Coming Tuesday to PSN: Kane & Lynch Demo for PS3

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We’ve got exciting news for PlayStation Plus members! On Tuesday, July 20, an exclusive demo of Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days will be available for automatic delivery to your PlayStation 3 system, just for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The demo is available exclusively to PlayStation Plus members for one week on the PlayStation Store — both by automatic download and from the storefront.

The demo will be available to all PlayStation Store users on Tuesday, July 27.

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

IMPORTANT: To receive the automatic download, make sure to turn on the “Automatic Download” feature in the “Settings –> “System Settings” menu on the XMB. You can select a timeframe (2-hour interval) you want the PS3 system to check for available downloads.

Auto Download for PlayStation Plus

Here are some things to know:

  • You must be an active PlayStation Plus subscriber to enjoy the convenience of automatic downloads (which also delivers firmware updates and game patches).
  • If you turn on the Automatic Download feature before Monday, July 19, expect to have the Kane & Lynch demo pushed to your system July 20th or 21st. during the timeframe you designate in your settings.
  • If you turn on the feature between July 20 – 27, you can expect to have the demo pushed to your system within 24 hours, during the timeframe you designate in your setting.
  • You’ll get the demo more quickly if your PS3 is not turned on during the timeframe you designate to check for updates, because the auto download feature of PlayStation Plus looks for content while your PS3 system is turned off.
  • The demo will also be published to the PlayStation Plus section of PlayStation Store during our weekly store publish on Tuesday 7/20. Again, this will be available only for PlayStation Plus members.
  • Here’s how it works. The Automatic Download feature:
    • turns on your PS3 system every 48 hours (during the timeframe you designate)
    • checks for content
    • downloads anything available to your PS3
    • shuts off your PS3 system
  • If your system is on during the timeframe you designate to check for updates, your PS3 will check for updates after it is turned off, during its next designated timeframe. This will likely be 24 – 48 hours later.
  • If you already have the demo on your system, PlayStation Plus will not push the demo to your system. (This is true even if you get the demo and then delete it.)
  • If you haven’t subscribed to PlayStation Plus, there is a 12-month package available for $49.99 and a 3-month package for $17.99. If you purchase the 12-month package now, you get a bonus three months for no additional charge.
  • Visit the PlayStation Plus section of PlayStation Store to see the great discounts and free games that are being offered in PS Plus.

Here’s some info on the demo:

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a raw and brutal crime shooter that redefines the way you experience gaming, delivering an unmatched sense of realism and intensity. The demo includes relentless action in single player and online multiplayer. Play as psychopath Lynch, wanted by the entire underworld and on the run in the backstreets and rooftops of Shanghai. And play Fragile Alliance, the acclaimed multiplayer heist game based on greed, betrayal & revenge, now extended with more risk and more rewards. Get in, steal the loot, and get out in 4 minutes, but trust no one.

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  • @45 What do you mean exclusive Canadian content? We’ve been getting the same bonuses as the Americans for the same price. I’m sure this demo will be given to us as well. Nowhere does it say “U.S. offer only” for any Plus offers.

  • @ r-nice

    I don’t recall making a joke, and no, its not available on the 360… yet.

  • Automatic updates was one of the main features that spurred me on to buy my Plus subscription. And then you find out that you need to have Automatic Sign In turned on to use the feature. I don’t need to be signed in to update games or FW updates – Why to make this work?

    Terrible Sony. F.

  • Now it feels good to be a gangsta….

    I mean PS Plus member!

  • SONY! The auto downloading is not working that good at all. Many of my games on my hard drive has not been updated by them self. What do the auto download stuff update? It should update everything that is on my system!

  • nice!! Glad to have PS+!!

  • Free Jeff Gerstmann!!!

  • I have had Automatic Download enabled since I bought PS+ on day 1 and have yet to see anything downloaded to my console including any patches/updates. Any way to troubleshoot this?

  • This is the most confusing demo release scheme I’ve ever witnessed.

    So much indeed, that I bet most PS+ members will end up downloading it when it is released for everybody a week later.

  • Is this for ALL PS+ members or only US members? I’ve got a NZ (European) account, so I can’t download PS+ content from the US PSN.

  • Signed up a few months ago. It’s great getting Wipeout HD for FREE instead of $19.99 plus tax.

  • I download this on my brother 360…I just hope they fix it so you can join your friends online…I guess cause it was rank tho.Oh yeah you may get sick when you play this…The moving camera is crazy lol

  • The first one was awful… So Im not looking forward to this one either…

  • Yes! i loved the first one can’t wait to play the demo this Tuesday. Good thing I got PS+. :)

  • i am everything whit play station but thas no fear because all xbox 360 fan they all have the demo

  • 360 people had to get a token, ps+ gets a week early view.

    i wanna get this again so i can hear it in surround sound.

  • Thanks for this info, I didn’t know this:
    “the auto download feature of PlayStation Plus looks for content while your PS3 system is turned off.”

  • no thanks but please bring james bond bloodstone demo to PS+!!

  • @Grace: As a PS Plus subscriber – I’m glad to se that we are finally getting early access to demos. However, I would like to see Sony give PS Plus subscribers early beta access to DC Universe Online, The Agency, and Killzone 3.

  • There definitely needs to be some fine-tuning to this feature. For instance, I have PAIN and I don’t intend to delete it (I bought it after all), but I’d rather my PS3 didn’t waste its time downloading the ridiculous collection of updates required for it. And I’d like some choice as to what is downloaded on to my PS3.

    Of course, by this point, I doubt anyone’s reading this, and I’m sure the people not reading this have heard it before- we’ll see if anything actually is done about it. Since I don’t trust this thing has my best interests at heart, I’m going to keep it off.

  • For the love of all things sane can we PLEASE have someone other than Grace post …. it is a rare month of Sundays that you ever get a reply to anything she posts.

  • Glad, I subscribed!

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    There should be an option in autodownload to set a maximum file size. I don’t want to be downloading 1-2GB files that I don’t want. I’m gonna have to disable the feature this week.

  • I really don’t like timed exclusivity of demos. It’s one of the things I hate about Xbox Live. There is no such thing as getting a demo “early”. If a demo is ready to be released, it is ready to be released to everyone. I plan on subscribing to Plus soon, but I’d prefer everyone had day one access.

    What’s even worse in this case is that I have to wait seven days before I can play this demo with my friends. Excluding others from playing the demo does not add value to Plus.

  • Well PS+ users are pretty much paying for the demo so might as well download it to make your moneys worth

  • just a week of wait?

    i can live with that. hoping to become a PS+ member soon :P

  • Are we going to be able to disable push demos without disabling Auto-downloading? I’m not too fond of wasting bandwidth on something I’m not even interested in yet I want my games to update automatically… :\

  • why do you have to have the automatic download feature on to get the demo?
    why cant yous just put it in the plus section of the store?
    when is sony going to learn not all of us live in Japan with unlimited download usages!
    i had to turn the Automatic feature off, i came home yesterday found my ps3 on and now 5GBs of my download usage is gone!
    thanks sony, i now have 400MBs to last me till the end of the month, otherwise im going to be charged excess usage fees and my speed will be limited to dial up speeds!
    PLUS was suppose to make my life easier, not harder!

  • Thanks for making my Qore subscription worth even less!

    Really appreciate being screwed over by having perks we thought we would be getting moved over to a different service! :D

  • @73
    I can only agree. This kind of screwing of PS users and the fact that you don’t get any of the games if you at any point decide to end your subscription, were what made me not to buy it.

  • Way to promote a game by not letting 90% of PS3 owners play the demo. Funny to see people applauding for having to pay for advertising, because that’s what demos always have been.

  • Hooray! Everyone gets this demo eventually (not a Plus member myself), unlike those people on that OTHER machine made by some company.

  • What a smart move from Sony… now they’re trying to sell us for exclusive time the Free Demos that studios do lol. What’s next?, sell us a better web browser for the ps3?! or a .MKV codec?!


  • simply ridiculous… sone has thee diversity in the game catalogue, but they really need to pimp up their services.
    They could easily become the Valve of the console front, if they wanted :S

  • *sony… damn sleepiness…

  • Plus rewls I got Wipeout, Fieldrunners,Zombies Apocalypse, Mahjong, Trine, 6 avatars, 4 themes, and this demo..demo is weak point this is an M rated game. I got original full game for $10 at toys r us (LOSS LEADER-rated M in a toy store???) Goood luck with the deuce..and the M rated comix…you will need it

  • Smart move by sony to make this exclusive to ps+ members, i think it’ll help sell a lot of subscriptions, and I hope it does, because its probably very important to keeping psn free at its core. I can’t afford a membership, but if i could i’d probably get one just for this demo.

  • Are there really a lot of people anxiously waiting for this game? Only reason people might be excited is the fact that nothing else is coming out this time of year. If this were released around the holiday season, it would get lost in the shuffle. All around a big ‘meh’ from me.

  • Good addition to the PS+ content. Still want to know – how many PSN titles the PS3 ‘Checks’ for , I gather the 2 GB minimum is just a suggestion. Also, in the future , is Game data for a disc based game going to be used to check for updates? As of now it appears you have to load each game one owns, and manually exit out of the screen when it prompts for update to get the Auto Download function to ‘register’ … I’ve read the release notes, but a little more info on this feature would be welcome.

  • I don’t know why you’re limiting automatic downloads to just PSN+ subscribers, which is just mean. Something that would make the PS3 experience less frustrating should be available to everyone, not just people who pay $50 a year. There are other ways to attract people to PSN+ than just being mean to non-PSN+ members.

    Unless, of course, the automatic download simply downloads EVERY piece of PSN content that is free. That is just tedious and annoying.

  • cool… I really need to get a bigger drive now though… 8)

  • Give someone to complain about and they will.

  • 1.4GB XO
    datz a lot aint it?
    well me not a PS+ Subscriber just yet, since it aint got much 2 offer atm, may be wen we get cross-game caht, TONNES of PS Home exclusive content etc etc then i will =P

  • Ah, this is nice! Our first early demo! :D

  • So, those of us who leave their machines on 24/7 folding proteins can’t take advantage of auto downloading?

  • How can they make the automatic download feature available for playstation plus users?This is not Right.How they make that feature for everybody!

  • P^awage sorry this was exclusive to the 360 kiddies so you lose again! Or Sony can go cry there also late to the party! Losers.Hey stupid Sony We want Charge Network!..And not charging for stupid content that came out years ago! So Sony still fails in comparison to XBL!


  • im really looking forward to playing fragile aliance screw the campaighn, also F*** YOU PLAYSTATION PLUS

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