This Week in PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space, Community Theater update

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Everyone’s favorite massive multiplayer first-person shooter, MAG, is unleashing yet another awesome personal space into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home — and just in time for the Zipper Interactive’s v1.07 update! Come Thursday, July 29th, soldiers from the Raven faction will be able to assemble their clans and plan the next course of attack in PlayStation Home’s new Raven personal space. Releasing alongside a slew of Raven furniture items, the Raven personal space is a strategic outpost situated in the heart of the jungle — dedicated to Raven Industries military operations — and a true must-have addition to any member of what is inarguably the most technologically advanced private military corporation’s repertoire.

PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space (Raven Apartment) PlayStation Home: MAG Personal Space (Raven Apartment)

In other news, the PlayStation Home Community Theater will be receiving a huge update this Thursday, with the next edition of PS Nation’s wildly popular (and PlayStation Home-exclusive) videocast. Serving to bring players closer to their favorite gaming websites, blogs, podcasts, videocasts (and other media outlets) while further uniting the enormous audience under the shared interest of the best PlayStation games, the PlayStation Home Community Theater has been a huge success since we launched last month.

We caught up with PS Nation head honcho Glenn Percival earlier this week to chat about the newest addition to PlayStation Home’s Community Theater, and this is what he had to say:

We are very excited to bring you the next episode of our exclusive PlayStation Home Community Theater videocast! This time around we are featuring highlights from E3 2010, the awesome PSP version of Gravity Crash (don’t miss our interview with Stewart Gilray in our Episode 173 podcast), and show that, even in stick-form, Joel is just irresistible to all. Judging by the latest batch of download stats for our PS Nation Podcast, some of you apparently enjoyed our first video (they’ve increased almost 5 times since our first episode aired in PlayStation Home! Thank You!)

PS Nation in Community Theater

Finally, the PlayStation Home Mall will receive an update this week. Check out the Latest Update tab in your Menu Pad (simply press Start > Community > Latest Update) for a full list of new content. Personally, I think the new Lockwood Wings, available in the Sodium store this Thursday, are going to be a hit — but as always, it is your feedback that drives the development of all content in PlayStation Home. So be sure to head to the PlayStation Home General forum to let us know what you think about all the new content after you’ve given it a try.

PlayStation Home: Lockwood Wings in Sodium Store PlayStation Home: Lockwood Wings in Sodium Store

See you in Home!

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  • Well I have some Ideas U wanna get together and chat abot it some time

  • @bigdaddyellis40
    Send us an email and we can talk as early as next week if you’d like.


  • and when I said the pod cast sux I mean n the aspect that it dont have anything to do with home

  • Plz do something about the “girls” that roam Home…Lol

  • does it come with a sniping tower?! i’m so getting it! ravens rule! snipe you soon, beeyotches! :D

  • Valor needs a personal space & MAG needs an open area like socom

  • Oh dis is good. Dis is good. I like dem wings ma homie locust but now ma girl brittneys gonna make me buy dem fo her and is like u kno how dem ladies get wit da butterflies they be goin crazy thinkin dey can fly now. I guessin you not gonna add da beaver tails and cheese hats but its all goood mang least you still addin some thangs. i still mad we was promised thangs and no one listen cuz dey all bigger den us like da giants of da earth all lookin down wats dat all about u knoe. ma girl ms spears is gonna flip doe when she sees dem wings

  • LMAO what

  • what if I don’t laugh? do I get free Home stuff

  • i kept being forced to update home client and getting kicked off al day today. no thanx nice try

  • God I hope those wings are animated :(

  • Guy what u be talkin bout home is free. is free. jus admit dat now u know is like no one hasta buy thangs but dey do. if nobods bought thangs sure we be stuck in a single map lyke da plaza but hey it still be free no one forces u to buy da stuff u gots da free will but u knoe how dem ladies get dey force u to buy da stuff fo dem so yeah maybe u be royte bout dat.

  • Joel on a Mutha-loving stick!

  • @Killzone79

    umm…the SVER personal space has been there for like 2-3 weeks now, it just was never mentioned anywhere. Have you been to the Estates store at all?

    Considering they have that and Raven now I assume Valor is next weeks update.

    I saw the costume packs for RE5, now why can’t us girls get cool elven cloaks like Sheva? Something cool and exclusive for the girls for a change. Though its stupid how many guys have girl avatars. I love Home but guys are ruining it for me. So many are posing as girls that REAL girls aren’t taken seriously and constantly get questioned if they’re actually guys. Then there’s all the pervs. If you won’t take us girls into consideration then at least think of the kids that are being subjected to it too.

  • Questions!

    1) When will the MAG S.V.E.R. personal space (previously a MAG pre-order incentive) be released for purchase?

    2) Lockwood Wings – are these shirt items? And if so, I want to recommend PlayStation Home figure out a “Back” attire spot while it’s still in its Beta phase, because things like Wings, backpacks, etc should be independently manipulatable from shirts.

    Outside of that, another great showing from Lockwood. Loved Sodium, too, which is the poster boy of what PSHome should strive to be.

  • Hey Locust and Glass, personally I have been with Home for more than a year now and bought quite a bit of items from it. Great job! Like most players, I treat Home much like a place for me to socialize.

    Like most gals, I hope IREM stuff can arrive on our “shores” soon if not sooner.

    Another observation is with the price cut on clothes and spaces, most of my friends are not willing to pay for new items – they rather wait. My suggestion is to state if that particular item is exclusive – maybe there is another term for it(meaning it will never go on sale).

  • Anything that says Mag is great…

    Katheryn de leon,if your reading this,I could drown in your eyes
    What a woman…

  • so when are we gonna see some playstation home features on the psp ?

  • What happened to the comment I typed up? O_o

    Anyway, I’ll ask again.

    1) When will we see the MAG S.V.E.R. Home space (previously a MAG Pre-Order incentive) become available for purchase?

    2) Where are the wings worn? Are they part of a shirt? And if so, while PlayStation Home is still in its Beta phase, how about creating a Back attire slot for things like Wings and Backpacks? You know, while there’s still time to change.

  • any chance we can get a bord & card game room. id use home more then. u can even plaster the place with posters and vids 4 all i care. just want to play

  • when will you zipperheads ever favor VALOR first no more babysitter SVER noobs all the time “VALOR”

  • Thanks for the news. I am looking forward to the Valor personal space that is bound to be coming soon.

    Thge best is yet to come!

  • I only read the blog to see what Hollywoodceleb has to say that guy is hilarious,havent seen a mod in home for weeks are they still about? The noobs are running wild and ruining home they should be made to wear diapers nothing else just diapers lmao,thinking on that can we get adult sized baby clothes lol.And i would really like a buggy with a baby in it to push round home and perhaps a dog like my westie bruce, who follows me around and sits everytime i stop.


  • @Mies2000 Represent. :)

  • that-acmilan-guy

    Locust, i know some line of t-shirts everyone wants, bands tshirts like classics from Metallica, AC/DC, Dio (RIP) to modern like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, etc.

  • Awesome news. I love PSnation’s podcast!

    Hey guys, how about some virtual TVs that can stream some of these theater shows to your home. Kinda like a straight to DVD deal, where some of the things in the theater can be sent to your private apartment via a virtual TV. :)

  • after 3.5 years, Sony is finally making a profit with the PS3.
    does this mean we will finally start getting things we’ve been asking for soooooooooooooooooooooooo long now?

  • I can not believe comic con came and went with still no comic book content for Home in North America. That was disappointing. Still nothing on trophy rooms at all….there needs to be a content development information pipeline for Home. We as consumers have no way to build excitement for anything released in Home…..we only know what is coming less than 24 hours before it drops. A Home developer theater space might ber a good way for us to see what is being worked on for release weeks and months down the line…. For example I haven’t seen a trophy room in 3 years what the Hell?

  • Home knows what time it is

  • @Evildude683 hay may technically be a grown man but as evidenced by both his podcast and his immature comments here he isn’t grown in the ways that count. Truth is that podcast is nothing more than childish rantings and half baked marketing trype. Exactly why the theatre is used as a meeting place by the few who go there. that podcast is a joke. Seriously Torgo your being laughed at and your immaturity makes it all the more funny.

  • I havent been on Home for a good while i think im going to have to step back on there=]

  • @PirateHarlock As much as we’d like everyone to enjoy our podcast we realize that’s impossible. Most importantly for us we like to enjoy what we’re doing and have some fun/laughs in the process. I’m sorry you don’t enjoy it and believe that we’re “immature”. Others do like it and for those we feel like we’re providing a couple hours of entertainment while also entertaining ourselves in the process.

    The nice thing about podcasts, music, movies, television, etc. is that if you don’t like something you can stop listening and/or watching. All are subjective and none are liked by 100% of people.

    Appreciate yours and everyone elses’ feedback.

  • @PirateHarlock

    That’s cool, since we do this podcast for fun, as long as people are laughing and having fun, that’s all that matters.

  • I officially name Playstation Nation the official podcast of the Green Bay Packers.

  • Guys you dont get it. Its not laughing with you in that way its laughing at you. The fact that your here is a big hint at why psn needs to be revamped so badly.

  • Im going to do Locusts job because I am thinking he hates talking to you punks on a weekly basis about your random complaints. 1) Go re-educate yourself in home. If you think something is not available for purchase you are probably wrong and its there most likely. Irem school girl uniforms are in Irem’s market space and SVER personal space is in the mall/CP under personal space purchases :| 2) stop debating about whether home is free or not. I have purchased plenty and I have received plenty of free items from events. You do not have to buy anything but you do have to be a part of the community to be up to date on current events, free gear and releases. You don’t have to play home but I would suggest it considering every person with a ps3 has access to this game which makes game networking and making good friends within the ps3 community much easier.

  • oh wow u go girl koala dats wat i lyke to see. i lyke dat fire you has gotted inside let it go wooo yeah dats some action royte dere. i jus hope u dont make da locust mad yo he gots powers lyke crazy powers and u take his job he might be angry and u actin like u is some type of home specialist idk he might think dats impersonatin i would chill gurl I kno dem guys argue bout dumb stuff but hey wat else dey gonna do is like u kno dey all think dey gosta be royte ina world like I said some people think dey da giants of da world lookin down at us thinkin dey can jus step on us. idk jus chill locust can handle himself hes got da power yeahhhh

  • Why is PirateHarlock so miffed about the podcasts? Like they said, it’s just for fun, chill out.

    I am so glad the dragon wings were available for girls, I didn’t want to miss out on those! I bought them right away, thank you so much! :D Will Lockwood have dragon heads/masks to go with them? The wings are selling like mad they should deffo give us more fantasy stuff, like the elven cloaks i mentioned before. I really want to complete the dragon costume now though!

    C’mon Good and Evil dragon masks!

  • No no, we get it, your podcast is better than ours. Which one do you do again?

  • add adolfo_cortez50 or Taco_Face916

  • When will be be getting the S.V.E.R. space for sale in the mall??

  • @PirateHarlock, so is your hate towards the podcast or PSN in general?


  • @86
    Nuff Said!!!


  • lol nice, i just bought this game and joined raven, and now i can see that base in home…..RAVEN FTW

  • You know its 2010-2011 and they still cant make a good solid interesting game, where its always changing, to keep it interesting of course (because playing the same levels and taking over the same stuff all the time is lame after 50+ times). At $60-$70 dollars a game almost $100 and its not satisfying, so making them RICH and in return Taking Advantage of the Public. When Wii came out with the motion controller where were the makers of Xbox360 and PS3? Now they came out with Xbox Elite sooooo why in the heck did they take Advantage of Everyone and there Mother into buying the original version in the 1st place. On top of all this WE THE PEOPLE (I have heard that somewhere) bought the systems $300-$600 and accessories $30+? throw them in the garbage because Sony and Microsoft just made a NEW DISCOVERY!!!!! We are dumb for watching their commercials propaganda and paying them for BS SERVICE!!!!!

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