PlayStation minis: Over 1 Million Served

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Today we’re pleased to announce that our smallest downloadable games have passed a very big milestone: over 1 million minis have been downloaded worldwide.

minis hits 1 million downloads

The minis line launched 9 months ago as a quick-to-download, bite-sized experience perfect for on-the-go PlayStation Portable gaming. There are now over 85 titles available on the PlayStation Store, and most are now playable on the PlayStation 3 as well as PSP.

So which minis have been downloaded the most? Here are your top 10 most popular titles:

  1. Age of Zombies
  2. Monopoly
  3. Fieldrunners
  4. Zombie Tycoon
  5. Bloons
  6. Spot The Differences!
  7. Pinball Fantasies
  8. Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
  9. Yetisports Pengu Throw
  10. Breakquest

Many more minis are on the way, including Pacman CE from Namco Bandai Networks, so keep your eye on the PlayStation Store. Congratulations to all of our minis developers (over 50 in all), here’s to another million downloads!

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  • Congratulations on hitting 1 Million copies sold!! We shipped three classic arcade games as PlayStation Minis in June including:

    Lock ‘n’ Chase
    Express Raider
    Burnin’ Rubber (aka Bump ‘n’ Jump)

    We are hoping to bring more classic arcade games and other titles to Minis as well!!

  • Too bad most of the Minis suck or are downright too expensive. I can often get the exact same thing for a fraction of the price on my iphone.

  • There is at least one RPG coming, except it’s not Japanese, it’s French. Steam Pirates it is called.

  • Awesome! Congratulations!

    So when is Pac-Man Championship Edition going to be released? When is the Namco Museum Battle Collection going to hit the PSN Store as well?

  • Still, on the flip side, you should note that Halfbrick, developer of Age of Zombies, has a game on the iPhone that was released a few months ago that has already sold over a million copies by itself.

    And probably why we won’t be seeing any more Halfbrick games on the PSP….

  • Everyone should download Monsters Probably Stole My Princess. That is one of the best Minis I have ever played (so much so that I am hoping for a sequel; possibly even as a full PSN Game). Monsters Probably Stole My Princess is basically a platformer and a series of boss fights. It also has time trials and in-game trophies (not ones you show off over PSN but ones you can access within the game).

  • Bloons Is Not Bad

  • congratulations !!!!!! lets go for more millions ^_^

  • “It just does everything…” Except play PSP games. It’s pretty disappointing that one title has pissed me off…and that is Final Fantasy 13. The game that should have came out for PS3 was the game made for the PSP…FINAL FANTASY DISSIDIA.

    There are certainly games that we would play from the PSP on the PS3, and Dissidia is one. Since the team at Sony hasn’t gotten a creative bone in their body on what they should do to create a market for it, I will give you a freebie to make you guys millions – since you are so hard on selling PSP and keeping the consoles separate. You have the masses actually buy PSP games and be able to play them on PS3. Charge 5 dollars for the “downloadable ‘ok’ to play the PSP game on PS3 on the Play Station Network (Which will help sell those charge cards in Target)…so it will surge the PSP game sales without affecting PSP sales…which probably suck because PSP Go sucks. So instead of concentrating on Minis….do that instead.

  • In other news, PSN+ reaches half million subscribers.

  • I have sneezies, brainpipe is awesome for those who love to trip out to awesome sounds and visuals, tetris, hysteria is cool, and music quiz, which isn’t very good..stick to Buzz. want pac man though.

  • I love minis! It’s a good way to pass the time for my PSP. I only have three, but I promise I’ll be downloading more!

  • PAC MAN PAC MAN PAC MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #59

    your a whiner… the psp go is friggin awesome. anyone who thinks differently hasnt held one in their hands or they dont know what fun is anymore

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