Latest Kung-Fu LIVE Trailer Arrives in Time for Comic-Con!

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Kick off Comic-Con week with a look at how you’ll be kicking ass in the comics!

Kung-Fu Live

Hi there! Teemu Mäki-Patola back to give you the latest update on Kung-Fu LIVE since first showing it off right here on the back in May. With Comic-Con just days away in the US, this week is one of the most exciting times to be a lover of all things comics and video games. With that in mind, we finally wanted to show off a closer look at what it’s like to literally step into the pages of a classic pulp action-comic in our latest trailer below!

For those of you PlayStation Eye owners or future PlayStation Move owners, this trailer gives you a better look at exactly how our own Freemotion technology will work when tracking your entire body without any controllers. As you can see, we always find it’s best to let loose when playing the game, and dressing up in your favorite ‘bad-ass’ outfit is something we definitely recommend. As far as weapons go, the single-player experience is currently controller-free, and players can use their own inanimate objects to take down enemies with much more style!

Kung-Fu Live Kung-Fu Live

We can’t wait to show off much more of the game later this Summer, and you can look forward to learning about the game’s five-player multiplayer, enormous arena stages, boss battles, and more! The game will be launching on PS3 this Fall on PlayStation Network not too long after the PlayStation Move hits stores. Stay tuned to our website, our Facebook page, and right here to the for more details as soon as we’re ready to kick more news in your direction. I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you have about the game in the comment section below! Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to get you all into the game, literally!

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  • About the 5 player multiplayer.
    Will there be options so all 5 people fight against each other ?
    Or, is it only 4 against 1 ?
    1 on 1 with 5 people would be lots of fun !

  • This game looks real neat.

    Ive been waiting for a good full focused PsEye game that doesnt have its severs closed.>__>

    And the multiplayer seems real cool to wish you guys showed it off at e3.

  • will it be a free ps plus game?

  • This is the coolest thing I’ve seen for the Eye. You guys are taking the Eye in the direction it was destined to go.

    With sexy results.

  • I can certainly be counted as one that is very excited about this title. Well done to you and your team! It looks fantastic and can’t wait to get my hands on it!

    I truly hope your game inspires more PS EYE games.

    And most of all thank you for all your responses!

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Hey NoobianGod,
      thanks for the kind words and support! Glad to hear! Will pass along to the team.

  • Also, where do you think we could possibly land on perhaps getting the Comic Book (if it does turn into a full comic book) into the PSP (and hopefully one day the PS3) Comic Book Reader app to view and read?

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      I think we can save the comics pages as good resolution pictures into the photos folder of the PS3. That way you could also get them on your PSP quite easily. This is still under research, though.

  • Looks awsome guys, can’t wait!

  • Wow..its cool to see a developer response quickly to soo many queries..not to mention the CEO himself.

    I just have one question. Will it have 1 vs 1 mode where both players are using the PSeye? I don’t mind if this is done through online multiplayer mode. It would just be soo cool dodging and punching a friend online with both using the PSeye. Thats what i call online sparring..haha

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      :) Thanks!

      Unfortunately we don’t have the resources for making an online mode for this. There are loads of bandwidth issues as we would need to stream the player’s video in real-time and the delay would be difficult to keep so low that you could react to your friend’s punch in time. However, we are testing with a specific 2 players on one camera duel mode (back to back and swapping the players to face against each other on screen). An online co-op would also still be possible. But both of these modes will be likely to bake in the research lab some more and rather come to possible sequels than to the first one. It also might be that the two players on camera mode still turns out to be too dangerous when immersed players (especially kids) would accidentally bump into each other anyway.

  • i know you are working on it, but it would be nice to be able to somehow transfer the comic data (or even recorded gameplay ) to the pc so we could print out the entire comic book.
    and upload the gameplay videos to youtube

  • Dear Teemu, I have another question for you :) Is it possible to release a demo of Kung-Fu Live so everybody can see what it’s about ?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      We are thinking about this. The problem for an independent developer is that we have to pay for every download of a demo. But yeah, this is still to be decided.

  • Do you guys work with Sony at all? It would seem Sony would benefit a lot from your camera tech. I’m truly amazed at how well it tracks your body.

    I hope that your tech is included in the SDK if it isn’t already. Kung Fu Live looks awesome and it would be a real shame if only one game studio will be using this tech.

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Hi Kdiep!
      We are an independent studio with our own technology. And currently we are just happy that Sony is interested enough to let us write to their blogs and support us with visibility. We’ll see what the future brings.

      The tech is likely to be available for licensing once the game comes out.

  • Oh i didnt know about that.. how clever is that Sony ? Now I understand why lots of great games on the Store don’t have any demo and lots of people dont dare to buy. This here really sucks but I wish you guys will be releasing a demo anyway because it’s an exclusive and there should be a kind of arrangements with the company.
    I can assure that a demo of Kung-Fu Live will boost the sales a lot. But it should be a limited demo in time (like UNO) so people don’t abuse.

  • This is really Sony blowing hot air into MS’s face.

    The game looks fab, and shows that PS3 can deliver both hands free and high precision motion control experiences.

    I shall be getting this day one, it looks like a bucket of fun. Hope it does well for you. :)

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      Hi Robo_1!
      Many thanks for the support and wishes! I certainly hope it does well too so that we can make more cool games. :)

  • just charge for the demo. i’d play it. and put on your website why you are charging for the demo and such.
    how much do you have to pay ? perhaps just add $1.00 or .50 cents so you’d not have to pay anything or at least break even .

    Please ?! :) can’t wait to enjoy your game.

  • Teemu Mäki-Patola

    Hi Smurfmanx!
    I don’t actually know if you could even do that for a demo. Even if there won’t be a demo, you will still be able enjoy the game, neh? :)

  • when do we get to see more levels ?

    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      At the time of Gamescom Cologne (August 18-22). We should have a new trailer then and if you happen to be there you can even come and try out playing in three different levels.

  • will there be a way to just take the pictures to be in the comic book ? i have a friend who likes comics but won’t be able to play through the whole game.


    • Teemu Mäki-Patola

      The game will allow you to just act out and take pictures to all story sections that you have opened in a separate menu. However, to open all story sections you need to play the single player through. So after each level, new pages become available.

      Why would he not be able to play the whole game?

  • Will you be having a live demo at PAX by chance? I’d love to get my [figurative] hands on this piece of awesomeness before it releases.

  • hi teemu, about my friend playing the game, he doesn’t own a gaming system is all.
    Pax is in seattle. I hope you are able to make it. I’d love to play the game as well as meet you.

    can’t wait to see the new levels.

  • very great game ,, what about trophies list? can we see it as soon as possible ?

  • will the game Kung Fu live be sold only on the playstation store or will it be sold in gamestores such as gamestop? I would really rather if it was sold in gamestores instead of the virtual playstation store, because I don’t believe in buying anything online and I really want the game. I would really appreciate it if you released this game in stores instead of making it just a downloadable game. If you do this more people would know about and you’ll get more business. If you do this I will definetly buy this game.

  • please release the game in sstores and answer my question, because this is very important to me

  • @tyty2fly from the info they gave its going be on the psn store as the price will be under 15$ i doubt it be blu ray cuz then they charge more . its better download game then blue ray . ur game will always be safe

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