PlayStation in NYC: A Call for Questions

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New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town! I’m currently in the Big Apple preparing to attend a special PlayStation media event tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 20th) that will be overflowing with some of the biggest PS3, PSP, and PlayStation Move games of 2010 and 2011. Exciting!

But it begs the question: What would you like to know about these games? I can’t promise I’ll be able to get an answer for every one of your burning questions, but I will have hands-on access to most of the games on display as well as opportunities to ask producers and developers directly. Your questions will inform an upcoming series of blog posts that will drill deeper into each game’s features.

Please leave your questions in the comments. Below, I’ve attached some brief descriptions of each of the games on display and what features will be shown tomorrow in NYC.

PS3 Games

Killzone 3 for PS3 Gran Turismo 5: Nurburgring

Killzone 3: Hands-on demo of the “Frozen Shores” arctic level in full stereoscopic 3D, complete with jetpack shootouts and brutal melee attacks.

Gran Turismo 5: Hands-on with a variety of tracks and vehicles in the game, including 3D support and the GT racing sled.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Hands-on racing through a demo of the destroyed urban landscape in stereoscopic 3D.

LittleBigPlanet 2: Create and play full games using Sackboy’s new abilities, innovative tools, and expanded gameplay.

The Sly Collection: Hands-on with two missions from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves displayed in 3D.

Heavy Rain: Hands-on with PlayStation Move functionality for this evolving mystery game.

EyePet: Interact with your virtual pet in stereoscopic 3D using PlayStation Move.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Hands-on with PlayStation Move support for this EA Sports golf simulation that was last seen at the PlayStation 2010 E3 Expo press conference.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm: Hands-on with PlayStation Move for this upcoming PS3 shooter from Namco Bandai.

Tron: Evolution: Hands-on with this holiday 2010 title, based on the upcoming film starring Jeff Bridges, that includes support for PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: A new chapter that picks up where Assassin’s Creed II left off, this title will feature a multiplayer component for the first time as well as an all-new single-player experience.

echochrome ii: Use the PlayStation Move controller as a flashlight to shine light on puzzles and find solutions hidden in the shadows in this upcoming PSN title.

Dead Nation: From the creators of Super Stardust HD, this upcoming PSN shooter puts you in the middle of an overwhelming zombie apocalypse.

PixelJunk Shooter 2: Hands-on demos of two stages that introduce new underground caverns teeming with mysterious, deadly creatures.

Tumble: Use the PlayStation Move motion controller (and stereoscopic 3D support) to accurately and precisely stack blocks in tall towers.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Gameplay demonstrations of this upcoming PSN title that will stress co-op gameplay in offline and online flavors.

**Additionally, I’ll have access to hands-on play for the PlayStation Move launch window games, which include Sports Champions, The Fight: Lights Out, TV Superstars, The Shoot, Singstar Dance, and Kung Fu Rider.

PSP Games

God of War Ghost of Sparta Patapon 3 for PSP

God of War: Ghosts of Sparta: Hands-on with Kratos’s latest quest, a prequel to God of War II that tells the story of how the Spartan warrior rose to power as the God of War.

Patapon 3: Hands-on with the new Superhero Patapon in this musical battle game for the PSP.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Hands-on play in a new PSP chapter of this RPG mashup that features characters from Square Enix and Disney.

Invizimals: Experience augmented reality by capturing, training, and battling a vast collection of creatures using the PSP 3000 and PSP camera.

Piyotama: An action-puzzle game for PSP where you hatch eggs before they overflow the nest by lining up eggs of the same color and chaining them together four at a time.

Gravity Crash Portable: Combines vintage arcade shooter gameplay with next gen visuals, as well as new content and enhancements not seen in the PS3 version.

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12 Author Replies

  • Will standard cars in GT5 get cockpit views, or is that strictly limited to premium cars?

    How will we be able to upload 1080P videos to youtube?

    Will GT5 support custom soundtracks?

  • hello about LBP2 will there be more players avalible to play in like a pod or level?? just courious and the new kingdom hearts game do u have any word about another one on ps3?

  • We are told GT PSP will have some interaction with GT5. Will there be GT5 trophies for accomplishments in GT PSP? Would be fun to get a “got S class in every track in GT PSP” trophy. :-)

  • Will gran turismo 5 have b-spec mode?

  • GT5:

    While using the in-car view, can we chose a more forward view? The view in GT5p is too far back; almost in the back seat. Just check the straight view in your real car. You see the very top of your wheel.

    Supercar Challange offers 2 in-car options, typical and forward. There is a PC sim that allows for a camera adjustment to simulate moving your seat forward and back.

    Can we have more details on the GT5 Collectors Edition version 2 (Ultimate Edition), that we see on Amazon’s French site? It’s selling for about $200 US.

    November 2nd can’t get here soon enough!!!

  • Will the Lotus Elan m100 and the Kia Elan be in the game. Thinking of buying one, want to see how it handles the nurburing in GT5.

  • For GT5:

    How far will the licenses for WRC and Nascar be taken in Gran Turismo 5?

    Given that both licenses are enough to base a full game, can we expect a good amount of content such as tracks, especially point-to-point rally circuits and a realistic championship?

  • Will Gran Turismo 5 have a “DLC of the week” concept car for us to drool over?

    I ask because I am a huge fan of the concept cars I see in magazines and I would pay 3 or 4 dollars a week to test drive them, hopefully Polyphony Digital will have the insider resources to contact these manufacturers for specifications and enough money to convince these companies that their royalty payments satisfy future investors’ qualms in somewhat privately owned information (as concept cars utilize new technology that may not be patented or thoroughly tested / revealed publicly)

    It is fine if we are not allowed to tune these cars to reduce weight or alter transmission ratios, I will still buy them simply for the awe factor.

  • GT5:

    How about an option for the Top Gear Test Track to allow us to become the “Star in the Reasonably Priced Car”? We would drive their new (Series 15) Kia spec’d as it is in the show with roll bars and all to see where we would stack up against the celebraties. Of course real time weather conditions would demonstrate why GT5 and PS3 are superior to the other console and their racing game offering.

  • I know this is the US blog, but ur GT brothers across the pond are deperate for a EU release date!!!

    Any chance of you popping the question??

    Thanks in advance


    OPC GT forum member.

  • what’s the deal with twisted metal? I haven’t heard ANYTHING about it, and its the only game that i’m really looking forward to. [besides infamous and LBP2]

  • When is LBP2’s planned release date?? Details have been sketchy thus far…

  • About GT5. how are we going to tune cars, is it bigger than any racing game ever? track editor? online?? standrd cars cockpits? any news about Drift mode?

  • GT5..

    first question

    Porsches , will they make thier apperance in the series for the first time? Legendary car must be a part of this legendary game…

    and second question…

    Standard Cars , on the official GT5 web site we can see video trailer showing Standard Cars. The proplem is , that they look just like on PS2, exept thier wheels , fully modeled. Is Polyphony Digital serious about placing 800 past-gen car models (shown in official trailer) in GT5??

  • KILLZONE 3 and LittleBigPlanet 2:

    If you would (also if you could), see if you can make a first person shooter with LittleBigPlanet 2.

    Also if you could be so kind, when your playing Killzone 3, look to see if you can see your in-game feet, and if not maybe you could inquire about this to a developer or some form of higher up.

    Also, if you get a chance ask if there is any customization in Killzone 3’s multiplayer. Nothing big, I would just like something like changing the color of a scope or something along the line of that.

    Thank you.

  • Good luck getting any of this information out…

    Any information that’s available about visual customization of vehicles in GT5 would be most appreciated (livery editor especially)

    If you can get any definite clarification on whether standard vehicles have an interior view (i.e. where you race from inside the cockpit of the car, as in most cars in GT5:P…) that would be great as well.


  • About GT5:

    – Will there be an option to get the draft effect realistic? The way it is in prologue ruins the fun in racing.

    – Will there be an option to have 1:1 virtual steering wheel animation? If it’s too hard to implement otherwise just remove the virtual hands. Also would like the get options for freezing the wheel (when there is a lot info on the wheel) or remove it completely.

    – Overall, will there be more “optionality” / possibilities to adjust things more to your liking than in previous GT games?


  • oh, one more..

    Point to point stages for WRC?

  • About Gran Turismo 5:

    A few months back they said premium cars will be able to be like ripped to bits, and will be realistic, yet in all the trailers the damage isnt very good, and in the gameplay vids when there is a violent crash, there is like hardly any damage, how come?

  • Sorry about this i forgot, GT5:

    There will be a stunt arena and go-karting? How will this work and when will there be more info on it?

  • when GT5 will be released in europe?

  • In GT5 will there be an option for camera swing in 3rd Person view? So it plays more like GTPSP?

  • Can you please ask if whether Gran Turismo 5 has improved the engine sounds of the cars for example if i drive a Audi R8 will i hear the fantastic roar of the engine, if they haven’t i will be very dissapointed because Gran Turismo never seem to get their engine sounds right.

  • Gran Turismo 5
    Can you tell more about the Tuning & Styling options in GT5?

    What does the customisation option in the menu means???

  • My Gran Turismo 5 Questions:

    Will the full version of Gran Turismo 5 include a LAN play option?

    How many Australian cars are going to be included, if any?

    Are gamesaves copyable or are they locked?

  • What’s new with the “Standard” cars? Will They have detailed cockpits or not?
    For europ GT community this is unjust for the release date!!!!

  • One more GT5 question that I forgot to ask:

    Is it possible to tweak the cockpit camera view to be either further from or closer to the windscreen?

    PS. This question is not relating to the head tracking feature.

  • My GT5 questions:
    – How much polygons have a standart cars ?
    – How much photomode locations are in the game ?
    – Are we able to customize the cars like in FM3 ?
    Thanks for the answers.

  • I have a simple question about Gran Turismo 5.

    Please answer “yes” or “no”.

    Will 1000 cars have interror views? Please answer.

  • Just one suggestion for GT5, not exagerated draft please. Real draft(slipstream) please.

  • GT5 Question:

    How good will the standard cars graphic detail be? Like GT5 Prologue or even better.

    Will the standard cars have interior view.

    Will there be a custom paint shop where you can paint cars after you’ve bought them or won them.

    Are DeTomaso in the game.

  • One Last Gran Turismo 5 Question:

    Is there an option to disable/hide all of the onscreen data during a race? I’m talking map, current position, current speed etc – and instead just be able to rely on any data that is shown on the cars dashboard view if we want?

    PS. Even though you told me not to, I am expecting everybody who posted questions relating to Gran Turismo 5 today, to have their questions answered. Thankyou.

  • Not a question related to the games above but I was wondering what happened to “Cellius”?, the development group formed between Namco Bandai and Sony Computer Entertainment with Ken Kutagari appointed as chairman.

    Haven’t heard anything since there formation in 2007. Are they still alive? Or are they shut down?

  • Gran Turismo 5 Question:

    Is there any form of “catch-up” in the game? And I mean to any degree, not matter how slight, in both the offline mode against AI and the online mode against real life opponents.

    If there is, will we ultimately be able to disable this “feature” in the game options?

  • Also, for GT5, Will There be DLC for cars and tracks?


  • Will the standard cars in GT5 have the option for cockpit view while racing?

  • Also,


    Please don’t be a troll.


  • Will Sports Champions be available as a separate download via PSN (for those of us who already have the Eye and buy just the Move Controller)? If so how much will it be? Thanks!

  • For Gran Turismo 5, the longevity of the game will be big? Like Gran Turismo 4? Also the Premium cars will we have no unlock in the game or buy in Playstation Network?. Thanks for reply this questions and good work guys !

  • GT5:

    Will this game feature a LAN mode?

    Will there be AI cars in split screen?

  • Gran Turismo 5:
    Will there be an expanded range of pickups, 4x4s in the game compared to GT4? I would also like to know if they have the classic 1964 morris mini cooper s works rally car in gt5? I was surprised it wasn’t in gt4 as it’s an iconic rally car.

  • This is regarding Gran Turismo 5. The WRC cars when on tarmac tracks are still setup for gravel. I.e: they’ve got gravel wheels on with tall suspension. To me it ruins the illusion of a WRC racing on a Tarmac race track. Will there be an option to change the WRC cars to Tarmac spec and not the default gravel spec. It’s purely about aesthetics, and for all Kazunori sans attention to detail. If you can’t change the WRC cars to Tarmac spec then it’s an oversight.

  • Can we see some of GT5’s track editor?

    Can we not see any more story mode stuff from KZ3?

  • Will Gran Turismo 5 have trophies?

    Are we allowed to play our music stored on PS3 ingame? (GT5)

  • I have a couple Gran Turismo 5 Q’s:
    1. What will the customization allow us to do?
    2. Will there be a track editor

  • GT5:

    For WRC events, will there be more than one dirt track?
    For Nascar Tracks, will there be more than 2 licensed Nascar Locations?
    Will there be the inclusion of classic Gran Turismo Tracks?

  • In GT4, if you had 3 copies of gt4, 3 ps3’s connected together, and 3 tv’s you would have a 3 screen set up for racing. Will GT5 have this same capability?

    Will you be able to manage hosted races (ex. give penalties to drivers or give them a pit drive through penalty) or will the host set the parameters of the race and leave it?

    I’m sure cars will wear over time like in gt4. Car washes didn’t always bring back the full hp of the car sometimes, especially after an endurance race, will there be a way to compensate for that loss other than buying a new car?

  • A couple questions regarding Gran Turismo 5. In the E3 trailer I notice Sebastian Vettel and Kazinori Yamauchi is at Red Bull F1 why is Vettel in the Trailer and what will he be doing in the game?

    Also will there be more Nascar cars that the nine that are made as of right now? (Because there is no Dodge nascar cars in the game yet).

  • hi ,
    More GT5 stuff: Could you try to find out
    1. anything about the online racing penalty system? If it’s been changed or possibly fixed up a little ?
    2. if it’s possible to fix/replace parts of a damaged car during pit stops?
    3. is the go-karting rumour for real?


  • For GT5: Will it be possible to see leader boards and other stuff on a website like you have done with GTP and the Academy competition? I’d love to have a GT5 tool on iPhone like the awesome ranking tool we already have on iPhone for Prologue!

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