First Look: The Sly Collection in HD for PS3

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Hi there, My name is Glen Egan, I am the President of Sanzaru Games, a Foster City, CA based independent video-game studio. We are very hard at work bringing The Sly Collection to the PS3 and I just wanted to use this brief post to tell everyone a little bit about our studio and what’s going to be in the game. Sanzaru Games has been making videogames since 2007; the PlayStation historians out there may remember that we were responsible for the PS2 version of Secret Agent Clank. But this year we are sinking our teeth into the PS3. In case you missed all the E3 action, here is a quick rundown on The Sly Collection…

Sly Cooper 1 PS2 Sly Cooper 1 PS3

The game will feature all three titles in the Sly Cooper series: Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus; Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves and Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves. They have all been remastered in HD with up-rezed textures and full 16:9 widescreen rendering to deliver the most vibrant, crisp Sly Cooper experience yet. Sly Cooper 3 will also be playable using the latest 3D televisions, which are extremely cool — I wish there was a way to demonstrate it online, but I think the best thing to do is to swing by your local Best Buy (or whoever) and checkout a demo of the Sony Bravias. It is a very nifty new way to experience the game and from the moment you see it you will be hooked — I know I am! Players will also now be able to earn Trophies as they play through the games and yes, I can confirm officially that there will be three platinum trophies awarded, one for completing each game. We will also be adding a series of cool PlayStation Move mini-games to the collection. We’ll have more information on the mini-games in the coming weeks.

Sly Cooper 3 PS2

Sly Cooper 3 PS3

We are all big fans of the Sly Cooper series and the opportunity to work with Sucker Punch and Sony to bring the games to the PS3 is awesome. Sucker Punch created the amazing Sly Cooper universe and we have learned so much from working with them — their kung-fu is very strong as I am sure you can tell from the spectacular game inFAMOUS! The guys have been super helpful getting everything together for us to work on and things are coming along great.

Sly Cooper 2 PS2 Sly Cooper 2 PS3

So that’s it for now, we will definitely have more info on the game to share shortly, so watch this space!


P.S. Go try a 3D TV — they rock!

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  • Awesome, keep bringing remastered games. AHEM… Team ICO Collection?

  • Jak&Daxter and Ratchet&Clank collections would be awesome. I never played the Jak series….but i totally would if they were brought to PS3.

  • oh and uh, this pretty much means…


    hahaha. just thought i’d throw that out there. but really, think about all the attention sly’s getting with Heroes on the Move and the Collection…it’s inevitable.

  • Looks great. I never got in to the Sly series, but I’ve heard many good things about it.

    Also, if anyone is hoping for an ICO/SOTC HD collection, it’s looking very likely as of now. Amazon France had it listed for June of next year, and a Sony executive said in an interview that they are very aware of the consumer desire for it.

  • Hmmm… you trying to make the new version look better by faking the horribleness of the emulated version? Being an owner of an original 60gb NA PS3 I can play ps2 games without hitch… I have never seen a game look that crappy on my TV. There’s weird pixeliation, fuzziness, grain, desaturation and so on which I just don’t see when playing PS2 games on my PS3. So why are they here when comparing PS2 vs PS3 HD classic re-touch up edition?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the touch up and being able to have all 3 games on the disc… but I still question the crappy look the screens have and feel they may be intentionally done like that to make us believe that the touched up version is 10x better… when really it’s not quite.


  • I’m so happy that you guys are making this, the Sly Cooper series is my favorite game series for the PS2 and of all time (until LBP 2 comes out, then it will be my second favorite). The HD and Trophy features will further improve an already incredible series, I cannot thank you all enough for making this. =)

  • I’m looking forward to this along with, hopefully what will soon to be, more Classic HD collections of various other series.

    Did someone say Zone of The Enders Classic HD Collection? Hell yeah someone did!

    I will buy this, especially since I missed out on the trilogy on the PS2.

  • I cant wait and huge fan completed all three games trophies freaking awsome.please message me for the price.


  • Are the PS+ subscribers gonna get an early demo or full game trial??? and for every ps2 remake??

  • Amazing, thanks a lot!! Sony, we also want Ico: Collection :'(

  • This is so sweet. These classics needs to live on to the current generation of PS3 games big time. But in the mean time, it’d be nice if PS2 B/C not only COME BACK but the scaling issues be fixed (explained here: ht tp : / /tinyurl . com/yde8apr < – put them together so there's no spaces in the end). Dunno why I'm posting about it here. Guess I'm desperate for a solution :( Say those PS2 screen caps, were they captured from the game running on a actual PS2 or emulated from the PS3?

  • Day 1 purchase for me.

  • Hopefully we can get a Sly 4 announcement at e3 next year.

  • Wild ARMs Collection please. Media.Vision is fantastic and so underrated. So talk to them SONY, I still pray for a Wild ARMs 6. So while you’re there strike up a deal.

    And I want my hands on Wild ARMs 4 and 5, but they are sooooo expensive online.

    Wild ARMs and Wild ARMs 2 did well on the store I believe. So let the world experience the rest of the series on PS3!

  • happysniperneil

    Just to let everyone know, there will be a sneak preview of Sly Cooper 4 within the Sly Collection. Suckerpunch has shown the easters, the interview speak of a fourth title to the addictive series, and a Sly Collection to remind fans of the good times and remind Suckerpunch themselves as to what helped them become noticed. So they’re going to pay tribute to the fans of the Sly Cooper franchise by giving them a reward…Sly Cooper. Now there have been many speculations that there will be a PSP version of Sly Cooper 4, but so far that has been uncomfirmed, so instead of buying a PSP save a little more and purchase a PS3.

    -Playstation Exclusive

  • Awesome

  • can anyone tell me if this is anything similar to Jak and Daxter ? if so this is 3 instant platinums for me …… but is it anything simialr ?

  • Great now that sly is coming out on a remake, now all we need is Jak collection, kingdom hearts collection, and ratchet and clank collection.

  • Will “Honor Among Thieves” be 3D playable on any TV like the original one was?

  • I want a Kingdom Hearts Collection so, so badly.

  • What about the GOW PSP games on PS2

  • Maybe a “Tombraider” collection, huh, ms. croft in HD!

  • hey when does it come out i played the 3rd on ps2 and its great it should definitly be a buy for people who have never played sly add me on psn

  • Great cuz my PS3 wasnt compatible

  • Make Jak and the R&C series for PS3 too!

  • PLease I Love the Sly Cooper series Can we get A SLy 4

  • GTA Collection or GTFO

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