This Week in PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space, Community Theater update

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Everyone’s favorite massive multiplayer first-person shooter, MAG, is unleashing yet another awesome personal space into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home — and just in time for the Zipper Interactive’s v1.07 update! Come Thursday, July 29th, soldiers from the Raven faction will be able to assemble their clans and plan the next course of attack in PlayStation Home’s new Raven personal space. Releasing alongside a slew of Raven furniture items, the Raven personal space is a strategic outpost situated in the heart of the jungle — dedicated to Raven Industries military operations — and a true must-have addition to any member of what is inarguably the most technologically advanced private military corporation’s repertoire.

PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space (Raven Apartment) PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space (Raven Apartment)

In other news, the PlayStation Home Community Theater will be receiving a huge update this Thursday, with the next edition of PS Nation’s wildly popular (and PlayStation Home-exclusive) videocast. Serving to bring players closer to their favorite gaming websites, blogs, podcasts, videocasts (and other media outlets) while further uniting the enormous audience under the shared interest of the best PlayStation games, the PlayStation Home Community Theater has been a huge success since we launched last month.

We caught up with PS Nation head honcho Glenn Percival earlier this week to chat about the newest addition to PlayStation Home’s Community Theater, and this is what he had to say:

We are very excited to bring you the next episode of our exclusive PlayStation Home Community Theater videocast! This time around we are featuring highlights from E3 2010, the awesome PSP version of Gravity Crash (don’t miss our interview with Stewart Gilray in our Episode 173 podcast), and show that, even in stick-form, Joel is just irresistible to all. Judging by the latest batch of download stats for our PS Nation Podcast, some of you apparently enjoyed our first video (they’ve increased almost 5 times since our first episode aired in PlayStation Home! Thank You!)

PS Nation in Community Theater

Finally, the PlayStation Home Mall will receive an update this week. Check out the Latest Update tab in your Menu Pad (simply press Start > Community > Latest Update) for a full list of new content. Personally, I think the new Lockwood Wings, available in the Sodium store this Thursday, are going to be a hit — but as always, it is your feedback that drives the development of all content in PlayStation Home. So be sure to head to the PlayStation Home General forum to let us know what you think about all the new content after you’ve given it a try.

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Wings in Sodium Store PlayStation Home: Lockwood Wings in Sodium Store

See you in Home!

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  • Can’t wait to hop on Home this week! Great update, as usual!

  • When do we get our next IREM update we are so far behind Japan? and when do we girls get some longer hair styles?

  • Dang. i thought the Blog was maybe getting an official podcast. lol oh well.

    I should get on Home some day. Haven’t been on since… well since it started really. haha. One day, one day. :D

  • Home: The biggest online rip-off PSN has to offer.

  • “In other news, the PlayStation Home Community Theater will be receiving a huge update this Thursday, with the next edition of PS Nation’s wildly popular (and PlayStation Home-exclusive) videocast.”

    Haha, I can feel the sarcasm. Well done, very well done.

  • Home is the greatest thing since sliced

  • bread

  • Wow, those wings look really nice! Can you say for sure what category they fall under in the wardrobe or no? They don’t look like they are under torso since the shirts they are with are default tops, hand items maybe?

  • Great update again,thank you. always wanted to be a butterfly or a fairy.

  • nice, wings look beast!

  • How much are the wings Locust_Star?

  • Hey Locust_Star any update on Irem suits? The ones that have the matching shoe & hat.

  • ¤Awesome update as usual! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Still got my fingers crossed for the developers to make more Anime Themed costumes! I know you guys can do it, for you can do ANYTHING!!¤

  • OMG PS nation podcast REEKS why are you doing this Sony?
    They guy are clearly in love with the box yet they are featured in the official PS3 blog, lame…

    Shame on you MR. Locust_Star

  • Home has turned out to be absolutely staggering in its success. What is the population up to now? 15, 20 million? It’s like some massive non-stop gamer online party.

    Every day. Every hour Home is absolutely packed with people:

    Hanging out with friends
    Meeting new friends
    Playing games
    Checking out the constant flood of new content
    Watching the latest videos together

    No wonder fans of other consoles and the Sony haters in the gaming press are so bitter and angry over Home. Just imagine how much it must suck to be forced to pay 50 dollars every year for laggy P2P online gaming and instead of Home you have those creepy Nintendo Mii ripoff avatars instead.

    LOL, fail…

  • We all appreciate what you guys are doing, but next time, try to have these personal spaces/game based locations when the game launches. It’s been over 6 months since MAG came out, that the game’s player count has dropped (for many reasons like new games and such, it happens to most shooters) and the interest level on home spaces based on a game might not gather the attention it deserves. In other words game spaces should be available when the game peaks in interest (at launch or slightly before or after). I’m not complaining, I just think that the margin of profit would be slightly higher when the customer is eagerly anticipating a pruduct that he would be more willing to spend more. So maybe by the time SOCOM 4 arrives (for example), its personal space shouldn’t be months behind its release.

  • It has been almost a year since I have been on PS Home. I remember when i was invited for the Beta. I was hooked.

  • I’m still waiting to hear about a Sam & Max public and personal space :)

    Is there any estimation as to when the graphical quality will improve? Home used to look really great, but it seems like every new patch has slowly degraded the quality :(

    Will there be PS Eye support for head/smile/mouth tracking? It would be really cool to have it do face and simple skeletal tracking when voice chatting with our friends.

  • PS: I’m also waiting to hear about a Heavy Rain space. Maybe the crime scene and/or junk yard? It would be a great tie-in to promote the Move edition of Heavy Rain!

  • I should probably stop by again soon. Though it’d be nice if WKC had a Homespace- that’s the sort of place where Gamelaunching would really come in handy. While finding 24 other people for a shooter match is sketchy, finding four people for questing wouldn’t be nearly so hard. ‘Course, the games servers have become an absolute wreck lately- disconnects practically every other game…

  • I finally loaded Home up again a couple weeks ago and fell asleep 20 minutes in, so I technically was in Home for like 2-4 hours.

  • @evildude683

    I’m listening…

  • what up L_S? wow no more cyd huh? heard jack goin crazy lol, dont worry i gave up on getting my music into Home. Still onthe drums, in the studio w/ ur band? later!

  • You guys should make a store or something that your able to make and create your own clothes tattoos etc.

  • @torgo
    Well good for you sir, maybe you can take that as advice to maybe change that about your “podcast”

    I personally don’t like the fact that the podcast sounds more like something I will hear over at my local bar, to much chitchat and jokes…doesn’t cut it for me ‘Mr. Glenn”

  • Podcast is fine, they cant just talk games for 2 hours straight cause frankly it will get boring, on slow weeks specifically. You gotta mix it up a bit every now and then.

  • I have a question about the wings: Are they worn as a complete shirt item, or could the wings be mixed, matched and worn with other shirts? In other words, in which wardrobe category should we find the wings in after we purchase them?

  • @Torgo

    Don’t listen to the haters just keep em coming dude the podcast rocks.

  • Everytime the Mall gets an update my wallet cries a little bit. . .

  • Do girls get those cool black dragon-like wings too? I hope so, I don`t want to dress up as a flamin` fairy/butterfly…I hope this isn`t yet another case where guys get better stuff. Not all girls want to be dressed up like Barbie.

    More animal costumes, and dark gothic type clothing please, and yes more long hair for girls.

  • @unworthybozo
    Don’t worry, the guy is a grown man I’m sure he can take some criticism.

  • We need longer buffering for videos. There is no reason a video should buffer for a few seconds …then be forced to rebuffer a few seconds later..

  • Has the inventory/floating items been fixed yet?
    Inventory does not load on 90% of the stuff
    Floating items well that explains itself

    Its been like this since yesterday

  • home sweet home.

  • i believe the wings will b with yr hands stuff …. and would like 2 know when some of the personal spaces available in NA are gonna make there way 2 EU as our selection is aweful , think of all the pennies in the till ( dimes in the registers ) … i love my personal spaces but please give us more , i dont like 2 moan about home as its awesome but just wanted my say :)

  • hey locust_star,

    any chance the SVER personal space will come to home or was that a MAG preorder exclusive only?

    not that im against raven, they do have good guns but im SVER on my account.

  • but the PlayStation Home will be forever beta ???????

  • You guys are doing a great job with Home, its improved by leaps and bounds since it launched.

  • locust_star

    Please link HOME avatars with PSN someway…..
    Also let us choose witch HOME version (pal,jap,us) we want to log in without creating a new account.

    Eitherway keep up the good work

  • the pod cast sux. there should be stuff from home users in there. like home machinama and things like that

  • HOME is FREE ..why would anyone complain about something thats FREE and can help you meet new people and play mini games..and have your own personal space..and an avatar that can actually look like you…and has movements and theres alot more.Purchasing items for your avatar or your personal space is an OPTION..aka UP TO YOU…I dont understand these UNGREATEFULL FOOLS >:/ ALL i gotta say is THANK YOU SONY PLAYSTATION ..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK..I WILL BE SUPPORTING HOME as much as i can..and hopefully we will be able to have streamed videos and play our own music in our personal apts..;p

  • ummm…when are you guys showing the videos from the Loot machinima contest that you guys said you would show in the Community Theater over a month ago? I’ve been going in there for the past few weeks and it’s been the same PS Nation podcost every week.

  • Yeah those wings are pretty sick.

  • home isn’t completely free. U have to spend a little money to enjoy all of home. I love the place. I just think the home community theater should have stuff from the home community not some dudes that don’t have anything to do with home. just using it for a way to there pod cast out there. I cant hate them for that either but that place should be for the home community’s stuff. Make those guys at least do their pod cast with avatars or something. lol

  • hey ps home & zipper weres tye VALOR place at it better be free & MAG needs an open space like how socom has two now why you not make me happy “VALOR place & MAG open area space”

  • @evildude683

    Go on…

    I’m thinking about subscribing to your newsletter.

  • the_lone_wolf_42

    Any chance we can see better catagorization for items (e.g. Ornaments, too many to be listed solely under ornaments, the disco ball should be under lights for example..and especially clothes, Horns and emoticons should not be listed under headphones..Its too hard to find anything you buy, and its overall aggervating.)
    Also, when browsing through the clothes or personal space items you’ve bought or won, it would be wonderfully nice if you could see the name of the items. Not too much to ask right? :)

  • he said free lol
    people keep saying free. I know I’ve spent enough money on home to keep it running by myself.

  • Also, we had some snags with the approval process, which is why Episode 2 is later than any of us wanted. We’re all new to this process, and we’re all working VERY hard to figure all of this out so it’ll be smoother for those that will be in the Community Theater soon. We’ve made a lot of headway recently, and our hope is that we’ll be on a pretty regular schedule now.

    For those saying that we should have content from the Home users (bigdaddyellis40,) we’re not against it at all, but no one has ever approached us with any ideas or content. We’re not owned by Sony or anything, and we’re not geared solely at PlayStation Home, so there may be some confusion.

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