DC Universe Online for PS3: Comic-Con 2010 trailer revealed

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This Friday night at 12:30am, GameTrailers TV on Spike TV will air the world premiere of the full DC Universe Online “Blur” trailer, plus a behind-the-scenes look at DC Universe Online.

But first, check out the teaser video below for a taste of what’s in store on Spike TV this Friday night.

This trailer gives a peek at the backstory you will experience when you kick off your experience in DC Universe Online. PS3 players will instantly recognize some of the star-studded voiceover cast we have assembled to give you the ultimate DC experience. Highlights include Mark Hamill as the Joker, Kevin Conroy as Batman, James Marsters as Lex Luthor, and more.

Stay tuned for the full trailer this Friday night at 12:30am on Spike TV. And remember: the next legend is you!

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  • @ 49, When you mention Teen Titans Go! you are talking about the cartoons which has its own story line. DC Universe Online is based on the comics (so no SuperFriends either ^_^) and on the comics Cyborg is one of the most veteran members (he is almost like a teacher). If I’m not mistaken he is one of the oldest members of the team so it’s not strange than he looks older.

    There is no problem with see Robin and NightWing there either.
    Robin and NightWing are not the same person. The new Robin is Damian Wayne (the 5th Robin), NightWing is Dick Grayson. NightWing was member of the Teen Titans, then he create the second Outsiders, then he came back to the New Teen Titans then he left again. Now he is solo on Gotham. Remind me to not give a job to this kid! ^_^

  • All I have to say about this is I hope sony doesn’t screw this one up like they did with Star Wars Galaxies Online. This games looks very promising compared to some of their other games currently out (mmo’s). I just hope they have learned their lesson but who knows. Hope i get to beta test it, it would be nice if you could log into same account on either your ps3 or pc but on one hand you would get a key for each game which would in theory be activated for only one account each. But if cross platform play isn’t enabled then you probably wouldn’t be able to log into ps3 and play pc char or vice versa as the servers would be seperate from each other!

    Looking forward to playing beta ;) (well hopefully anyway)

  • @ 52, I agree with you if I can use the same account on either ps3 or pc I would probably buy the special edition on PC and the regular version on ps3. I love the idea of playing a good MMORPG on the ps3 and in a big size HD TV but I like to play on my laptop when I’m not in my house.

  • I saw a DC Universe Online billboard on the 5 north today.

  • As cool as this looks, no game is worth $180 a year just to play.

  • Mark my words, this game will be a the top of most of the PSN communities login status. I have told people in many different gaming forums that this game will have a strong argument to be game of the year based on what S.O.E. said we will be able to do in the game alone…Straight Stopping HIT!

  • I can say with 99.9999% certainty that PSN+ subscibers WILL NOT get a discount on DCUO’s subscription fees. PS+’s discounts applies to certain select PSN (non-retail) game & DLC purchases. Nowhere in PS+’s description does it mention discounts for MMO fees. Don’t believe me? Go read up on PS+. PS+’s benefits are spelled out in simple English, black & white.

  • Hopefully the game will have good looking graphics… because if not, it’s a no-go for me.

  • i just want to know the release date

    Get your Portable ID!

  • Ahahahaha…. so many people thinking PSN+ will give them discounts on MMO monthly fees.

    Dosen’t hurt to wish, I wish I would win the lottery each week, but don’t expect it to happen.

  • yo wes.

    I wanted to get this game but the sub fee scared me off. I hope you guys work out a plan so PS+ subs can get a exclusive discount wiith the sun anything from 6-9$ a mnth is a good deal. it can be limted time offer. Its a win-win on both sides of the ball, more people buy this game and more but psn+ sub becuase they will feel sony is caring about them and so does the game dev’s

    AGN I hope there adeal to work out out inthe future of this game. Your product looks amazing and i really want buy it but 15$ a mth is kinda out my budget right.. thanks for sharing your post


  • @57, 60:

    I agree with you; PS+ members are not going to get any discount on the subscription fee but early beta access and/or themes, avatars or items are a real possibility:

    “You’ll be the first to receive invitations on select Betas.”
    “have the opportunity to get early access or invitations to select demos and betas.”
    “Access to select avatars, themes, and other items other folks can’t get – at least not until long after you’ve been there, done that.”
    ” download exclusive items,”

    Personally, I know I’m going to get this game. My only doubt is pc or ps3. I love the idea of playing a good MMORPG on the ps3 but the lack of special edition on the ps3 version is kind of confusing. Specially because the special edition while expensive it’s full of goodies:

    – statue of the Batman based on Jim Lee’s design concept.
    – limited edition Art of DCUO book, which 56 pages of art and information on the game.
    – limited edition DC Universe Online: Legends Issue #0 comic.

    But for me the most important question is:
    Can you play as one of the Green Lantern Corps??
    Can you play as one of the Amazons??

  • Lost ALL INTEREST in this PS3 title once they announced that it’s going to be subscription based. Meh pass.

  • Monthly fee? I thought you play for free online with PS3? hehe. Anyway My question is can we used PSN cards for Monthly fee? And On PC Side you know what are system specs? I have AMD x6 1055 T 2.8 :)ATI Gigabyte 5850 OC 1gig card.

  • Looks amazing! I hope I get the beta, because I might not buy it. Pay monthly? What is this, microsoft?!

  • The Trailer was fricking EPIC XD Good job!

  • I would def pick this up but with a monthly fee it’s not happening.

  • If the rumors are true about PSN PLUS covering the monthly fee for DC:UO. Then I will buy this game the first day because I have PS PLUS!! XD.

  • i wont pay to play for any game … especially 180 dollars a year to play with cheates, glitchers , and people who generally cannot follow the rules … untill those people are held to a higher standard of accountability…. NO THANK YOU !!!!

  • im agree with @62 maybe like a insitive yo buy psn plus they get a discount or free months with luck or maybe only for the 1 year suscribers of psn+ buy i think if they give a LOT of in game stuff will be awesome and i dont think that the 15 dolars fee is goinig to last not everyone is that fan to pay that kind of money, but some kind of reward for psn+ suscriber we must get


  • I think the story is this: The villians eliminated all the heros so then Braniac comes and destroys earth but Lex L. goes back in time to save the future. Now your mission/main objective (in the game)is to be a hero in which you try to help the other heros survive the war against the villians that try to eliminate them while doin crime fighting. so ur just stalling to save the heros from dying until Braniac comes and they can fight him.As the villian though, I think they dont know the issue (or they ignored Lex) so they keep tryin to rule the city and kill the heros

  • when u get the Beta code,do u go to dcuniverse.com and put it in or do we put it in redeem @ PS store?

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