PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.40 Available Now

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UPDATE: Thanks for all of the feedback. Just a quick update, 3.40 has been released. In addition, PlayStation Plus is now available in the PlayStation Store.

We’re thrilled to hear that many of you are excited about the five star rating feature. This feature is retroactive for all of your PlayStation Store activity, so you can jump into the store right now and start rating all of your past purchases. Look for a “Rate” button on the product pages.

The PSN App on Facebook is also live. You can find it here:

Hi everyone, once again we’re adding new features to the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system via firmware update to ensure we’re bringing you the best, most comprehensive entertainment experience possible. PS3 system software update (v3.40) will be available soon, adding the PlayStation Plus subscription, enhancements to the connection between your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts and more. Additionally, we’ll be launching system software update (v6.30) for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) system simultaneously with PS3 system software update (v3.40), adding PlayStation Plus compatibility as well as other new features.

We’ve gone ahead and provided a few highlights from PS3 firmware update (v3.40) below:

  • PlayStation Plus: PlayStation Network users will be able to purchase membership to PlayStation Plus; a new subscription service on the PlayStation Network that provides you with new options to expand and enhance your gaming experience and enable you to gain an exclusive set of features and content. Friendly reminder, all of you PlayStation Network users will continue to have free access to PlayStation Network’s unmatched and expanding suite of new and exclusive features while PlayStation Plus subscribers will gain access to an exclusive and expanding set of gaming features, content and functionality.
  • Photo Gallery: A new network based photo sharing feature is now available on the Photo Gallery. The enhancement allows you to upload, browse and comment on photos on Facebook and Picasa Web Album. You can also opt to share your photos between your PlayStation Network friends as well as print photos from Photo Gallery.
  • Video Editor & Uploader: Video Editor and Uploader is a new function found on the XrossMediaBar (XMB), which enables you to edit, save and upload video files stored on the PS3 system to sites such as Facebook or YouTube.
  • Five Star Rating Support: Users can rate the PlayStation Store content they have purchased with one to five star ratings.
  • Power Save Settings: The default setting for PS3 System Auto-Off will be set at 2 hours, providing you with additional power save options and further improving power save features on the PS3 system.

photo Commentvideo upload

In addition to the latest features introduced in PS3 system software update (v3.40), a separate, new PlayStation Network application on will be made available. This builds upon what was previously launched with Trophies and the ability to publish purchases from the PlayStation Store. Now you can further integrate your PlayStation Network and Facebook accounts with this new application. The application allows you to display your PlayStation Network profile on your Facebook account, find out which of your Facebook friends have a PSN account and send them a PlayStation Network friend request, view your PSN friends’ online status and add the PlayStation Network application tab to your Facebook user profile.

Add Friend Friends list PSN Tab

We’re very excited to be able to provide you with continued system software upgrades, which ensure your PS3 and PSP systems remain compelling offerings for years to come. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 and PSP systems, please visit and

Let us know your thoughts. Enjoy!

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  • We should be able to send mp3 and video files to friends. But sweet update.

  • Hey guys. Glad to see this stuff is being worked on, but I am much more interested in seeing a firmware update that allows My PS3 system to be fully backwards compatible. The hardware is there, let’s put the software back, hmm? I am really tired of having to have two systems hooked up to play My PS2 games when I want. Also: Please stop with the little bells and whistles updates. Let’s get the PS3 where it should be, first, before adding online stuff that only little kids will use.


  • dear playstation ,,why is my ps3 keep freezing when i go on face book with it,and still cant leave comments on face book with my ps3,please explain why my messages are not uploading

  • Listen! Fix browser! If i cant sign into things like yahoo or youtube im done! We should not have to fight just to check mail! I payed $500 for this suppose to do everything! Maybe laptop would be advanced enough to check mail

  • I’ve encountered problems using my ps3 40 GB fat model since i upgraded to firmware 3.40. When play games or see movies the screen suddenly freezes and nothing happens. I think that this is firmware bug, because i didn’t had this problems before when i had 3.30 firmware. I will strongly afvise to those who has fat version to not to update to 3.40, and wait instead to when the next firmware shows. I feel that i have been cheated by SONY, because they are doing nothing about this firmaware problem.

  • sony, the new update is great and i really like the video editor and uploader the most, but i’d really prefer that you guys just fix the ps3’s problems before giving it new features. looking at how long ps3 owners have been complaining about the exact same problems for so long, you all should have fixed the ps3’s problems ages ago, because that’s how long ps3 owners have been complaining about them, FOR AGES.

  • I mightaswell be the guy that asks about Cross game voice chat

  • I started to update my PS3-40GB today and now stuck with the screen displaying “System Update —- PS3 System Software Version 3.40 — press the PS button (Use the wireless controller.)”

    Pressing the PS button or any other button does not change anything. Rebooting the machine still brings me back to the same System Update screen. It has been frozen there for over an hour. Nothing works. All computers on my home network have no internet connection problem.

    Has anyone experience the same problem and is there a way to fix this?

  • Don’t update if you use the PS3 for watching streaming videos. There are a number of sites where I could previously watch content and since the update can only hear the sound and get a blank screen.

    Sony should provide a facility to roll back to a previous version so if we experience these sort of bugs on features we regularly use there is an immediate remedy

  • heeyyyy please actualize
    the navegator of the internet :)

  • How about OtherOS support? WHy so much hate for the Linux penguin?

  • Regarding Video Editor & Uploader

    Has anyone had an issue with it adding [BGM] to an ‘Unknown’ folder under MUSIC each time you create a video? My concern is that the tracks are being added/duplicated each time I create a video and you can’t delete them (8003041c error)

    I am not using the Background Music on my videos either

  • my update never finished wat do i do

  • my update never finished wat do i do nd it says that my server timed out nd that an error has occured durinng the download opperation then numbers come out

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