E3 Encounters: Two Worlds II for PS3

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Fans of epic open-world RPGs like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3 will want to keep their eyes peeled for Two Worlds II, an upcoming fantasy RPG that’s headed to the PS3 this fall from developer Reality Pump. I sat in on a demonstration at E3 to learn more about the game, but before I start yammering away, check out the trailer below to get a sense of the universe and visual style.

Set in a massive open world teeming with animal life, Two Worlds II is an RPG that’s intensely focused on player freedom. You won’t find rigid character classes like “Barbarian” or “Thief.” Instead, you’ll build a custom class by assigning skill points across a wide range of talents: assassination, melee combat, trade, lockpicking, and magic to name just a few. Want to combine the spell-casting acumen of a Wizard with the brute melee force of a Warrior? No problem: just assign your skill and stat points accordingly. You use the directional pad to swap quickly between your gear loadouts, so you could soften up an enemy with magic while wearing your spell-boosting equipment, then instantly swap to your heavy armor and axe to dash in and finish the job.

Two Worlds II for PS3Two Worlds II for PS3

Magic spells are similarly dynamic and customizable (are you sensing a theme here?). Rather than find and assign a typical “Fireball” spell, for example, you can mix and match various magic traits (in the form of cards) to achieve a witches’ brew of effects. In my demonstration, I saw the player combine a fire card, a multi-shot card, a heat-seeking card, a summon card, and a reflection card to create a wicked spell that flung bouncing, splitting, heat-seeking, flaming projectiles that spawned demonic enemies on impact. Not bad, eh? Two Worlds II will contain a vast number of spell combinations – I overheard “10 to the 16th power” – and might draw comparisons to Borderlands’ similarly monstrous weapon arsenal.

Two Worlds II for PS3Two Worlds II for PS3

The online mode is expansive, with eight-player PvP duels (ranging from 4v4 to free for all bloodbaths), a separate co-op campaign that supports eight players as well as a unique quest and environments, and a “Village” mode where you can grow and evolve your own fantasy-RPG city. In the Village mode, you’ll be able to invite your PSN friends to visit your town and share their specific talents with your townspeople, be it leather crafting or weaponsmithing. Guild support for online play is also a go.

Two Worlds II runs on the Grace engine, and is highly optimized for the PS3 hardware and DualShock 3 controls – a major departure from its predecessor’s PC focus. If you have questions about Two Worlds II, let me know in the comments and I’ll try to shed more light on my experiences with the game.

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  • I want a copy….:)

  • I recommend people read the reviews of the first game as well as reviews from E3 concerning the second game. It is nothing like Oblivion or Demon’s Souls.

    The first game was terrible. So terrible in fact many reviewers and web sites don’t think much of the sequel.

  • Hey, this looks really good, I’ll be keeping an eye on this title.

  • I think I may have been one of those few “blessed” that Richard Iggo referred to as “liking” the game. Actually…when the patched were put in place it was more than playable and I loved every minute of it. While a bit more short lived than Oblivion, I dumped plenty of hours into the first TW game and I cannot wait for this one.

    You have a day 1 sale here Aubrey…I reserved it the minute GameStop opened up reservations for the game. BTW, 10/10 is my birthday…so thank you for the early present!

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the first go round, and you’ll be happy to see a lot of familiar features from the first game make an appearance in the sequel, but much more fleshed out and polished.

    • Thank you ^______________^

      10/20 is my birthday – yay Libra friend!

  • As long as enhancements stack like the first one, and you can continue to combine armor sets…I’m on board Jake. Thanks for the reply! I’m so happy the team wasn’t too discouraged by the negative feedback on the first. I wish more companies would take the criticism critically and use it to create a better product in the end.

  • Might have commented about this too late but if you do read it please think about it very seriously.

    One thing I hate is having to start over from day one in games like this unless I want to make a hole new character. With that said having a way to reset your skill points for a price in game would be a very welcome feature if it fits in with the design idea you have for the game.

  • @Aubrey Norris

    Hah, My Bday is October 6th, the that is when demon souls came out and I said this same thing on the blog and I ask jokingly for a free copy of the game and he said they would sing to be instead, but that never happed :(

    • So……can i sing for you on your birthday instead???? i promise that it would be filled with win!

  • Looks very interesting, next time on the blog bring a gameplay video, i want to see it in action

  • Wow. This may very well be the game to get me off of Demon’s Souls. I guess we’ll see, right?

  • I want to see a demo of the game before it is released. Proof is int he pudding and these guys need something to back up the hype.

  • Looks awesome. Hope they have a demo for it soon.

  • It’s nice to see such a lovely game make it to the PS3 this time, I’m pleasantly surprised and happy with that; the video looked decent, but I’m still going to need some convincing. A demo perhaps? Stacking this game up against titles like ES4 Oblivion and FO3 means you’ve got some enormous boots to fill, as I consider those titles to be the cream of the crop in their respective categories of this generation.

  • This looks really good. Hopefully a demo is coming.

  • Dear Mr. DiGennaro,

    You mentioned that players will receive points when they level up, in order to distribute them among skill/stats, something I always look forward to find in a RPG, is freedom to suddenly change everything, or to learn another skill, RPG is all about that or should be, but instead developers always make us choose. Just to mention the last RPG I have played and because its very close in style (as far as the video goes) I developed my almost all my character skills in Oblivion, so i could choose how i wanted to attack my enemies, either using a bow, sword or magic.
    To be Honest, i just found out abot TW today, but it is a day 1 purchase and i think this freedom of choose would just bring more to this already great game. BWT IF DLC are beeing planned or even a Goty edition. Please let us know ASAP. Thank you!!!

  • Hopefully this game will not suck.

  • Can you make your own characher’s appearance like in Oblivion?

  • Im looking forward to playing this game. So far it has appealed to me. I just hope the leveling system is NOT like Oblivion. Oblivion for me took away all the fun of the game when it came to having to “level up the correct way” or be destroyed with ease the higher your level got. I hated the fact that leveling had to be so specific in what you had to do to correctly being able to level up the “right” way.

    I hope in Two Worlds II the leveling system isn’t set up to where you have to do certain things to level up “correctly” or face being killed in one or two hits in higher levels because your character is gimped.

  • The game looks great and I can’t to hit the store.

  • Ah, so here they do respond… on the EU PS blog where this post has been copied/quoted are a bunch of questions too but nobody is responding. Perhaps you guys (red replies) could come over to the EU blog as well? I’m guessing nobody was notified of the EU blog post…

    Anyway, can’t wait for this game to release. Hopefully we’ll get to see & play the game on GamesCom.

  • never played the first one but this one is looking pretty fun… sorry about your first game “from what i read from reviews” hope this game works out from you… and from what Sid is saying im sure hes not blowing smoke… good luck and ill keep an eye out on your game

  • sorry to double post but i just notice that i still have a sackboy as my avatar…. i changed my avatar some time ago to a heavy rain avatar…. no big deal but i thought ill share that

  • Awesome, i liked the first one a lot.

  • Why make a sequel to a game with a bad reputation? You work uphill trying to promote it, you have to answer for all of the mistakes of the previous game and, worst of all, you’ve got a story carried over from a game that ISN’T ON YOUR TARGET SYSTEM.

    • Why? Because we think we can make something that will be better than the first, based on all the things we learned from that experience. And just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. ;)

      Instead of being a developer that shrugs off constructive criticism and feedback and keeps pumping out games without listening to what people want, Reality Pump has taken it to heart and is genuinely trying to make something that will reflect that…and I think they should be given a lot more credit for trying to make a good experience out of something with not that great of a history.

      Also – there is no target system for Two Worlds II. All three platforms are being developed simultaneously with the GRACE engine. Reality Pump specifically developed their engine so that there would be NO porting! :)

  • The game world. How BIG is it?

  • hopefully this one won’t be a steaming pile of poop like the first.

  • Don’t know if your still taking question,but would there happen to be allies in the single player that follow and aid you?

    also thanks for answering first question.

  • Like the person above, I don’t know if you’re still taking questions but I figured I might as well give it a shot.

    I’ve always liked the idea of player housing/ player towns in games, and wished more games used it and integrated it. That was pretty much the only reason I bought White Knight Chronicles even though I ended up hating it >_>

    So, I’m not totally convinced I’ll get this but I think I may eventually, however I wanted to know more about the Village mode which, really, is one of my most looked-forward to features, and I hope it is done right.

    How exactly do you build new buildings? Do you just use money or do you have materials you need to collect to build houses? And if so, are the materials realistic (like logs or bricks or stuff) or fantastical (like insect wings)?

    Also, how do you get “recipes” to build new buildings? Are there story mode quests that you can do to get new buildings you can build?

    I know I’m probably one of the few people who has been wanting something like this in a good game, but if the town building is integrated into the game itself nicely I’ll really consider picking this up.

    So any word on how that works? :p

  • After skimming the blog and reading up on this title, I have to say Im very excited to have an open world RPG to look forward to outside of the Fallout franchise. I love Fallout but Im tired of the setting (Post Apocalyptic World.) Great to see such freedom in the creation system and also in the spells. I was so impressed when I envisioned borderlands character customization elements mixed in with a sacred 2 style world. I own both games, sad that you did not feature local co-op in any form as these games are usually played as such by myself and the Mrs. That would have made it one for the collection, I feel that lack of local co-op should not die out of this genre of gaming. That said, your online ambitions are also looking promising! Hope to play this one one release.

  • Hey I was just wondering if you’d be able to buy and decorate houses in this game?

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