PlayStation Plus: Your Questions Answered

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July 30th Update: The content per month isn’t determined as day one content and is content that will be made available through the month.

PlayStation Nation — First off, thank you for all of your feedback regarding PlayStation Plus. There have been a lot of comments and questions surrounding some of the details of the new subscription service so we wanted to provide a little clarification leading up to its availability on June 29th. It’s a lot of info, but hopefully this helps answer most of your questions.

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First off, at launch, PlayStation Plus will offer subscribers the full PlayStation Network game, WipEout HD, PSP minis and PS One Classics such as Fieldrunners, Age of Zombies and Rally Cross, full game trial of inFAMOUS, as well as free monthly episodes of Qore – our high-definition, interactive gaming lifestyle show.

With that, here are the basics of the new subscription service that lives on top of the current PlayStation Network:

  • The current PSN features will remain free. We are still very committed to PSN as a free comprehensive entertainment service and are certainly not planning on reducing this service following the launch of PlayStation Plus.
  • PlayStation Plus is an evolving service and the features included at launch will be:
    • Games
    • PS Store Discounts
    • Exclusive offers on select demos, betas and early purchases
    • Full Game Trial
    • Automatic Downloads
  • (More info on these below)

  • PlayStation Plus can be purchased through PlayStation Store on PS3 as a one-year package or a three-month package. The three-month package is available for $17.99 and the one-year package will be available for $49.99. We will also be offering three additional bonus months for free if you purchase the 1-year package — that’s 15 months total for $49.99.
  • Payment is a one-time fee for either package and can be purchased with any of the current PSN Store payment methods – credit card or PSN Cards.

Here are more details on the features of PlayStation Plus:

Games & Special Offers: As a subscriber, you can expect to get your hands on free monthly PSN games, minis and PS One Classics from the PSN Store. You will be able to download these games during the month they are available until the new selection replaces them.

Once downloaded, the games are yours to keep and play as long as you are a member of PlayStation Plus. If your subscription lapses and then you re-subscribe, the games you have already downloaded will reactivate, so you still have access to them. Additionally, if you delete one of the titles from your PS3, but decide you want to get it back, then you can re-download from the PlayStation Plus section of the PSN Store if the game is still there, or, if the game has expired from the PlayStation Plus section of the PSN Store, you can simply search for it on PS Store and download it again at no extra cost.

Each month there will be dynamic themes, premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus members only. These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will also be given exclusive PlayStation Store discounts each month that are above and beyond the current PSN Store discounts available to everyone. These discounts will range from 20% to 50%, and anything you buy with these is yours to keep and enjoy forever.

Finally, wherever possible we’ll be making sure that members are included in selected demos and beta trials before they go live to everyone else, so you can be the one to tell all your friends about the next big game they ‘must’ get.

Subscribers will get hundreds of dollars of value through the year and, in the first month alone, will receive more than $50 worth of content.

Full Game Trial: Each month we will be offering members the chance to download full games and try them out for a period of time (one hour, unless otherwise stated). After the game trial is complete, simply purchase the game to carry on where you left off. This is a unique way to trial the full game experience and means you don’t have to be restricted to certain levels/game modes when you test out a game.

The games in Full Game Trial will become available to all PS Store users to purchase, but only PlayStation Plus members will have the chance to ‘try before you buy’.

The other great thing about this feature is that you can continue from where you were at the end of the trial period if you decide to buy the game. All game saves and trophies earned during the trial will be unlocked and will show up on your trophy list and your trophy level when you purchase the game. You don’t even have to re-download the game, just purchase and go back to the XMB to access the game.

Automatic Download: Subscribers will be able to set their PS3 to wake up from standby at any time of the day or night, download and install any game updates for the games you have been playing so you don’t have to think about it. Also, select demos and videos will be pushed to your PS3 ready to go. System software updates will also download automatically (manual install still required) and then the PS3 will turn itself off again.

Game updates and demos will also automatically install and the next time you turn on your PS3 you will see a brief on-screen message letting you know what has been downloaded and updated.

Here are some more answers to frequently asked questions from the last blog post:

  • Cross-game voice chat is a feature we know our passionate user base has asked for and we’ll continue to look at as a viable offering for the PlayStation Network.
  • You need to be the master account holder on the PS3 and be over 18 to purchase PlayStation Plus, but other accounts on that PS3 will be able to play the games you download for as long as you are a subscriber.
  • The “free” games you can download each month are yours to keep for as long as you are a subscriber.
  • PlayStation Plus is for PS3 owners as subscribership can only be purchased on the PSN Store. However, some of the content – minis and PS One Classics – available each month will also be playable on your PSP if you have one. Download them on the PS3 and transfer to your PSP, or download directly from the PSP Store or Media Go for PSP.
  • PlayStation Plus is a continually evolving service and we are always working on identifying new partnerships, developing new features and providing new content that our users want. So thanks again for all your comments and questions and please continue to offer more ideas at PlayStation.Blog Share.

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7 Author Replies

  • @145 add taxes if u buy games from psn and u r taxed same would apply

  • What if I have two PS3s? Are there any issues?

  • One question I have is if the trophies obtained in the free PSN game of the month will stay in my profile even if at one moment I decide not to continue subscribing or if I just forgot to renew.

    Also, what happens if we already own any of the PSN, minis or PSX games that are free that month? Do we get something extra, a discount on renewing for year two for example or an extra month of PS Plus if 3 or more of the games offered have already been purchased?

  • “Each month there will be dynamic themes, premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus members only. These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them….

    You need to be the master account holder on the PS3 and be over 18 to purchase PlayStation Plus, but other accounts on that PS3 will be able to play the games you download for as long as you are a subscriber.”

    Do sub-accounts get access to the premium avatars and “premium game elements/add-ons” as well? Some of us make purchases with a master account but do all of our gaming under a sub-account. I would really like to know the answer to this before Tuesday.

  • I’ll wait till it evolve with better features. Right now it just sounds like a rental service and discounts. I’m still good with waiting for demos for try and buy and I can wait for price drops on games instead of discounts. Qore is alright but it never sold me on the yearly subscription.

    The only feature I like is that your PS3 will be able to wake up at a certain time and day to to finish off your downloads and then turn off. But if you ask me this should be a firmware update and not an added feature.

    Not trying to be negative just keeping it real.

  • The only thing that displeases me about this is that I won’t *own* the games. They’re not “free”, I’m renting them. As such, the whole value proposition of getting “$50 of content in the first month” is confusing, at best.

    I second the vote for cloud-based save games. When my PS3 died, there were several games I had to start all over on and it was super-irritating.

    My favorite thing here is the automatic updates. Does it automatically download updates for all the disc-based games I have ever played on my PS3? If so, great! If it only works for PSN games, then the value is greatly diminished from my expectations.

    It would be really nice if we got Video store content for free each month, like 2 free TV shows in HD (or SD).

  • Again… will annual Qore subscibers be offered some kind of “trade up” option as the PSPlus program includes Qore????

  • as for ppl commenting on SCEA Fourms? if its not blog staff like jeff or Sid, you can 99% forget it, the other 1% is Ro from the psn Store. SCEE ROCKS! Better all around except about sid and jeff, i can tell they work, u see there work right here daily. but SCEE gets more done thats for sure.

  • @125, OldKai / @138 YODA798907 :
    I agree with you, It seems that gamers are never happy. I have the other console service and I receive NOTHING for free. Not a theme, not a game not even a freaking nice icon without paying! Oh wait yes, I can download advertisements for free!!

    Here I’m going to have PSOne games, minis, discounts, themes, avatars, Qore episodes as long I’m paying for this service. And the best thing is not an obligation! Don’t like this service DON’T PAY FOR IT! Why is everyone whining so much about an optional feature? If I rent a car I can’t say “oh, listen I’m going to stop paying you the monthly fee but I want to keep the car, we are cool right?”. I just don’t understand why people don’t get the concept just because the material that we are paying for is online. It’s the same concept!
    I know my message is going to be useless, gamers are going to repeat the same (already addressed topics) over and over again but at least I’m feeling much better now. ^_^

  • speaking of replies^^^^^^^^^^

  • “Cross-game voice chat is a feature we know our passionate user base has asked for and we’ll continue to look at as a viable offering for the PlayStation Network.”

    Here’s the problem: You’re terribly obscure about this. Be transparent. If you know that the user base is passionate about it, then be up front. There is no need for you to continue to hide your intentions behind vague off-shoot comments. We’ve seen the European leaks, and it’s clear that this feature is ready for prime time. If you want to continue this good will, then treat us, the people who foot the bill for these services, like we’re more than just a number.

    I can assure you the PlayStation family of products will not cease to exist should you give us a little transparency and tell us what is really going on.

    At this point it looks a lot like you’ve got the feature ready, and you’re waiting to see how PSN+ performs. If it performs well, then we’ll see the feature free across all members, if PSN+ under performs, then we’ll see this tossed into the feature set so you can sell some more subscriptions. I’m fairly positive this is the exact scenario, currently.

  • So this is going to be like Qore, where I already own the bonuses? These First Hour trials need to be of NEW games, most people who are serious gamers would want a PS+ service but they would also already have bought these games.

    I own inFamous and WipeoutHD, the two priciest bonuses in there, so I am NOT getting nearly $50 worth in the first month as you guys mention.

    The service should offer tickets, so that we may choose in some way. Like one FREE Movie rental per month. 2 FREE Avatars/Themes per month. I personally would’nt want my free avatars/themes to be Hannah Montana.

    This same method happened with Qore, Through two years of subscription I owned all of the freebies with the exception of the Syphon Filter PSOne game(which I loved).

    All that said I will probably be getting this anyway, but it would be nice if you folks didnt just shell out 2 year old products.

  • @157 a car is not a game! keep ur head on earth while making a point, unless u mean Gran Turismo DLC for PSP

  • @141

    Sony has been testing the Market since 12/2009 for PSN+.

    Sony had plenty of time to implement those Features, even in their Survey which included Cloud Storage, Cross Game Chat, and more bundled with the PSN+ was tested at $70.

    Instead of Leading the way, Sony decided to take the back seat.

  • I’m definitely gonna give it a try

    I really hate the idea that the games you get for subscribing are “yours for as long as you’re a subscriber”, if we have to give the games back, do we get our money back????

  • I have a question.

    Ok since we are getting deals like 20%-50% off if we get plus does that mean when I buy something with these deals does that mean I keep them even after I stop using plus?

  • Also: I just subscribed to Qore. Are you going to give my money back? I plan on subscribing, but I’d really hate to feel like I wasted $25 bucks on something you’re going to use to flesh out your service.

  • @162… I too already own those.. seems like a last min thought on their end. those answers are just rewriten words from the first post about playstation plus for the lamens lol sorry lol

  • Thanks for the clearification.

    Man, more than half of these questions can be answered IF THEY WOULD JUST READ THE POST!! Reading comprehension must be at an all time low. No child left behind and all.

    My only question would be regarding the Playstaion Plus content a few months from now. I just want to know, when 2011 rolls around, are we still going to be getting content from 2010 and before? I already own plenty of PSN and disk based games, so I hope all future content is not going to be everything that is currently on the store. If we are only going to be getting content that is months/years old, I don’t think this service would be very benificial to me.

    I already own Wipeout HD, Age of Zombies, Rally Cross, and inFAMOUS. I understand the first few months might contain content I already own, but 6 months from now, if you are still giving us OLD content, then I just have to call shenanigans.

    Will Playstation Plus eventually offer NEW GAMES?

  • @165 yes! their yours

  • heh… no thanks sony, the whole point of buying a PS3 was to avoid paying a network fee. I’m good with the stock service. But great for those that want to pay money but dont want an xbox.

  • Give some advantage for PSP users only!!! Make PSP Home reality. Make exclusive PSP download content for PSN+ subscribers.

  • Free Games that get taken away once you stop paying $$$ are not free. This service is another vacuum hose in a gamer’s wallet, make no mistake about it people…

    To subscribe to this, you basically have to assume that the content during your subscription period will be worthwhile, or you’re wasting your money.

    Why not just continue to update our free accounts with new features and quality software that’s worth buying? Because Playstation Plus is guaranteed money in SONY’s pocket whether they produce quality or not.

    I’m not buying it, or even trying it. Supporting this kind of service will only reduce the quality of game offerings and updates to the playstation network, not to mention segregate its user base (unless everyone buys it, the ultimate goal here).

  • Even though I have most of those free games this deal looks pretty darn good.

  • wow @168, did u made me want this less that thought u thinking is true. i have over 100 ps3 disk and psn games so wow.. really a no go for me, i adopted everything sony dished out since psp phat to 2000 to Go to Qore and whatever else including mlb and playstation official mag.. im a watch this one play from the sidelines for sure now, no more chances for me. Good thinking!

  • @165

    The Discounts (20% or 50% off) are ONLY for 4 games a Month.

    PSN Free gets MORE a Week!!!

    based on PSN EU blog

  • Day 1! This is a great offer, & will probably grow so much in the next year. I just dont understand 1 thing: alot of ppl have complained about the $50/year price, & their not getting much. Well, I just think of a few of my friends that still pay the “box” $50/year just to get online & play! So, again I think this will be a great “add-on” OPTION for us PS3 owners! It is an option, ppl, so to each is own…
    I will not lie, “Sony 4 Life!!”

  • Lots of people like to complain on these post and I have never understood it. Besides the Playstation+ is not that expensive. I mean it is what… $5 a month. The auto wake up & download game updates, demos, firmware update is worth $5 a month. Crazy…. you can go out in the street and find 6 cents a day which is how much it cost for a year subscription. Stop all the complaining, either buy it or don’t. Just stop acting like your all little kids!

  • Also, You guys talking about cross chat… You DO understand that to give this to everyone will result in much the same problem that they had in Home with open mics right? Too much traffic on the network kills bandwidth and lets people play their music through the mic. Sony isnt in the buisness of giving everyone a free cell phone. The feature if it ever gets through their testing phase will never be free.

  • I think it sounds awesome excepting the fact that I have already bought Infamous, Zen Pin Ball and Wipeout HD.
    There needs to be alternatives to those of us who have purchased those games.

    I have purchased 77 PSN games, about 10 PSONE games and a dozen minis, so now I’m skeptical since I don’t want a whole year to pass and maybe only get games I’ve previously bought.

  • If you’re even considering making cross game chatting a pay feature…just shoot yourselves now and prepare for the riot.

    If you want to keep your fanbase and you want to keep then happy, it has to be a free feature. You want to alienate those that love their ps3’s, then by all means go ahead and make it a pay feature. But if you’re smart and sometimes I wonder…you will not every go that route with THE most requested psn feature.

    I don’t want to pay for something that I get for free on my 360 (minus party chat but I don’t care about that, cross game chatting is free there). Don’t alienate us like that.

    I do not want to have to pay to chat with friends while we each play different games. You guys do that and there will be a riot.

  • Will it offer something like where if my PS3 die’s you will fix it for free. Because I still have old one I never sent in and 2 new ps3s working fine but im just saying I dont wanna pay another 300$ if they both stop working.

  • Why does Europe get a better deal PLEASE respond to people like EU Blog does and show us the 1st 2 months of content so far based off month 1 this service is a waste

  • I have a great idea Sony! Next Wednesday post on the blog the PS ID of the subscribers just to check out how many people who are whining here get the year subscription the first day.

  • Oh, also I was wondering if you will ever give the option to transfer save files from systems (Rock Band for example) and what about the people who don’t have master accounts? Some of my friends started out on my PS3 as sub accounts but carried over those sub accounts to their own PS3’s later.
    Is there a way to “upgrade” those accounts by request?
    If not, they will be unable to purchase +.

  • Dear Sony, just give us a free game credit every month instead of a specified game, PSN+ would be enticing if i didn’t already own the content you are offering with membership.
    As it stands the first 2 months of material you are offering have no value to me, i already own the free games and minis/psone classics aren’t interesting to me.

  • I still have no idea why SCEA chose inFAMOUS to be the first “full hour” trial.

    inFAMOUS has been out for a long time now, and there has even been a demo that was put out for it. Why would you recycle something old like this in a new service that you are offering?

    This really makes me think if PSN+ is going to be worth it. If we are getting “full hour” trails of games that have already been out for many many months, then this is really not a good deal.

    Also if the free Avatars are going to be pre-picked, meaning we can’t choose what we would want out of a list of avatars, then this would end up being another part of the service that could always end up being useless for people.

  • @159 GET EMMM!!!!!!!!! Tell em like it is! and damn ur 162 situation!!

  • “The current PSN features will remain free. We are still very committed to PSN as a free comprehensive entertainment service and are certainly not planning on reducing this service following the launch of PlayStation Plus.”

    Huh, yeah, we’ve heard that one before. You guys love to lie. Remember oth os anyone? They told us they wouldn’t remove it and look what happened.

    Yeah, whatever Sony.

  • Will there be LBP for those who become member of Playstation Plus US as well for the EU users?

  • For how long does the “3 free months when purchasing 1 year” offer will be available?

    I have Wipeout HD already and would prefer to subscribe to Plus after seeing which other free games will be available.

  • I will be signing up, but only for three months at a time. As most Qore subscribers know, the first year of Qore was great, the second year, not so much. When asked why the second year of Qore wasn’t as good, Kevin Furuichi  said:
    ‘I know this year doesn\’t match up to what you loyal first year Subscribers received. We were very fortunate last year to be able to provide PSone Classics and other demos. The acquisition and timing of DLC content has been more challenging for us this year as you know.’
    (See the Qore episode 21 blog post.)
    Just a lame non-explanation, but it did make me realize that Kevin Furuichi  has no respect for Sony customers. So whats to keep you guys at Sony from pulling a ‘Qore’ type bait and switch?
    I do love Sony, and I will be getting the service, but frankly, I just don’t trust you guys enough to invest in it a year at a time. I honestly have no expectation that you will keep your word about exscusive content, game betas, and features that will be added later. Please, prove me wrong

  • Quite a few people are annoyed about the lack of cross game chat and a party system. I know several people who are going back to the other console because the ps3 lacks these most wanted “community” features.

    The service does sound decent though so I hope that these additional features will be added sooner rather than later.

  • Come on Sony, PSN needs so many improvements. better organization, voice chat, Auto syncing of trophies, Party and Xross game chat, better avatars, more themes. Get on the ball, why does it seem so hard for Sony to improve PSN? Its so far behind its laughable, i love the PS3, a much better system, but PSN has so mnay ways it can improve. I only listed a couple off the top of my head, there are many more. This PSN plsu does nothing to improve PSn as a whole.

  • This service truly stinks for the people that actually bought all these games two years ago. I knew this was going to turn into a “garbage dump” of old games and offer nothing new.

  • Hi!



  • It’s a shame that Sony wont come clean and be honest with its consumers and just admit that Cross Game Chat is not possible on the PS3 due to the limited amount of ram available for system resources (256). Instead they would rather string us along all gen long by saying “we’ll continue to look at as a viable offering for the PlayStation Network”. Hey Sony you guys have been “looking” at Cross Game Chat for like 3 years now.. you gotta “look” at it for another 3 years or what?

    Sorry guys.. Looks like we’re never getting Cross Game Chat or any honesty on the matter from Sony.

  • @ThePerfectMurder

    Keep it up!

  • @197

    Try reading and understanding dates in the post

  • I like what is being offered and will be purchasing the yearly subscription.

    I already had Qore monthly and my subscription is up next month however, because PSN + is now offering this feature I’ll be converting to PSN +.

    What doesn’t seem to have been answered here and maybe will be in the future, is what about people that have already subscribed to Qore for the year; will they be able to convert to PSN + somehow, or will they be stuck with their subscribtion, because they have already renewed ?

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