Hot Shots Tennis Hits PSP June 29!

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What better way to celebrate the Tennis season than by picking up your own very copy of Hot Shots Tennis, out next week, on June 29, as a digital download from out every own PlayStation Store or as a UMD from your local retailers.

Check out the video below to get a glimpse into some of the new Hot Shots Tennis features!

There you have it folks:

  • Brand new RPG styled gameplay.
  • One-of-a-kind gamesharing features
  • Ad-hoc multiplayer (Singles or Doubles matches)
  • Multiple customization options with a touch of the Hot Shots flare
  • Great new zainy characters and one menacing Helgasht soldier.

If that isn’t temping enough… we’ll then here is a little bit of extra love from us: the Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip demo is out now for downloading madness! So what are you waiting for? Plug-in, log-in and get your download on! FYI, it wouldn’t hurt to have a couple of vuvuzelas at hand to help with the ear-drum busting celebration!

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  • holy crap , I can actually see the video on my ps3 browser . what happened ? someone finally realise those with a mobile type browser come to this website too ?

  • wait , I was wrong , I could see the video and play button but it still doesn’t play , only a black screen and no sound .

  • I cant o well. SECOND! Keep up the good blogs

  • Love the demo, can’t wait til June 29th. I’m always down for some Hot Shots ANYTHING.

    This game reminds me of Super Tennis for the SNES.. which is an extremely good thing :D

  • What was the song called in the intro of Sony’s EPIC E3 press conference?

  • Cool! Can’t wait to pick this up!!

  • PlayStation! I love that word

  • I’m going to put a lot of comments because no matter what i say or ask i never get a reply.=( <——————— sad face

  • PlayStation does everything except have good browser support! This is bad because my computer does not work, so videos in the blog dont work, so i dont get to see them. Please look into this and post a blog about it.

  • I downloaded the demo because I was bored and cannot stop playing, and I am happy that there is other stuff to do than just play tennis. I am definitely buying this game day 1…..any word on DLC?

  • I’m getting it, I need a game for PSP, and this is likely it

  • #<('_'’_’)>#<('_'’ # ‘<)
    but then i was hungry, so i ate it!

  • @13
    wtf happened to my comment it was funny, now half was cut out and its deformed, i’ll try again

  • Chris…you should be working on GT5!!

  • #<('_'’_’)>#<('_'’#'<) but then i was hungry, so i ate it!!

  • @16
    o well thats a FAIL its not ever close to what i wrote!

  • I wonder how many comments wil be made about my comments, i can’t wait to find out!!!!

  • I played the demo and it looks fantastic and I was wondering if the file that I saved (in the demo) can be transferred to the full product?

  • @19 It says it will in the demo…
    All you can get is 2000 points, and 3 hearts for Hugo and Emily.

  • The Love tennis club. I lol’d.

  • Played the demo and loved it will by sure buy this game and what will the price b?

  • Played the demo and loved it will by sure buy this game and what will the price be?w

  • Wrong sports, Should have been Golf.

  • I can’t wait! I love anything Hot Shots!

  • I’m really annoyed by the PSP, I’m not a “handheld” console guy and I’ll never be, I prefers to play on a big screen. …but Sony keep on releasing some interesting titles on PSP that don’t get a release on PS3… Hot Shot Tennis, PJ Monsters Deluxe etc. I know that, for some, that’s good marketing, but for me it’s not because no matter what happens, not matter if all my favorites games would onnly be released on an handheld console I’ll will never buy one…so, Sony is just saying me, you are a customer of us but we’ll still give you the opportunity to play only some of our games, not all. :/ I’ll would really like to be able to use an adress for the blog that only gives me updates that concerns the PS3 and not the PSP too…

    Just a wanna-be-constructive comment.


  • I’m loving the demo, and really looking forward to the release! It’s cool that I can transfer my progress to the full game. That’s a feature more demos need to include. Also, I’d love to see a PS3 version of Hot Shots Tennis, along with a new Hot Shots Golf game sometime soon.

  • well , you guys gonna have a new costumer thanks to the E3 demo , loved it and now im getting the game , no infrastructure online multiplayer?

  • So will PlayStation Plus be having the Cross-Game Voice chat or not… I NEED TO KNOW!

  • When will those who won this at the Playstation Blog Meetup receive an email for this?

  • @29 Sorry to say but no…

  • @23 I believe it’s gonna be $19.99 at least that’s what GameStop says….

  • During E3, Chris was on gamespot talking bout GT5. In the entire interview it seemed like he didn’t know anything bout the game or was slowly readin off of cue cards. I was hopin to here some more in depth stories bout the game. Rather than the repeated stuff. Word to the wise, when talkin bout a high profile game, either one, be prepared, or two, get Kazunori Yamauchi with note pad translator guy.

  • Played the demo the day it came out and haven’t stopped playing it.


    Games come out on consoles you may or may not have all the time, get over it.

    PJM is on the PS3 though.

  • That RPG-esque gameplay style is EXACTLY what I’m looking for! Sort of reminds me of Pokemon, which I consider pretty much the ultimate portable game- or at least it was back when I was kid. Haven’t seen any game since that properly replicates the feel- certainly not from the original makers, and not from any other.

    After this and the announcement of GoW:Ghost of Sparta, the PSP is looking better. If only the entire year were like this, rather than the week or two following E3… =(

  • Why oh why did you guys have to release it on the 29th!? :[

    I want to get this game on release from PSN so bad but i’m already putting payment on for PS+!

    The first chance I get i’ll buy this asap! The demo is awesome!

  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Hot Shots Tennis, Patapon 3, Ace Combat:Joint Assault, Kingdom Hearts.. man, unbelievable year for the PSP!!

  • The front page for the PS Blog is still messed up.

  • @37

    Don’t forget about The 3rd Birthday. I’m buying a PSP just for that game.

  • Day one buy for me. I’ve spent like 6 hours on the demo; I didn’t know tennis was so addictive.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    I pressed stop when he said RPG.

  • Me and a lot of my friends been having problems with games loading ever since the last update.I was wondering if sony was aware of multiple problems with new and old ps3.I even look online on google and found out that its is a golbal error.So please can you guys investagate the issue.thank you very much pleae send reply.

  • Demo was addicting, but I’m waiting for a PSP2, if Sony takes too long I’m jumping ship to Nintendo 3DS.

  • The demo for this was my first taste of HotShots anything, and it was okay. Granted, the whole thing is new to me, and I was terrible at it, but I like the style and presentation. And I don’t even like tennis in real life. Almost earned my purchase…but June 29, I’m buying Ace Combat that day. Sorry. Cool game though.

    It looks like someone broke the blog.

  • Finally a Game with Game-Share. Now I’m sold.

  • Bought.


  • wow, that’s pretty awesome, didn’t think this was coming out so soon, I’ll have to pick it up!

  • I own(and love) Hot Shots Golf for my PSP and PS3.The demo for Hot Shots Tennis is great fun, and it is a must buy for me. If Clap Hanz develops it for the PS3 as well, I’ll buy that one too. Keep up the great work!

  • I love the demo but can’t believe there’s no online play. I love playing HSG2 online and if this one had online play it could have been really special. Oh well maybe in the sequel…

  • I am really looking forward to this. I love the RPG aspects of the game and the way you build up a character. By the way, Chris looks a lot different in the picture than he does in the video. In the pic he looks like a little kid :)

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