The Sly Collection…sneaking into retailers for $39.99!

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While fans may know Sly Cooper best for his sneaky and stealthy exploits on PlayStation 2, his latest heist will be on PlayStation 3 this fall in The Sly Collection with three re-mastered classics in HD…for less than the price of most retail games! We’re excited to announce that following in the tradition of the God of War Collection, The Sly Collection will be available this fall for just $39.99 MSRP.

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And what does that one-penny-less-than-40 price tag get you? Let’s start with all three original Sly Cooper titles…this includes Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, Sly 2: Band of Thieves and Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, all re-mastered in glorious HD graphics.

Next, Sanzaru Games has added 3D support for all 3 games, as well as new PlayStation Move mini-games which you’ll be hearing more details about very soon. And finally, PSN trophy support will be integrated into the entire collection, with three platinum trophies up for grabs.

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Sly’s return to PlayStation couldn’t be more grand, and The Sly Collection couldn’t be more complete. We’ll be showing off The Sly Collection this week at San Diego Comic-Con (July 22-25), so be sure to come over to the PlayStation booth and check it out. And, as always, keep coming back to the blog for more information about the The Sly Collection.

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  • Sweet sauce!!!


  • @Superstrokey1123: The price was initially $39.99 for the God of War Collection. I waited until it dropped to $29.99 before I picked it up. :)

  • Why a Sly Collection? I want Sly 4!

  • Oh, and since Sony is busy making HD Collections then why don’t you talk with Sega to make a Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection? Those 2 games came out in America around the same time that the PS3 came out so hype was taken away by the PS3. On top of that, Yakuza 1 freezes indefinitely once you reach a certain part on the backwards compatible 80GB PS3. Seeing as how people are so hyped into getting trophies & HD Collections these days then Yakuza 1 & 2 is perfect for it especially with people not wanting to play future Yakuza games until they’ve played the first 2 that they missed out on.

    Oh, and have them make Shenmue 3 for PS3 while they’re at it. <_<

  • waiting for price drop is always and option.
    Probably will have this when it drops to $29

  • why don’t U bring back PS2 playback on my PS3 so I play the games I (paid for) back in the day instead of recharging me $40 so I can just throw my PS2 games in the trash. Great Idea wish I would have thought of that.

  • Great price – can’t wait! I never played through all the Sly games, so this will be a great way to experience the trilogy.

  • Well since this is following The God of War Collection in the Price will we also see an exclusive demo for Sly Cooper 4 or will their be announcement of Sly 4????????????????????

  • I don’t understand all the comments here…. The article is all good news and all the comments say are “OMG, YOU’RE DOING THIS WRONG AND I WANT THIS AND THIS AND THAT AND THIS”

  • Without a doubt, this is a day one purchase.

  • I’m really excited for this! Great job!

  • Thats realy cool, but when does it come out?

  • Awwww yea!

    As soon as it drops to $30 like GoWc did, I’m all on it.

  • Pretty sweet. Can’t wait to play these games for the first time.

  • I am so happy that you are keeping with tradition and only charging $39.99. This is an AMAZING price for three games like Sly Coopers. I played all three, and will be playing them all over again once this is released. Thank you guys so much for picking the Sly Cooper series as one of the first major collections to be re-mastered for the PS3. If you have never played these games, and like platformers then this is a MUST BUY/DAY 1 BUY.

    Now the only other collection that I would be willing to perform dirty deeds get released is a “Maximo: Collection”.

  • i’m a big fan of these collections and of sly, and i look forward to getting it.

  • The price is better than the usual $60 and for three games that makes the price even better. But since I have all the original sly games whats the point in buying the new ones for any reason other than the trophies.Oh well, I’m gonna pre-order it.

  • I completely agree w/ IrishHater. The Sly Cooper and Maximo games were among the best of PS2. I also played through all three Sly games and I loved them; one of a select few series where I didn’t get bored by the end of the game/series. I will definitely be getting this, especially since it has Trophy support.

    I would love to see the Maximo Collection and FFVII remastered.

  • Why does the Amazon preorder say 2020?

  • I will definetly be picking up a copy :)
    When can we expect a release date for the Sly Collection? Or is there one now?

  • Thats great.
    I want Jak&Daxter HD on this series! Please…. :)

  • We do need a Kingdom Hearts Collection. There are so many games that for them to be in one place would be amazing! As for this, I don’t know if I’ll get it, but I want to so bad.

  • Very nice. I’m getting it for sure. Trophy hunters will be all over this one.

  • @22 Okami may be one game but a Clover Collection is good thinking.

    @Everyone Mein gott, I had no idea there were so many Kingdom Hearts fans!

  • Jak and daxter would be awesome! The only one I completed was the original, now add trophies and widescreen, hell id buy it like crazy.

    Also when is this coming out? Im assuming septemberish?

  • Perfect price. If I didn’t have a good working PS2, and all 3 games, I’d definitely buy it.

  • YO! We need the Persona Collection and .hack collection or at least MGS 3: Snake eater REMASTERED with trophies. Easy Moneyz !!!

  • i only played a little of the first and third games but enjoyed them. then they were stolen. i’m getting this collection and hoping for some Mark of Kri love. someone mentioned a clover collection okami and godhand

  • AHH <3 my childhood game returns, but will it be available to buy from PSN store?

  • ‘TIMESPLITTERS’ Collection i would LOVE! :P

    But i don’t think it would ever happen :(

    Any chance of bringing back FULL PS2 playback to a new PS3 SONY? I want to play my 65’ish PS2 games on just 1 console.

  • 3 games for 40$ & trophies- sweet

  • metal gear series PLEASE

  • Looks great

  • definitely picking up a copy

  • I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • good job adding 3d support for all three games now. 3d content is pretty scarce and i need some stuff to play in 3d on my new tv

  • I will definitely be picking these up now, at $40. I had heard $60 before and that was a bit much for PS2 games, but at $40, definitely.

    As for Metal Gear and Final Fantasy collections, those aren’t Sony titles. You’d have to ask Konami and Square-Enix for those.

  • You people complaining about 39.99 for THREE full-fledged, 20-30+ hour games, each with their own Platinum trophy are our of your bloody minds.

    Go expect the impossible somewhere else.

    This is the same price as the GoW collection, and no one seemed to mind then.

    At the end of the day, you lose for complaining because the Sly series is just one of the many AAA franchises Sony has fostered over the years. I just hope this is a sign of things to come, and not a simple trickle of HD remakes.

  • Though question for whoever feels like answering: trophies require the use of Move controller?

    If so, thats a deal breaker, and you can bet most people won’t be willing to support this collection if you’re going to REQUIRE the purchase of 50 dollar controllers and 100 dollar cameras.

  • You see sony how much we love the classic series, now bring more ps1 stuff to the store while your at it (not games like motor

    for ps2 collections I know you can talk with 3rd parties so heres my list:

    Final Fantasy X-XII
    Jak and Daxter col.
    GTA col.
    Suikoden 3-5 col.
    The Metal Gear Solid Col
    The Legacy of Kain Col
    The Team ICO Col
    The Ratchet & Clank Col
    The Silent Hill Col
    Dark Cloud Col.
    Champions of Norath col.
    And a traditional…wheres Vagrant Story?? HUH? EU and JP have had for months…don’t you like the USA?

  • SONY!!!! you guys MUST have a HITMAN COLLECTION compatible with the move controls!!! THAT WOULD BE F’N AWESOME!!!!

  • i love sly cooper now for ps3 nice sly collection i hope they make to jak and dexter collection that will be great

  • the pseye isn’t 100 dollars, the msrp is about $40 and it can be found cheaper

  • Truly cant wait for this! day 1!

  • So many possible collections sony could release :Disgaea,level V’s
    dark cloud 1 ,2 and rouge galaxy,Ratchet,jack 1-3+x,metal gear,team ico titles,katimari.

    Anything with 2 or more games in a series can be made into a collection and i’d stick with $39 HD widescreen,trophies and move support where it makes sense.

  • Make this available on PSN store downloadable contnent

  • @Tikicobra:
    “Sly Cooper is awesome.

    But why, of all games, is this series getting a collection first? Why would you choose this over a Team ICO collection or a Metal Gear Solid collection?”

    The Team ICO collection won’t appear until a few months before The Last Guardian, to build hype for that title (see: the release date of the GoW collection).

    A Metal Gear Solid collection is very, very unlikely to happen because, unlike with GoW, Sly and ICO, Sony does not own the publishing rights.

  • Remaster GTA: San Andreas !!!! IT WAS THE BEST ONE! You’ll definitely have my money!

  • also agree with Hitman Collection!!!

  • Sly Cooper is getting a collection because the rights are easier to get than Metal Gear Solid and it supports their 3D initiative and it has been a longer time interval since the last release (Sly 3 came out in September of ’05)

    The Team ICO collection will come out as a promotional effort several months before the Last Guardian. This was the very successful formula they followed for God of War Collection and God of War 3 and they will use it again.

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