PlayStation Network Summer Sale: Fat Princess, PixelJunk, Chinatown Wars and More

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Escape the heat, humidity and sunburns of summer with an equally sizzling PlayStation Network Summer Sale. Enjoy great gaming with big discounts on your favorite PS3 and PSP titles and new to this limited-time event – minis are on sale! Now you can download minis such as Tetris, Bloons, Dracula Undead Awakenings, Monsters Probably Stole My Princess, and Zombie Tycoon at discounted Summer Sale prices. Offer starts on 8/3 with normal Store publish.

PlayStation Store: Summer Sale 2010

When temperatures soar, you know it’s time to cool off and play some fun games. So, avoid the dog days of summer with titles that will entertain you all summer long. From PS3 titles like Fat Princess and PixelJunk Shooter to PSP games like Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and lots of entertaining minis, get ’em at our lowest prices during the PSN Summer Sale. Don’t miss out on the season’s biggest event!

Offers good through Monday, August 9, 2010 for US & CA stores and open to all PlayStation Network users.


Fat Princess – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
PixelJunk Shooter – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Groovin’ Blocks – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Madden NFL Arcade – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
Wakeboarding HD – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.


The Eye of Judgment Legends – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.
echoshift – $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.
Patchwork Heroes – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.
Lunar Silver Star Harmony – $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.


Tetris – $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.
Dracula Undead Awakenings – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Monsters Probably Stole My Princess – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Zombie Tycoon – $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.
Bloons – $1.49 sale; $2.99 reg.

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5 Author Replies

  • how is chinatown wars for 15.99 a good deal? the iphone sells it for 9.99 without a sale?

    come on sony, you cant actually believe that we wouldnt have known that?

  • Lunar will be mine soon enough. Chinatown Wars is great though I already played it on the DS.

    Actually, most of those games on the sale are pretty great. Awesome sale, guys.

  • Was waiting for the GTA price drop
    Thx Store Team!

  • When will FF Crisis Core be available for PSP Go owners?

    Please support the PSP Go, is awesome

  • @robertmc8: Actually, Jovlel’s post deserves recognition, as Ro did not clarify that the sale starts tomorrow until the comments began rolling in. There was definitely some confusion as to why the Playstation Store was not updated yet, as this Blog post makes it sound as if it has already been updated a day ahead of time with this sale.

  • Whoah, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess for 2.50? Everyone should buy it. EVERYONE


    I’ve been waiting for a sale on Lunar and Patchwork Heroes! Thanks a lot guys!

  • @50 the iPhone sells it with inferior controls, etc.

    I’m not saying it’s a steal at $16, but using the “iPhone has it cheaper” argument isn’t the right card to play, I don’t think.

  • Ro, can you please confirm if Peggle Nights is still free with the purchase of the regular game?

    It is in the special deals section, but there is no mention if Nights is still included.

    Thank you.

  • This summer sale seems like a good way for me to save money…Mainly, because none of these offers interest me. Looks like this sale is about as weak as the game lineup in summer.

  • Yay for Patchwork Heroes!

  • this sounds like a good deal…

  • Will there be reg sales and or price drops on PSN tomorrow too? …I want to buy Silent Hill Shattered Memories..and I don’t want to pull the trigger tonight if there’s gonna be a price drop :)

  • Can we get a list of this months PS+ content please?

  • Definitely getting Fat Princess! Thanks!

  • What the hell happened to Castle Crashers?

  • Would probably be a good idea to clarify that these sale prices don’t start until the regular PSN update tomorrow in the original blog post itself…

  • So wait i dont understand so will next week (8/10) have a different sale? cuz idk but i was greatly dissapointed about that spring fever sale we had the last time? (i think that was it) there was only like 1-2 updates for psp games on sale so can we see other “Good” psp games on sale. i really would like to get Monster hunter, tekken 6 for psp but spending 30-40$ on a digital copy of the game seems like a rip off when there umd counterparts are selling for 10-20$

    And yes when will Crisis Core come ive been waiting since i got my Go in December for it to be on the Psn so i can play a great psp game on my psp.

  • How about putting Joe Danger on sale!!!!

  • Might finally pick up Fat Princess :D

  • This is a Great sale with many amazing PSP games getting big discounts- if I didn’t already get these before (thankfully, during the spring fever sales), I would buy them as soon as the update hits tomorrow.

    Just wondering, because I need some clarification- I understand that the sales for these games will end 08/09, but will another week of sale selections be put up then? Or will there be no more Summer Sales after this upcoming week (for this year, obviously)?

  • Is tetris mini compatiable with the ps3? Need to know in order to buy!

  • Fantastic! I’ve been on the fence on the PSP version of Eye of Judgment but I’ll be jumping on this tomorrow for sure. Will there be discounts on the DLC for EoJ as well?

  • Looks like i’ll be downloading something for the first time in a while.
    Pixeljunk Shooter, here I come!

  • Ro,

    These are great sales. Please include persona, soul caliber, tekken 6 in future sales. If possible please let us know if and when to expect to see crisis core and the other square soft games we despirately want in the psn store. If these games are never coming please let us know so we will stop asking. Also, along with the square games, please bring atari psp games to the store (exit 1 and 2, D&D tactics, ect) And the warhammer psp games. There are many backlogged psp titles not available in the store. Make it happen!!! Thanks for reading.

  • I’m irritated that Sony didn’t make it clear when the first free games for PS+ users (WipEout HD, Rally Cross, and Age of Zombies) were going to be replaced. I signed up for PS+ near the end of July but apparently I was too late. I really hope that these cut-offs are made more clear in the future.

  • Cool. Nice to have a sale the week before scott pilgrim vs the world drops.

    i’ll probably pick up shooter this time…

  • What the heck! I just bought Echoshift 5 days ago :(

  • whish u would announce this ahead, like xbox do with their summer of arcade thing..
    bought chinatown wars last week8/

  • Lunar half off?! Thank you!

  • “Tetris” for $5; this is the price drop I’ve been waiting for. I’ll be picking it up tomorrow.

    “Lunar: Silver Star Harmony” is a re-make of “Lunar: Silver Star Story” from PlayStation 1, Sega Saturn, and SegaCD. Without a doubt this is one of the greatest RPG love stories of all time. If you haven’t played it already you should seriously consider it; $15 is a steal.

  • Always wanted Pixel Junk Shooter and for $5.. tempting

  • i am heaterking i saw those comments peoplae make i dont cheat iam not with tupac he is a cheater and playstion death is the person you should be focus on and my brother ramon234567 had told me that

  • Wasn’t Tetris already on sale once? You’d think EA or whoever is the publisher would wake up and realise nobody wants to pay $10 for tetris and drop the price permenently.

  • Some day everything on PSN store and Home should be at 50% off or free!! :)

  • Seriously Sony, are you just mocking your customers? That is your summer sale?! Instead of putting a handful of games on sale for such a small discount its silly, why don’t you just directly tell me that I can’t afford to be a console (specifically PS3) gamer and I should stick with Steam or the bargain bins? Did you see their summer sale? Here is a quick recap: That is only the content that was on sale (mind you, on sale with very liberal discounts and on a very large selection of high profile titles) for one day. Lets not forget the massive discounts they gave for buying large packages of games! They had Trine for $4! Do you see me playing that on the PS3? NO! I bought it on Steam for FOUR BUCKS! “But p0wd3rd, given our current online sales model for the PSN, these prices are very reasonable, affordable and fair.” Well gee Sony, not only have you sold me a console on which games like RDR and GoW: C frequently lockup to the point they are not playable, you also have a terrible online business model for PSN. Thanks! :D

  • @72 No, Tetris is not compatible with the PS3. which sucks, it was the main reason i bought that game, but luckily i have a handy dandy PSP that i can play it on, so i wasn’t so SOL

  • between this sale, the release of scott pilgrim next week, and y”s the week after that, i see a lot of spending in my future. already know im gonna buy lunar, seriously considering getting fat princess and pixeljunk.

    anything bad ive thought or said bout sony lately is being erased in my mind.

  • This is a great summer deal. Hopefully they will discount on game add-on also.

  • Hey Ro, glad to see you guys are finally putting forth effort to make the store less of a mystery. Now if you guys could do that for PSOne classics and give us some word on where all the classic RPGs are, people would actually stop complaining.

    PS: Motor Toon Grand Prix is not a “true classic”.


    I have this game on my must buy list but I never got around to it. Totally buying it 100% tomorw :D :D :D

    Thanks PS team

  • Borderlands DLC Bundle (All Three) For $15/$20. Make it happen. ;)

  • Oh, come on!

    I just paid $15 for Fat Princess and now it is $7.50.

    I think I’ll wait on other titles from here out.
    Sheesh guys, really.

  • so when iz qore comin out this month

  • OK I would have loved to pick up a few titles but it was 11:45 PM (EST) and everything mentioned was full price what gives?

  • as a plus member. i’m afraid to buy stuff now on the PlayStation store as it might end up free or discount.

  • Hi Ro Hernandez, Lunar Harmony sounds like a great deal! A little off-topic, do you have an estimate of the release date for Vagrant Story in the US? Thanks!

  • now im mad i had $8.01 remaining and bought some stupid game called tank battles and have $3.02 remaining i could of bought fat princess i still play the demo -_- i knew i should of saved the money i hate myself

  • hellz yeah! gonna grab Lunar ASAP!!! Just got FFIX yesterday but i can never have too many rpg’s! still gotta finish VC before VC2 comes out though.

  • All those games should have permanent price drops.

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