Coming Tomorrow to PSN: Family Feud for PS3

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This week, Ludia is excited to invite you to play Family Feud on your PlayStation 3! Based on the hit TV game show that’s been on the air for over three decades, our Family Feud game features all the favorite elements of the game as played on television.

Ever wondered what it’s like to play as the leader of your own “family,” as you eye the game board and hear the famous words “SURVEY SAYS!”? With Family Feud on PS3, you get to find out how you would perform in a contest to name the most popular answers to survey questions posed to 100 people and experience the fun of face offs, strike-outs, stealing and “fast money” rounds. This true-to-TV game play is enhanced by authentic theme music and sound fix to create realistic Family Feud fun for all ages.

Family Feud for PS3Family Feud for PS3

We’re particularly thrilled to offer two multiplayer modes in the game: you can play multiplayer on one PS3, or challenge friends online through PlayStation Network. The game also supports solo play, with tons of survey questions to keep things fresh.

You can download Family Feud from the PlayStation Store tomorrow, and please be sure to let us know what you think of the game. We look forward to finding out what the “survey says!”

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  • Nice, it’s great having all these game show games ready to load on the hard drive when you are having a party!

  • I love Family Feud! I’ve been watching the show for years!

    Will definitely check it out!!

    Any chance on an update on “The Amazing Race” video game? I’ve been waiting to hear more about that game for years!

    • If you enjoy Family Feud on TV, watch out for the 12th season that premieres September 13th with Steve Harvey as the host. Should be fun!

      There first of the Amazing Race games will be coming this Fall.

  • How many questions are featured in this game? I am worried about repeat questions after only a couple shows….

    (“a ton” of questions doesn’t really help anyone)

  • I don’t get why games like Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy not inside Home.

  • Wow this game looks like a turd.

  • does anyone know how to enable co op in the new fat princess patch? i cant.

  • Even with such negative comments I like how you kept a positive manner and answered all the questions. I think my girl and her friends would enjoy this game, you got one purchase at least!

  • $10 to play something I can play on Facebook for free? No thanks.

  • Keyboard/keypad required?

    • No keyboard required as there is a virtual keyboard built in that works great, and also a predictive text function that makes it fast and easy to enter answers.

  • Will there be Move support when that launches?

    Given that this is most likely a Wii port in some way, shape or form I would expect the Move to be supported.

  • AWESOMEgamer875

    What about MW2 DLC?

  • SURVEY SAYS! Worst Blog Poster ever! -Eva Jando I mean come on, marketing? You are doing a great job avoiding any question asked. But when I scroll through to see the “red” comments ie. the only comments worth reading sometimes are the ones the blog poster responds too, you seem to answer everyone with the same uniform reply.

  • I hope this is more fun than The Price is Right. sorry but that game kinda got old with no online multiplayer.

    • Agreed- online multiplayer for The Price Is Right would have been great, but we have included this time for Family Feud.

  • i thought Sony wasn’t allowing lazy wii ports on the ps3

  • Ludia you guys made one of my favorite little PC games (The Gordon Ramsay cooking game based on the TV show). Will that game come to the PS3?

  • if its anything like jeopardy im going to half to pass

  • i dont even watch that bull of a show, so why would i play the game.
    i just want to know since there aint no post about it. when call of duty: modern warfare’s resurgence map pack going to hit. If it aint this is some bull and i’m taking my business to xbox.

  • Hi guys, thank you for this game, it looks very funny :)

    Can it be playable with the Buzzers ? if not, is there an upcoming patch in the future allowing the use of Buzz controllers ?

    Thabk you :)

    • Family Feud is $9.99, all the game play is via the virtual keyboard, so there aren’t buzz controllers enabled. Hope you enjoy the game!

  • Sorry for the double comment, but i forgot i that i didn’t ask about the price of Family Feud. Thanks in advance

    . .

  • Jerk, Weirdo and Idiot are not terms for nerd – your survey is wrong. Nerd is a term often bearing a derogatory connotation or stereotype, that refers to a person who passionately pursues intellectual activities, esoteric knowledge, or other obscure interests that are age-inappropriate rather than engaging in more social or popular activities.

  • This would of been cool if it used Home Avatars.

  • zekececil14 | July 5th, 2010 at 9:26 am

    Do + members get a discount?

    Eva Jando’s Avatar

    Eva Jando | July 5th, 2010 at 9:44 am

    Sorry, there isn’t a discount for Plus members.

    NO DISCOUNT?? then you dont get my money!!!!

  • I’ll definitely give it a try.

  • @barnDoorUk: the surveys are not wrong or right, it’s what people say who are asked the question while taking the survey. This is sort of the appeal of the game, guessing what average people would say. They are usually wrong, sometimes very very wrong. Sometimes it is funny how wrong they are.

    @Ludia: Is there a virtual Host character or is it more of an accouncer? Who says ‘survey says’?

  • im sorry to be off topic but can someone please tell me when the MW2 resurgence map pack is coming…i really want them

  • ScreamAimFire999

    Seems pretty cool. I like the show. It kind looked like something in Playstation Home at first. lol.

  • How do you input answers then? With an onscreen keyboard? Lame.

    And no custom soundtracks? In repetitive games like this that’s a MUST especially since this show has awful music as will the game I’m sure.

  • @Lust4hate well its not like sony bothered to put a modern warfare post up right? most popular game ever = no posts, comments by sony. Tuesday is halfway over and no store update yet, this isnt anoyying at all.

  • Family feud is my favorite game show ever I will most likely buy this, multiplayer is an awesome feature you put in this game too. Keep up the good work ludia.

  • @77; Tuesday isn’t even half way over. There are more times to go by than where you live you know. The world doesn’t revolve around you. Where I live, the Pacific Time Zone, it’s only 11:11AM.

  • Great!! Now we get this piece of (put word here) this week while the competition get Blacklight Tango Down on their store this week… A REAL GAME!!!

    Fail week for you guys, this sucks.

  • Although, I’m waiting for you guys to bring Press You Luck. Just for the heck of the nostalgia I got for that show, don’t want to buy that on Wii.

  • plan on getting it cause my whole family enjoy the tv show but can it support the mic for my ps eye if it does that would be the best thing and i garanty nobody will pass this up

  • that looks cool.

  • I’ll probably be getting this – we love Family Feud!

    One question: Is there any choice in what your family looks like? Maybe even the individual people in the family? I’d love to be able to choose an avatar for each of us that looks similar.

    And a suggestion: Why not offer daily surveys that will then be used in the game? That would add for unlimited replayability!

  • Multiplayer question:

    I regularly play with a group of 3 other friends online. Is it possible for all 4 of us to play together online? Perhaps in some kind of team form where 2 of us are one family, and 2 on the other?

    Or, is online multiplayer just 1 vs 1?

  • Ok just played this for a couple hours – I’m on top of the leaderboards currently.. :)

    @JM761 – It’s only 1 v 1

  • @Maedhros

    Thanks. :)

  • Can anyone who owns Family Feud tell me if it lets you customize the people in the game?

  • @shark301: the surveys are not wrong or right, it’s what people say who are asked the question while taking the survey.

    I see, well the people answering the questions were obviously a complete bunch of ‘nerds’ – I’m using the games definition of the word nerd here by the way.

  • I love Family Feud, The Game I purchase was great..But One thing I should address tho, for Online play, it would of been awesome if it was more people online, instead of just 1 vs 1.. my 2 cent..

  • And 1 other thing the avatars should of been something like P S HOME or Wheel Of forture. This is PS3 not the Wii. I personality do not like cartoon avatars.

  • I bought this game and I like it! my friends who like stuff like it are coming over tonight to play

  • trophies?

  • I always enjoyed watching the show and trying to guess the best answers. I do see a lot of negative comments but I will definitely purchase this one. Please do consider providing some add-on packs with more questions to keep the game interesting. Will post back once I have purchased it.

  • Game has trophies of course.

  • Bought the game about 20 minutes ago..boot it up with a USB keyboard in place… response in game from it at all. the keyboard works fine with the broswer, and even for going through menu icons. I did not see any text in the games description the the controller mountable keypad being required. so..adding usb keyboard support is coming?..or we’re just left with no way to play normally..moving a cursor from letter to letter is a joke an should not be expected from a paying customer in this day and age. frustrated and confused..

  • As a side note, i have not played the previous version on the ps2. But have seen sites stating that even it supports a USB keyboard. And the older 3DO version, where moving the cursor for letter selection was the only choice, there was a setting to change time for input upto 50-60 seconds or so. The confusion prevails. The only reason that seems to make any sense at all, would be that they were told to make a text entry game that only supports the attachable mini-keyboard for a few hunred more product sales. It just seems the profits would be minimum, and come with a cost of alienating select customers with already capable hardware.

  • “No keyboard required as there is a virtual keyboard built in that works great, and also a predictive text function that makes it fast and easy to enter answers.”

    I would really appreciate it I had the option of using a keyboard. I just bought this game and I kinda wish I didn’t because the virtual keyboard is frustrating when I have a real one right in front of me.

    Also… the silly predicted answers are funny, but pretty frustrating when I pick one by mistake. I wish the predictive text was a little more serious.

  • If I can’t use a USB keyboad, can I at least have more than 15 seconds to put in my response please?

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