PlayStation in NYC: A Call for Questions

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New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town! I’m currently in the Big Apple preparing to attend a special PlayStation media event tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 20th) that will be overflowing with some of the biggest PS3, PSP, and PlayStation Move games of 2010 and 2011. Exciting!

But it begs the question: What would you like to know about these games? I can’t promise I’ll be able to get an answer for every one of your burning questions, but I will have hands-on access to most of the games on display as well as opportunities to ask producers and developers directly. Your questions will inform an upcoming series of blog posts that will drill deeper into each game’s features.

Please leave your questions in the comments. Below, I’ve attached some brief descriptions of each of the games on display and what features will be shown tomorrow in NYC.

PS3 Games

Killzone 3 for PS3 Gran Turismo 5: Nurburgring

Killzone 3: Hands-on demo of the “Frozen Shores” arctic level in full stereoscopic 3D, complete with jetpack shootouts and brutal melee attacks.

Gran Turismo 5: Hands-on with a variety of tracks and vehicles in the game, including 3D support and the GT racing sled.

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Hands-on racing through a demo of the destroyed urban landscape in stereoscopic 3D.

LittleBigPlanet 2: Create and play full games using Sackboy’s new abilities, innovative tools, and expanded gameplay.

The Sly Collection: Hands-on with two missions from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves displayed in 3D.

Heavy Rain: Hands-on with PlayStation Move functionality for this evolving mystery game.

EyePet: Interact with your virtual pet in stereoscopic 3D using PlayStation Move.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11: Hands-on with PlayStation Move support for this EA Sports golf simulation that was last seen at the PlayStation 2010 E3 Expo press conference.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm: Hands-on with PlayStation Move for this upcoming PS3 shooter from Namco Bandai.

Tron: Evolution: Hands-on with this holiday 2010 title, based on the upcoming film starring Jeff Bridges, that includes support for PlayStation Move and stereoscopic 3D.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: A new chapter that picks up where Assassin’s Creed II left off, this title will feature a multiplayer component for the first time as well as an all-new single-player experience.

echochrome ii: Use the PlayStation Move controller as a flashlight to shine light on puzzles and find solutions hidden in the shadows in this upcoming PSN title.

Dead Nation: From the creators of Super Stardust HD, this upcoming PSN shooter puts you in the middle of an overwhelming zombie apocalypse.

PixelJunk Shooter 2: Hands-on demos of two stages that introduce new underground caverns teeming with mysterious, deadly creatures.

Tumble: Use the PlayStation Move motion controller (and stereoscopic 3D support) to accurately and precisely stack blocks in tall towers.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light: Gameplay demonstrations of this upcoming PSN title that will stress co-op gameplay in offline and online flavors.

**Additionally, I’ll have access to hands-on play for the PlayStation Move launch window games, which include Sports Champions, The Fight: Lights Out, TV Superstars, The Shoot, Singstar Dance, and Kung Fu Rider.

PSP Games

God of War Ghost of Sparta Patapon 3 for PSP

God of War: Ghosts of Sparta: Hands-on with Kratos’s latest quest, a prequel to God of War II that tells the story of how the Spartan warrior rose to power as the God of War.

Patapon 3: Hands-on with the new Superhero Patapon in this musical battle game for the PSP.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep: Hands-on play in a new PSP chapter of this RPG mashup that features characters from Square Enix and Disney.

Invizimals: Experience augmented reality by capturing, training, and battling a vast collection of creatures using the PSP 3000 and PSP camera.

Piyotama: An action-puzzle game for PSP where you hatch eggs before they overflow the nest by lining up eggs of the same color and chaining them together four at a time.

Gravity Crash Portable: Combines vintage arcade shooter gameplay with next gen visuals, as well as new content and enhancements not seen in the PS3 version.

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12 Author Replies

  • God of War Ghost of Sparta: does each weapon have its own magic, like in God of War 3, or are they independent like in the previous games?

    SOCOM 4: how are you balancing Move and DS3/Sixaxis players in online?

  • Anything that has not been revealed at E3 about GT5.

  • Way more details on Tumble. Is it taking the great pieces of Boom Blox and Boom Blox Bash Party (simultaneous and turn-based multiplayer variants) and expanding on them? (Bigger boards that both allow you to throw things to knock stuff down as well as the more jenga like levels where you pull out or stack the blocks.) They also had the ability to create levels but you guys with your play, create, and share model could make that even better and provide a top-notch infrastructure for online.

    I want to see great things from Tumble as Boom Blox was by far my favorite 3rd Party Motion Game on Wii.

  • What are some of the new features in Motorstorm Apocalyspe?

  • Okay, this is the perfect time to clear up the confusion that’s been plaguing the Gran Turismo community:

    Will standard cars have a cockpit (in-car) view?

  • Release windows for Dead Nation, PixelJunk Shooter 2 and Ghost of Sparta would be awfully swell :)

  • I want to know how much customization GT5 will have….I want to swap engines and add parts, polish ports etc…. will that all be there?

  • which games support 1080p native rendering? (only in 2D mode, of course)

    if the Move refresh of Heavy Rain sells decently, will we get another episodic Chronicles follow-up? I would really like to see a Jayden origin story.

    Does SingStar Dance do leg tracking like Dance Central does, or just upper body? Will the disc include songs with HD audio and video? (Current SingStar video/audio looks and sounds pretty bad in my home theater setup.)

  • will echchrome ii have 24-bit HD audio? The first one had such great music, I can’t wait to hear the sequel!

    Piyotama was one of the first purchases I made from PSN; will it be getting a trophy patch as part of the PSP release? Will there be online play across the PS3 and PSP versions?

    how much of the graphics and audio assets in the Sly Collection have been upgraded to the original HD assets over the PS2 version? We had heard that they were going to incorporate the original high-resolution texture art assets and re-author the original uncompressed audio assets. What percentage of the game’s assets will be upgraded in this way?

    Will The Fight: Lights Out have any kind of story to it? Who’s doing the music?

    Will PixelJunk Shooter 2 have a longer campaign than the original? will there be a level editor included? will the soundtrack be higher quality this time?

  • Since we are making our own games in much have they upped the amount of stuff that can fit into one level? And is there any way users could be aloud to use mics to create voices or sounds for levels?

  • In Gran Turismo 5:
    Will there be any way for 2 players to share 1 car. There’s the ability to have a 24 hour race but can each car in the race be shared by 2 players online?

  • Killzone 3:
    Same as what zenprime said:

    1.)”Will Killzone 3 offer a local split screen co-op version of the campaign?” OR
    At least ANY sort of split screen options?
    2.) How is PS MOVE implementation coming along?

    Dead Nation:
    1.) Release date?

    Resistance 3:
    1.) Where the hell is it?!?!?!?!?!?
    To me R:FOM was the defining PS3 shooter. It had everything. Great story, epic campaign, offline split screen multiplayer for up to 4, split screen campaign, vehicles, charm. I hope that R3 does come out one day and that it goes back to its roots on what makes an incredible experience. that OR i guess Killzone 3 can take the reigns by offering some of the features i just listed that R:FOM had. One can hope…..

  • ok a couple of questions

    TRON: Evolution

    1.) At what place does it take place in the TRON universe?
    2.) what are some of the key features of the game?
    3 Any connectivity features with the PS3 and PSP?
    4.) any possability about the 1980’s TRON games being made available on PSN? (just like how their available on XBL)

    Motorstorm: Apacolypse

    1.) i understand that when the buildings fall, they’re permanently down. uh…is there gong to be a set amount of buildings falling or is it a constantly changing, never ending city?

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta

    1.) What are some of the new, key features of this installment in terms of gameplay?
    2.) any more details about the story? what is kratos after this time?

    Kingdom Hearts: birth by sleep

    1.) Can you please elaborate on the combat system? how will it be on the PSP?

  • I kind of hate the whole 3D movement, but it is happening, and I do have a 3D TV. So I guess I’d rather have my games of having the option for 3D.
    Could you find out if LBP2 will have 3D, and if Motorstorm Pacific Rift will get a 3D patch?

  • I want MORE PS3 Exclusives :D Some cool stuff on that list

  • Also!

    SOCOM 4:

    1.) Will there be a SOCOM 4 bundle where it comes with a MOVE and NAV controller (I already have a PSeye)?

  • Will Motorstorm Apocalypse have a track editor feature like in GT5?? Since its a city with intertwined tracks could you changed the layouts through the city and then share with people online??

  • There’s a lot of confusion over Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and whiether or not it’ll recieve a PSN release. It wasn’t released on PSN in Japan, yet the English website lists the PlayStation Network, as well as the game running on a PSP Go appearing at E3 in a Sony montage. So some clarification on that would be appreciated.

    Also, in Japan there is an adaptor for the PSP camera to work on the PSP Go. Any word on bringing that over to North America so we can get in on the Invizimals, and Eyepet fun?

  • Can you ask CC2 about naruto Shippuden ultimate ninija storm 2 when USA is getting the demo, like are we getting the same time as japan which is july 29.And a confirmed release date because in the blog update for the japanese game the producer stated america and europe are getting this game right near japans date which is october 21, i thought we are getting it september, early october, around the 21 is late to me.

  • Any news about the Castle Crashers release date?

    Thank you!

  • Could you explain the multiplayer aspects of the new Lara Croft game? 2p sounds interesting

  • Dead Nation

    -Will dead nation give you the chance of playing in-game/XMB track list? offline and online?

    -Will Dead Nation offer a lot of DLCs for continuous fun?

    In the side note; can’t wait for this game. Been a fan of Super stardust HD for awhile now!

  • Aks them: Were are the first-party J-RPGs, SONY?!

    White Knight Chronicles is the only one and it is medicore.
    Arc the Lad is SONYs best selling (with the best reviews) RPG-franchise. It’s time for a remake of part 1 and 2 on the PS3. SONYs is developing so much adventures, and 1st Person Shooters. It’s time for them to develope RPGs for their fans. We RPG-fans are the most loyal ones. But we are suffering! Bring us the J-RPGS, SONY!!

  • i’m wondering if you can get someone to confirm 100% what is going on with killzone 3 and it lag/weighty controls. there seem to be a lot of conflicting reports

    Just like 2007,2008,2009,2010, well errr. throughout the whole of the PS3’s life cycle that is =P

  • Is Heavy Rain being patched for MOVE support on MOVE launch?

  • Will Heavy Rain be made easier or more difficult with the integration of Move controls?

  • Is Killzone 3 going to have two kinds of servers since Playstation Move will be compatible with it?

  • How can I legitimately freeze myself to wake up when all these games are out!!!

  • Hello

    Will KH:BBS be unavailable for PSPGo owners? Or will there be a DD version of this game..

  • Is this place open to the public to go? Cause I live in NJ and I was wondering if you have to pay anything to enter the event.

  • Invizimals: Will this game be compatible with the PSPGo, if not any plans on making it compatible for it. I know that they showed the PSPGo with a camera attached to it at last years TGS i believe.

    Oh and like Cripshay asked where’s the first party JRPG’s?

  • anything about call of duty: black ops ?

  • For the Move games: What different controller configurations are supported for each game? Example: One Move, 2 Moves, 1 Move + 1 Navigation, etc…

  • Will Killzone 3 have a split-screen co-op campaign?
    Is there a deep level of car customization in GT5?
    Does the PS Move in Heavy Rain also track your body? and have the QTE’s been changed to accommodate the Move?

  • where is ape escape
    any co op in Killzone 3
    will EyePet EU geting a move patch

  • I understand that there is many out there that create levels, but many just like to play them… will LBP2 focus be on creation tools or will there be a fair size of levels? also will there be newer levels to download via DLC?

  • Well my question is for the Fight Lights Out:

    1) Is the focus soley on the fighting one on one through out the game? From the demo I saw only one on one fighting is there more to it.

    2) How deep is the combat system do I have to try and read my opponent in order to win? Also can i fake an attack and confuse the AI computer ?

    3) In terms of extras or other game options what are we looking at ? Is there like a 100 man kumite or an endurance run to see how long the player can last or multiple opponents fighting?

    4) In terms of gameplay are fighting styles going to be an option (kung fu, boxing and street fighting) or is it simply one style with a ton of variations ?

    5) Is leg movement going to be considered ? Seeing as the kinect can do it for dance central is this option a possibility with the PS eye camera?

    Well thats basically it for me. Hope you get a chance to get these questions answered as this game is probably going to be the reason for me buying the move I really would like to know as much as possible about it.


  • Kingdom Hearts: BbS

    Any news about it being formatted for the ps3? Maybe even for download sometime in the future via PSN? I got a DS for the other Kingdom Hearts games, it can just be a little frustrating having to buy 3 consoles for 1 series.

  • 1.Will GT5 Standard Cars have Cockpits? (seeing the dash,dials,wheel etc)
    2.Will we be able to create our own offline series races?
    3.Will we be able to build a race team?
    4.Will we be able to have interchangeable driver AI, e.g have Kyle Busch drive a F1 car or Loeb drive a NASCAR and maintain their character traits?
    4a. Will AI drivers have their real life character traits e.g Wreckers in NASCAR be wreckers in the game?
    5. More info on track editor, how simple or advance is it, what can we expect from it?

  • Will Killzone 3 offer more responsive controls and actions compared to killzone 2? While Killzone 2’s realistic (arguably) controls worked fine for single player, they were a bit too imprecise for the game’s fantastic multiplayer component.

    • Yes, the controls in KZ3 have lost that “heavy” feeling and respond much more quickly and nimbly. I know GG is still fine-tuning it, but this is a big focus for them.

  • Tell me all about creating tracks in GT5.

  • Heres some questions for Gran Turismo 5. How is the track editor going to work? Will it be like Modnation Racers track editor or on it own kind of format?

    Also, will the Day/Night visuals and weather effects be available (and as an option) in all the locations? Including Photo Travel?

    Will you be able to transfer garage cars from Gran Turismo PSP and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue into Gran Turismo 5?

  • Will Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep be available on the PSN for PSPGo users?

  • I’d like to know if there’s going to be Co-Op in Killzone 3? More Specifically split-screen co-op? I have two brothers and we love getting games with co-op so that we can all play together, but we only have the one PS3 between us so split-screen is a must. We have three controllers and for the most part they sit collecting dust because only a few games seem to have co-op on the PS3 (Like Warhawk, LBP which we played a lot of, and, with the recent Fat Roles ad-on, Fat Princess).

  • Don’t know if this has been confirmed yet, but will the Heavy Rain Move patch be free for owners of the game and will it be ready at the Move launch?

  • Please give us the info if Castle Crashers it’s gonna be released tomorrow. we’re waiting for long time for a new info about the game

  • On the PSP side of things, no Valkyria Chronicles II? I see the game has been dated for 08/31 but there has been no news of an English demo. Would it be possible for you to look into that?

  • I’d like to know more about the role of The Stig in GT5, and also a little bit more about Dunsfold Park. I would also like to know if importing from GT5: prologue and GT PSP are still supported.

  • Hey Sid I did not know about this event I would be there representing the crew if I knew where it was. If possible can I get the info for it. Send it to my PSN account.

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