DC Universe Online for PS3: Comic-Con 2010 trailer revealed

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This Friday night at 12:30am, GameTrailers TV on Spike TV will air the world premiere of the full DC Universe Online “Blur” trailer, plus a behind-the-scenes look at DC Universe Online.

But first, check out the teaser video below for a taste of what’s in store on Spike TV this Friday night.

This trailer gives a peek at the backstory you will experience when you kick off your experience in DC Universe Online. PS3 players will instantly recognize some of the star-studded voiceover cast we have assembled to give you the ultimate DC experience. Highlights include Mark Hamill as the Joker, Kevin Conroy as Batman, James Marsters as Lex Luthor, and more.

Stay tuned for the full trailer this Friday night at 12:30am on Spike TV. And remember: the next legend is you!

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  • Looks Awesome! Cant wait!

  • I want in the beta. Why didnt the beta sign up site ask for us to log into our PSN when we signed up for ps3 beta?

  • make the game F2P with microtransaction and not p2p WITH Microtransaction :|

  • Looks really awesome…
    I hope I can test beta.

  • Cool stuff, will be waiting for the full trailer, this game might be my first mmo, hope the ps3 version doesn’t have monthly fees.

  • too bad MMOs don’t really look like that

  • @DMPrince MMO’s will never work if they are free, A monthly fee will be needed to play to keep the content, servers and the game maintained. Without a monthly fee the game will fail. Just because this MMO is on a console does not deserve it to be free. This will also keep alot of the online kiddies from playing it which makes me happy.

  • @Digital-Prime Well said sir.



  • @5 $15 dollars a month.

    @6 Does any game look like its trailer?
    Want the real game vids, go to the DCUO website.

  • Amazing u.u

  • I cant wait to make my hero and fly around the city fighting crime:D Hopefully they’ll be cross servers

  • That trailer was sick! Can’t wait to see more!

  • Nice trailer. If i do get this game am most definitely picking Superman as my main character. I was wondering will Superman be able to fly all the way up from earth into space in DC universe online? Because i would love to be able to have Superman fly from earth into space.

  • mmmm love watching pre-rendered trailers. Sadly, in game it wont look or even begin to play like that.

  • Totally excited, Pre-Ordered and signed up for BETA!

  • Is this an exclusive? hope it is.

  • The graphics can’t look that good can they?

  • RENDERED TRAILER people! NOT IN-GAME ENGINE! how hard is that to understand!

  • still, SWTOR & this are both great. But SC2’s Ghost of the past is best trailer of the year. But then, PS3 fanboys don’t even know SC2!

  • From the responses l can tell most of you have no idea about this game.

    @14 You dont not play as Superman etc, you join there ranks.

    @17 Its for Ps3 and Pc, so no.

    Go here and learn what your talking about;

  • Actually, can l suggest to the Blog Mods to add the games Website to the main post?

  • I signed up for the Beta yesterday I believe. I’m looking forward to reciveing my Beta code. Will Plus members be getting a Beta invite? i really hope this isn’t gonna be like Qore where we recieve only like 3 out of 6 Betas.

  • Why can’t the entire game look as good as that trailer? :(

  • I wish PS + subscribers get a discount on the monthly fee that would be a nice incentive.

  • Keeping away the annoying kiddies is a definite plus, Too bad it wont keep away the annoying stuck up elitist as well.

  • that trailer looks awsome

  • shut the @*$: up

  • @Digital-Prime
    Guild War is free to play and that is successful

    Very disappointed with the $15 monthly fee. Every previews I seen and read for this game points to this game being mediocre at best with a DC license to push it forward.

    This is not even the best MMO coming out from SOE. The Agency look and is getting a lot of positive press compare to this game.

  • Looks awesome!

  • @BlooodyCow Shooters get boring so very fast, and get flooded with cheaters faster then a bar on ladies drink free night.

  • Anyone else catch Joker using Harley as a meat shield?

  • Guild Wars hardly counts as an MMO; it’s so instanced. Keeping the dungeon crawler style that Guild Wars has keeps server costs lower. A real mmo has large worlds where combat isn’t limited to set parties, making it more immersive and fun. The only mmo part of GW is the towns, which isn’t anything different than Home (a place to chat and meet up).

  • A few questions:
    1) Is the Beta going to be available earlier for PS+ members?
    2) Does the monthly fee cost 15 bucks? Any offer for PS+ members?
    2) Why the ps3 version doesn’t have special edition and the PC version does?
    3) If I get both copies pc/ps3, can I play the same account? (not at the same time of course)

  • i want this game so bad but the monthly fees is making me not get it

  • I wanna know since it has monthly fees will this be retail $60 or will it retail for less.

  • @35, 60 bucks PS3 version, 50 bucks PC version

  • Please answer a few questions, Mr. Yanagi:

    1) Will Playstation Plus subscribers receive a discount off the subscription fee?
    2) Will Aquaman appear in an upcoming expansion?
    3) Will there be a DCUO public space in Playstation Home?

  • @34: Those are excellent questions and I thank you for aking them.

  • just signed up to get into the beta, I hope I do.

    question(I don’t think I’ve seen an answer anywhere):

    with the PS3 version how are the monthly fees collected, is it going thru the PSN?

  • subscription fee?
    give me the game and maybe i’ll subscribe

  • @39: Thanks for the complement, now let’s hope we get some answers ^_^
    I have a couple of more questions:

    1) Related with the ps3/PC versions… Can different platforms play together? Meaning… Can I play with my hardcore PC fanboys buddies?
    2) How the servers are going to work? Can I play with people from Europe/Asia?

  • it looks awesome
    cant wait

  • Its made by SOE Sony online entertainment so not a console exclusive but I doubt XBOTS will get a taste of this..

  • I was kind of interested when this was supposed to be subscription-free, but not anymore.

  • LMAO, it sounds like the inception trailer at the end

  • Another question:
    Any chance of having a limited time life-time subscription during the first days? (other MMORPG’s had that option for just a short period of time)

  • As a concerned fan of both comics and of sony, please tell me you can implement some of the following. I can understand if you guys can’t do it all. But please at least consider these for the benefit of the game AND customers

    -PSN + subscriber discounts for dc universe online
    -A special edition of the game like the pc version has
    -HOME items won via trophies or doing things within the game
    -A HOME space

    I understand that stuff isn’t exactly simple to do. But please think about it

  • Was that Cyborg XD Teen Titans Go! i heard they are in it, but then again how when they are younger than wat Cyborg was there if it was him. But then again lol Robin and Night Wing are in it? either waY cant wait, any news about ps plus people getting in beta

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    I signed up for the beta, hope I get in, even though I won’t buy the game because I’m not paying a monthly fee.

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