PlayStation Move hands-on: Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

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At last week’s PlayStation event in NYC, I was pleased to see Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition make an appearance — complete with the new PlayStation Move control scheme.

I grabbed a PlayStation Move and a Navigation Controller and dove into a combat sequence several chapters into the game. Several details quickly became apparent:

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and PlayStation MoveResident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Aiming is much, much easier. I was able to pop headshots, even at long ranges, with impressive accuracy using the PlayStation Move’s reticule aiming. You move your character with an analog stick (via the Navigation Controller or a DualShock 3), then squeeze the trigger on the PlayStation Move to draw your weapon. Once your shot is lined up, you press the Move button with your thumb to fire the shot. Easy!

From what I played, the new PlayStation Move aiming controls will be a big help to players who had difficulty adjusting to Resident Evil 5’s default analog stick control scheme.

Knifing is easier, too. In the original version of Resident Evil 5, swinging your knife was a two-step process: you pressed and held one button to ready the knife, and another to swing it. But using PlayStation Move, you can “waggle” the motion controller to immediately swing the knife at any time. It’s handier in a pinch, and makes close-quarters battles feel faster and deadlier. It’s also easier to smash open crates and barrels to find those all-important healing herbs.

Reloading works through a similar process: you pull the trigger to ready your weapon, then “waggle” the PlayStation Move control to reload. These tweaks make the game feel faster and nimbler, freeing up precious seconds during heated combat sequences.

Chris and Sheva are more maneuverable. By shifting the run button to the left-hand Navigation Controller (or a DualShock 3), Resident Evil 5 frees up your right hand for aiming and knifing. This has a liberating effect on the game’s pacing by encouraging more hit-and-run tactics — a must when battling tough bosses such as the chainsaw-wielding Majini. Much like the other enhancements to the PlayStation Move control scheme, this makes playing Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition a nimbler, easier process.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for PS3 and PlayStation Move

If you already own a copy of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition for your PS3, you’ll be able to download a free patch close to the launch of the PlayStation Move (September 19th in North America) to enable the new motion-control scheme. This will only work with RE5 copies labeled “Gold Edition” — the original version of RE5 won’t be receiving the patch, for technical reasons.

Moving forward, all new “Gold Edition” versions of Resident Evil 5 that hit store shelves after the launch of PlayStation Move will come with PlayStation Move support included on the disc. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition also comes with all the DLC add-ons, including the new “Desperate Escape” and “Lost in Nightmares” scenarios, as standard features.

Have any other questions about Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition’s new PlayStation Move control scheme? Ask away in the comments and I’ll see what I can dig up.

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  • They better update the original version. There’s no way I’m buying the Gold Edition, since I’ve already spent my money on all the add-ons.

  • As someone who bought the Collector’s Edition on release day, as well as the dlc, I consider no Move support to be a slap in the face.

  • When is comes to shooters, i prefer motion controls. however, it’s only when the game is designed with motion control in mind that the controls use their full potential. socom 4 and resident evil both were originally designed without motion control, and will require the option to play without move; degrading the value of the motion controls. games like metroid prime 3 on the other hand take full advantage of motion controls, and it shows. i’m not going to be getting a shooter that uses move unless it wholly and completely designed throughout the game to be used with only motion control. Until then i’ll stick with pc and wii shooters.

  • Why weren’t we notified of this before purchasing the DLC add-ons? I would have just bought RE5 Gold Edition.

  • I’ve posted my concerns in a blog post (to long to report here). Is it ok to link it here? I know this message is going through moderation so please feel free to discard it. I will renew PS+ ;)

    I’d love to ear from Sid about that “issues” I’ve exposed there.

    • Cool. Only “issue” I saw in your post was using your thumb to fire (aiming using the Move/action button), which didn’t bother me whatsoever when I played. Think of it as “aiming down the sight” — would you want to struggle with holding your thumb down to aim, then squeezing the trigger to fire? Since RE5 uses the Move/thumb button as an action button, I think swapping the buttons might make it more complicated. It’s hard to explain until you’ve played it (^_^)

  • I don’t have RE5 (Win)

  • @40 – Obviously you don’t read well. You need to consider the very basic implications of the comments. If people have complaints about their inability to use the Move controller effectively for any reason, sympathetic though they be, then they don’t have to use the Move controller. Hey, the normal control pad is more comfortable and functional to me in every way, but garsh durn it!

    @Mobstylez – We WERE notified of this before purchasing the DLC add-ons. What am I missing here? Maybe you guys are all from a different region where the fact that the Gold edition would be the only Move compatible one was some kind of secret?

  • This is precisely why I held out for the Gold Edition.

  • waggle to reload? Sheez. This is the trouble with movement controls. They seem to implement some actions that are rather silly & not needed. I’d much rather reload with a button press, waggling something to reload… ugh. *Bad memories of ill-implemented sixaxis waggle stuff in games*

  • “Technical Reasons” yeah sure, just as the VS mode was “not” included already on the game disc, c’mon capcom, stop screwing with us. Also, if the code is SOOO diferent why can the GE and regular play online with each other? Capcom is getting worse every day.

    @50 Schnello: that’s pretty fair, even if we still have to insert the game disc.

  • yeah, RE4 was awesome on the Wii, it really changed the feel of the game and I must say that RE is the perfect game for this type of control. Keep that in mind before complaining about the re-buy, because the experience is so cool its actually worth it! believe me!

  • Looks like Sony is starting a trend within the video game industry.

    First we have the option to rebuy PS1 Classics (No complaints, I love this)

    Then we have the PS2 HD collections.

    And now if we would like to utilize PS Move we have to rebuy RE5? Are you kidding me? Talk about a major slap to the face. I will not rebuy RE5 just so I can use motion controls. If this is going to be the case with every PS3 game that will have move support than you can count me out.

  • So I bought RE5 on launch date and now I need to get RE5 Gold edition for Move? Pass…

  • how about reloading your gun and then going back to shooting? some people had issues with that

    • Didn’t have an issue with it myself, but then again I only played for about 15 minutes…before getting decapitated by a chainsaw.

  • P.S specially if it’s like the chain saw guy… you have to reload then re-aim or so that’s what was said on Kotaku

  • with the long space of the blu-ray, why wouldn’t you ask them to put another resident evil game with move support as a bonus? it can be Resident Evil 1 to 4 or veronica’s code i don’t know :)

  • Just watched video of a new tech demo for the MOVE. There was an awesome “camcorder” mode — that moves the 3d camera as though the MOVE was a video camera. This gave me a good idea (and forgive me if it’s not a new idea). Using a 2-MOVE setup, put one move in some kind of head-gear device (like a forehead mounted search light) and the game could track your eye-movement. Want to look left, just turn your head left. Etc. Then have the second MOVE as your gun for aiming.

  • So all the people that bought the game already and bought DLC are just tossed to the side since you cant use move with it.

  • Dear Capcom,
    I’ve bought most of your PS3 games for full price, only to be nickle and dimed by purchasing your DLC that was already on the disc. Your shady business practices have been brought to light.
    You don’t want to patch the regular edition of RE that i already bought content for, instead you want me to shell out more money for a shill motion control patch.
    No thanks.
    I won’t be buying any more Capcom titles. In a year i predict you come out with a super version of Dead Rising 2 only to add move support and screw the gamers again. I can already imagine the content on its disc that will have to be unlocked via a PSN code purchase.
    For a company i have heavily supported since the 1980’s going back to NES, shame on you.
    Our relationship is over.

  • No thanks. Forgive the cynicism, but until we get a nuts and bolts explanation of the technical issue that impedes a patch for the original game, I’ll continue to be suspicious. If games can be updated to include 3D support, it seems they could be patched for Move support as well.

  • Why not patch the one everyone has?
    That’s sort of disgusting Capcom.

    I’m sorry, I don’t buy “technical reasons.”

  • cant use it with the original version? LOL

    k f u 2

  • Why is this that normal editions don’t get the PS Move functionality? When I heard PS Move would be compatible with RE5 I was like, “Awesome, when I buy it, I’ll have a game to play” but now it seems I don’t anymore, and I won’t be buying the game again because it’s not really worth it. This really makes me not want to buy PS Move anymore.

  • Sid, and anyone else listening on the blog: never, ever, ever use the word “waggle” again. In fact, for all future releases using this high-precision device, I would ask there be no “waggling” going on whatsoever. Either way, find a new word not associated with a children’s toy. That is all.

    • Good point — maybe I should use the word “shake.” I’ve never liked the word “waggle” anyway :-)

  • On my previous comment, insert the word “please” before “never”- apparently while editing it got removed, but it changes the tone of the message drastically.

  • If I get refunded on my bought DLC, I’ll buy the Gold Edition. Either way, that’ll remind me not to get RE6 at launch price (if ever).

  • I AGREE WITH 69 69 69!!!!!

  • 68 FTW!

  • The navigation controller has motion sensor?

  • Argh really. I own the regular version and was so excited. Screw this, Capcom. I’m not buying the same damn game twice

  • Im still chasing this Pt I just cleared the flash grenade medal today! wow what timing cant wit for this!

  • @67 Yeah, so when you turn your head left, you can’t see the tv? Great idea… :P

    Sorry about my bitterness, I’m just upset that people who bought the game day 1 won’t get move support. That just sucks.

  • “This will only work with RE5 copies labeled “Gold Edition” — the original version of RE5 won’t be receiving the patch, for technical reasons.”

    Darn.. I just bought the wrong edition for this :'(

  • Capcom greed never ceases to amaze me. I don’t care much for Re4/5, can’t stand the new “RE” games, but asking someone who payed full price for your game on day 1 and bought all the dlc to do it again is beyond insulting. This generation standardized hard drives and patching through the net. Stop spitting at your customers.

  • I recently Bought the Orginal Version of RE5 (Girlfriend bought me because it was on sale at walmart cheaper then the Gold Edtion) and Currently havent finished the game and was thinking about buying the DLC of it when I got finished.

    I thought they would be Patching the Orginal Version of RE5 for Move Support and no one On the Blog here could confirm you would have to Buy the Gold Edtion to get move Support I even Directly Twittered Capcom and “NEVER GOT A RESPONSE” from them about this issue.

    NOW I know to pass on to all my Gaming friends Capcom is a Cheating Reselling down low dirty pocket hungry slob.

    And Will not Recive my money for DLC or Gold Edtion unless they patch my Orginal Version.

    I would like a Free Copy of RE5 Gold Edtion for being a Orginal Buyer of RE5 and Not Being Told that I would have to Spend Extra Money for Gold Edtion to have Move Support.

    I Really Hope Capcom Does Something About This ASAP!

  • Such BS that Capcom isn’t gonna patch the original edition of RE5…I like RE5, but like most have already said, I’m not going out and getting the Gold Edition just so it can be compatable with PS Move. I’ll be fine with the dualshock controls.

  • Quote from Sid Shuman: “It’s actually faster this way, you don’t have to fumble for a button — you just shake and you’re good to go.”

    Really it’s faster to shake a controller than to press a button that your finger or thumb is probably on anyway. I somewhat doubt that. Also needing the Gold Edition to play with move makes for technical reasons makes sense, but to a lot of people that’s one less game they’ll use the move with. Which can easily translate into it not being worth buying since there’s no good games for it.

    I’m no game designer but I’m sure the regular edition can be made to work with the move with a patch. Sounds like the devs just want more money.

    Anyway know I have Killzone 3 and Heavy Rain as reasons to buy the move as long as all editions work for that I might still buy it.

  • Would you happen to know if it works on the alternative edition( the asian & japan edition)? There is no PS blog for us asian gamers… and I actually have the original game, and also the asian alternative edition released later on… i am not about to buy a third..

  • Awesome! I loved RE4 on the Wii, so better graphics and hopefully a better motion sensing/control scheme will make take the series to a new level.

  • Maybe this will be enough for me to rebuy the game, as I already sold my old copy…hard to say since Neptune,Rorona, and ATIII are coming out and require my money more. And who knows what else is gonna pop out of the woodworks by then…

  • I, for one, am actually really excited for this because once the Gold Edition was announced I waited for it to come out rather than buy the regular edition just because it was cheaper (just like I did later for SSFIV.) I imagine the control will be better than playing RE 4 on the Wii (aside from the obvious pros like graphics and sound.) Now if Capcom would have just done something about the frustrating Inventory system…

  • Capcom is a weird Company…on one side they try to please the Hardcore Community with sequels to classic games like Mega Man and MvsC 3 or SFvsT on the other side they have no problem with spittin in the Face of the people who buying the games in the end.

    All what we can say about it is EPIC FAIL…

  • As said before, I would very much appreciate if the original release was patched in some way to support Move. Sucks that it seems to be a problem.

    But as someone who has already bought the original and all DLC, I can only get Move support if I buy Gold Edition? Sigh.

  • ONLY the Gold Edition? WHAT?

    I bought the original game on day 1 for $60 as well as the dlc when it was released. I am NOT buying the game again, regardless of price.

    Typical corporate Capcom. Only in it for the money.

    Though my avy is from a time when Capcom was about creativity, I’m changing it.

  • So …I have the Original Version and I have the DLC which basically makes it the “Gold” Version in its own way …and I STILL can’t use the Move with it? …Nice going Playstation! FAIL!

  • I am tired of the Move and Kinect BS…. stop appealing to casual gamers, you can not satisfy everybody at once. I remember back before 3D and Move, Ps3 was an awesome Hardcore console…your lucky 360 is focussing as much on Kinect as you guys are with Move and 3D or I’d switch in a heartbeat

  • I’m glad to see that this has a similar control scheme as the Wii edition of Resident Evil 4. Will the quick-time events incorporate motion control as well?

  • no update for original RE5 owners because of technical issues,
    really o’ i see
    the issue of need more cash out of your wallets in to mine!!


    now i wont buy move thats it! you guy’s had me till this b.s.
    what’s next??

  • I still don’t quite understand how the trigger button ISN’T the shoot button. That seems weird.

  • This pretty much makes it less likely that I’ll buy Move, if games I bought that could get Move support won’t unless I buy the “Gold” or “Game of the Year” version of the game to get the option.

    I had very little reason to buy Move before, this pretty much gives me even less reason. No rebuying a game I paid $60 for when it came out just so I can have waggle.

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