What is Dead Nation?

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You first heard the title last year. You got a sneak peek when the live action promo was released last month. But what kind of game is Dead Nation, exactly? US Producer Damion Pinnock tells us about Housemarque‘s zombie-filled follow up to PSN smash hit Super Stardust HD.

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  • @50
    it’s called call of duty world at war nazi zombies mode

    it’s been around for 2 years .

  • This could be great or meh! Hopefully it is done just right so that it is not too similar to Zombie Apocalypse and so many other zombie games. Being developed by the guys that made Super Stardust HD warrants a close watch on this game…I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best…..impress upon me your mighty development skills Housemarque…..I shall be patiently waiting…….

  • Online co-op?

  • if it’s cheap, i’ll buy it. looks fun.

  • graphics look a lot cleaner than Zombie Apocalypse, I like that its not a top down camera view thus allowing you to see more of the Zombies that are coming at you.

  • @ 45 & 46

    I agree completely. I do love BZB for what it is though; I have a blast playing that game. Dead Nation looks amazing and I’ll definatly be picking it up. Dead Nation and Burn Zombie Burn will cover all my zombie killing needs.

  • Looks amazing! Can’t wait for it

  • I can hardly wait for this game. It sounds and looks amazingly fun. The meta-game behind reducing zombie populations based on your world region sounds really interesting as well.

  • This is the most underrated PSN game. Looks like solid gameplay and a ton of fun!

  • May this game actually have 4 player offline and online co-op. It’ll be worth it.

  • Will it have 4 player offline co-op?

  • Give Playstation Plus members a discount and I will buy it.

  • I think the game looks awesome, and cannot wait to pick it up day one. I just HOPE you guys keep some of the full motion video in the game as seen in the trailer. I really do like to see real live actors in games, and having this game with FMV cut scenes with live actors would just rock and add something cool to this downloadable title.

    Will you guys be including FMVs that are like in the trailer?

  • ps3 won’t support any blog videos time for upgraded flashplayer sony please rectify

  • I’ve been waiting for Dead Nation for a while now. There was another zombie shooter game out around the same time this was announced… but I skipped it cuz I knew this would kick it’s butt. Can’t wait.

    I love the idea of having a country play together for a highscore… but gawd knows it’ll be one sided as the countries with larger populations will obviously be the dominate ones.

  • FINALLY! We finally get a muffin’ update on this game? It seems like its been more than a year, I can’t believe the ridiculous lead time. Announce it when it’s actually close to release. Six months should be plenty of time for marketing. Get this out already. The rehash remakes that have been dropping are boring. Sure, they’ll get sales. But no points for originality and eventually people will get tired of it. Or will they… In this day n’ age probably not. Give us new age tech coupled with new age gameplay. Not tired mechanics with a fresh coat of paint. To paraphrase a favorite band, come original.

  • OH HELL YEAH cant wait

  • yeah I agree. I can’t watch any of these vids when they are posted. They just fixed the youtube problem.

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