Burn your Dread: Persona 3 Portable Signed Soundtrack Drawing!

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Allow us to get your week on track, PlayStation.Blog readers. SOUNDtrack, that is. SIGNED soundtrack, even. That’s right, we’ve got 10 soundtracks graced by the pen/magic marker/writing instrument of one Shoji Meguro, master composer of games like Persona 3 and Persona 4, and we’re giving them away. Here. Just to you folks.

Persona 3 Portable for PSP -- original soundtrack

“How do I enter?” you inquire, leaning forward in excitement. Easy! Just tell us what you’re most excited about regarding the upcoming P3P as a comment under this post. Maybe it’s the fact that you can take one of the highest rated RPGs of all time on the road now? Or the cast of memorable characters you just can’t get enough of? Or the dating sim elements? The fantastic music? The great art? The addicting gameplay? The original story?

10 lucky winners will be randomly (or as close to randomly as possible) chosen and sent a SIGNED soundtrack CD. Only North American residents are eligible to win, however. It’s not that we don’t love you rest-of-the-world’ers; we just want to focus this giveaway on the region in which the game is actually releasing.

Why are we doing this? Well, we’d love to use this opportunity to remind you that:

    a) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, Atlus’s upcoming handheld RPG epic, is right around the corner, releasing in stores and via PlayStation Network on July 6th.
    b) It features one of the best soundtracks ever, and in order to further emphasize that point, we want to give a few of those soundtracks away. SIGNED.

In case you all are a bit unfamiliar with the P3P soundtrack, perhaps we should share a sample with you:

For more music samples, visit the official Persona 3 Portable website!

“The music seems awesome,” you say, pensively prodding your chin with your finger, “but I’m not guaranteed to win it. I just wish there was some cool bonus with Persona 3 Portable that I was guaranteed to receive.”

Funny you’d say that, because there’s still time to pre-order your copy of Persona 3 Portable at a participating retailer (GameStop and Amazon in the United States and Canada) and receive a collectible Junpei Baseball Cap. It’s modeled after the one he wears in the game!

Persona 3 Portable: Pre-order bonus (Junpei cap)

“Wow, they’re sure giving us a lot of physical awesome to celebrate the release of the game, but what about the game itself?” you muse aloud to no one in particular, gently tapping your pointer fingers together in front of your mouth.

We’ve already told you in previous posts about how Persona 3 Portable puts you in the shoes of a team of gifted high schoolers forced to use their developing supernatural abilities to save the world from destruction, and how the game cleverly mixes addicting RPG dungeon crawling with social sim elements. And how the PSP system release introduces a new female protagonist who experiences the events of the game from a new perspective, not to mention the addition of one-button menu shortcuts, a streamlined user interface, and more.

We’d say more about the game, but really, why not let others speak for us? Early reviews are in, Blog readers, and they’re glowing:

Gaming Nexus – A
“Atlus added enough new content to make this the first must-own PSP RPG of the year!”

Gamervision – 10 out of 10
“Persona 3 Portable is one of the strongest games in the PSP catalogue, and a shining example of a role-playing game done right.”

GamerTell – 99 out of 100
“Simply said, Persona 3 Portable is a system seller. If you own a PSP and can purchase “Mature” games, you should own it. If you don’t own a PSP, Persona 3 Portable is easily a game to inspire you to pick one up.”

PlayStation Illustrated – 95 out of 100
“It’s a fantastic RPG stuffed with things to do and interesting, yet unusual, ideas.”

1UP.com – A-
“I’d actually recommend Persona 3 Portable as the best introduction to the series — even ahead of the console versions of Persona 3 or Persona 4. But I’d also highly recommend P3P for longtime fans of the franchise…”

gamrReview by VGChartz – 9 out of 10
“PSP fans can rejoice that such a grand RPG has arrived on their system of choice…”

GameZone 8.5 out of 10
“…a solid version of a great RPG.”

Look for Persona 3 Portable on retail shelves and in PSN Store on July 6, 2010! For more info about P3P, visit the game’s official website.

Don’t forget: What about the upcoming Persona 3 Portable are you most looking forward to? Tell us below for a chance to win a SIGNED soundtrack CD! We’ll try and choose winners by the game’s release date (winners will be notified with a message sent to their PSN account).

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24 Author Replies

  • The Art style for the Persona’s were incredible! I really like the art style for the Norse gods and Setsusano.

  • I’m excited about the conversion from PS2 to PSP, nothing can beat your favorite game on the go. I’m also excited about how you get around places in this game, since it is getting changed for the PSP. I’m intrigued by the addition to play as the female protagonist, and am excited to see how she is used in battle.
    I’m also excited about the Persona 4 like battle system that is being implemented into P3P.

  • I’m most excited to have one of my all time favorite games available to play no matter where I am. So much in fact, that I’m buying it twice, one on UMD and one off of the PSN (one for my PSP-3000, and one for my PSP go)

  • I am beyond excited for this series to be on PSP because Persona 3 on the Playstation 2 was what got me hooked into the Shin Megami Tensei series in the first place. I am trying to get all of the games so I can fully enjoy the series. However, besides playing the games, honestly one of the best elements about the series is the MUSIC! I already know that the soundtrack on the game will be amazing but I really hope that the gaming gods bless me with this epic soundtrack from the musical mastermind! Please?

  • What about the upcoming Persona 3 Portable am I most looking forward to?

    Well all the new stuff they are adding. The only reason I’m getting this game again is because so much stuff has been added that it is almost a new game. With P3 story with P4 battle system equals so much win and a truly epic game. This will keep me busy during my breaks in school, for years to come.

    Also, dat hat :3

  • I’m really hyped about this game and I don’t even have a PSP! This is one of those games that will get me to buy one. I’m craving for a good RPG on the go for a good time now and I love the look and the originality of the Persona games. Visually it’s beautiful and unique and the music is wonderful.

  • I’m excited for the female protagonist and the fact that P3 is coming to the PSP!

    Also, Aram is the hotness.

  • I’m excited because I remember getting Persona and Persona 2 from my cousin, and I got P3 and then bought P3Fes, and now P4. And I can’t wait for P3P because I really want to try the story as both the guy and the girl.

  • I’m looking forward to the fact that you can play a girl!! Which I have yet to see in a Persona game. Plus i’ll be able to play it where ever I go and finally show my friends what Person actually is instead of telling them about and hopefully making them a fan or a at least give them an understanding of what its about that way there not confused. Im crossing my fingers for a Persona 4 conversion one day.

  • Great write-up on P3P. You really explained a lot of the differences from the original PS2 version. I’m perfectly fine with the changes since I played and beat P3, but never played The Journey in FES (I just jumped right into The Answer). I know there will be people who did play P3: FES and moan about the changes in P3P.

    I like the changes in the Tartarus dungeon crawling. As in P3 and P4, I would spend as much time as possible to get as far as I can in a dungeon in one day so I free time for social links. That and the changes seem more attuned for bite sized portable gaming and it makes grinding a lot easier. =D

    I haven’t done much gaming on either my DS or PSP, but I think P3P might change it due to fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the original.

    Another note – it would be cool in the game if both the female and male character could meet each other depending on which one you choose to play as (social link? haha…)

  • I’m excited about being able to play my favorite game while sitting on the can!

  • I’m excited for the new content, as well as the ability to play the ending again. Persona 3’s ending sequence is one of the greatest ending sequences I’ve ever played (I mean last 2 hours or so of gameplay). I can’t wait to replay it!

  • I Love P3P!! Specially the gameplay, so many things to do!! Also one of the best pre-orders promotions ever!!! The baseball cap is awesome, god luck in this new project, you deserve it!

  • i so want this persona rules i love the music great music if anything will we be able to download the music? and cant wait for this game im getting it weds who else is too?

  • I love the fact there will be an option to play as a female protagonist in this new portable edition of Persona 3.

  • It’s funny that while the character you control may have a outgoing lifestyle with great social skills, everyone who plays this game will be doing the complete opposite (lol)! Seriously though, this game was so awesome on the PS2 alone that moving it over to PSP will be insane(ly good)!!! This is the quintessential JRPG (or RPG for that matter) that any fan of the genre MUST pick up.

  • Pre-Ordered for the awesome Bonus that is Junpei’s Hat.

    And also for the incredible game that is contained within. I loved Persona PSP.

    I have Persona 3 and Persona 3 FES soundtrack listen to them while I do yard work and always makes the day go by fast.

  • I”M EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT PERSONA 3 ON THE PSP!! I play my PSP A LOT, and the fact this game is on a portable system now, means I can also grind more where ever I want!! SWEET!! CAN’T WAIT!!! LONG LIVE PSP AND ATLUS!!! GO MINATO!! ^_^

  • great story great music great gameplay i already own this game for the ps2 now i can play it on the go i so can not wait

  • Never played Persona before so I’m excited to get a chance to try out a game thats already proven itself but still has some new content.

  • I’m looking forward to finally getting around to playing this release! I picked up P4 as an impulse buy a few years back and I’ve been itching for 3 for a long time but could never find it. I’m psyched to be able to play it now on PSP, especially because I get the opportunity to control each of my team members manually! :D

  • I’m excited because while I had a blast with Persona 3 FES, the added improvements from Persona 4 makes for a much improved overall game. Having the ability to play anywhere and with a new main character is just icing on the cake. Can’t wait for the release.

  • I just sold my old psp 1000 so I could upgrade to a go n I will definitely b getting this after I pick up my new psp after work

  • I’m most excited because the battle system (as well as the Personas) are different from most (J)RPGs currently available on the PSP.

    The following is not part of the entry, but…

    @51 (chaosjay85)
    You fell into the same misunderstanding I almost fell into. It says “…most exciting thing about P3P…” (that’s Persona 3 Portable), and not the PSP itself.

  • The Music is DEFINITELY awesome, and I am excited to hear some of the new tracks from P3P! But I cannot limit it to one thing, because P3 has sooooo much awesome to offer, so i a MOST excited about the fact that i will actually get a chance to Play though the entire game. I have played the first 15 hours twice, and both save files corrupted! so i really cannot wait to finish the game~

    Can’t wait for a Persona on PS3~ MAKE IT HAPPEN ATLUS :D

  • The new female character.

  • I just recently got into the SMT games, and i love them. I don’t have a PS2, so I’m excited that I’ll finally get to play one of the best games in the series on my PSP.

  • I am looking forward to getting to try out this game for the first time since I have heard such great things about the series.

  • Im excited about being able to experience the Dark Hour on my PSP with new refinements. The game is gonna be awesome!!!

    (will the soundtrack be up for sale at some point?)

  • looking forward to replaying Persona 3 on a handheld system with Persona 4’s gameplay! The alternate main character ain’t bad either.

  • While there are some differences in the overworld gameplay, I just can’t wait to be able to grind in Tartarus for hours while on the go. P3P has to be one of the most exciting, if not THE most exciting title for me on the PSP. Can’t wait to try out the Female storyline and visit the new areas (like young Yukiko’s hotel).

  • I didn’t get a chance to pick it up for PS2 so I’m excited that it’s coming to PSP!

  • I love the music……NOT!

  • I’m most excited about the fact that I’ll be playing it this time. I’ve tried Persona 3 at my friends house and it was pretty awesome, BUT I had a PS3 and I was unable to cope with the lower quality graphics of last generation.

    “What has changed now?” One might ask. The change is the graphics you get on handheld is unmatched on the PSP (at least right now) and I can play this game no matter what I do. I can play the game while cooking food (a lot of wait time involved in my cooking), I can play it while sitting in the bathroom doing nr 2, I can play it on road trips and flights. There is just a lot more opportunity and honestly the graphics on PSP, while still much worse than PS3, is mind blowing for a handheld.

    That is why I’m excited. I can go in and out of this game plenty of times without sacrificing my time with the PS3 :D. And please make a Persona game for the PS3, will you?

  • I’m most looking forward to the new characters introduced as social links for the female MC.

  • worldagainstjose

    I want the soundtrack because when i put the game down, i can still carry the soundtrack in my music player on my way to work, when pumping iron, or blasting it on the pc when im cleaning the house

  • P3 rocks, looking forward to having it on my PSP.

  • Wow I was waiting for this for so long since Persona 3 is one of my favorite games ! Playing Persona in the bus, at work, at school ? Hell yeah ! Even if I finished Persona a lot of times, this game seems refreshing since there’s a lot of new things, female character, guard, new musics etc. Also waiting for Persona 5 ;)

  • The-Polish-Eagle

    Now I have the ability to blow off steam and relax with one of the finest rpg’s ever made WITHOUT being tied to my television. No more having to wait to get home or making sure the TV is free. Persona 3 when ever I want where ever I want!

  • I’m excited about playing as a female lead character. ^^ Also, I’m looking forward to some characters from Persona 4 making a brief appearance in P3P!

  • One of my all time favorite PS2 games on the PSP is my most anticipated feature. It’s also cool to finally be able to control all characters. Can’t wait to hear that awesomely strange battle theme on the psp.

  • I’m excited about being able to play the game as a female character, and her new social links, and music. Oh, and the fact that i get to play this wonderful game again.

  • I’m looking forward to the easy travel. It’ll save me a couple dozen hours of running.

  • I’m excited about P3 on the go and the fantastic music!

  • I’m crazy ready for the ability to manually control other characters in fights. Loved it in Persona 4, and setting this up for P3 definitely makes me ready to jam out on Tartarus!

  • I’m pumped about the prospect of this product’s popularity paving the path to prevalent “Persona” production – potentially on the PS3.

  • I’m excited about more additions to a great game that I’ve already willingly and lovingly bought twice. I want to see how the story’s changed for the female mc, and how it plays on the road.

  • Oh wow. I love the music of P3. I remember when one of my friends was telling me about it I wasn’t too interested. Then I got a copy and I fell in love with it. The story was so addictive. The ending was one of the most memorable I’ve ever seen in a video game. I only had the regular edition and never got around to buying FES.

    With P3P coming out I was very excited. It sealed the deal on me purchasing a PSP. The idea of playing the story from a female perspective got me very excited. Much of P3’s story revolved around the fact that you were playing as a male highschool student. Throwing the female main character in the mix is going to make for some very interesting changes to the story. Being female myself I guess you could also say I’m kind of biased lol. I can’t wait for P3P! The new music is spectacular by the way.

  • I haven’t played P3 before as I couldn’t get a new copy of FES. I did buy P4 however, and spent literally 230 hours on it over the course of a month. This is the game my PSP has been waiting for.

  • The “portable” part is what I am most looking forward to. My wife is not a fan of JRPGs, so it’s had to get TV time for one at home. Being portable lets me play it without taking up the TV.

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