LittleBigPlanet Community Update: Comic-Con Edition

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Next week, we’ll be at San Diego Comic Con 2010, in the PlayStation booth with your chance to play LittleBigPlanet 2. And if you’re at the convention, we’ll be giving away a small handful of these exclusive “Team Sackboy” shirts (we’ll have both girls and guy shirts. These are extremely limited, so keep watch on our PlayStation.Blog Twitter and we’ll let you know when/where/how to get your hands on these exclusive shirts – you may see something like this …

“LittleBigPlanet 2 @ SDCC: Want a Team Sackboy Vampire shirt? Come by the LBP2 area and show us a pic of Spider-Man Sackboy! First 25 ppl gets em!”

See you there!

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We hope you’re enjoying last weeks LBP DLC. The PSP’s Heroes in Uniform pack has a great collection of goodies themed around the emergency services teams that make sure we’re safe every day. And on the PS3, we know many of you are enjoying the first two packs from Marvel – the Marvel Level Kit & Marvel Character Pack #1.

LBP_HeroesinUniform_Costume_AddOn_Thumb_EN LBP_HeroesinUniform_Pack_AddOn_Thumb_EN

LBP_Marvel_Bundle_AddOn_Thumb_EN LBP_Marvel_LevelKit_AddOn_Thumb_EN

Next week (on July 20th), be sure to get your hands on the new Marvel Character Pack #2, featuring Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Elektra, Human Torch and Thor.


And for all you LBP PSP owners, be sure to download the free Fruit Salad Costume and check out the Fruit Salad Level Pack.

LBP_FruitSaladCostume_AddOn_Thumb_EN LBP_FruitSaladPack_AddOn_Thumb_EN

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  • What about those shirts, as DLC for Sackboy to wear? Think about it! YOUR Sackperson, wearing a Team Sackboy T-shirt! Please make this happen (for free!)!

  • they talking lbp in comic con unbelevible

  • can my sackboy where that team sackboy shirt

  • why dont they hav the LEADER of the fantastic 4, Mr. FANTASTIC atleast hav like wobbly long arms or something. and where is deadpool?

  • Is it true? Did MM fix the floaty jumping for LBP2 as sites are reporting!!

    I really want to preorder the Collector’s Edition of the game. But only if the floaty jumping of the first game can finally be toggled off in this sequel.

    When I google “little big planet 2 floaty jumping,” hundreds of articles pop up saying they implemented a fix for the floaty jumping that many gamers were complaining about.

    The problem is, each article is reporting a different fix…

    “From the article, Media Molecule implies that the floaty controls are “signature gameplay” of LBP1, but they know that a lot of fans didn’t like the way they worked with their levels. So you can customize the control scheme of a user-created protagonist within a level. It doesn’t mention anything specifically about the physics but it does allude to it heavily for the user-created protagonists.”

    “The floaty jumping mechanics, inconsistent edge detection, and soft object interactions characteristic of the first game are finally a thing of the past!”

    (Continued Below)

  • (Continued from Above)

    “you can adjust the “floatiness” of your characters while designing levels… being able to adjust the floatiness to your liking to address the issue many people had with the controls of LBP1.”

    “By modifying some parameters of a Sackbot, players can easily take control of the game’s core mechanics. Thought the jumping was a little too floaty in the original LittleBigPlanet? Start out your level by having a player in control of a Sackboy, with physics and jumping mechanics of your choosing. Or, rather, have them start out inside of a scorpion that shoots acid and rockets and also flies through the air.”

    “Media Molecule couldn’t simply reprogram Sackboy’s floaty jump, because the developer wants all levels created in the original game to still work when they’re brought across. You will have the option to “fix” it for yourself, however, via the Popit menu.”

    All the quotes seem to imply that it’s fixed, but there’s so many contradictions. Is the issue indeed truly fixed (by any of the methods above)?

    If someone can confirm it is (by any method), I’ll preorder the collector’s edition of the game today itself. If not, I will have to pass on the game.

  • Great. I just buyed a few of them, but there are a lot of DLC to get from this game. The one missing now is the Sonic The Hedgehog pack.

  • Needs Venom. I also need cake. Sweet, sweet cake. I pre-ordered the collector’s edition! Can’t wait for the next pack on Wednesday!

  • I have a request for Little Big Planet 2.

    Make the poisen smoke adjustable, so that it can be used as an obstacle like water. You could set it to be instant death or it could let sackboy stay in a poisen area for only a set amount of time, before he dies from it. You could make some neat areas to navigate if you could only be their so long before your guy dies.

  • can i go to a community in little big planet if i have a demo on the ps3

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