Celebrate Canada Day with the PlayStation Video Store!

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Happy Canada Day! Today we are pleased to extend the PlayStation Network video delivery service to our friends and neighbors in Canada! You’ve been loud and clear about wanting this service in Canada, and starting today, you can check it out on PlayStation Store on the PS3 or PSP. As an added bonus, people who visit the Canadian video store between July 1 – July 14 will receive an email with a code for a free SD copy of Charlie’s Angels (This offer is valid in CANADA ONLY).

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PlayStation Video Store Canada Launch


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  • @50
    It’s on the Playstation Store, press X at the Video button, on the upper left corner of the screen.

  • @55

    I mean the redeem code for the free movie that we’re supposed to receive by email. I know the store is already up :p

  • At long last! Thank you so much! I can finally curtail my use of iTunes.

  • Sweet thanx!!!! So i went to the video section of the store on my ps3, when will i get the email??? Does anyone know if I need to do anything else or do i just sit and slam back some beer till i get it….

  • YAY! Its about time! Thanks Sony :)

  • Celebrate it better in Playstation Home Central Plaza. :)

  • lmao… Charlies Angels…

  • Thank you! now Comic Store to Canada!

  • Shouldn’t you have picked a more Canadian Movie?

    Men With Brooms or something?

    Or better yet Porkys.

  • Nice! i just hope that someday this reaches Mexico! happy canada day!

  • There is a little window dressing since almost all the rentals only show the title and a blank selection screen… but it’s a start. Will we have to wait two more years to get the rentals and TV shows now?

  • hmmmm i just checked it and hmmm theres like 20 movies to rent…. will we get some more in a reasonable delay or it will take a while? because yes its great that we got the service but if theres no reason to use it for, its not better

  • Thank you sony. Drinking and watching movies before noon. Best Canada day ever.

  • Thank You Sony, this makes Canada Day that much sweeter, Has anyone received their codes to DL Charlie’s Angles yet?

  • Thank you!!!! FINALLY, amiirite? ca’t wait to download tonnnns of cool Animes and Movies and what not~ Happy Canada Day Everyone!

  • this is kool and about time.I visited and checked the mail,No code yet!!!!

  • Congratulations to all the Canadian users!

  • Great news for all Canadians lucky enough to own a PS3. Today marks the end of Blockbuster for us ! Can’t wait to download HD movies from the comfort of my sofa. Thank-you Sony.

  • Is this out all across the country? I’m in Toronto and I can’t find it.

  • @45

    Kyle Moffat is no longer with the company.

  • Woot woot!! Bit of a random choice but I won’t complain. Merci!!

  • thank you very much Sony

  • Blame Canada, blame Canada!

  • Ok I found the video store section after selecting an add on the right of the PSN store. I can see all the available movies etc, but when I select a movie I want, it says “this content cannot be accessed on your account” is it just me who has this problem?

  • Yes! Finally, I’ve been waiting for this.
    Thanks Sony!!

    && Happy Canada Day everyone. :)

  • kinda makes me wish i lived in canada but thats fine, california gets too much love anyways so im good =P

  • Well, it’s a start. And a damn fine one at that.

    I look forward to things that come in the future.

  • I was surprised how much content we started off with!

  • take off ef?

  • hot womenz 4 all!!!!!!

  • @66
    20 movies??? In the New Release section maybe. But I see HUNDREDS of movies here.
    Great news – no more giving Rogers Cable my $ for overly compressed
    HD on-demand movie. This is cheaper and the rental lasts longer. Great news!

  • thanks Grace and Sony , been looking forward to this .

    a question though , is it still updating the canadian store or are a lot of these videos not available here ?
    I browsed for movies to own and the first 3 I wanted showed the title page but then when I clicked on them it said no content found – they are copycat , eddie murphy raw and ferris buellers day off

    after that I stopped looking because it seemed there weren’t any I could actually rent or buy .

    hope it’s just a glitch .

  • Haha. Really. You’re giving them Charlie’s Angels? Wow.

  • Thank you Sony.

    Happy Canada Day everyone!

  • Hahaha Charlies Angels? Really? Is this a subtle way of insulting us? No, i’m not mad or complaining, I just find this genuinely amusing. Bad movie was baaaad.

    But yay! Video store!

  • squallxlionheart

    Great JOB SONY!
    I know the Canadians have been waiting for this service for a while now… Great job on listening!!!

  • South America exist too! Make for us a Store almost descent!

  • decent!

  • @78

    A. Are you in Canada
    B. Are you on a Master account
    C. Are you over the age of 18

  • Dear PlayStation,

    I’m a french canadian, yet I absolutely want to see films in their original version. Sadly, it seems like the films I want to see are dubbed and there is no way to change that. What should I do?


  • Congrats

  • I complained before, so now I’m here to say Thank You!

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Thanks for finally bringing this to Canada, would also like the PSP comic store.

    My immediate impressions:

    Content is better than I expected, I thought half of it was gonna be Corner Gas and other Canadian crap like that. That’s how iTunes was for like a year.

    Rental prices are good, much better than I expected.

    More things need to be available in HD.

    Half the things I click on go to a blank “not found” or error screen.

    Now they just need to add more HD and more content (I wanted to rent Youth in Revolt but it’s not there) and I may actually rent some HD movies on this thing. Good start, 3.5 thumbs up!

  • will there be any french version of movies?

  • Great new feature for all Canadians! Has anyone bought a movie yet ? Do they support subtitles ? In french and english ?

  • Charlie’s Angels…BLARGH

    Free is free I guess.

  • @97

    Only some movies are available for rent. You might want to check the buy section as Youth in Revolt might be there.

  • Happy Canada Day everyone.

  • Thank you so much. I already have 110 blu rays. Dont no what I will do with the video store. Maybe rent something before I buy it see if its worth the buy. Anyways thanks PS and also just waiting for that code in my email for the free movie I tried downloading it from the store there was no content. Guess redeem only xD

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