Get MAG Interdiction Today, Double XP This Weekend

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Today is the day that MAG fans have been waiting for as our first major DLC, “Interdiction,” is now available for purchase from the PlayStation Store for $9.99 US (prices in other regions may vary)!

If you missed our post detailing Interdiction a few weeks back, allow us to sum it up for you:

MAG Interdiction is a brand new game mode built for 128 players. In it, two rival attacking factions fight to gain control of three different command posts while using armored convoys for every squad on the map (that’s right, 16 APCs onscreen at once!). To earn the victory, teams must capture and hold as many objectives as possible to increase their score while simultaneously decreasing their opponents’ score across three all-new “faction neutral” maps (Iron Creek Quarry, Lake Bayano Spur, and Sovot Motorway).

In addition to the new maps and gametype, Interdiction will also include the most powerful protection in the game, the “Heavy Improved” armor set, as well as a number of new in-game ribbons, medals and trophies. Here’s a reminder of what you can expect:


  • Jump Start – Capture 2 Command Posts in a round of Interdiction
  • Mowing the Grass – Get 10 kills with a vehicle turret in one round
  • Dashed Hopes – Destroy 2 mines with gunfire in one round
  • Cannonball Rally – Become an MVP (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in a round of Interdiction


  • Roadside Assistance – Capture 10 Interdiction control points over your career
  • Landscape Architect – Get 50 kills with a vehicle turret over your career
  • BOD – Destroy 20 mines with gunfire over your career
  • Designated Driver – Earn 5 Interdiction MVPs over your career


  • King of the Hills (Bronze) – Earn the Roadside Assistance medal while playing Interdiction
  • Red Ball Express (Silver) – Earn the Designated Driver medal while playing Interdiction
  • Road Runner (Gold) – Capture 3 Interdiction control points in a single round

As a special “thank you” to everyone who’s playing MAG this week, we’re also bringing back our popular “Double XP” promotion over the weekend. That means that whether you purchase our new Interdiction DLC or not, you can expect to grab twice as much experience for your battlefield efforts starting Friday, June 25 at 12:01am Pacific Time (3:01am Eastern, 7:01am GMT). Just be sure to finish any game you start in order to benefit from the additional XP, as folks who leave a game early won’t receive the bonus. Our Double XP Weekend ends on Sunday, June 27 at 11:59pm Pacific Time (2:59am Eastern, 6:59am GMT).

Oh, and one final note: All MAG players will have to download a small “Interdiction Activation Patch” starting today. It’s only 4MB in size and prepares your copy of MAG to be compatible with the Interdiction game mode. Again, Interdiction itself can be downloaded later today from the PlayStation Store for $9.99 US and weighs in at 440MB.

Thanks to all our fans for keeping us going these past five months – see you on the Sovot!

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3 Author Replies

  • I probably should go pick up a PSN Card then….

  • @DJ_DTM that is just your opionon I for one got bored with bc:bc2 beta in couple of hours and the demo I maybe played one full match before I got bored with it again and delete it and went back to mag and I have been in mag since the first beta and it is still allot of fun I just wish right now I had more time to play it

  • hey dlc still not here 4 30 et

  • I’ll give mag a second chance tonight, I must have missed something :) I trust you all must love it for a reason I didn’t see in the three weeks I gave it to take hold.

  • – walks to the video store –

  • seriously….it’s 4:30pm here and it’s still not up…what the hell? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to set the release date for the 23rd or do whatever is being done the day before so it could be downloaded EARLY the day of the release?

  • @Toren & every other impatient persons

    The PS Store DOESN’T UPDATE UNTIL 5-8PM EST. Still. Like 99% of the time since it opened. Most of the time, closer to 8PM. There is no such thing as getting the download early on release day. Just be glad that we get it on Tuesday instead of waiting until Wednesday like Europe, or Thursday like Australia. Be patient, we are only like +/- an hour away.

  • PSN what’s going on.

    ZIPPER YOU NEED TO MAKE THE GROUP BIGGER 16 MINIMUM, 32 TOPS. It bis ridiclous to have a 256 player map with only 8 man squads. Communicating with 4 other platoons is just too diffcult. Please make the group size bigger. I have over 700 hours on this game almost all ribbons and medals and it has so much potnetial to be a great game but the groups are just to small. The game still lags, RAVEN can still glitch in the consoule at B (though that was supposed to be fixed).

  • Good man DJ_DTM you will not be disappointed the game has gotten a lot better since release. Zipper said get use to them tweaking things cuz they want to keep MAG fresh that’s why they are turning it into a MMO/FPS oh lord just wait for clan wars that’s going to be epic!!!!!!

  • Shamrock that’s coming next Zipper said that should be ready (Fingers Crossed)by end of summer if not earlier. Trust MAG community is very vocal about these things check out MAG’s forum

  • Hey Mr. Jeremy, I’ve got a BIG problem, it’s kinda my fault but still, here I go: My MAG disc is Region 2, bought from Dubai in February. It still has the receipt. Now, the problem is that my PSN account is of USA which means it is Region 1 so I don’t think I will be able to download Interdiction like I wasn’t able to download Trooper Gear Pack at first but a miracle happened. You awesome genius people at Zipper made it install automatically with the last update.

    I could make a new Region 2 account but I don’t want to lose my Level 50 Raven character. I’ve put about 45 hours into that gem of a game, MAG. Please help.

  • OK, this may just be me but has anyone noticed the Raven maps have gotten real dark since the last update? I think it’s really just the sabotage map, the aquisition and domination maps aren’t as enclosed so there aren’t as many shadows so they aren’t that bad.

    Is it just me?

  • its 5 and the mag dlc still hasnt come out. what time does sony normally update the psn store?

  • MAG is the best fps. im 42 and never realy got into online fps games because of all the cheating going on. i started playing the MAG beta and haven’t stop playing MAG yet. im not so into getting medals and ribbons i play for the fun of it. this is a game for all levels of fps players from newbie ( which we all were once so give them a break) to more advance players. to succeed in MAG u need to learn to help your squad and be an asset and not a ass like it is in the real military . ZIPPER u folks are doing a great job MAHALO from Molokai , H.

  • Seriously… I Took The Day Off To Download Interdiction… And Now PSN Is Screwing People By Not Putting It Out WTF PSN?!

    I Have Been Checking PSN Since 1am, Now 2pm And Still No DLC?! AHHHHH!

  • It is 510 WHERE IS THE DLC

  • we need or dlc please !!!!!!!!!!!

  • HUMMM!!!! I’m looking for INTERDICTION all over the playstation network!!!! WHERE IS THE DLC….. I’m in Canada, is that a US release???

  • will there be any deals with PSN plus?

    and any more DLC coming soon?

    3 PMC fighting in 1 map and mode will be sweet!

  • hi i trying to buy the douwnload the interdiction but i don’t see it in the playstation store

  • NO, we don’t have it in the US either. They didn’t post a time for its release and nothing here yet either. It is kind of strange why they haven’t as of yet. It is killing the game and the people who play it are starting to get ticked at that. A shame really.

    Where is the DLC? 6.5 more hours I guess until it is a farce! Nice trick to play on the dedicated players.

  • it 4:43 pm centrol time it not release yat….. he keept hearing this evening.. i am starting too check ever hour on the hour tell it live….

  • can someone from Sony please get their act together!!

    I want to buy the DLC… BUT it appears that the DLC will be offered for free with the Playstation Plus program – so if I buy the DLC then I will be pretty pissed off if I get Plus and realize I could have gotten it for free.

    I’m also an annual Qore subscriber… and as such it was advertised that I would get “beta access” and “early demos” – all of which is included in Playstation Plus. Playstation Plus even includes a subscription to Qore.

    So If I have already bought Qore, then I buy the DLC… then I buy Playstation Plus – ok, I already feel like I’ve bent over and taken it as far as it will go.

  • Could you please clarify what will be included in Plus – will the MAG DLC be included for free? Can you also clarify if Qore subscribers will be given an option to upgrade to Playstation Plus at a reduced cost (for example less the cost of our subscription to Qore which is included in Plus – I don’t need to buy it twice).

    Really… in terms of customer service you need to be a little more clear about new programs, what is specifically offered and what the options are. I feel like I’m just shoving money at you for a brown paper bag of “surprise!”. I’m getting a little tired of it (and I really, really, really regret re-subscribing to Qore, which I only did to continue my beta access to MAG in the first place).

  • that double the xp thing dont start untill the wknd maybe it dont come out tell the wknd either

  • it’ says buy it 2D and double xp this w-e, I want to buy it and I want to double my xp this w-e, but I can’T freaking find it

  • God I hope they make the groups at least 16. My clan is huge and and I a couple of other big clans I play with and we could easily make a group of 32.I really wish they would make all the weapons the same in terms of stopping power and accuracy. A ligt machine gun should be a light machine gun not matter what faction is using it.


  • I for one don’y care about the double point. I have plenty of points I want the DLC.

  • 6:06 pm eastern still nothing what bthe holdup? Heavy armor too big for psn?

  • This is a great game and the best of it might be its huge potential, so it can become even better! Ever since I bought it the date of release I’ve been playing it exclusively.
    I think MAG is only the depart point for “massive actions games”. However, it’s a great pioneer.

  • The dlc is up on the store now

  • lie

  • Amazing DLC, can’t wait to download the new MAG maps. Bad Camper 2 can suck it. ;)


  • it is up i just went on the store so dont call me a liar until you look

  • IT’S OUT!!!!

  • I can’t wait to play this over the weekend. MAG has easily been my favorite FPS, the requirement to work and using strategy has made is far more interesting than running around by yourself. Thanks for bringing us new maps and a different kind of mission!

  • lol at everyone comparing MAG to BC2. They are both completely different games, only similarity is they are FPS. And that’s about where it ends. If you want REAL tactical FPS squad based stuff, play Counter-strike on the PC. No game has or ever will beat that game for true hardcore squad based tactics gameplay. NONE.

    Mag is fun, and so is BC2. BC2 is just vehicles and stuff fun though explosions wheeeeeeeee, MAG is just cool because of it’s grand scale, but apart from that it’s a bit of a dull un-balanced shooter.

  • 5 APC at start pure chaos

  • YO !!!! PEOPLE !!! TIMEZONES !!!! When its 12:00 pm central , its only 9 :00 am there . JEEZ !! Its like being in a car with kids going
    “Are we there yet ? ”
    “Are we there yet ? ”
    “Are we there yet ? ”


  • I’m with you Elsa they(Sony) needs to clarify what PSN+ is going to offer and how they are going to compensate Qore annual subscribers. I bought Qore simply to get into the MAG Beta and have a few months left on my subscription. Being only a week out from service, silence now will only result in less subscriptions.

    Oh and Fuzzy, Are we there yet?

  • Huge fan of MAG, really looking forward to the new maps this weekend, kudos to Zipper for pushing the boundaries of online shooters :). From my angle, MAG is the only game on console (I can’t speak for PC) that comes close to online warfare from the FPS perspective (despite DICE’s somewhat ambitious claims) – there are military-themed arcade shooters, there a small, squad-based shooters, and then there’s online warfare, and MAG’s pretty much all there is in that space, and it rocks :). It’s got some rough edges, of course, but for a first attempt at this kind of thing (or even a second or third), it’s really, really good :).

  • I love MAG & have 700 hours invested and consider myself an elite player who has created a huge clan as well as the best in MAG in my opinion but I am very very disappointed with what you’ve done to Valor’s machine guns, they are basically worthless now, I use all guns but the machine is the backbone weapon, for the first time ever I’m considering quitting MAG, ridiculous patch on the machine gun,Valor already has the easist maps in all game types…please return the guns to normal.

  • I’m sure this will be fun and I’ll be all over it on Canada Day after I subscibe to Playstation Plus and buy a movie!

  • I’ll pick this up when I know there is enough people playing it to get a decent amount of games. But I know the other game modes are taking hits from this one with how many players are playing :/

  • I love the dlc thanks., I cant wait for more. I have been up all night playing =)

  • Great job on this DLC! The Maps are great and feel HUGE, especially the Valor based one. The new game mode is a lot of fun. I just wish you’d got it out the door a couple months back. I’m hoping some of our clan will come back for it and get back into MAG.

  • I’m NOT going to Buy the DLC Maps Tell they Fix the Glitches with [SELECT] in freezing the game.

    And Just Setting in the Menu that has the BIG MAG Logo before Hitting [X] to continue the game freezes if you stay there like 5 minutes or so the game freezes.

    The game didnt have any issues tell 1.06 Update.

    Please Fix this Zipper so I can Enjoy MAG like it was ment to be.

    Tell then I’m Not going to Buy the MAP PACK tell an update comes out the fix the SELECT issue were you fragO and do other things in the menu to kill and blow stuff up.

    Thanks Skater_Ricky,

  • Just picked up a PSN card and bought this right away. I cannot wait to get my hands on this mode! oh wait! it’s booting up now!!

  • I bought the interderdiction pack, downloaded it, installed it but the game has not recognised it and the missions are still locked!!!!!!

    and its the correct download pack as well so thats not the problem
    any ideas?

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