ModNation Monday: Community Picks and Patch Update

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Greetings everyone! Ramone Russell here with another ModNation Monday update!

ModNation Racers Creations of the Week

Amazing creations in ModNation get shared every day and we are playing a ton of them. If you are interested in submitting your mod, kart or track to be a future “creation” of the week be sure to visit up on the official ModNation Community site and who knows? You might see your handy work on the PlayStation.Blog.

Mods of the Week

Mod Name: ”Billiard Bob”
Creator: Deadsire

billiard bob

Karts of the Week

Kart Name: ”Transilvania Vehicle”
Creator: santagun


Tracks of the Week

Track Name: ”Bay Island Final”
Created by: Yika

Bay Island 1 Bay Island 2

Bay Island 3 Bay Island 4

Yika says: ”This track was originally intended to be a tribute to my favorite Studio Ghibli Film, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, but the more I worked on it, the more it took on a life of its own! And I am glad it did! I feel I made a track which is simply beautiful. Open it up in the editor to see how unique and detailed it is. The track itself runs fairly well, offering multiple routes with advantages and disadvantages. The road never gets boring, but there is never too much going on either.”

Track Name: ”The Farmer’s Daughter”
Created by: Coty4803

Farmers Daughter 1 Farmers Daughter 2

Farmers Daughter 3 Farmers Daughter 4

Coty4803 says: “An intricately farm themed track featuring one great shortcut through the farm’s barn. You can choose to take the main path over the barn which features two jumps; one over the barn and another over a dump truck. Drifting skill and precise driving are necessary to achieve fast lap times.”

Hot Lap Roster for This Week

Not only will we feature the tracks above this week, but we are giving tribute to Crash Team Racing on the Hot Lap. Try out some of the best fan tracks we’ve seen so far and see how you do.

  • Monday: Crazy Crater
  • Tuesday: The Farmer’s Daughter, Creator: Coty4803
  • Wednesday: Bay Island Final, Creator: Yika
  • Thursday: CTR Dingo Canyon Track, Creator: ComposerRyan
  • Friday: CTR Papu’s Pyramid Track, Creator: ComposerRyan
  • Saturday: CTR Tiger Temple, Creator: ComposerRyan
  • Sunday: Landfill Island, Creator: VintageOctopus

Patch Info

I know everybody wants to know more about the patch that’s in development. We appreciate your patience as UFG places the final touches on it. There’s been a lot of community feedback and I think UFG has done a good job trying to include a lot of the improvements you’ve asked for. One of the improvements is the addition of a “casual” career difficulty that has less “aggressive” computer-controlled racers. I was able to spend some time last week playing the new build. Let me just say that I had a blast playing through the casual career difficulty and I think those that have been asking for this will be very pleased when you can get your hands on it!

Looking forward to sharing more ModNation Racers news next week!

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7 Author Replies

  • @50 there we go

  • ModNation Racers PSP DLC?

  • jamjam-nomnomnom

    just my thoughts…..but last i checked the PS3 was made for SERIOUS gamers….now i know yall have to compete with microsoft and nintendo…..if you consider that competition…..but if MNR is too hard for someone….then apperently they invested in the wrong company….i mean the “serious gamer” titles on xbox360 are easy as crap……i have both an XBOX360 AND PS3 so i know first hand what im saying…..i dont mess with the xbox 360 anymore…..i just use it to heat the house in the winter now……..

  • Lmao at the patch still not being released. Still no date either. I posted about this game before it even came out. Sure enough, I was right. Milked DLC and the game has problems. Lmao. Good thing I didn’t waste my $60 for a unfinished/milked game. Maybe the devs should spend more time on the patch and less time on DLC?

  • @54 there are 2 different teams that work on patches and DLC

  • @53

    Have you a link to the source that says the PS3 is for “serious gamers”?


    You dont even have the game and your complaining???

  • patch comming soon with the MODNATION RACERS 2 IN MAYBE 2 OR 3 YEARS…

  • I didn’t want to get this game until the load times were reduced and I hope that by finishing touches you guys meant it’s almost done.

  • jamjam-nomnomnom

    @56…..they even sayed it at E3 this year……u really want a link…ill give it to ya….btw itll be the first portion of E3 on youtube….or u can download it at the PSstore for free…..i have the whole sony conference on there too….but cant really give a link……u could try hacking i guess…..but remember ur not messing with an xbox

  • @59

    Oh o.k. Then i better ban my nieces and nephews from going near my PS3….

  • ….and your xbox comment alludes to your fanboyism which explains your “PS3 is for serious gamers” comment! ;)

  • jamjam-nomnomnom

    @60….???….not saying lil kids shouldnt be allowed to play the ps3….just saying they shouldnt start whining about there game being too hard for them when its an easy game to begin with…..the xbox has plenty of games for the young ones and even the adult titles are easy enough for lil kids to play…..

    and if u have an xbox then u cant say ur a serious gamer…..because its not “button mashing = serious gamer”

  • jamjam-nomnomnom

    @61 originally when the 2 came out i had more trust in what microsoft offered…..thinking it would be made better……..and after over a year of wasting money on it and looking at my friends ps3 i realized i was getting screwed over

  • PLEASE FIX THE LOAD TIMES!!!! MY FRIENDS AND I WONT PLAY THIS GREAT GAME BECAUSE OF THE DAMN LOAD TIMES! This game would be a perfect ten in my book if it had shorter load times.

  • @62 i agree, so what if its hard? They need to learn how to step their game up some time, or they’re going to be playing kiddie games for a long time

  • and by kiddie game i reference any game that can be beaten in a day or two with everything unlocked

  • yes please say the loading times are improved I stopped playing when I heard the patch was in the works. Great casual difficulty setting too. A+++

  • jamjam-nomnomnom

    @65/66 thats what im saying either keep up or keep out…..u dont one day after living ur life on the couch decide to jump into the olympics….and then start throwing a fit because it was too hard… takes practice

  • Crash Team Racing Tribute!?!?! Wow! That was actually my Very First PlayStation Game! I wish that Game would hit the PS Store! I got a Total 100% out of 101% on that game! Naughty Dog has always made amazing games! I need to grab ModNation! I want to see how well made these CTR Tracks were made!!!

  • @68 there are some exceptions to that, like i had just started playing bad company 2, 3 online matches and me and buddy were the best team most games

  • jamjam-nomnomnom

    @70……..ive been playing that game for about 2 weeks now…..finaly broke down and bought it….and ive noticed that……sometimes u can go on there and “OWN” and sometimes u get on there and it seems like u cant get a single kill…..its the same for me and my friend…..

    we should set up a private match… and my friend vs u and ur friend…on jus team death match or something….idk….but seems like something i want to do now…

  • The Farmer’s Daughter got picked for Hot Lap tomorrow! I would encourage everyone to check it out if you have free time. I spent about 5-6 hours making it and hand placing every prop so hopefully everyone has fun with it starting at midnight tonight!

  • I’ve got a handful of other nice tracks published as well so check those out if you like The Farmer’s Daughter and download away!

  • @71 that would be awesome, but i rented the game

  • This is such great news. I was close to trading the game in but I’m glad I didn’t now.

  • Wow, it’s really neat to see my track up there. :D I still have yet to run into any major problems in the game… My only complaint is the lack of people who show up when I try to start a casual race. But it’s no big deal- After 3 or 4 races, I’ve got a full room. Anyway, I’m glad to hear you’re working on a patch, and I’m looking forward to trying out the hot lap tracks this week!

  • Ok great. At least we got some info on the patch. But I’m suprised at the lack of comment on the servers this weekend. Are u working on that as well? Maybe finding another host for the servers?

    Increasing the ban? Because glitching has now become an issue in XP races as well…

    Not downplaying u guys at all. You’ve been trying to keep up but it makes me wonder if you’re really trying as the career difficulty has been welcomed just as much as it’s been hated.

  • I can’t wait for this update I love this game I can’t put it down great work ufg!!

    Please download my mods I have 3 jason vorhees (one with blood one with no blood and one metal mask jason) a jigsaw puppet from saw and some other mods please!!!

  • This is great news, guys – thanks for taking a serious look at the difficulty. It shows a lot of character when a company throws the manpower (which means money!) into investigating and then tweaking the game.

    I expected great things from ModNation Racers when I preordered it, and UFG has delivered.

  • finally i will be able to enjoy the game with the patch.

  • I just hope they fix the online for people who cant get online, expecially verizon westell 7500 router users. I havent gotten into 1 race yet, all I can do is create and download stuff……

  • Totally agree with all the comments about the terrible long load times ruining the whole game experience, for me fixing the load times should be TOP! PRIORITY.

    As for the patch update, where is the update then? all your saying is what you’ve been saying for over a month already, “we are working on the final touches” lol, how about a release date?

    Come on how long does it take, I just hope the load times are fixed otherwise this long wait will be all for nothing for a lot of people.

    The most frustrating thing of all is that ModNation Racers “could” be a good game, but as it stands it’s just got to many things wrong with it along with the long load times that hold the game back in a big way.

    If you don’t get a move on and release this patch then many people will have moved on and sold the game, so PLEASE! hurry up.

  • That Bay Island level looks incredible. This Yika fellow has good taste in films, too.

  • @44 thats true ppl arguin about the AI n the challenges are 2 hard well if u didnt noticed.. ITS CALLED A CHALLENGE! anywayz 4 me the game is easy the challenges the only 1 that was a bother was the devastator challenge but its ok i got the trick n passed it the only 2 trophies i need are the 250k n the 500k .. I have like 185,000 .. Well if u gonna change it plz! The 250k change it to 100k n the 500k change it to 200k plz dnt put it 2 easy! U should earn a trophy! not gettin it without work -_- specially if theyre gold! Think about it MNR creators! Anywayz tnx 4 creatin an awesome game n h should put rain snow stuff like that in a DLC 4 tracks =)

  • hey does anyone know if the playstation move comes with a game alone because i already have a pseye…

  • Casual difficulty? YEAAAAh im so happy!! It breaks my heart every time my little 6yo sister, who LOVES this game, tells me: “John, when am I gonna be able to get in the first places, I;ve been practicing! :( “

  • Please add this i have great idea.
    Glass Tunnels and put them underwater. A Boat car with this level kit and other cool things for underwater city stuff. level kits with stuff from games like Killzone 2, God of war 3, Heavy Rain, Assassins Creed, Red Dead, inFAMOUS, MGS4, Demons Soul’s. Level kits stuff with trophies for some. Mmmm

  • WOOT!! I was doing quite well on the career mode then I had to stop playing because of the AI. I would be 5 yards from the finish on the final lap and boom dead on the road while four AIs pass me. It happened time and time again. I would get a half track ahead of them all and then boom. So I just make tracks and alter my mod.

    @44 Oh I’m sorry I love paying $60 for a game we can’t get anywhere on. Hahahah!

    @50 Trophies open in all modes I say. Big whoop one game out of a hundreds without difficult trophies to get. Besides the casual gamer takes twice as long to get the trophies. :P

  • Forgive me if this issue is being / has already been addressed, but is the patch going to fix the game’s somewhat broken online? More specifically, are we going to have the option to race people outside of our ModSpot?

    My biggest gripe with the game is too many people spend time mucking about instead of racing, thus I rarely get to race anyone. Big turn off.

    We should be able to search XP and casual races ANYWHERE in the world…

  • My two biggest problems:
    – Loading times – like wtf..
    – The way you connect to XP online games, after the race you are always transfered back to the modspot. WHY!! just automatically join a new game, don’t waste time loading motspot. Really dumb


    Sign out of the PSN while your playing!!!! Load times will be cut in half.

  • And Please, pretty please, do something in this patch for these unfair trophies of getting 250K XP of creation and level 30…

  • That’s brilliant, thanks for supporting Vintage in my eyes vintage octopus is modnation’s top creator

  • Beyond the loading times issue; the four biggest improvements I would like in Modnation are:

    1)Elite AI karts in grid positions 3-5 acting like seasoned kart drivers. Everyone knows if you are not in 1st or 2nd, using a level 1 or 2 take down on the person in 2nd only strengthens 1st place if they have a lead over the chasing pack.

    The 2nd half of the last lap is as normal; a free for all, but most of the Elite AI doesn’t race this way.

    2)Shared tracks should have an AI rating, based on how easy the elite AI gets round the track and how easily it utilises all the routes. If a human time trial is more than 5 seconds quicker than the best AI can achieve, then the AI rating should flag this as a problem.

    3)Adding “Track knowledge” and “multiplayer” flags for the creator to set, would eliminate wasting time participating in races on unbalanced tracks or ones that need downloaded first; to time trial.

    4)A capture race/editor preview direct to youtube feature would be a great addition; to help people promote their tracks.
    Doing these captures in SD using a TV relay method with a Handycam added extra work (an hour & half per track).

  • I just want to see a patch come out that fixes the extremely excessive loading times this game is plagued with. I love making tracks, and playing the game overall, but, the loading time is unbearable.

  • “One of the improvements is the addition of a “casual” career difficulty that has less “aggressive” computer-controlled racers.”

    Thank Jebus!!! This has to be the most difficult kart racing… er, racing game I’ve ever played. Just when I thought the later levels of Motorstorm: Pacific Rift were hard, I started playing the third set of tracks on ModNation.

    This patch will make the brutally unforgiving ModNation Racers just what it needs to bring back gamers who turned their head.

    Thank you… THANK YOU!

  • I really hope you also fix the bug that the original creator of remixed tracks gets some xp aswell, as of now it’s only stupid allowing for remixes as you end up loosing xp points to others just copy’n paste, would be more ok if you get the xp for it thought!

  • they need to fix the server problems lke really bad cause somthings wrong with them

  • Just release the blasted patch already!!! It can’t break things any worse than they already are.

  • @96 If you dont want biggots taking credit for your creations, don’t make it where they can edit them, duh

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