Guinness Recognizes PlayStation Accomplishments

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Guinness World Records PlayStation

Fun Fact: Guinness Breweries started the Book of World Records to settle pub arguments over the biggest, fastest, and best milestones in the world.

Fast forward half a century, and Guinness World Records now not only publishes the book that you probably own, but also annually produces the Gamer’s Edition; a records book devoted games and gaming-related achievements (high scores, etc). That brings us to E3 2010, where the Guinness folks dropped by our booth to recognize a trio of PlayStation milestones.

Scott Rohde, Vice President of Worldwide Studios, North America, accepted records for LittleBigPlanet with the Most User-generated Levels (2,463,073), UNCHARTED 2 as the Best Selling PS3 platform game and MAG for the Most Players in a Console FPS with 256.

Although we’re the recipients of the plaques, none of these records could’ve been set without you, the PlayStation gamer. It’s you who made the levels in LBP, you who bought UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves by the million, and you who make those MAG battles the biggest on a console.

So congratulations! And if a disagreement over PlayStation should ever come up in a pub one evening, remember: you’re now equipped to settle it decisively.


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  • “PS3 platform” meant the system, not the Genre.

    It’s still a stupid award since it doesn’t explain the paramaters. Doesn’t say US or Worldwide, Shipped Vs sold, First Party, exclusive, or Multiplatform, timeframe(Does it mean since launch of system? First month’s sales only?).

    Again, it’s not an award. Sony bought some ad space in the damn book. It’s a complete joke and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves gloating about this.

  • ps3 rock

  • AznFighterJendou

    you really think that Sony bought an ad space in the Gamers’ Edition? i rarely think so. those people are so freaking strict, it like someone stuck a rod up their ass to make them sit straight.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if LBP did indeed have that large number of user’s created level, or if MAG had the most player online for FPS. as for Uncharted 2, it is becoming a harder game. if i recall, it was posted by a few articles that Uncharted 2 might become a rare collection because they weren’t making new copies anymore. it could be for that reason why Uncharted 2 got an award?

    btw, MGS4 is a shooter game and GT5P is a racer game. not a platformer. learn to read and understand english. not between the damned line.

  • “UNCHARTED 2 as the Best Selling PS3 platform game”

    I’m confused… MW2 outsold Uncharted2 by more than double. If they mean exclusive, Metal Gear Solid4 has more than 1 million sales on Uncharted2.

    If they mean first party, according to VGC, GT5p, Resistance1, Motorstorm1 and LittleBigPlanet have all outsold Uncharted2.

  • For a second, I thought it was fastest selling first party game, but depending on how you look at it, GoW3 might have Uncharted2 beat in that.

  • does any one have any information on the update 3.40. its rumoured to come on either the 22nd of june or 29th with playstation plus, cross-game chat and mabye an xmb redesign.reply asap

  • congrats on sony doe

  • The MAG and LBP awards i get the Uncharted one is kind of stretching it if it were best selling platform game sure but best selling platform game on the PS3… well then it didn’t have much competition now did it… and i bet the next game to get the reward will be uncharted 3 because it will be the next and only platformer to come out on the ps3 between now and next years E3 seriously… that reward is a joke

  • @krae_man ““Uncharted 2 as the best selling PS3 Platform Game?” Seriously? How is that even true? I’m guessing that means exclusive only with a very VERRY narrow time window. Since it isn’t the best selling First party game since launch and Modern Warfare 2 outsold it by miles.”

    First off, to everyone complainging that MGS4 sold more, that was in 2008, it is now 2010, and this is the Book for milestones in 2009! And to krae… first party means, PS3 exclusive, unlike MW2 which was on PS3, Xbox and PC! Yes Uncharted 2 was the highest sold PS3 game in 2009, that is a correct fact. Do your research people. I am a huge MGS fan myself, and I’m sure if you went back to the 2008 edition of the Guiness Book of World Records for gamers, you may find it in there….

    Congrats Sony! You have always been an amazing gaming company :)

  • No one deserves it more then them!:)

  • It just dose EVERYTHING

  • @1- That about sums it up :D

  • “It just dose EVERYTHING”….well, axcept fore spelle chekk.

  • @krae_man, WOW! buzzkill much? quit whining…
    @PERMAFRY_42 u HONESTLY think those games have more than 2,463,073 levels? Keep dreaming foolish mortal..

    Congrats guys on the record. MAJOR AWESOMNESS!

  • Congratulations sony.

    sony i want only one thing in the ps3

    i want ARABIC language in the ps3

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