This Week in PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space, Community Theater update

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Everyone’s favorite massive multiplayer first-person shooter, MAG, is unleashing yet another awesome personal space into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home — and just in time for the Zipper Interactive’s v1.07 update! Come Thursday, July 29th, soldiers from the Raven faction will be able to assemble their clans and plan the next course of attack in PlayStation Home’s new Raven personal space. Releasing alongside a slew of Raven furniture items, the Raven personal space is a strategic outpost situated in the heart of the jungle — dedicated to Raven Industries military operations — and a true must-have addition to any member of what is inarguably the most technologically advanced private military corporation’s repertoire.

PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space (Raven Apartment) PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space (Raven Apartment)

In other news, the PlayStation Home Community Theater will be receiving a huge update this Thursday, with the next edition of PS Nation’s wildly popular (and PlayStation Home-exclusive) videocast. Serving to bring players closer to their favorite gaming websites, blogs, podcasts, videocasts (and other media outlets) while further uniting the enormous audience under the shared interest of the best PlayStation games, the PlayStation Home Community Theater has been a huge success since we launched last month.

We caught up with PS Nation head honcho Glenn Percival earlier this week to chat about the newest addition to PlayStation Home’s Community Theater, and this is what he had to say:

We are very excited to bring you the next episode of our exclusive PlayStation Home Community Theater videocast! This time around we are featuring highlights from E3 2010, the awesome PSP version of Gravity Crash (don’t miss our interview with Stewart Gilray in our Episode 173 podcast), and show that, even in stick-form, Joel is just irresistible to all. Judging by the latest batch of download stats for our PS Nation Podcast, some of you apparently enjoyed our first video (they’ve increased almost 5 times since our first episode aired in PlayStation Home! Thank You!)

PS Nation in Community Theater

Finally, the PlayStation Home Mall will receive an update this week. Check out the Latest Update tab in your Menu Pad (simply press Start > Community > Latest Update) for a full list of new content. Personally, I think the new Lockwood Wings, available in the Sodium store this Thursday, are going to be a hit — but as always, it is your feedback that drives the development of all content in PlayStation Home. So be sure to head to the PlayStation Home General forum to let us know what you think about all the new content after you’ve given it a try.

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Wings in Sodium Store PlayStation Home: Lockwood Wings in Sodium Store

See you in Home!

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