nothing also valor barracks i still dont see that any were you guys really cant read huh “MAG open space & Valor barracks”
    do it do it now ill be on here waiting 6 more months till something happens right “add more military type modern spaces”

  • You know what would make forever worship PS home? If you could have a surprise announcement o f you guessed it, STAR WARS BATTLFRONT 3! I dont care if its just a poster on the wall. I would wet my pants enough to make a lake if that happened. I still have hope that someone at Lucas Arts will get wise! Anyway nice I love star wars and will definitely check this out after my STAR WARS movie marathon tomorrow!

  • heres a good idea,why not give the guys bikinis seeing how they like to run round run the plaza in them pretending to be girls,and wheres the catwoman outfit you promised months back.still havent seen a moderator and hollywood celeb is right about chewbecca how we gonna understand him and is he going to be like 8ft tall? “Help me Obi-Wan”

  • Whatsup with all of the week long events, you realize the people spending money on home items and games have jobs to support this habit. An afternoon is one thing, but I dont have an entire week to devote to a promo code.

  • Finally! Thanks to LucasArts and Sony for finally making this space!

  • im going to check this out and i need one of those storm trooper suits.

  • “weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space””weres our MAG open space”

  • I see the first plaza code on the Star Wars Canina Place poster… When will the other ones be shown? Is it a daily thing? Or are all the codes out there already?

  • They shouldve made a Star Wars items and clothing SALE! Im sure they will make lots now with this huge promo… but I think they wouldve made tons more with a little discount… :)

  • Is their any chance that we might get more Star Wars items as the next two weeks come? Celebration 5 doesnt happen until the 12th (next Thursday) so is their a chance of another Star Wars update that day?

  • @ Hitman-Merc

    No way! We have enough dreary war torn public spaces as is! Seriously, how different would MAG and Killzone look compared to say the SOCOM space we already have? Besides, they already have two MAG personal spaces, and will most likely release a third next week for Valor. It`s almost overkill. So I honestly don`t know why you`re complaining.

    @ Hunnybunnee

    I totally agree, I complained about that last week lol. Guys are getting ridiculous on there now, running around as girls in bikinis. I find it disrespectful. If we have a guy avatar you don`t see us dressing down and parading around and acting immature. They need to grow up.

    I like the new Star Wars space(sadly, no jawa costumes but the others were great), however I couldn`t enjoy it long before two guys showed up and started harrassing me and another girl nearby. They were very rude, she was driven away too. It`s idiots like these and the bikini guys that are seriously driving me away from Home altogether.

  • What the hell? Are the codes in central plaza or actually in cantina? A little more info would be cool especially if intel is wrong.

  • Greedo shot first…

  • oh oh oh I lyke dis fish tanks we gots. By da way feral and hunnee is lyke u kno ma gurl britteny be wearin da guy avatar and she gots no shirt and she be wearin dat speedo from da midway and I be lyke w…h…a….t… and shes lyke oh yeah dats royte I be wearin it. and yeah u kno what u dont gotsta be a real cat to wear da cat costume. u dont gotsta be a real wookie to wear da chewbacca costume so u dont gotsta be a real guy to wear da guy stuff or a gurl to wear da gurl stuff. I see what u sayin doe but u kno dem kids gotsta be goin back to skewl soon so dey can learn and den we gets less attacks from da kids ooo yeah u kno

  • I hate Star Wars how about some METAL Gear theme at HOME.

  • I hate Metal Gear! Where’s the Star Wars stuff!?!? … Ohhhhh …

  • c bottom you rock lol thank you

  • Is this bug riddled place ever gonna be patched to make it USABLE? we all know the answer is NOOOO. Months from now after you’ve done NOTHING you’ll pronounce it “fixed” just like you did with Abstergo labs and it will continue to be just as useless. Wish I was a fly on the wall when LucasArts gives you a well deserved grilling over the ferocious lag and buggyness driving people away when their paying for this promo.

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